Pinocchio for Gameboy Mini-FAQ/Walkthrough (Version 1.1)

By: President Shadowfax 
Platform: Gameboy
Where to find this guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com

Table of Contents

1. Revision History
2. About me and copyright info
3. Introduction
4. Controls
5. Mini FAQ
6. Mini Walkthrough
7. Cheats
8. Thank-Yous


Monday, March 5th, 2001 - Started writing FAQ - Version 1.0
Friday, March 9th, 2001 - First revision, changed my e-mail address (made a
mistake there...) and added a few bits and pieces here and there. Added a Controls
section, for those who just bought their Gameboy or are seriously blur. Also added
in some info for the Inside Moby Dick level. - Version 1.1


My name is President Shadowfax. And that's all you need to know 
about me. :) 


This game is Copyright 1995 by Walt Disney Co., Virgin Interactive and NMS Software. 
This FAQ is copyright 2001 by President Shadowfax. This guide cannot be altered unless you 
have my permission. This guide can only be found at Gamefaqs and is for private and personal 
use only. However, you may e-mail me for permission to put my guide on your website. You are 
most certainly not allowed to publish this guide in any other form than electronically. 


This game is so obscure I wasn't surprised to see that there was no
guide at all for it at Gamefaqs. However, I personally enjoyed playing
this game. It's not too bad actually (the sound is simply AMAZING and
the graphics are not too bad for a black and white Gameboy game). The worst 
thing about it is it's very simple - to tell you the truth you don't need a guide for 
this game - you might say that I'm writing this just as a labour of love, as I can't help
liking this simple little game. 

Pinocchio is based on the Disney film, and your main goal is to collect
the three badges: Truth, Bravery and Unselfishness. This game is actually pretty simple 
to complete. I will show you the way I finished it. 



A - For jumping and selecting options on the Menu screen.
B - Starting in the second level, you'll be able to kick people. You can't do
this in the first level, for some reason. 
Start - Pauses the game. Let me remind you that you CANNOT save the game. Don't
worry, the game is pretty short. If you need to do something, just pause the game.
Select - Nothing. 
Directional buttons - Up is for either entering entrances (duh!) and if you press it
for no reason at all, Pinocchio will look up at the sky with a smile on his face. Very 
Down - The best directional button, in my opinion. Why? Because in levels like Under
the Sea where there's a lot of crevasses (and fake crevasses), you can press Down to
see what's below and check whether it's a real crevass or not! I recommend you do 
this all the time in the Under the Sea level. You'll be able to pick up quite
a few caps (and extra lives) by using this neat little trick.
Left - Go west. 
Right - Go east! 


Q: What are those little caps, books and wands for? 
A: Collect a number of caps (the number varies with different levels of difficulty) and
you'll get a free extra life. You can see that it's absurdly easy to get more 
lives :) I don't know what the books do - they don't seem to do anything. Wands 
are for replenishing your HP. 

Q: Why is the game so short?
A: I don't know. Too bad, isn't it?

Q: Does playing in Hard Mode make any difference?
A: No. In my opinion, it's still the same, except that there are more
irritating birds and boys that throw stuff at you, and the number of items required for 
certain bonuses and things are higher.  

I'll add more Q and A later, when I get questions. :P


You start off in the town, or whatever you choose to call it. Your goal
is to go to school. This is pretty straightforward - just remember to
avoid those pesky birds when you're walking on roofs and those boys
who run around when you're on the road. If you're in Hard mode there'll
be more of these pesky people. Also avoid ducks, and the boys that 
jump out and throw sacks/stones? at you. Go straight on, collect caps
for extra lives, collect those sparkling wands to replenish health,
and remember to choose the 'School' building when you
come to the end of the level! If you choose 'Easy', that's the end of
the game. And remember: you CANNOT save the game! For some weird reason
the developers forgot a save function. Don't worry though - the game
is so absurdly short you won't need one. Enter the school and there you
have it! Your first badge!


THE JIMMY CRICKET LEVEL (that's what I call it!)

Now you're in the shoes of Jimmy Cricket. All you have to do in this
five-minute level is to use your umbrella to swat at those bats that
keep on flying around you. You'll know they're running away when you 
hear a 'croaking' sound when you swat at them. If you run out of heath,
grab those wands! And make sure you don't fall out of the 'hut', or
pedestal, or whatever you call it! 


You're playing Pinocchio again. Now, go straight on, keeping away from
that boy with the fireworks and those boys on balloons. At the end, 
there's a tent with balloons continously being filled up with air (must
be helium actually :P) and released. Jump up and grab hold of one. Let
yourself float in the air until you see other balloons. Then start
jumping from one balloon to another. This is pretty easy, because the
balloons aren't very far apart. The last balloon will take you up and
then you'll drop into a rollercoaster cart. 

Now, the ONE thing you have to remember here is to CROUCH. Press the 
Down button all the way. Don't bother about those caps and books! Just


Because there are lots of short little poles and sticks along the 
tracks, and you will catch your head on them and fall down! I fell down
millions of times and died before I found out why. Oh, and another
thing you have to remember is although I ask you to remain crouched, do
remember to jump up and ring every bell when you see one! I'm not sure,
but I think that that is crucial to letting you finishing the level. 
This level is extremely long, and there'll probably be bloodclots in 
your thumb when it finishes, because it IS long! But be careful when 
you ring a bell. The cart still moves, and you might find yourself
falling in midair! And there are gaps in the tracks. Remember to jump.
The level will end sooner or later (yes I know, it's very long and


You start off in a sort of road. Don't go right, that's a dead end - go
west! There'll be a cruel man whipping donkeys there. Press the B 
button and use your leg to kick him out. You can also use your leg to
split open the boxes and free the donkeys. Then start jumping from 
cliff to cliff. And be careful of those awful black Big Foots. They 
appear out of nowhere and grab hold of you and throw you down the
cliff. Oh, and there are some thorny bushes here and there. Look before
you leap. 

Jump up the cliffs, then go west. West all the way, and you'll see another man with
a whip. Use your leg to whip him up and you've got the Badge of Bravery. Ta-da!



You start in the ocean. You're upside down at first, and you have to collect a number
of clams to get yourself the right side up again. Beware of thorny corals and crabs. 
Ride on those long eels to help you cross any crevasses you might encounter. At the very 
end of the level, drop down into that pitch-dark blackness and meet the whale!


See that icon at the lower right-hand corner of your screen? If you're playing
Easy Mode, you only have to collect one of those timber thingies to light the lamp.
If you're in Hard Mode, you've got to collect ten of them. In Medium, five will do. You'll 
know when it's enough when the icon starts to flash. Find the timber by breaking
open the boxes you find scattered around this level. Once you've got enough timber, go 
west, then descend...Then go eastish until the end, then go up and you'll see the
lamp, waiting to be lighted. Light it, then quickly go down and jump on those boxes. 
Geppeto will be waiting for you at the end. By the way, sometimes you'll find yourself
getting hurt without any reason at all. You are most probably walking on the 'thorny' floor.
Some floors here look like they're thatched and full of thorns. Just be careful (you
can't really do anything about it unless you walk on the ledges - even then, the sides of
the ledges are thorny). 


This is pretty simple if you have good reflexes and hand-eye coordination. As
you row your boat (you don't have to press anything, it's automatic), you'll 
see big waves. Notice the arrows next to them? That's telling you whether to press
the jump or Down button. It's pretty easy - if the wave is big and high, crouch by
pressing Down. If the wave is low, jump over it. But you can't cheat - no crouching
all the way! If you do that, you might fall off the raft (for some weird reason). Keep
on doing that till the end of the level. At the end - heavens! Geppeto falls off the raft, but
you are saved! What do you do? Jump in to save him, of course! You have to jump in to earn
the last Badge. Don't worry, nothing will happen to you. And that's it! The end of the game! 
Wasn't that fast? You won't get to see anything special though :( - you'll just find 
yourself at the start menu all over again. Still, it was an enjoyable game, wasn't it?


There are no known cheats for this game, as it is so obscure and unknown no one
has even bothered to think up any. Besides, it's such a simple game - why would
you need cheats? 


Thanks to Gamefaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) for posting this FAQ on their site,
thanks to Disney for such a simple game :P , and thanks to the composer who composed
the music for this. I've never heard better Gameboy music in my entire life. You
should buy this game just for the music. 


Copyright 2001 by President Shadowfax. All rights reserved. (I don't know
what that means, just keep on seeing it everywhere)