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                             Radar Mission FAQ
                              For the Game Boy
                      Version 1.0 (Created 10/19/2010)
                              By Devin Morgan

      This file is Copyright (c)2010 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Game Modes
5. Coypright Notice


-=  1. What's New -=

Version 1.0 (10/19/10): The first version.


-=  2. Introduction -=

Radar Mission is a Game Boy game, based heavily on the classic Battleship 
board game. There are two game modes you can choose from. In the first one, 
you can play the standard Battleship game with some added features; you play 
on a grid and take turns shooting at spaces in an attempt to hit your enemy's 
positioned ships. In the second mode, you control a submarine in a first-
person view and must destroy the enemy's fleet of ships before they destroy 
yours. There are only three stages in each mode, so the replay value is 
rather low, but it is certainly a challenge to clear either of them. For a 
short and relatively fun game, especially if you enjoyed Battleship, try this 
one out.


-=  3. Controls -=

Control Pad: Move cursor (Game A), move the sides/up/down (Game B)

Start: Start game

Select: Choose ship to place on grid during setup (Game A)

A: Select space to attack, place ship during setup (Game A), shoot torpedo
   (Game B)

B: Pick up selected ship during setup, show your current status (Game A), use
   turrets (Game B)


-=  4. Game Modes -=

In this game, there are two modes: Game A and Game B. The first one, Game A, 
is very similar to the classic board game Battleship, but with some new 
twists. Game B is a new mode where you control a submarine and must defeat 
the enemy's fleet while defending your own fleet behind you.

Game A

In this mode, each person has a map grid where they can place a certain 
number of ships, which are hidden from the opposing player. Players take 
turns shooting at spaces on the grid, in hopes of hitting an opponent's ship. 
To win, you must destroy all of the enemy's ships, of course. Before the game 
begins, there are a number of settings you can tweak:

    Grid Size: Determines the size of the map grid (8x8, 10x10, or 12x12).
    Aircraft: Allows an aircraft to launch from the Aircraft Carrier after
              15 turns.
    Lucky Shot: Allows the lucky shot spaces to appear randomly on the grid.
    Near Miss: If you shoot and miss, but are adjacent to a ship location, a
               chime will sound.
    Commanding Officer: Choose the computer commander you will face off
                        against (1P has two, and they don't matter). There
                        are three of them, each with progressively higher
                        difficulty by appearance. The difficulty determines
                        how good the opponent shoots (do they shoot at random
                        or do they focus on your ships if a hit is made).

When you are ready to begin, press Start. You will then go to your grid, 
where your ships will be waiting. Move the cursor and press B to take them 
off the grid, then use Select and A to select the ship you want to place on 
the grid. You can turn it horizontal or vertical, if you have the room to do 
so. Typically, your five ships of varying sizes will consist of:

Patrol Boat (2 spaces)
Destroyer (3 spaces)
Submarine (3 spaces)
Battleship (4 spaces)
Aircraft Carrier (5 spaces)

If after 15 turns your Aircraft Carrier is still intact, and the Aircraft 
option is on, a plane will launch from the carrier and occupy a single random 
space around the carrier. This can work to your advantage late in the game 
for obvious reasons.

Anyway, once all of your available ships are placed, press Start and the game 
will commence.

There are three stages in Game A. In the first stage, you have five ships. 
However, in the last two stages, you only have the Aircraft Carrier and the 
Patrol Boat, giving you less chances to survive but more space to spread out. 
If the Lucky Shot option is selected, there will be a random space where you 
will gain one of two lucky shot types if hit. The white star will allow you 
to shoot in an X pattern, hitting a total of five spaces. The black star will 
allow for one shot, but it will totally destroy any ship it hits, as well as 
any other ship touching that one.

On each turn, you move the cursor and press A to shoot at a given space. If a 
hit is made, you will see the animation hit the ship, and a large "O" will 
appear in that grid location. If you miss, a "." will appear there. Since the 
enemy will always have the usual five ships, you can use this knowledge to 
your advantage when analyzing where to shoot next, what ships are remaining, 
etc. If you land the final shot on a given ship, an "EXPLODING" message will 
appear on the screen. The game ends when the enemy's ships are all destroyed, 
and it's game over if you lose.

Game B

In this mode, you control a submarine in a first-person view. The grid is 
divided into two halves, with the enemy on the north end (in front of you) 
and your allies on the south end (behind you). You can shoot torpedoes to 
attack the enemy ships when you see them. If you press Down to dive into the 
water, you will be able to view the sonar map and determine the enemy's 
position. Press Up to rise to the surface, and Left/Right to move in those 

When you start the game, you will be able to choose a difficulty. There is a 
simple practice mode, a Normal difficulty, and the Hard difficulty (which 
basically means there will be 12 enemy ships to face, instead of much less in 
Normal). Once you choose the difficulty, you will see your submarine launch 
before going to the next screen. You can then purchase power ups, including 
Prop Speed (increases movement speed), Twin Shot (shoot two torpedoes at 
once), and Power Sonar (enhances detection of enemy positions).

Once you do that, the game will start. If you bought the power ups and take 
damage in the game, a money bag will fly off into the distance. Shoot it to 
recover that power up. As you progress, you will see ships at varying 
distances away from you. Of course, the farther away a ship is, the longer it 
will take for your torpedo to reach it, so take this into consideration when 
shooting. There will be aircraft shooting at you as well; dive under the 
water to avoid their fire.

To destroy the enemy ships, you need to hit them with torpedoes as you would 
guess. The number of remaining enemy ships is designated by stars on the left 
side of the screen, whereas your ships are the dark orbs on the right side. 
Eliminate all enemy ships to win the round, and your score will be tallied 
based on your performance and the types of ships destroyed.

There are three rounds in this mode as well, each with increased difficulty 
and more ships to destroy. Once you clear the three stages, this game mode is 
complete. You will then be given a rank based on your final score:

    Admiral: 50000+
    Captain: 40000+
    Commander: 30000+
    Officer: 20000+
    Cadet: 10000+

Of course it doesn't make a difference what your final rank is, though it may 
encourage you to do better next time for a higher score!


-=  5. Copyright Notice -=

This file is Copyright (c)2010 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please view 
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=- End of File -=