Snoopy Magic Show(GameBoy game) FAQ
version 1.0.0 copyright 2004 by Andrew Schultz
(all 120 levels walkthrough)

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. 
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(Search with ctrl-F for #7 or #53 or whatever. Note levels x and x+60 are 
lumped together. Text maps may have misplaced ball or Spike, but the places 
you can push are accurate.)





  In Snoopy Magic Show, your object is to complete 120 levels where Snoopy 
must rescue 4 Woodstocks from a relatively small grid. If you've seen Peanuts 
you probably know Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog and Woodstock is his pal who 
only speaks in hash marks, although he has many relatives that look exactly 
as he does. For the first sixty levels you must just avoid bouncing balls, 
but later on you need to avoid Snoopy's shiftless brother Spike. Each level 
also has a time limit, and occasionally you can find a power-up that lets you 
destroy a ball or Spike, or you can even get a timer, although that does not 
make you invincible.

  Parts of Snoopy Magic Show are a bit too given to chance, so the strategy 
is--do this to get in the best position to win. Sometimes, though, avoiding a 
bobbling ball that swerves diagonally at random is a neat challenge, and 
figuring out how to eliminate a very random Spike can be an interesting 
puzzle. But it all drags on a bit too long to be as lovable as the characters 
in it.


  Snoopy can move between grid squares, but once he starts to move, he will 
go to the next square. You can anticipate your next move, and you must hold 
the pad down to continue moving in a certain direction. Snoopy can push 
certain blocks in specific directions, but you have to find this out by trial 
and error in each level. Holding down A and running into a block with a hole 
in the middle destroys it, but other than that you really don't use the 

  The trickiest things to move around on are conveyor belts or walkways. 
These are squares with arrows. If you step on one and let go of the controls, 
you will move in the direction of the arrow. The game has many of these 
chained together, but you can actually tread water on a conveyor by pressing 
the opposite direction of the arrow. There's no way to get off to the side.

  Points are pretty straightforward. You get 1000 for each Woodstock and 100 
for each bar lit up around the edges when you clear a stage. These count as a 
timer as well, and overall you have 7+16+18+16+7=64 to start with, so the 
possible maximum is 6400 but in reality you usually get far less than that.

  When you get halfway through a side or to a corner, certain blocks will 
reappear or disappear. You can delay when they disappear by standing on them.


PYRAMIDAL BLOCKS can be pushed, but only in one predetermined direction from 
their original squares. Then they can be pushed back. Pushing them can 
uncover teleportals, extra time, or the power-up that lets you destroy Spike 
and/or the balls. Pushing a block into a square where an opponent is even 
fractionally there pushes you back to the square you were on. However, if 
Spike is on the other side and moving off the square, you can push at it and 
wedge the block successfully.

BLOCKS WITH HOLES can be destroyed by running into them and pushing the A 
button. They sometimes have power-ups in them, too, and the power-up goes off 
in the direction you ran into the block.

VANISHING BLOCKS disappear when the timer reaches the corner and reappear 
when the timer reaches the halfway mark on a side, or vice versa. You can 
disrupt this timing for any one block by standing on its vacant area while 
it's gone. You often need to access areas the vanishing blocks guard, and 
often you need to push another block from the square they're temporarily on.

TELEPORTALS send you to a different part of the maze. If there are two 
teleportals on a level, you're kicked back and forth between them. If there's 
one, you'll take your chances the first time through as you don't know the 
destination. Only one object may use a teleportal at a time, so if a ball is 
chasing you and you step in, the ball will go over the portal. Similarly you 
can walk over a ball going through a teleportal. However, you are vulnerable 
when you are coming out of one, as you flash onto your new location and can't 

TIME CLOCKS allow you a few seconds where opponents are frozen, but they are 
still lethal to touch. You discover these by pushing blocks, and then you 
have about 10 seconds to pick up a time clock before it disappears. Often you 
should wait a square away and jump on the clock when the enemies are in the 
right position to run past. If they're blocking you, this power-up is worse 
than useless.

POWER UPS are in the shape of a P with a circle around them. They last for 
about five seconds, and you will kill anything in your path. In this case you 
will want to go where the balls are about to go, and Spike is pretty easy to 
kill with these as you can run at him and probably corner him if you have to. 
The P lasts for ten seconds, so you can even wait for Spike and a ball to 
approach. You don't have enough time to comb the board so timing when to get 
the power-up is important.

BALLS bounce in odd diagonal directions. The angle of incidence is NOT equal 
to the angle of reflection, and repeated testing seems to show that the angle 
the balls bounce off a wall is random, but partially determined by your 
location and/or movement. In other words, you can't base a walkthrough on how 
they will bounce around, because they are unpredictable. If a ball is coming 
at you, it's best to keep two squares away unless you are really in a box. If 
a ball brushes against you its death, but if you are in a 2x6 corridor then 
you can run past it after it bounces off a wall, since its width is only 1/2 
of an actual square. You just have to pay attention to the angle it bounces 
off at.

You'll also need to anticipate when a ball will touch a corner it just seems 
to brush and when it won't. This is very inexact and very maddening. Getting 
trapped in a 2x3, which you need to play by ear, is much more common and 
reasonable, though. You go as fast as the ball but usually have plenty of 
time to be a square or two above/next to it when it bounces of the wall and 
then run past.

Given how the balls bounce around, it can be tough to knock them out with a 
power-up. Pull a Gretzky and look for where the ball is going, not where it 
is. This is of course not foolproof if the ball bounces off the wall, but 
remember, if it's going in one general direction(UL, UR, DL, DR) it will go 
off in a general direction approximately at a right angle to that once it 
hits a wall.

SPIKE appears on levels 61-120. You will have a lot of problems with him. He 
can do everything Snoopy does, and Snoopy dies if he touches Spike unless you 
just got a power-up. What's really tough about Spike is that, if you are a 
square diagonally from him and he runs at you, you can't always run past. If 
he decides to go down and right towards you, and you go up, he will always 
clip you. So the solution is to stay as far away from Spike as possible, or 
have a block or clump of blocks separating you from him.

Spike is most frustrating when he plays 'prevent defense' around a Woodstock. 
He seems to react when you move around. The more you do, the more he does. He 
tends to follow you generally but there's nothing specific. 

When you get the power-up you can usually run at him and he is no trouble. He 
may occasionally be a help to you, pushing some blocks into place, and on 
some of the later levels with power-ups he replaces a ball that was otherwise 
troublesome. But often when he makes up his random mind to run straight for 
you, you need to resign yourself to trying again.



+ = destroyable blocks
b = where ball starts
B = where ball starts, appears with Spike too
S = where Snoopy starts
P = where to find powerup
udlr = which way you can push the block
X = block
# = block that can appear/reappear
T = teleportal
t = teleportal destination
& = freezes enemies
w    = woodstock
v^<> = conveyor taking you in various directions
K = where Spike starts

#1 / #61

XW   b   WX
X X     X X
X    +    X
X    +    X
X   S+K   X <- P here
X    +    X
X X     X X
XW       WX

  You can crack the right square to get the power-up, but 1) be sure to have 
the other three squares busted first so you have a clear route to the ball, 
and 2) it's not really necessary as you can just head to a corner away from 
the ball and use the blocks near the corners to wait and dodge until the ball 
goes past--then you can sneak in for the next Woodstock. Of course if you get 
the power-up ball, the level's a cinch.


  If you get the power-up right away, Spike seems to come through the breach. 
So instead you may want to knock out the square above and push down and get 
the power-up a bit later. Spike hangs around in your general vicinity, so you 
can probably chase him down. No points for killing him, but with only one 
ball to avoid and few surprises in an open field, the rest of the level is 
not hard.

#2 / #62

XW       WX
X d     d X <- power up on left
X    X    X
X   T X   X
X   XST   X
X    X    X
X u     uKX
XW      bWX

  Snoopy should go the opposite way he intends at first because those two 
squares are teleportals. Again you have the general strategy of using the 
corners to avoid the ball when necessary, although you do have to note the 
teleport affects the balls too.


  With Spike around and the teleportal, it looks like there are a lot of 
factors, but if you walk right quickly you can get the power-up and chase 
after him. Again, the ball is distant second priority, but Spike isn't too 
tough to dodge as you can just use the blocks to fake him out even if he does 
get anywhere near you during your circular walk around the edges to get the 

#3 / #63

Xw   b   wX
X lK u  r X
X   l r   X
X  l   r  X
X  l s r  X
X   l r   X
X l  d  r X <- down square holds time
Xw       wX

  You're safe at the start, but you also seem trapped. You'll need to push 
blocks out of the way, and your best bet is to push the block at the north 
end and then follow the ball at a safe distance. It will eventually reverse, 
and you can sweep in a circle to win pretty easily.


  With some luck you can push down and follow the watch to the left. You may 
want to wait for the ball to leave the periphery before picking up the clock. 
After you do, go clockwise to get the four Woodstocks. The time you use to 
get away from enemies should put you on the other side of the field of Spike, 
making this easy.

#4 / #64

Xw+  b + wX
X X     X+X <- time on left
X+   +    X
X   + +   X
X   +S+   X
X    +   +X
X+X     X X
Xw + K  +wX

  Going counterclockwise here from the upper left down works well, because 
there's the time block you can bust for good points. So you can probably bash 
the upper block and circle to the left.


  With Spike around you don't need to change strategy, although you have to 
watch the initial way the ball bounces.

#5 / #65

X      v  X
X  <   +  X
X>+wX Xw^ X
X  X   X  X
X  X s X  X
XKvwX Xw+<X <- power up on right
X  +   >  X
X  ^      X

  Break the blocks to gain access to the Woodstocks. This is your first time 
confronting one-way tiles and here, as usual in the future, they kick you 
past where you need to go. However, they do provide you with a circular 
motion: Step on the arrow and then bash the brick to Snoopy's left as you go 
counterclockwise, duck in for Woodstock, and repeat. The best place to start 
is going down and right, because you'll run into the power-up.


  Spike often trails you here, which is annoying and means that you will need 
to move quickly down and right. Use the arrow to accelerate a bit and proceed 
as before. Spike is obnoxious as he can take a tile to run at your only path 
to Woodstock. Wait for him to move away.


#6 / #66

Xw   #K  wX
X  bX X   X
X#       #X
X#   S   #X
X   X Xb  X
Xw   #   wX

  Here you need to wait while the blocks appear and disappear. You'll want to 
wait by one of the corners where the balls aren't. Going left or right at 
first allows a quicker path to the Woodstocks. One should vacate its area, 
and you can slip in there. After getting a Woodstock, slip into an adjacent 
corner area if a ball is in the center or has shifted to the next corner 
area, but otherwise go back to the center and wait for a ball to move and 
duck in there. There's some luck here as a ball may bounce back and the 
barriers will come back up, just in time for you to be trapped. But if you 
see a ball leaving a corner area, go into that area. Repeat a few times. 
There's also a possibility you'll run out of time, but the odds really are in 
your favor.

  You can also dance around if you need to get to the final Woodstock. You 
can avoid the ball in an enclosed area, and it may be good practice for later 


  Here it's paradoxically a good idea to duck into the side near the corner 
where Spike is. I generally go to the right edge and the lower part of it. 
Then I go clockwise and can just make it around in time if the ball doesn't 
interfere. Spike tends to get trapped at the bottom.

#7 / #67

XwX     XwX
X         X
XK X   X  X
X   SXb   X
X   X X   X
XwX     XwX

  The ball does tend to bounce at crazy angles here, so the best bet is to 
keep far away from it. In fact if you're three squares away and in a straight 
line, you may not want to move. The ball starts off goind D/R so go up to 


  Spike gets blocked out if you're not a straight line away from him. He is 
close to totally irrelevant unless he gets in the center. When you pick up a 
Woodstock, make sure he is not about to bolt for you, or he will probably 
trap you. Spike's less effective when tucked in a corner so he can't move 
towards you.

#8 / #68

Xv<<<<  bwX
Xvw  X    X
Xv   X    X
Xv   XvXX^X
XvXX^X   ^X
X    X   ^X
X b  X  w^X
Xw   >>>>^X

  This one isn't terribly difficult, but you will have to wait for balls 
coming down the chutes you want to go back up. The pattern for the Woodstocks 
is: DR, UR, DL, UL. Be particularly careful about the long UL conveyor as 
balls can move around a lot then. Make sure they're moving away from the edge 
when you start.


  With Spike in the mix things get a bit nastier although the first two 
Woodstocks are still easy. He frequently blocks one of the ramps. You'll need 
a bit of luck to get by, but you'll also want to stop, when on the UL 
conveyor, two squares before the final arrow. That allows any bouncing ball 
to come back through and miss you. I find it may be necessary just to circle 
back on the DR conveyor and wait near the bottom to goad Spike over so you 
only have to fight the ball.

#9 / #69

Xw      wbX
X X     XvX
X X     X X
X    S   KX
X^X     X X
Xbw      wX

  The balls tend to run around the edges here, just as you do. I find you can 
go left and up for the first one, but watch for a ball entering the quarter 
outside part you want to go in. You may have to duck down the center and take 
out the bottom two Woodstocks, left one first--the arrow gives you a bit more 
speed in a pinch. Note the bottom corridors aren't as long as the top and 
allow for more errors.


  The ball starts on the lower left and goes right. You can wait for it to 
pass, go down, and go clockwise. Be prepared to back out if Spike or a ball 
comes at you.

#10 / #70

Xw  #X#b tX
X X  X wX X
X  X X X  X
X    X K  X
X  S X    X 
X  X X X  X
X Xw X  X X
Xt B#X#  wX

  The main problem here is finding when to teleport. The very best time is 
with a ball right on your tail, as it will be stuck on the other side. You 
also have to watch for a ball on the other side coming in to the teleportal, 
which will kill you off. If possible, stay on the teleportal until any ball 
in your area breaks to one side of the blocks diagonal to you. Then go the 
other way.

??before 71 not B/b

  Spike is on the right, which can be annoying. But it allows you to nail 
stuff on the left pretty easily. When you do move to the right, try for an 
unimpeded path down to a Woodstock, and use the blocks as protection while 
outwitting Spike. You may also want to wait for the ball to come left before 
going right. One less enemy to deal with.

#11 / #71

XBw v v wKX
X^#X   X#^X
X         X
X    S    X
Xv#X   X#vX
X w ^ ^ w X

  Here your big risk is making sure that the ball doesn't ambush you when you 
go off to the sides and up/down into one of the corners. The ball is pretty 
easy to track. Wait for it to go by when it's near a danger area, and it 
won't come back soon. The vanishing squares aren't really a factor.


  With Spike there will be some nervous moments leaving where you came from. 
He'll hang around the center a lot, but if you run right, he won't be able to 
get to you right away. Try to figure if he'll be in the top or bottom and 
feint that way. If he starts hanging around where you need to exit, make a 
break as soon as possible and don't forget you can push into the top/bottom 
wall as a temporary way to avoid him. Of course, don't worry about getting 
trapped for the final bird. You'll need a bit of luck to escape, but waiting 
is such a pain it'll make you make a stupid mistake later.

#12 / #72

XS   X w  X
X <     X X
X X  w  < X
X X  B  X X
X <  K  X X
X  w X   wX

  The upper right looks like a trap, but it actually teleports Snoopy to 
where he started. This can be a handy way to get out of a jam. It's a great 
way to start the level, too. You should watch where the ball gets trapped--
left or right--and nab the Woodstock over there. Once the ball escapes its 
side area, go to the other side. Then if it's in the center, see if you can 
sneak by. Even if it ambushes you the other way, you may make it to Woodstock 
in time.

#13 / #73

Xw   b   wX
X X  S  X X
X L     R X
Xw   K   wX

  It looks like you're trapped in the center, but of course that means you 
just have to try to start pushing blocks. My suggestion is to go immediately 
to the lower right corner. Push right. Then go up and wait for the ball to 
come down. Push right to trap it. The rest is really very easy. The clock is 
a red herring, and you just need to push the corners out from then as 
indicated. Note the UL corner's a bit different; you have to push the corner 
square and the one next to it, not above/below it.

UL: push up, left
DL: push left, down
DR: push right, down
UR: push right, up


  With Spike in the mix it really isn't much different. You just push the 
blocks so that Spike or the ball gets trapped in a side corridor and doesn't 
have access to the center when you push two squares in one corner.

#14 / #74

Xw >   < wX
X X     X X
X>#     #<X
X  RbUKL  X <-extra time in center
X   XSX   X
X>#     #<X
X X     X X
Xw >   < wX

  Here you need to wait for the squares to appear and then quickly step over 
the arrows next to them to get to the Woodstocks. Note that you can clear two 
at once, going up/down, if you are quick. Your best bet is also to clear the 
top Woodstock first and move down--this allows you access to the area where 
you can get to the side and move up/down even when the alternating squares 

  The ball seems to start off going to the left, so you might want to try 
your luck over on the right first. You definitely have the time.

  The extra time in the center isn't worth it as you'll spend most of it 
walking around the ball to get back. And in general the upper area isn't 
worth exploring--less space to avoid the ball.


  There's no need to go to the top part, either, when Spike is around, and 
again you just need to be worried about an ambush from the ball. Clear out 
the left half when the #'s appear for the first time, then the right half. 
I'd go up first as the ball tends to go there after a bit. Spike's pretty 
useless here, bumping into the two dead ends in the center, especially if you 
keep blocks between him and you as you wait for a side block to disappear.

#15 / #75

Xw>  b  <wX
X  >   <  X
X   vKv   X
X  v ^ v  X
X > w w < X
X^ < ^ > ^X
X > > < < X
XS > b <  X

  The first part is easy. Get rid of the Woodstocks by going up through the 
first one-way, then right. You want to keep to the sides here so that the 
bouncing balls don't come back on you. Also you may have to use a one-way 
stair as a temporary dodge. Climb on them and hold the controller down.

  Once you get the first two Woodstocks, go down a square and right to the 
edge. You should be able to shuffle up/down until you get the upper right 
Woodstock. Then go left and down the left arrow. Turn left at the next left 
arrow and go up at the wall. Again you may need to delay a bit, but you 
should have the space to move back and forth a bit to avoid balls and such.


  Spike's not really a factor here either. He gets stuck near the center, but 
you can still go to the top, back down, right when he's on a one-way where he 
can't reach you, and down past the third Woodstock. Then go onto the far 
right arrow and run up when the ball isn't bothering you.

#16 / #76

Xwv  B  XwX
XX#     #<X
X  ^>>>>  X
X  ^   v  X
X  ^ s v  X
X  <<<<v  X
X>#     #XX
XwX  K  ^wX

  Note that you can only get Woodstock when the flashing blocks are visible. 
They prevent you from being kicked anywhere by the walkways. Also, if you 
wait around the ball gets Snoopy. But if you go down, the conveyor will take 
you left and you can get the DL Woodstock. Go 3U and back o the belt and you 
can get the UL woodstock. You may get intimate with the bouncing ball here 
and have to duck it, but again you can take the conveyor to the left side and 
you may have to wait before getting #3 in the UR. You should be able to get 
two Woodstocks for each phase the blocks reappear.


  With Spike on the board, you'll want to go up, which will kick you right. 
Then get the Woodstock in the corner. It's riskier to go left and get the UL 
woodstock and proceed clockwise, but in any case, you want to make sure that 
you're never in the same quadrant as Spike, unless you think you can duck 
him. It may be worthwhile to run halfway around the conveyor belts to get to 
him quickly. If Spike starts hanging around one area, get at the end of the 
conveyor belt to the next area once the blocks disappear.

#17 / #77

XB<  w    X
X X     X^X
X  X > X  X
X   ^ X  wX
Xw  XSv   X
X  X < X  X
XvX     X X
XK   w  vbX

  Here you can go up or down depending on which way the balls start out--get 
the first woodstock easily. The next one may be rather tough as you can get 
trapped by two balls coming from opposite directions as you round the 


  Having Spike around actually makes this a bit easier. You may want to wait 
until he gets near you; he can't touch you in the protected center. When he 
gets on the walkway below, go right and try to swoop for the Woodstock on the 
bottom, and the rest is going in circles. The last Woodstock may provide some 
nervous moments if the ball is in that area, but in that case you may want to 
try to follow it closely and enter the left side only when you're sure the 
ball won't bounce into the UL corner.

#18 / #78

Xw  b    vX
X^ +   + vX
X^+ + +w+vX <- power up on left
X^+w+ + +vX
X^ +  s+ vX
X^ <<<<<<<X
X^       wX

  I found the best way through was to destroy the four inside blocks and pick 
off the two Woodstocks. This will trap the ball on one side for the most 
part, and then when you take the walkways going left/right you should be able 
to double back into the corner with little trouble.


  With Spike around it is much tougher. He tends to sit at the end of the 
walkways and just block you. The best way to get rid of him is with a power 
up. The upper of the leftmost squares you can destroy holds one. Nail it from 
the left, go down, and go left to get the power-up.

#19 / #79

X         X
Xs+X   X+KX
X+   +   +X
X X     X X
X  +   + wX
Xb  XwX wbX
X  w +    X

  Break the square to your right, then break the two in the center. You can 
probably duck left and get the one Woodstock and then duck right, timing 
things so you run past any balls heading towards the center. If they get out 
of their boxes, open up the other breakable square just above so you have two 
ways out/in.


  The first level with Spike and two balls. It's tough. If you push right 
immediately to destroy the block, Spike seems to push left, and a clock will 
come out from the right. You can pick it up to make things much easier, and 
in fact it's worth it to work your way around Spike and break that block 
anyway if he doesn't. It will allow you to get the woodstock inside the 
heart, go down, nip in left, and go right. Here you have to dodge a ball for 
the final two woodstocks.

#20 / #80

Xw   b   wX
X X  XX   X
X  X>  X  X
X   X   X X
X X  sX   X
X  X  <X  X
Xb  XX  X X
Xw   K   wX

  The best idea here is to get the UL Woodstock first. Then you can circle 
around clockwise as the UR ball tends to get stuck in the center. The main 
nuisance here is to avoid the balls bouncing around in the tight corners, and 
to do so and get by, just try to follow them as closely as possible.

  For the DL corner, the final one, you don't have to worry about getting 
out. Also, it's probably better to go through with the level as quickly as 
possible instead of waiting for the DL ball to leave its corner. Running out 
of time is a very real possibility here.


  With Spike, things are much easier. He often gets trapped in the center, 
trying to retread the conveyor he can't retreat on.  If Spike and the ball do 
get stuck in the same corner, you can just approach Spike from the side or 
top, goad him away, and fake him out. You can even use one of the arrows to 
lose him and then avoid the pinging ball.

"More than 40/100. Take it easy!" -- Snoopy is on top of his doghouse and 
it's night--even if the sky is white--due to the crescent moon and stars.

#21 / #81

XT      LwX
X X   XwX X
X XwX   X X
XwR      TX

  This is a very challenging and sneaky level. You need to be able to fake 
out the ball, which may trap you in a corner if you step into a teleportal at 
the wrong time. First you want to go U/L/D for one Woodstock and backtrack 
for the second. The ball should be coming at you from the DR so go to the UL. 
But wait until the ball is just behind you, so that it overpasses the 
teleport while you're still in it.

  If the ball bounces back right, then just go down, get Woodstock, go up and 
through the teleportal and win the level. If the ball goes down, re-enter the 
teleportal and go back right, as you were. Then enter the teleportal again 
when the ball is near(not too near--the game tends to let it in the teleport 
first in case of a tie) and if the ball goes to the center area, you can 
clear everything out. If it bounces back down, go back to 1 right of the UL 
corner again.


  With Spike around this is a bit cheesy, but move Snoopy up immediately and 
then left and down, pushing the block at the end of the spiral right. Let 
Spike go through the teleport--he'll 'see' you--and move three squares right. 
He'll kick out a power up, and once you pick it up, head down to touch Spike 
before the power-up runs out. Otherwise Spike will be stuck in the corner. 
You can clear out the rest as in #21, with the upper right being the 
trickiest. If you can enter the UL teleportal twice, do so, but otherwise let 
the ball follow you from UL to DR until it goes down the left. Then enter the 
teleportal and go up. If the ball instead goes up the right side, try to get 
next to the DR teleportal and cross it as the ball re-enters.

Level #22 / #82:

Xw     > bX
X XX   Uw X
X   X   R^X
X    L    X
X    R    X <- power up
XvLk  Xs  X
X wD   XX X
Xb <     wX

  This is not a bad level at all--you can push blocks onto each arrow and 
it's easy to avoid the balls in the corner too. You probably need to push 
only one of the blocks out of the way. But the unguarded woodstocks are the 
best to get first as the balls may disperse in the time it takes you to get 


  Spike may save you some time by pushing some blocks where they need to go. 
You can probably clear out all but the upper right with east. To get the 
upper right, push the lower of the two center blocks right, and get the power 
up and bull your way through the upper right.

Level #23 / #83:

X U  D  T X <-power up in center
X kD U L  X Spike??
X   DtU   X
X    D    X
X w     w X

  This level is rather tough, but if you know the right pattern it's a lot 
easier. First, push the block right, then go in for the Woodstock to the 
left. Push the block below where you started down and go right to push the 
teleport block. You can wait to do this a bit so that both balls are on the 
same side, but too long and you're cooked.

  So you will probably have a choice of killing one of two of the balls. You 
don't really have time for both, so just be sure of one. The left one is the 
most annoying, and once it's gone, push above in the center column, then push 
down/up in each column to the left as you work your way UL to Woodstock. Then 
you'll need to duck around the lower part to get the DR Woodstock, but push 
the block below the final woodstock left.


  With Spike in the mix there's just one more bad guy to dodge. However, you 
just have to concentrate on killing off the obstacles on the right while 
proceeding as before. You still push all the same blocks.

Level #24 / #84:

Xw  B<<<<<X
X    v  w^X
XK   v   ^X
Xv<<<    ^X
Xv   s>>>^X
Xv   ^   kX
Xvw  ^    X
X>>>>>b  wX

  You can avoid the balls' initial trajectory by going left and down. Then 
you may have to look both ways before going UR, but you can make it, and you 
can go up on the walkway for the UL Woodstock. The walkway on the left edge 
takes you to the final one quickly.


  Spike isn't up to much here because you can always run from him pretty 
effectively. You can still clean up the center two Woodstocks. Then sucker 
Spike past where you are, or if in the center, draw him into the center and 
bolt. You should be able to run circles around him, and just keep to the edge 
walkways once you've cleared the center. If he's blocking where you want to 
go, move into the center and goad him and get back out.

Level #25 / #85:

Xw >   v wX
X >^R  >v X
X>^   X >vX
X k X   U X
X D   X  KX <- push down for power up
X^< Xs  v<X
X ^<  Lv< X
Xw ^   < wX

  As they stand the walkways will kick you away from the Woodstocks. But each 
walkway has a block adjacent to one of the squares. Push that square onto it 
and then the original part of the walkway will wind up in a dead end. That 
will allow you to step across and get Woodstock. Avoiding the ball really 
isn't a problem here, and although the leftmost block hides a power-up, the 
ball is unpredictable enough you can't chase it down. It however has little 
chance of nabbing you if you stay on the edges.


  Spike is a real hassle here. Although you can get a power up relatively 
easily, and the blocks you think obstruct walkways when you push them do, he 
can push them back. You may want to feint to the upper part and push the 
blocks near the corner before returning.

Level #26 / #86:

Xw>   v  wX
X U   v   X
Xv    vK  X
X    Rb<<<X
X>>>BL    X
X   ^s   ^X
X   ^   D X
Xw  ^   <wX

Go right and push the block down to get the DR Woodstock. You need to push 
the blocks in the center to get the DL and UR ones. The lower block goes 
left, which allows you past the walkway. Enter the walkway at its end so you 
aren't blown around and pick up Woodstock. The balls aren't terribly active, 
so you should be able to go up(note you push the lower block back if you 
don't run straight through) and push the top center block right. Then push 
the UL block up for another Woodstock and go back right. Be careful crossing 
the walkways and this is a relative breeze.


  Here with Spike on the right, go left and up and push the upper block 
right. Now go in to the upper right and get that quickly. There's a 
possibility Spike may double back, but this is the tough part and so you will 
want to try it right away to see if it works. From there, go left/down(avoid 
Spike) and get the Woodstock in the DL corner and then pick off the other 
two, saving the relatively easiest for last--push the blocks up and down. 
There's a small possibility that one of the two center blocks may have been 
pushed back into place, in which case you may have to retreat to one corner 
and circle back around.

Level #27 / #87

Xv<<<# s tX
Xvw  D    X
Xv<<<<# X X
Xvw   D   X
Xv<<<<<#  X
Xvw    D  X
XTw  B  X X

  Your first task is to get just to the left of the bottom horizontal walkway 
and go down to get the bottom Woodstock. Head into the teleportal and then 
you will need to wait to run in to pick up the other Woodstocks. Once the 
squares disappear, push the blocks below them down and reach in and grab a 
Woodstock. You can probably get two Woodstocks per 'flash.' You may have to 
negotiate a ball bouncing off the wall, but fortunately at the beginning you 
have nothing to fear, and you can usually back out pretty easily and try 
again later. Note that you must push the bottom block down AFTER getting the 
Woodstock on the bottom, or you are trapped. Also, it's more valuable to push 
a block down than to grab a Woodstock immediately.

  You can also just push every movable block down right away and walk in for 
the Woodstocks later.

  I don't see any way to get the power that pops up when you push down on the 
bottom movable block. You have to get Spike to help you, there.


  The toughest part here is faking out Spike to start. Use the small block in 
the right--the one you can run around--relentlessly. If you can switcheroo so 
Spike winds up on top, you can make a break for the bottom once the blocks 
disappear. You may have to do this several times, and you may have to settle 
for pushing the left blocks down first if Spike plays 'prevent defense,' but 
on the bright side, Spike may help you out with pushing blocks where they 
need to be.

Level #28 / #88:

Xs   X    X
X t  v    X
X   XKX   X
X   <w>   X
X  X X X  X
X  v w v  X
X RwUvXwL X <- teleport=push up, power-up=push right
X>   b   <X

  The Woodstock in the center is the one that causes the big trouble. You 
need to take one woodstock before getting to it. Go through the top down-
arrow and get one, then go right and into the DR corner. Get the Woodstock in 
the lower right and go down. Push the second-left block up and enter a 
teleport. Here be sure the ball isn't hovering near in the upper left. Try to 
guess its trajectory if it does hang around a bit long. Then you can go back 
one square above the lower right. Push the block left and now you can get the 
center woodstock. Go down once you have it, left, and up for the final bird.

  There's a power-up pushing the leftmost brick right, but it's rarely useful 
as the ball isn't too dangerous in open areas, and you can move out of the 
bottom pretty quickly.


  With Spike around you have to be a bit more direct. Go south, through the 
arrow, right and go up for Woodstock and push up to get the teleport. Once 
you've returned, go to the left edge and go down, pushing right before the 
arrow this time. Get the power-up when Spike gets close. The ball isn't as 
big of a problem. Clear the lower Woodstock out, re-teleport up, and push the 
rightmost block left.

Level #29 / #89

Xw   k   wX
X         X
X         X
Xw        X
Xw       sX
X         X

  Snoopy's in tight quarters in this level, and though you can push certain 
blocks around the ball still seems to sneak in and kill you if it really 
wants to. You can go straight left to start. The ball will curve to the 
middle row. If you grab the left woodstock quickly and go up, then you can 
swing in for the next one to the left. Now you'll have to run back at the 
ball and if you start a run when the ball bounces of the bottom, you usually 
seem to make it. Then you can clean up the top--avoid the ball the same way. 
If the ball seems too close then try to get a square left of where it bounces 
off the bottom and just freeze there and run by.

  You can also push the square left of the bottom entry to the middle row up 
to buy time--trap the ball in the small area to the left. Then clear out the 
top and come back around and wait for it to come out.


  Unfortunately with Spike around you have to run by him in a narrow corridor 
at some point, and this largely seems to be luck. Just dodge the ball as best 
you can, picking up Woodstocks along the way. Don't waste time trying to fake 
him out or he'll eventually come at you, or the ball will catch up to you. 
The odds are against you in any one challenge, so just get through it ASAP so 
if one attempt is doomed to failure, you can go with another.

Level #30 / #90

Xs      > X
XwX     XvX
X X R L > X
X < RbL X X <- powerup on left
X^X     XBX
X <K     wX

  If you can make it to the lower right of the center blocks, push it left 
and you'll get a power up. Wait around the power up until a ball or two is 
near and take it out. This will make the rest of the level much easier--with 
two balls chasing you, there's the risk of getting trapped by them. Even with 
them, you may meet it the wrong way in the outside corridor, but you can use 
a bit of foresight to avoid that now. You can also use foresight to chase 
down a ball once you got the power up. They tend to continue along corridors.

  With one ball gone you can loop around one corner and just check to make 
sure that nothing's in the way. The UR and DL are a bit more risky than the 
UL and DR, which have much easier outs. So you will want to save one of the 
UR and DL for last.


  As Spike is rather easy to kill, you'll want to go after him with the 
power-up pretty quickly. For the ball, follow it, but just stay a distance 
away so you can back out of a corridor if it turns around and bounces back at 
you. You can always go back to the center and wait as well. I find starting 
by going to the right and seeing what the ball will do, as you can pick off 
the right Woodstocks that way. After that go to the center and power up.

Level #31 / #91:

Xb >   <  X
X w>   <w X
XULU   URUX <- Power up 2nd-right
X         X
X    s    X
X w>   <w X
X  > k <  X

  This is a straightforward level if you know where the power-up is, and if 
you can get it to work. If not it will take a lot of dodging, although the 
concept is simple. Go to the outside, push a block to the bottom/top edge, go 
two over, push the other block up/down, and push the final block over.

  The power-up's in the upper right. Push the rightmost of the three blocks 
up. Then push the left one up, revealing the power-up, and push the remaining 
block right so that you've gained access. You might not be able to do this 
right away but it seems that if you go directly right the ball bounces into 
the top area.


  With Spike this is much tougher. I generally feint to one area, then get 
the power-up in the upper right. It takes a few tries and I just stomach it. 
If you can kill Spike, the rest should be trivial. Just avoid the ball 
getting close to you and trapping you when you push the side blocks up/down.

Level #32 / #92:

Xb   K v wX
X  ^  <v> X
Xw ^ < v >X
X  ^   v  X
X  ^ s v  X
X< ^ > v wX
X <^>  v  X
Xw ^     bX

  The start here is tricky, and all you can do to avoid the balls is go left 
and down into the little nook. Then you can go up, left to the edge and down 
to pick off the two woodstocks. Here you may need to wait for a ball or two 
to go past, as they can trap you in the corner. Take the long walkway back up 
and go right. You'll zip down and pick off the right two birds the same way 
you got the left two.


  Spike is up to surprisingly little here. You can avoid his long runs up the 
arrow-walkways with ease. As usual, staying to the sides will keep you safe 
from the balls.

Level #33 / #93:

Xw   k    X
X X  LwtX X
X X  U  L X
X X  L  L X
X R wX  L X <- push right to reveal teleport
X   s    wX

  You can keep well enough away from the ball on the outside--even avoiding 
it as it bounces your way into the right side of the structure. With the two 
outside birds caught, go to the left edge and push the second-bottom block 
right. You'll hit a teleport. Go left two squares to push one block and push 
the one two below it left. Then, when the ball can't get to the left area of 
the inner structure, push up. That gives access to the final bird, once you 
push the block above it back right. There's a time delay here 


  Spike doesn't really get in the way all that much here, so you can proceed 
as before.

Level #34 / #94:

Xw > b>  wX
X tX   X+ X
XvX  +X X X
X   L    <X
X>   SR   X <- teleport
X X X+  R^X
X +X   D  X
Xw  <K < wX

  The best bet here is to try to get the ball right away. Well, not too right 
away. It will be bouncing around on top, and once it leaves the area, bust 
the block above and go right. Bust the UR block and get the Woodstock, and 
once you think you see where the ball's headed, grab the power up and try to 
meet it. If you don't get it, don't sweat it.

  The other three woodstocks:

DL: enter along the lower wall, going left
DR: push the blocks around it right or down
UL: In the center, push the lower right block right. It will reveal a 
teleport for you to enter. This is the last one you should get to as you have 
to backtrack from it otherwise.


  With Spike in, it helps to be exact. Bust the block above, then go up and 
right and up. You'll want to get the UR Woodstock first, but before getting 
it, bust the block from above. That allows you to go down and get the power-
up right away, cutting down any nuisance from Spike, whom you should cull 
easily with the power-up but who is nastily obstructive without it. The rest 
is as above.

Level #35 / #95:

Xw   >>  wX
X  X   v> X
X X    #X X
X X# s  X X
X <^   X  X
Xw  <<   wX

  Go right to the outside, behind what you detect to be the ball's path. It 
doesn't reverse often. Pick off the near woodstock, which will be near a 1-
way blockage, and go get the other one on the left. There you'll have to 
avoid the ball and then move quickly clockwise to the next two. The hard 
parts are seeing which way to go first and stepping around the ball in a 
moderately spacious corner.


  As above, but see if you can goad Spike into coming left via the bottom, 
which makes the right side that much easier to clear.

Level #36 / #96:

X      w< X
X>>>>>>>^ X
XwvU   R^ X
X v  X  ^ X
X v  s  ^ X
X vL   D^wX
X v<<<<<<<X
X <w k    X

  Here your big act is to push the upper-right block in your area right, 
although you may want to start by pushind the DL block left and pushing 
everything clockwise, so you can get out of the level OK. This reveals a 
power-up, and with the wide open space in this board it shouldn't be a 
problem to judge where the ball will go. Don't get caught on the left or 
upper edges before pushing all the blocks near the conveyor belts onto them. 
Otherwise you can get trapped in one area without being able to leave.

  With the ball gone, after you've pushed the DR one down, you can clear the 
right woodstock and get the others in clockwise order. If you don't get the 
top Woodstock last, you'll have to go back to the left edge and down to get 
to the center after picking it up.


  Proceed as above pushing blocks out of the way. Spike gets trapped in a 
circular pattern quickly, so you can concentrate on getting the ball with the 
power-up and using the conveyor belts to get Spike. Just be sure you blocked 
the belts by moving the four blocks, and you can then work as above.

Level #37 / #97:

Xw<  K  >wX
XvX    bX X
X   X X   X
X   XsX   X
X XB    X^X
Xw<     >wX

  Here there are no blocks to push or power ups and the best advice I can 
give is that you need to duck into a corner when there's nothing there and 
duck out. The ones you want to concentrate on are the UL and DR because if 
you get them, you can sneak to the DL or UR for a second Woodstock if the 
balls aren't anywhere around--and also, you can pick one of these two up last 
with abandon. The tough parts for this level are when you leave the UL/DR and 
a ball is just around the corner. Back up into the conveyor you can't cross 
if you must to avoid a ball, although sometimes they do trap you. Also don't 
follow them too closely into a corner as they can reverse on you.


  Spike's pretty nasty in this level. You need a bit of luck here but I find 
that letting the ball go by and following it can sometimes net a quick 
pair(DR, then UR.) Double back quickly after getting the UR. Then pick off 
the UL at your leisure--going through the middle seems to confuse Spike. The 
key is to find time to get the UR and if you're just trying to hack through 
this game, you might as well clear the right side right away or go for the UR 

Level #38 / #98:

Xwv     wkX
X v v<<<< X
X v v   ^ X
X v v < ^ X
X v >s^ ^ X
X v   ^ ^ X
X >>>>^ ^ X
X w     ^wX

  Duck quickly down here to get started and then walk carefully along the 
outside of the non-conveyor part. The conveyor always kicks you to the 
center, so to get the Woodstocks in the corner, you need to avoid it. It's 
pretty easy to avoid balls along the side, but taking the conveyor back to 
the center once you're half done is very risky. It's better just to wait for 
flying objects to pass you by.


  With Spike around, you have an additional nuisance. He keeps cycling around 
in the center, and you must start by picking up the Wodstocks that lead to 
the lower right corner. The only way to distract Spike is to go under the 
single walkway square facing right, towards the center. Push down when Spike 
comes down after going right off the spiral walkway. It will eventually work 
although there's some too-fast-for-comfort timing involved. Through all this 
you also have a ball to avoid, so keep an eye out for that.

Level #39 / #99:

Xw<  K  >wX
X  X   X  X
X   R L   X
X  BRsL   X
X  X   X  X
Xw<     >wX

  See which way the balls tend and go the into a corner away from them. You 
can avoid a ball on the side in the middle area there, and you'll need to 
push a brick in the center back to the middle column in order to return. In 
fact, you may want to wait to do so until the balls come over to you, after 
which you can psush the block and run away from them.


  Spike can really make things much tougher. He'll trap you when you get onto 
one of the triangular side regions. So try to sucker him in there with you by 
waiting after you get the first Woodstock--in the UR or (more likely, since 
Spike starts out on top) DL, so you can run away and push the blocks to 
escape. Note you only have to pull this escape once--a dead end for the 
second bit is no big deal really.

Level #40 / #100:

XT  wXw b X
X v<<<<<^ X
X vX   X^ X
X v     ^ X
X v  s  ^ X
X vX k X^ X
X v>>>>>^ X
X   wXw  TX

  When you are traveling along the conveyors be sure to remember you can 
pause Snoopy by pushing opposite the direction he's going in. The trips take 
a while, and the ball has time to catch up to you. They are a big part of 
this level, the other being the Woodstocks 'behind' the teleportals.

  Go left into the conveyor and get the first bird to the right. Then go left 
and up. Here you may have to wait for a ball to bounce off a wall. Enter the 
teleportal and, when you exit, go left for a bird. Go back into a teleportal, 
east and west for #3. Then up and left for #4.


  With Spike around you will need to be a bit quicker. But the same 
instructions still apply. You also need to beware if Spike is ahead of you on 
the conveyor belt--he will wait. You can get the DL woodstock and then use 
the teleport to get the DR and UL respectively. You may want to wait for 
Spike to whiz by on the conveyor before getting on it. Note the center isn't 
accessible and if Spike goes into the DL, eventually he takes the conveyor 
back UR. You should be in the UL after your third bird. Get on the left 
conveyor going down as soon as Spike gets on the bottom one, and get on the 
bottom one as soon as he goes back left. That will assure you're behind/ahead 
of him enough to get the final Woodstock.

"More than 80/20. Take it easy!" appears.

Level #41 / #101:

Xb        X
X < L R > X < timer on the right
Xvwv   vwvX
X >     <DX
XU>  s  < X
X^w^   ^w^X
X < L R > X
X         X

  This is not a very taxing level once you learn what to push where. The ball 
in the upper left comes down on you pretty quickly, so move down to the edge 
right away. Go left to the corner and up. Go right to get Woodstock and back 
left and push up. Now you can go to the UL and pick off the Woodstock there--
the conveyor would have kicked you past before.

  You can repeat this for the UR/DR as well. Go to the UR corner and pick a 
Woodstock off and then push the right block down and get the final one.


  Spike's biggest nuisance is how he can get stuck in the far lower right. To 
get him out, go to the far lower left. In the meantime though you can clean 
up the top part to start. You can also access the timer for insurance if you 
push the upper right block to the right.

Level #42 / #102:

Xw^  vK  wX
X v  v<<<>X
X v   X   X
X vX    <<X
X>>  s X^ X
X   X   ^ X
X<>>>^  ^ X
Xw  k^  vwX

  At one end of the conveyors that for the most part suck you back to the 
center, note how the arrows suddenly flip flop. This allows you to walk in, 
get Woodstock, and get out.

DL woodstock: approach from above
DR woodstock: approach from left
UR woodstock: approach from below
UL woodstock: approach from right

  Do this in any order you like. You may want to pause to wait for the ball 
to go in an irrelevant corner although it shouldn't trouble you much.


  With Spike around it's a bit tougher. He tends to stay just outside the 
conveyor belt. I find that I like to wait a diagonal square away from the 
square I walked into the corner area on. If Spike walks to where the conveyor 
leads, I walk out the way I came. If he gets close to me, I get on the 
conveyor belt and fly away from him. There's a lot of jumping between corners 
here. The UL and DR seem easier to work away from, so you may want to hit 
them first and leave the dead-ends for last. You also may need to duck in 
another corner immediately if Spike gets back on your trail too quickly.

Level #43 / #103:

Xw  <k>  wX
X bX   X  X
X X     X X
X>       <X
X>       <X
X X     X X
X  X   Xb X
Xw  < >  wX

  Here you may be forced to dodge balls in a corner if you get trapped with 
them. The usual go where they ain't advice applies here. You enter a corner 
near the center column and exit on the sides, and you may need to wait in the 
center and bounce around a bit as the balls leave their designated corner. If 
one ball waits stubbornly in the final corner you can risk going in and 
nabbing the final Woodstock, but until then you should always have options.


  Spike isn't too much of a nuisance here if you just sucker him into the 
triangular areas with the birds. He won't be able to guard the exits that 
way. If Spike gets stuck where you need to get a Woodstock, the other three 
are pretty easy, but the final is a bit tough. Go on the arrow on the side 
that he can't touch, and break to the center when he gets close until he 
releases fro mthe treacherous corner.

Level #44 / #104:

XK   wL #bX
X #v<<  < X
X    ^  ^ X
X    ^  ^wX
XUv<< >>^DX
Xwv  v    X
X >  v  s X
Xb#  >>^#wX

  For the UR and DL areas, you need the vanishing square to be gone. You'll 
need to hook around where the vanishing square was. The UL and DR can be 
cleared regardless although you'll still need to hook around a bit.

  Thus going up is a good start as it kicks you to the UL. Note that you must 
go among the areas in clockwise order due to how the conveyors are placed. 
You may be able to take out the DR as well, which is a nice place to step 
off, as if you push down from the UR you can activate a power-up.

  It's possible to circle around and get it, but you will probably find it 
more expedient to dodge the balls for a bit and swoop in to the DL.


  With Spike you can again start in the DR. In fact the UL is off limits 
because he's there. However you may wish to wait until the first time blocks 
vanish so that you can get to one of the tougher birds--just keep behind 
Spike(you must traverse the walkways in counterclockwise fashion.) You may 
need to cycle around the horn to evade Spike, until the blocks disappear and 
you can grab the other two Woodstocks. Staying static after grabbing 
Woodstock often leads to Spike guarding the exit of the conveyor you crossed.

#45 / #105

X^#    w vX
X^w^ +sv vX
X^ ^ ^ v vX
X^#^ ^<<wvX
X^k^   #bvX

  With all these arrows the first thing to do seems to be to sock the brick 
in the center. But the time to do it, or the direction, is not obvious. You 
can hang left, right or down from it, as the balls bounce and you need to 
avoid them. Once the time for the vanishing blocks to go nears, hit the brick 
from the left and start running around the plain-floor spiral. You should run 
over the power-up, and you won't even want to stop to take out the balls as 
they bounce around. You should be able to get to the edge before the blocks 


  Spike is pretty useless here as he just runs into the center and circles 
around there. He's not sophisticated enough to run back out. So just bust the 
block, don't worry about the power up(which is a trap--it'll wear off along 
your long ride) and run over the regular tiles. You should get all four birds 
between the time the blocks disappear and reappear. You should even have time 
to duck an errant ball.

Level #46 / #106:

Xw R b L wX
X >     < X
XU U   U *X
X         X
X    s    X
X >     <tX
Xw R k R wX

  This one looks simple but has a trick you must poke around to find. 
Basically you can just push the squares hearest the center down/up to block 
the conveyors...except for the DR one. For that, you must teleport to the 
area. You do so from the upper right. After getting that Woodstock, push 
down. It will take you to the hidden room. You shouldn't have much trouble 
waiting for the ball to come out of any area, although occasionally it does 
get stuck.

  It's best though to clear out the DL first. Push up once you got Woodstock. 
That'll get you some time. The ball may try to get in the DL before you do, 
and if it does, it may be stuck a while. In that case, clear the rest of the 
board and come back.


  With Spike in the way you may wish to push the barriers on the left side 
first. Note the ones by the left edge, but the ones in. The best part is that 
Spike can't push them back even if he decides to start chasing you. Once you 
take out the upper right, the lower right is a piece of cake when you 
remember about the teleport.

Level #47 / #107:

X  +     wX
X  k+    XX
X   DR  DwX
X UX s^X <X
X> Xv  XD X
XwU  LU   X
XX    +   X
Xw     +  X

  A messy board with some pushable blocks that's really simple once you know 
what's where. There are no immediate threats, and you can finagle things so 
that when you open up an area the balls won't be too menacing.

  The first step is to go down the conveyor and to the left. Go to the left 
edge and get the corner Woodstock and go R/U. You may want to wait for the 
ball on the left to go back up. Push up to get the next woodstock and then go 
back right. Break the top of the bricks for a power up and sneak by the ball 
before running into it once you're powered up. You may even be able to go 
back left and pick off the other one.

  But in any case what you need to do is to go left, up, break a brick, and 
get the woodstock in the corner. Then L/D and push down for the final one, 
which you could get close to before but...not quite. There was no block to 
push in the conveyor's way.


  Spike's not really relevant here. You can avoid him and one ball and get 
through comfortably. Just go to the upper right, push the block down to get 
the lower of the Woodstocks, go around the right edge and avoid the DR ball, 
and go along the bottom edge. Push the block UR of the corner up and get the 
final Woodstock. Just watch that Spike's not anywhere near during your final 
push or things could get sticky.

Level #48 / #108:

Xwv   k vwX
X> R  #R <X
X U     D X
X #  s    X
X       # X
X U     D X
X> L#  L <X
Xw^     ^wX

  Here you have to get on the vanishing blocks' squares to push the blocks so 
you can bag the birds in the corners. The UL one gives you extra time, which 
is very useful if the squares are currently vanishing, so wait to pick up the 
clock until then. The only drawback is that a ball is often wedged in the UL. 
You can push all blocks but only the ones behind the vanishing squares are 

  So you want to push blocks into the square diagonal to Woodstock.

UL: lower, UR: upper, DL: lower, DR: upper


  With Spike around you have to duck him for a bit, so be sure to keep 
several squares away from him at all times. It shouldn't be too bad. He isn't 
gunning for you and often pushes the UR block into place for you if you sit 
and wait a bit--leaving you a disappearing block with which to play ring-
around-the-rosy while you wait for it and its pals to disappear. Remember 
that putting blocks in the right position is more important than getting 
Woodstocks immediately. You only have limited opportunities for the first. 
Besides, if you can engineer things so you take out the UR last, the timer 
you uncover is a free pass to circle through everything.

Level #49 / #109:

XB >   < wX
X  U  Uw< X
XvL U  U vX
X       R X
X L  s    X
X^ D  D R^X
X >wD  D  X
Xw >   < kX

  Go left and push the block(don't worry about the power-up--that ball will 
be stuck for a while.) Then go down and the conveyor nets you the first bird. 
Go down again and circle back around. Push the block 2R2U of the corner down, 
and then you can get the corner bird.

  A mirror image solution applies to the upper right. Push the one block 
right and go up two. Go up again to get sucked into the next conveyor, push 
the block 2D2L of the corner up, and get the final bird.


  Spike can be a real bumbler here. That's not to say this level is harmless. 
However, the main trick here is that you may forget to push a block into 
where Woodstock was. You also want to leave the bricks near the edges 
untouched. This allows two escape routes. Spike frequently comes up the side, 
and if you get enough of a jump, clearing out the bottom left should be easy.

Level #50 / #110:

Xb  >  < wX
X twL  URvX
X  U      X
XvU  s    X
X       R^X
X      *  X
X^LD  Dw  X
Xw >  <  kX

  Another level symmetrical except for a teleport trick.

  The UL is inaccessible except by teleport from the DR. Since there's a ball 
there, you'll want to take care of UR and DL first. In the UR, push one block 
up so you can push the other right. Proceed similarly in the DL. In the DR, 
you can oush the right block right. Then get Woodstock, go R-2U-L and push 
down to find the teleport and get the final bird.


  Again Spike is not much of a factor, unless he happens to reveal the 
teleport for you. In any case, proceed as without him, and if he does get 
stuck, go to the top to goad him, then break for the teleport.

Level #51 / #111:

Xv<     <<X
X   kX w wX
X  w X    X
X>>     >^X

  This level proceeds in a clockwise fashion and the toughest part may be the 
first part. Or you should hope it is. Because if you can outwit a ball in 
that open area, the rest should be a breeze.

  If you wait a second to get started, it seems the right-side ball gets 
trapped in the bigger area a bit. If it sneaks into the UL and the top bit, 
you may have to wait around a bit to see which way the balls go. If the one 
comes back, avoid it and go forward. If the far ball goes clockwise, try to 
outmaneuver in the 3x2 space. You can't wait forever, but you may lose on 
time once or twice here.


  With Spike the added challenge is to psyche him out near the end. Basically 
get kitty corner of him and run at him in one direction and hope he runs 
another. If you can get kitty corner of the Woodstock, so much the better. 
Eventually things will work out. It's another case where you need to be 
aggressive so the odds will quickly turn in your favor.

Level #52 / #112:

Xw v k v wX
X Xv   vRtX
X>>U   L<<X
X         X
X         X
X>>?   D<<X
X L^   ^X X
Xw ^   ^ wX

  It's possible to complete this in a more or less circular pattern. Push the 
inner UL block up and nip in from the top for the first bird. Then go right 
and get sucked into the conveyor. Push right and get the second bird. Push 
the inner of the DR blocks down and get #3. Then go left and push left for 
the final one. The two balls provide some obstruction, but there's no real 
way to get trapped without warning.


  With Spike, on the other hand, you need to beware of getting trapped. The 
best way to start seems to be to go to the right, push the block down, go 
back left, get Woodstock and the timer, and enter the teleport. Where you go 
next depends on what's open. You'll probably get pinned in the corner, but if 
you do, try to get Spike to follow you into the corner and take the conveyor 
out, making a beeline for the other corner. Spike will turn back on one 
square, which will give you enough time to push the final block into place. 
You can even use the teleport to jump clear across.

Level #53 / #113:

Xw#  t  #wX
X R  k  L X
X R ? X L X
X R ^s^ L X
X#R     L#X
X   wXw   X

  A disturbing level where you do need a bit of luck to make sure things go 
okay. The ball may just decide to target you when you're on the rim, and 
that's that. But otherwise the plan is as follows: step on the left conveyor 
and push up for a teleportal. Then push down on every square that you can in 
the upper part that's blocked off by the temporary barriers.

  Once the barriers vanish, you want to go right and start pushing all the 
squares you can to the left. Then go down for a Woodstock. When the barriers 
are about to vanish again, push the corner DR square up. Get the power up and 
run past/through the ball and get the remainder of the Woodstocks.


  With Spike in the mix it's even tougher. The main idea is to shut off the 
places he can go, so that he can't reach the teleport and make things totally 
miserable for you. First, you need to go left and push up when you're sure he 
can't go left.

Level #54 / #114:

X     X ^wX
Xs  R L  <X
X  ? ^L   X
X Dw^wU   X
X  <  L   X
X<      KBX
Xw>      tX

  Here you have to come back for the final Woodstock. Push the DL of the 
diagonal three blocks down for one bird, then R-U-L and push to reveal a 
teleport. You don't need the power-up, but you can get it to make your life 
easier--you can also wait until the balls are close together before 
activating it. Go right along the top for one bird and then all the way left, 
one up from the bottom, for the other.

  For the final bird, push the blocks UR and DR of it left. Then push the 
block right of it up.


  Again Spike provides a random nuisance here. Just pick up the first 
Woodstock and then try to get him to go to the bottom left by hanging out in 
the bottom left of your own square.  Push the middle block right for the 
teleport, then run at Spike. The ball shouldn't be a problem if you don't get 
it while powered up. You have enough space to work with on the right, and you 
can just run past it when you go down. The last one for this will be in the 
lower left so you don't have to turn back and face the ball again.

Level #55 / #115:

X         X
X  ^   ^  X
X <w>#<w> X
X  > sD<  X
X  >U  <  X <- power up
X <w>#<w> X
X  v   v  X
X    k    X

  Here if you go down immediately you get a nice shortcut. You can go 
left(hold it until the disappearing block reappears,) up and right so you run 
into the block. Go down for a bird and right and push up. This repeases a 
power-thingamabob. R-U and wait for the barrier to fall. Get the power up and 
it's possible to knock off both balls, but getting one is good enough. You 
can now clear out the UL bird by walking on the inward arrow below it. The UR 
bird falls the same way, but you have to wait until the upper barrier 
appears. When right of it, push down and then approach the DR bird from the 
top. You need to beware of getting on conveyor belts with the balls near, but 
other than that this level has few bumps.


  Be sure to kill Spike when you have the power-up. Because you may have to 
leave the ball, your big risk is of running out of time. Remember that if a 
block is just diagonally touching Woodstock, you can pick him up, and that 
you can flip the two moveable blocks up and down. Also be sure to plan where 
you'll go next time the blocks appear, as that's the only time you can shift 
things around. I recommend getting the top two Woodstocks, then pushing each 
of the two blocks down(they're close to each other) and getting the bottom 

Level #56 / #116:

XK       wX
X  wD U   X < timer on right
X    R    X
X   sL    X
X   D Uw  X
Xw       kX

  Obviously get the unguarded Woodstock first, and go 2D-R. Push down and R-
D-R and push up when the lower ball goes into either corner. Then push the 
block back so the ball can't follow you. Go and push up when the next ball 
goes into the left corridor and get the time. Run in and get the bird and get 
out. You can push the block two squares left of the one that released the 
clock--push it down and then back up to block out the ball from above. There 
should be enough time to fake the final ball out.


  With Spike around you have to release him before you start on the rest of 
the level, or he will be waiting for you at the end. So go up and get the 
first Woodstock, and if Spike doesn't push down to enter your area, push the 
upper center block right. Then push the lowest left block down. You will want 
to save the dead-end Woodstock until last, so for now you just want to avoid 
the bouncing ball when it goes in a corner and push the DR block up. You may 
have to push the upper center block back left before pushing up, but once you 
do that, get the UR Woodstock, go left, and push the UL block down.

  You may have to do-se-do with Spike a bit now, although the ball should 
have had enough time and space to escape from its boggle-box and should be 
bouncing around the middle. The center barrier of blocks should eventually 
let you fake out Spike(he chases you, you circle around the other way) and 

Level #57 / #117:

XB > w v wX
X v v > v X
X^   < U ^X
X ^Dv v < X
Xw > k ^  X
X ^ ^ v < X
X^ < >   ^X
XS>  w^ RBX

  Go right to get the first Woodstock. Then two left, up and back left. You 
can now go clockwise around the edge although in the upper right corner 
you'll have to run into the down arrow, go right again, and go back up at the 
left edge. The usual caveats about ducking apply.


  Spike may be even more clueless than you are here and, in fact, if you're 
lucky he may push the UR block up and make your task that much easier. The 
dangers of a no-win situation are the same as before, but this level isn't 
any tougher despite having the maximum opponents.

Level #58 / #118:

Xw<v   v>wX
XvR     XvX
X# L   U  X
X    s # +X
X+ #      X
X  D   R #X
X^X     R^X
Xw<^ k ^>wX

  If you want, you can start the level by going to the right edge and 
crushing the brick on the right side. Push the block above the vanishing 
brick up and circle around the corner. Try to get the ball while you're at 
it...or, if you aren't worried about a time bonus, push the side brick down 
and wait for the bricks to vanish before hitting the conveyor on the right. 
Otherwise, you need to note that a couple of birds require special treatment.

  The UR and DL can be completed first. Stand where the vanishing blocks were 
and push the other block down or up. Run into the corner from the side.

  In the UL, you'll want to enter from below. Get on the conveyor and push up 
until the block appears below. Then push right and go up for the bird.

  For the DR, which is the last part because there's no way out, you need to 
push the lower block right and walk in for the final bird.


  You'll want to get the power-up to zap Spike immediately as he has a 
tendency to go into the DR corner and make the level unsolveable. Once he's 
gone there's not much more to the level than above. Stay on the down-conveyor 
in the upper right until obstacles reappear, push blocks when obstacles 
disappear in the UR and DL, and push the DR blocks right.

#59 / #119

Xw >   <bwX
X  L   R  X
X D     D X
X>       <X
X U     U X < power up on right
X  X   X  X
XB  L R   X
Xw  <k>  wX

  Taking out the right side first is recommended as there's a power up there. 
In fact it's worth waiting for. You want to go down and right across the 
conveyor. Get the bird in the corner and go back left. Push up and the power 
up will reveal itself. Go over the now-ineffective conveyor and into the 
corner. You might want to wait until the balls are easily trackable before 
taking the power-up.

  On the other side, go down and left and then push the bottom left block up 
and go to the side and up.


  Spike seems to go to the right here, so you may have to take out the left 
first. If he goes left your job is pretty easy; there's only one ball to 
avoid, and it's trapped, so you can clear the right, get a power up, and run 
after Spike on the left. Otherwise, avoiding the ball isn't hard. You may 
have to wait for Spike to push the power up block up. Then you may have to 
run around him a bit in the center. You probably don't need the power-up to 
complete the level here as once the rightmost conveyor is blocked, you can 
move up and down the side. The big problem is getting Spike out of the side 
area to the center, so you may want to wiggle around a lot which seems to 
cause Spike to try to move to different places.

Level #60 / #120:

X >>BL << X
X^w v v w^X
X >> R << X
X         X
X    s    X
Xk>> L << X
Xvw ^ ^bwvX
X >> R << X

  Down, right and push left. Down, three left, right, down, and push right.

  Now go 3U, 4R, D to the corner, and left for the power-up. Getting one ball 
should make it all a lot easier.

  At the top push the bottom block right and the top one left. You'll have to 
circle around the upper right for that bit. You can nip in from the left for 
the UR bird but you'll need to circle around the UL corner for the UL bird. 
The DR bird also requires you to circle around the corner. For both of these, 
be sure to push up/down while on the slide or you may knock the block back 
where it was, and it won't be helpful there.


  Move the second-lowest block left as before and get the first Woodstock. 
But watch where Spike is. You may get in a tangle with the ball, too, and if 
Spike is hot on your tail, or guarding the lower center area where you'll 
exit after pushing the bottom block, just go up after getting Woodstock 
instead of down. You can push the blocks on top and come back later. Again, 
just worry about pushing the blocks into the right spot first. When you 
finally push the lowest block, go up one, right one, up one after you get off 
the conveyor, right and down to get the power-up. Seek out Spike, and the 
rest will be pretty easy.

  Remember that he UL and DR are a bit tougher to get, as you have to push a 
block in the UR and DL against the top/bottom edge first and then circle 
around. But if you can start off by getting the DL Woodstock,

  Yay. A new scene.
  Snoopy walks from the right edge to the left across gigantic piano keys(?)

 C L E A R

(120:) Snoopy runs back and forth with a flag, smiling, a few times. Two 
Woodstocks come out and dance with pom-pons before exiting. Then Spike walks 
out and does a small dance. Snoopy walks out looking all accomplished and oh 
so spiffy with a touch of green. There's a pulsing star behind him. And you 
have to shut the contraption off to stop all the noise.


    |1    |2    |3    |4    |5    |6    |7    |8    |9    |10
 00+|4N4O |1NWQ |70BT |104A |4N44 |1NX2 |105H |10XD |1N1C |1N1O
 10+|H0O7 |10EI |ONBV |1N1B |CO1X |10I1 |CZ1O |XZ2Q |1QET |XQ1A
 20+|VZY4 |XZ12 |1QEH |XQ1D |2ZVC |ZX10 |ZQJ7 |XQSI |XZ1V |XZUB
 40+|HYOC |BYYO |OT17 |BT1I |7YNV |BYBB |CT1X |BT11 |H5O0 |V5IQ
 50+|VANT |VAIA |B5N4 |V5K2 |CA1H |VA1D |151C |V5Y0 |CAX7 |VA1I
 60+|454V |E5WB |7ABX |4A41 |4S40 |CSXQ |145T |C4XA |1S14 |CS12
 70+|H4OH |14ED |OSBC |VS1O |C417 |D4II |CS1V |2S2B |14EX |C411
 80+|VUY0 |CU1Q |12ET |C21A |2UV4 |VU12 |Z2JH |N2SD |XU1C |ZUUO
 90+|22O7 |C21I |ZUUV |7UBB |T2OX |H2B1 |BE10 |CE1Q |VHNT |BHNA
100+|HEO4 |VEY2 |OH1H |CH1D |7ENC |7EBO |CH17 |OH1I |HEOV |CEIB
110+|VHNX |1H11 |B6N0 |U6KQ |CD1T |CD1A |1614 |I6Y2 |CDXH |CD1D

End of FAQ proper



0.5.0 sent to GameFAQs 5/10/2004. Levels 1-60(i.e. before Spike) done.
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1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 6/23/2004. Complete with the basic stuff too.


Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
daremo, falsehead, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, and others 
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Charles Schulz for a really cool comic strip--and for almost half making me 
famous due to my last name--even if it caused a few misspellings of my last 
name along the way!