• Get the Key in Each Level

    Before the Start and Password options appear, enter code below. Now all you have to do is go through the door and you'll get the key in each level.

    Get key in each levelPress A, B, A, B, B, A, Up

    Contributed By: Baseman.


  • Level Select

    Enter the following to enter the levels.

    Level 1-10TYSY8888
    Level 1-2CVJB8888
    Level 1-3GVJD8888
    Level 1-4RVJH8888
    Level 1-5XVJS8888
    Level 1-6XVJY8888
    Level 1-78VBY8888
    Level 1-8CYDY8888
    Level 1-9MYHY8888
    Level 2-1TZ8888
    Level 2-10KZYSY888
    Level 2-2QZVJB888
    Level 2-3OZVJD888
    Level 2-48ZVJH888
    Level 2-5TZVJS888
    Level 2-6BZVJY888
    Level 2-7CZVBY888
    Level 2-88DHDYJJ8
    Level 2-9JDHHYJJ8
    Level 3-1KZZ888
    Level 3-10RZZYSY88
    Level 3-26ZZVJB88
    Level 3-3TZZVJD88
    Level 3-4CZZVJH88
    Level 3-52ZZVJS88
    Level 3-64DDKJYJ8
    Level 3-7QZZVBY88
    Level 3-86DDHDYJ8
    Level 3-9XZZYHY88
    Level 4-1RZZZ88
    Level 4-10QDDDHSY8
    Level 4-2JZZZVJB8
    Level 4-3KZZZVJD8
    Level 4-4QZZZVJH8
    Level 4-5VZZZVJS8
    Level 4-6VZZZVJY8
    Level 4-76ZZZVBY8
    Level 4-84DDDHDY8
    Level 4-9RZZZYHY8
    Level 5-18ZZZZ8
    Level 5-10CZZZZYSY
    Level 5-2MZZZZVJB
    Level 5-3RZZZZVJD
    Level 5-46ZZZZVJH
    Level 5-5GZZZZVJY
    Level 5-6GZZZZVJY
    Level 5-7JZZZZVBY
    Level 5-8MZZZZYDY
    Level 5-92ZZZZYHY

    Contributed By: tiamold, HyperSilence, and Menji.

  • New Game Password...

    Enter the following at the PASSWORD screen. Interesting to note that you can't normally acquire this password in the game.

    Start NEW game with ALL items and ALL hidden rooms completed.GYJJYJJYJJYJJYJJ

    Contributed By: Aether Knight.

  • Solomon's club level password

    Enter the following code to go to Solomon's Club:

    Solomon's Club23NDNZ

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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