Secret Goals FAQ by StarFighters76

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| |  /--  | | |-\ --- |-\     |  | /-\ |-\  ---  /-\     ---        | |
| |  \--\ | | |-/ |-  |-/     |\/| |-| |-/   |   | |    /   \       | |
| |   --/  -  |   --- | \     |  | | | | \  ---  \-/         \   O  | |
| |                                                          /      | |
| |               -     /--\  -  -  ---\                    /       | |
| |               |     |__|  |\ |  |  |                   /     O  | |
| |               |     |  |  | \|  |  |                  /         | |
| |               ----  -  -  -  -  ---/                 ------     | |
| |   __     __   __  _   __  ___ _  _     __  __  ___ _  _  __     | |
| |  |__    | __ |  | |   | \ |__ |\ |    |   |  |  |  |\ | |__     | |
| |  |__|   |__| |__| |__ |_/ |__ | \|    |__ |__| _|_ | \|  __|    | |
|  -----------------------------------------------------------------  |

              F  O  R    T  H  E    G  A  M  E  B  O  Y

                     V  e  r  s  i  o  n   1 . 0

              M a d e  B y  S t a r F i g h t e r s 7 6

Welcome to my walkthrough for a the second game of the series for the 
Gameboy called Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. I hope this 
walkthrough helps out as much as possible. Below is nothing but major 
spoilers on the game, so if you don't want to be spoiled, please take 
a detour and hit the Back button now. However if you want to be 
spoiled or need some help, please scroll down as far as you need to. 
Consider this as your Spoiler Warning!

READER'S NOTE: I'll be saying this again later down the walkthrough, but 
this walkthrough only covers the Secret Goals in the game, and how to 
find them. 


SECTION 1: Intro
  A: Version Guide
  B: The Story Of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
  C: What Is Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
  D: About This Walkthrough
  E: Control Configuration
SECTION 2: Walkthrough 
  A: Before The Walkthrough
  B: Tree Zone 2
  C: Hippo Stage
  D: Space Zone 1
  E: Macro Zone 1
  F: Pumpkin Zone 2
  G: Pumpkin Zone 3
  H: Turtle Zone 2
  I: Super Mario Land 2 Goals Checklist

SECTION 3: In Conclusion
  A: What's To Come
  B: Special Thanks
  C: The Disclaimer



  A: |Version Guide|

     Version 1.0: Just finished making the walkthrough for the game, 
     and submitted it to GameFAQS (09/14/05)

  B: |The Story Of Super Mario Land 2|

     Taken from the instruction manual:


     While I (Mario) was away crusading against the mystery alien 
     Tatanga in Sarasa Land, an evil creep took over my castle and put 
     the people of Mario LAnd under his control weith a magic spell. 
     This intruder goes by the name of Wario. He has been jealous of my     
     popularity since we were boys, and has tried to steal my castle 
     many times. It seems he has succeeded this time. Wario has       
     scattered the 6 Golden Coins from my castle all over Mario Land. 
     These Golden Coins are guarded by those under Wario's spell. 
     Without these coins, we can't get back into the castle to deal 
     with Wario.

     We must collect the 6 coins, attack Wario in the castle, and save 

  C: |What Is Super Mario Land 2|

     Super Mario Land 2 is a side scroll adventure game like any early 
     Super Mario game is. The only difference in this game is that 
     there is no Bowser and there is no saving the dingy princess. You 
     gotta knock out Wario who's taken over Mario's Castle. Your main 
     objective is to collect all 6 Golden Coins which will unlock the 
     main door of the castle and to take Wario out. It won't be easy 
     because you have to go through many levels just to accomplish this 
     task. But will Mario be able to do this, only you know that 

  D: |About This Walkthrough|

     Okay this is important. This is a special walkthrough, which is 
     used to help you get through the 7 Secret Goals of the game, 
     only. Keep in mind that the normal goals are not listed and won't 
     be. Also I made a checklist towards the bottom of the walkthrough, 
     so you can mark off which goals you have beaten. I hope this 
     helps out as much as possible. 

  E: |Control Configuration|

     I assume you have a basic idea of all the control combinations, so 
     here is the basic stuff:

     LEFT D-PAD: Moves left
     RIGHT D-PAD: Moves right
     UP D-PAD: Enters upside down pipes
     DOWN D-PAD: Crouches down/enters pipes
     'A' BUTTON: Jumps (press again to float Bunny Mario)
     'B' BUTTON: Runs/Shoots fireballs (as Fire Mario)/Picks up enemies
     START BUTTON: Pauses the game
     SELECT BUTTON: Does nothing

  A: |Before The Walkthrough|

     1. Although these can be found in any order, I decided to list 
     these Secret Goals starting at Tree Zone and going clockwise. 

     2. There is an exception, you must find the Secret Goal for Hippo   
     Stage everytime in order to go to Space Zone.

     3. When you find any new levels due to the Secret Goals, then you 
     leave that area, you must find the Secret Goal of said level each 
     time you want to go to any new level.

     4. Mario Zone doesn't have a Secret Goal, although I think there 
     is one. If you know, email me and you'll get full credit.

  B: |Tree Zone 2|

     TIME: 600
     STUFF REQUIRED: Bunny Mario
     LEADS TO: Tree Zone Secret Area

     Here's what you are gonna do when finding the Secret Goal to this 
     level. First off, you need to be Bunny Mario. Make your way 
     through the first section and head through the pipe. In this 
     second section, keep going avoiding the spikes along the way until 
     you reach the Midway Bell. Now from here, if you're Bunny Mario, 
     you can keep going onwards. If not, you need to go down the bubble 
     pit next to the Midway Bell (which I'll get to in a minute). 
     Follow the path avoiding all obsticles and power-ups. Keep going 
     until you see an area where the is a small gap (that only Small 
     Mario could walk through). Once there, head above that gap onto 
     the highest platform (you should see a Bob-omb Beetle). As Bunny 
     Mario, jump then float over to the nearby platform  on the other 
     side. If need be, jump on the Bob-omb Beetle if you think that 
     will help.

     Now if you aren't Bunny Mario, don't worry I can help on that. 
     Think back to the Midway Bell. At that point sink down into the 
     bubble pit, taking out the Cow Fishies. After that, fall to the 
     bottom and when down there, go through the pipe. When you do, hit 
     the ? Block and a Carrot will appear, so grab it and become Bunny 
     Mario. Now you can either continue in this area, or head back 
     through the pipe. It be easier to head through the pipe, but if 
     you wanna try going through the stage, that's on you. If you head 
     back through the pipe then just follow the instructions I already 
     gave to get to the point I described. Once there, jump and float 
     over to the pipe and go through it.

     Once through the pipe, drop down and follow the short path through 
     the door, and you will found the Secret Goal. By doing this will 
     open up a new path leading to Tree Zone Secret Area.

  C: |Hippo Stage|

     TIME: 700
     STUFF REQUIRED: Bubble Mario
     LEADS TO: Space Zone

     To find this Secret Goal is extremely easy. Actually it's not so 
     much of a "secret goal", but there are two goals nonetheless. What  
     you do is this. You know those hippos who snort out giant bubbles, 
     well get one of those bubbles to become Bubble Mario and make your 
     way to the end carefully avoiding all obsticles in the way or else 
     you'll lose your bubble power. Now once you get to the otherside, 
     you can either float upward or take the door on the bottom. If you 
     take the bottom door, it will take you back to the World Map. If 
     you float upwards and take the upper door, it will take you to 
     Space Zone, which is what you need to do. And that's how you find 
     the "secret" goal of this level.

     Keep in mind, as I said before, you must complete this level as I 
     have described each time in order to get to the Space Zone.

  D: |Space Zone 1|

     TIME: 700
     STUFF REQUIRED: Doesn't matter
     LEADS TO: Space Zone Secret Area

     To get to this Secret Goal, you will have look carefully to find 
     it. Make your way to the Midway Bell, and when you get there go to 
     the right of it a couple of feet, then jump up to reveal a hidden 
     block. Now jump on that block and jump up from it to reveal 
     another block. Jump on that block then jump up from it to reveal 
     another block. Jump on that, then jump (no, not to reveal another 
     block) to the right to a couple blocks. Now here's where it's  
     tricky. You must jump to the right from one block to another. 
     Don't worry about any coins if you miss any. But keep doing this 
     until you reach a platform which has the Secret Goal door. Go 
     through it and a new path will be made leading to Space Zone 
     Secret Area, thus completing this Secret Goal.

  E: |Macro Zone 1|

     TIME: 400
     STUFF REQUIRED: Fire Mario
     LEADS TO: Macro Zone Secret Area

     To find this goal, you'll have to work for it. You need to be Fire 
     Mario for this level, but if you're not, you will be. Make your 
     way through the first section avoiding the ants, and go down the 
     pipe. In this second section, walk forward a bit and you will see 
     a moving platform over some lava. Board it and take it to the 
     platform and jump off. Hit the ? Block for a Super Mushroom to 
     become Super Mario, then go through the small pipe. Now just go 
     through this level normally till you get to the Midway Bell. Once 
     you get to that point, keep going onwards. Along the way you will 
     find Carrots, so get them for extra insurance to help you out. 
     Keep going and you will see a moving platform on the lava, with a 
     staircase above it. Get on the platform, bend down to avoid the 
     spikes and get on the other platform on the other side. Be careful 
     of the Spiny Ant that's on the platform, but take it out. Also you 
     will see 5 ? Blocks above you and some enemies. Use the blocks to 
     take out the enemies. After that, continue on the next moving 
     platform (avoiding the spikes), to an area where there is a ? 
     Block. Take out the Bullet Ant, and hit the ? Block which will 
     have a Fire Flower in it. Get that to become Fire Mario then make 
     your way back to the staircase I mentioned earlier. Once there, 
     climb the stairs and get to where the 5 ? Blocks were. 

     Once there, jump up in 4 spots above there to reveal blocks, and 
     use those to shoot out the Fire Blocks. After that, jump up the 
     pipe. In this third section, just follow it to the end, avoiding 
     obsticles till you reach the door at the other side. Do so and a 
     new path will open up leading to Macro Zone Secret Area, which 
     will complete this Secret Goal.

  F: |Pumpkin Zone 2|

     TIME: 400
     STUFF REQUIRED: Super Mario or Fire Mario
     LEADS TO: Pumpkin Zone Secret Area 1

     To find this secret goal will take a little while to get to. First 
     you need to be either Super Mario or Fire Mario for this mission. 
     If you're Bunny Mario, that's fine for the time being. Make your 
     way through the first section the go down the pipe. Make your way 
     through this second section as well and go up the pipe. In this   
     third section, be careful of the Boo Buddies, and get the Super 
     Mushroom (if need be) and the 1-Up Heart, then make your way out 
     of this section. Now in the fourth section, make your way down the 
     row of blocks by spin jumping on them. Pick up whatever you want 
     and head down to the water, then continue onwards to dry ground. 

     Now at this point it looks like you could take two paths, but for    
     this mission, take the lower path. With that, swim over avoiding 
     the Cheep Cheep to the next platform. Just to the right of that is 
     another swimming area, with a gap in the floor. Swim down there in 
     the gap (don't worry, it's safe), then carefully continue your 
     way, avoiding the spikes, Mouth Pieces and Cheep Cheeps along the 
     way. Once to the other side, you will see a pipe with two blocks 
     on it. Now if you're Super Mario or Fire Mario, spin jump on the 
     blocks to destroy them. If you're Bunny Mario, just touch the 
     Mouth Piece to downgrade to Super Mario, then spin jump on it.

     After that, go down the pipe and in the fifth section, just make 
     your way through this section. There is some more Mouth Pieces and 
     a Crazy Cyclops down here. After all that, head through the door 
     at the other end and a new path will open up leading to Pumpkin 
     Zone Secret Area 1. With that, this Secret Goal is completed.

  G: |Pumpkin Zone 3|

     TIME: 500
     STUFF REQUIRED: Bunny Mario
     LEADS TO: Pumpkin Zone Secret Area 2

     This is another lengthy trek to the Secret Goal, and you need to 
     be Bunny Mario to find it. There's lots of different obsticles 
     here so be careful. Make your way to the Midway Bell. Once there, 
     keep going carefully past some Boo Buddies and spikes. Once back 
     on solid ground, keep going until you reach what may look like a 
     staircase going downward (you will see some Boo Buddies as you 
     make your way down it). Instead of going down it however, from the 
     top step, jump up and float over to the right and you will see a 
     pathway in the wall. Make your way onto that and keep going past 
     the Ghost Goombas and go through the door. Doing so and a new 
     pathway will be opened leading to Pumpkin Zone Secret Area 2, thus 
     completing this Secret Goal.

  H: |Turtle Zone 2|

     TIME: 600
     STUFF REQUIRED: Small Mario
     LEADS TO: Turtle Zone Secret Area

     To find this Secret Goal will be a bit of a challenge, so be 
     careful. For now it doesn't matter what you are, but eventually 
     you will have to be Small Mario to get through this. Now, from the  
     starting point, head right and get into the water. In the water, 
     sink down and swim to the right and then sink down even lower, and 
     keep swimming right. At the very bottom level just walk over until 
     you see a Bullet Bill Cannon and an opening at the top. Avoiding 
     any Bullet Bills that come out and swim upwards in the opening 
     gap. Keep going upwards, watch out for the Spike Squids, and head 
     up to the top. 

     Once at the top, jump out of the water and head left (watch out 
     for the Koopa Troopa) and keep going and you will see a small gap.  
     Become Small Mario and go through the gap and on the other side 
     make your way to the pipe and go up it. In this second section 
     will be difficult as it's completely in water. Slowly make your 
     way to the end of this section, carefully avoiding any and all 
     obsticles along the way. Once at the other end, go through the 
     door and a new path will be made leading you to Turtle Zone Secret 
     Area. Doing all this and you will have completed this Secret Goal.

  I: |Super Mario Land 2 Goals Checklist|

     In order to get a perfect game, you need to find all 32 levels. 
     Now below is a checklist of all those levels. Hidden amongst those 
     levels, 7 of them each have a Secret Goal (which I've already 
     mentioned beforehand). Below however as I said is a list of all 
     the levels you find. To help a little bit, I've compiled 
     a checklist of all the levels in the game. This list can be done 
     in any order you wish to do. Also to make it a bit better I would  
     suggest printing this section off if you want, so you don't mark 
     all over your monitor ^_^. Keep in mind, the number above the file 
     you select (the warp pipe) tells you how many levels have been 
     completed, and if it says 32, then that means you have a completed 

     TREE ZONE (6 Levels)
     Level 01: [ ] Tree Zone 1
     Level 02: [ ] Tree Zone 2
     Level 03: [ ] Tree Zone 3
     Level 04: [ ] Tree Zone 4
     Level 05: [ ] Tree Zone 5
     Level 06: [ ] Tree Zone Secret Area
     SPACE ZONE (3 Levels)
     Level 07: [ ] Space Zone 1
     Level 08: [ ] Space Zone 2
     Level 09: [ ] Space Zone Secert Area

     MACRO ZONE (5 Levels)
     Level 10: [ ] Macro Zone 1
     Level 11: [ ] Macro Zone 2
     Level 12: [ ] Macro Zone 3
     Level 13: [ ] Macro Zone 4
     Level 14: [ ] Macro Zone Secert Area
     PUMPKIN ZONE (6 Levels)
     Level 15: [ ] Pumpkin Zone 1
     Level 16: [ ] Pumpkin Zone 2
     Level 17: [ ] Pumpkin Zone 3
     Level 18: [ ] Pumpkin Zone 4
     Level 19: [ ] Pumpkin Zone Secret Area 1
     Level 20: [ ] Pumpkin Zone Secret Area 2
     MARIO ZONE (4 Levels)
     Level 21: [ ] Mario Zone 1
     Level 22: [ ] Mario Zone 2
     Level 23: [ ] Mario Zone 3
     Level 24: [ ] Mario Zone 4
     TURTLE ZONE (4 Levels)
     Level 25: [ ] Turtle Zone 1
     Level 26: [ ] Turtle Zone 2
     Level 27: [ ] Turtle Zone 3
     Level 28: [ ] Turtle Zone Secret Area
     WORLD MAP STAGES (4 Levels)
     Level 29: [ ] Starting Stage 
     Level 30: [ ] Extra Stage 
     Level 31: [ ] Hippo Stage
     Level 32: [ ] Wario's Castle

     PLAYER'S NOTE: By finding all these levels, you will not be able 
     to unlock anything at all, so keep this in mind.



  A: |What's To Come|

     With a game as big as this, who knows what else is to come. But I 
     will keep this open if anything new develops.

  B: |Special Thanks|

     Personal Thanks To:
     ExoSquad18: Simply because of his confidence and belief that I 
     will be very successful at this stuff ^_^.

     On-line Thanks To:
     To GameFAQS for hosting my walkthroughs, as well as many more.

     To anyone who help made this game possible. Thanks! ^_^

  C: |The Disclaimer|

     Super Mario Land 2 was pretty much like Super Mario World, only 3  
     times smaller. It isn't exactly a huge favorite, but I didn't hate 
     it either. It was a decent short game for it's time, but that's 
     about it. It was different, storywise, which also opened the way 
     for a new series to take place (Wario Land), so I guess it had 
     it's moments. Why this walkthrough, well if I'm gonna make Secret 
     Goal FAQs for Super Mario World and Secret Stars FAQ for Super 
     Mario 64, I might as well make this FAQ. I made this walkthrough 
     the best way I can and I hope it helps out in every way possible.  
     Now here comes the important stuff you need to read.

     Ok, I'll make this quick and simple. This walkthrough is my work.
     I've made this walkthrough, describing the game the best possible 
     way I can. You can use whatever info you want, so long as you give 
     me credit and don't alter anything. All you have to do is email me 
     at if you're gonna do anything with  
     this walkthrough. And to show that I'm not a complete selfish 
     bastard, if you have something you wanna add, email me and I will 
     give you full credit ^_^. This walkthrough, like many others are 
     intended for GameFAQs ONLY. You want it on your site, well you 
     better start emailing me. Failure to comply with this, and I will 
     be mad, among other things. 

     Email me at
     Copyright (C) September 14th, 2005
     Mike Leatherwood AKA StarFighters76 
     Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (C) Nintendo 1992