FAQ/Hints and Tips by Anonymous

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Hint Sheet: Ultima: Runes Of Virtue II, Gameboy

Q: How do I finish the first dungeon? I keep hitting a ladder that takes me out 
of the dungeon.
A: When you hit those ladders, that means the Mayor is near. First, get the 
Heart Key, then go into the room with the Troll. Defeat him, then walk into the 
wall in the upper right-hand corner of the room. Surprise!

Q: How do I finish the Dungeon Deceit? I keep hitting a ladder that takes me out 
of the dungeon.
A: When you hit those ladders, that means the Mayor is near. Get either of the 2 
Ankh keys from the bottom right and the Reaper room above the Cyclops room. Open 
the Ankh doors on the upper left. To defeat the giant 2-headed monster, open ONE 
of the doors to his room and shoot through it. Usually, he won't be able to get 
out, and you can hit him at will.

Q: Where's the Chalice in the Cavern of Selfishness?
A: First, get to the room with the moving boulders (Jaggers) that you have to 
kill to get the hammers that can smash the barrels. Go on to the next level. 
Ordinarily, you would hit the Hourglass, and take the left room first, then the 
bottom. DON'T!! Instead, do the following: first, enter the room on the right. 
Clear out the rooms above first, and grab the Boomerang from the secret room. Go 
back below, and look for the room with the Hourglass. Hit it to make the 
Fountain in the secret room at bottom right turn into an Arrow. Take the Arrow, 
and keep going to get a hammer from the treasure chest- make sure you have room 
in your inventory, or the hammer might not appear. Go back to the main room and 
take the right arrow again. Hit the Hourglass again, then speed over to the room 
on the left, and take the Teleport Arrow that appears. Hit the switch to turn 
the Boulders into Barrels. Leave the room and go back to the main room. Now, 
take the North or top Arrow from the main room. You must get the right Reaper to 
destroy the left one- or you'll have a LOT of trouble! Now, go left. Push the 
Teleport Circle ONE space at a time to the left, then go above it and enter it. 
Each space you push it gains you entry to another room- grab a hammer from two 
of the rooms, then use them and the one you got earlier to smash the barrels 
blocking the ladder to the level with the Chalice- to get to this room, move the 
Circle to the next-to-last space. 

Q: How do I get the Chalice? I can see it, but I can't get to it!
A: First, some advice on the Skeleton room- try to push the Urns up and down, 
not left or right. Work your way to the upper right corner and grab the hammer. 
Now go to the upper left. You'll see a Skeleton walking back and forth over some 
Hearts and Stars. Use the Hammer on the Barrel that's blocking him from hitting 
the Teleport Arrow. He'll teleport 
to the room above, and hit a switch, opening the door at the bottom left of the 
skeleton room. Before leaving the room you're in, however, you'll need to move 
the two vases in 
the upper right and get the left-hand Reaper to destroy the right-hand Reaper, 
to uncover a switch. Now, go down to the room at the bottom left of the main 
skeleton room and grab the Star Key. Take it to the upper right room, open the 
door and hit the switch, then head back to the bottom left room and grab the 
Chalice!! That wasn't TOO much work, now, was it? To get back to the beginning 
of the Cavern so you can rescue the Mayor, just take either of the pits in the 
upper left room.

Q: How do I get through the area with all the Teleport Arrows and Circles at the 
beginning of Pride?
A: See the photo section at the end of this hint sheet.

Q: Where are the items in the Cavern of Pride??
A: At a certain point in the Cavern, you'll come to a diamond-shaped room with 4 
stairway exits.
Each stairway takes you to a different item. Take the North stairs for the Ping-
Pong Paddle, the East stairs for the Magic Armor, the South stairs to rescue the 
Mayor and get the Star Wand, and the West stairs for the Magic Sword. We suggest 
you go for the Ping-Pong Paddle first; you'll need it to retrieve some of the 
other items.

Q: Where is the Magic Armor in the room with all the doors?
A:  First, you'll need to grab a bunch of the Star Keys at the start of the 
level. Use them on the doors until you find a Heart Key. Use the Heart Key in 
the right place to find the Ankh Key, which will let you into the room with the 
Magic Armor.

Q: How do I get past the room in the Cavern of Pride with the barred doors and 
switches behind them?
A; Use your Ping-Pong Paddle- you'll be able to hit the switches through the 

Q: How do I get past the room with the Crystal Ball and the Mushrooms that turn 
into Rats?
A: Hit the Crystal Ball. You'll see the room you're in, plus another room to the 
right. Look carefully, and you'll notice that the other room is shaped like one 
of the numbers between 1 and 8. This corresponds to the number of the Mushroom 
you must hit, with the numbers starting with 1 at the upper left Mushroom and 
continuing right. Each time you hit the proper Mushroom, the number that you'll 
see in the Crystal ball changes, too. Eventually, after checking the Crystal and 
hitting the proper Mushroom enough times, a passageway will open at the bottom 
right, giving you access to the Magic boots. Use the boots to walk through the 
walls to the far right area- halfway up is the ladder to the next level.

Q: Where is the Star Wand in Pride?
A: First, go South in the diamond-shaped room mentioned above. Eventually, 
you'll come to a level where Terry the Adventurer mentions that the Wand is 
near. Get the Star Key from the lower left area using the Magic Rope. Use it on 
the door next to Terry and take the ladder down. The Star Wand is on this level. 
Get it, go back up, and use it on the force field to the right and above Terry.
Q: Where is the Mayor in Pride?
A: He's on the level just after you pass the  force field. DON'T take the ladder 
on the next level until you have him! Instead, first get the Heart Key, then use 
your Ping-Pong Paddle through the bars to get out of the room. Go to the bottom 
right for the switch. Throw it, then go up through the center, where all the 
skeletons are. Now go to the top right and follow the passage around. There he 
is! Go left and take the ladder NOW!

Q: How do I get out of the first Conveyor Belt room in the Abyss?
A: First, destroy the Reaper in the left room and hit the switch, if it's not 
already in the Down position. Take the belts to the lower left corner and hit 
the switch to open the door just above and to the right, but don't enter it just 
yet. Now, let the same Conveyor belt carry you all the way around to the end and 
over to the Flag on the right side of the room. Touch it, then head for the Flag 
on the left. It will have turned into an Ankh Key! Go back to the room that you 
opened the door to in the bottom left. Above it is a room with several Slimes. 
Defeat them and head right- your Ankh key will open the door to the room with 
the three Jaggers. Destroy them in a way which will not block the door or the 
Floor Plate, then hit the Switch. Go back to the Flag on the upper right, and 
enter the Hole that the Floor Switch created. TA DA!!

Q: How do I get past the next level?
A: First you must push all the Vases down, then up through the center. Push one 
Vase onto each of the three Arrows/Teleport Circles on either side at the top. 
Then use each Teleporter to hit one of the floor switches. Each switch will open 
one of the barred doors all the way at the top center that block the ladder 

Q: What about the next level?
A: Kill the Trolls but NOT the Reaper. Use the Ping-Pong Paddle to keep hitting 
the switch, then go down and let the Reaper destroy the Webs blocking the 
Barrel. Go up top and use the Wand of Fireballs on the top Web.

Q: How do I get out of the level with the Eep-Eeps, the boulders, and the four 
A: GOOD LUCK!! This is a VERY tough level unless you get lucky. First, get the 
Heart Key and go through the Heart Door. Now, find the Teleport Circle and head 
to the north area of the level. Find the place near the ladder where there is a 
boulder next to a spider    

web. Destroy the web by firing through either of the windows. Now comes the hard 
part! You've got to get the Eep-Eeps to hit the switches in the vertical 
passages to open the 
gates for you all at once so you can go through. The best way to go is to push 2 
Eep-Eeps into the outside passages(one at a time!), then block them in by 
pushing boulders over the openings, then pushing another boulder to the side of 
the first. This will prevent the next 2 Eep-Eeps you need from freeing the first 
2! Make sure you place the extra boulders so that they don't block the middle 2 
passages. You could also drop an item you don't need in front of a boulder- that 
will also keep the Eep-Eeps from moving it. Now, one at a time, go get 2 more 
Eep-Eeps, but this time, place their boulders one space above the openings to 
their caverns. Now, if they stop moving up and down and hitting the switches, 
you can get in and push them again. If the 2 on the outside stop, stand next to 
the Teleport Arrow until they pass below you, Teleport in to push them, then go 
up and out, replacing the boulder after you leave. Now, it's just a matter of 
waiting for all the doors to be opened at the same time. If any Eep-Eeps stop 
moving, you'll have to nurse them along. This is the part where luck comes in- 
trying to keep them all moving at once!!

Q: What about the next level? 
A: Look for a secret door in one of the rooms off the big chamber with all the 
Gazers. Throw the switch first!