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                                 Wayne's World
                                   Game Boy
               Developer: Radical Entertainment   Publisher: THQ
                              By: GammaBetaAlpha

                               Table of Contents

                        Basics                      [HELP]
                        Walkthrough                 [WALK]
                        Donations/Amazon            [DONT]
                        Contact Info                [CONT]
                        Credits                     [CRED]


	Wayne's World is a fairly simple platformer, with a little bit of
emphasis on action, as your two characters, Garth and Wayne, can shoot a gun and
kick respectively. For the most part, however, it is simple moving about,
jumping onto platforms and ledges, and picking up the occasional power-up. There
is little to actually do in the game, making it extremely linear, as well as
short (it can be finished in approximately a quarter of an hour, or fifteen

A - Jump
B - Use Gun (Garth), Kick (Wayne)
Start - Pause and Unpause
D-Pad - Move Around

        Occasionally, enemies will drop items, or else items will be visible on
the screen for you to pick up. These are the uses of each item.

E - Energy, refills about eight bars of life
T - Time, gives you a 30 or 60 second time extension, depending on the stage
P - Power-Up. For 20 seconds, Garth can shoot two bullets at a fast pace at
    once, and Wayne can do a spin-kick
L - Gives you an extra kick
Donut - Fills up one bar of life


Stage One, Part One
	Head right slowly at the beginning. Once you see a drum lying on the
floor, crouch and press the B button repeatedly to fire until the Drum is
destroyed. Move forward a little bit more for a Cymbol to come flying down from
above, and destroy it as well. Continue right, and jump onto the first platform
you see that does not have a drum on it, and shatter the cymbol that will swoop
in from above.

	From there, start hopping onto the drums to the left (you need to hit
the A button as soon as you land to perform a high jump instead of a low
bounce), until you get to the top ledge.  Walk right, and be sure to grab the
Energy (the E letter) while continue to run right. Make sure to repeatedly jump
on the drums while going across to chase away the cymbol enemies, and continue
on until you get another Energy letter. From there, drop down, kill any musical
instruments that might be nearby or otherwise run away, and continue on right.
Once you get to the door the first half of the stage will end. You will get an
intermission before the second half starts.

Stage One, Part Two
	This time around, you will play as Wayne who, instead of using a gun,
uses his legs to kick out at enemies. Jump onto the amp to your right and then
onto the strings of the guitar hanging from the wall, and use the extra height
to jump over an enemy to the far right. Jump along the amps and continue right
and onto a ledge which shall have an Energy letter for Wayne. Continue onto a
guitar, and drop down onto the P and T symbols which give Wayne spin-kick power
for 20 seconds and extends overall time by 60 seconds.

	Head right, where you will face the boss of the level. Wait for it to
spit out one of the vaguely footprint-like symbols, then jump into the air and
kick the symbol to send it back. After you kick it a few times successfully (if
you properly kick it, it will be deflected back at a fast speed, otherwise it
will sluggishly move back), the tower of footprint symbols will lose a symbol
with each kick you successfully make. The stage ends once it finally runs out.

Stage Two, Part One
	Grab a donut to your left as soon as the stage starts, then hop onto the
counter to your right and get some more donuts as well as a Time power-up.
Donuts restore a single bar of your health each, so they are essentially a
weaker version of the Energy capsule. Continue along into the dining area, and
grab all the donuts that are around on the table and cabinet. Once you collect
every one of them, a circle of donuts will start spinning around the far right
table, complete with a Life up. When you get everything from the circle, this
part of the Stage shall be done.

Stage Two, Part Two
	As Garth, head right from the entrance and fire at the first person you
see, who shall drop a Power-Up. For Garth, this lets him shoot two bullets from
his gun at once, and at a far quicker pace. Jump up onto the first platform you
can get onto, and start heading up to the left, while dodging rolling barrels by
hopping over them. Take out a bouncer at the top using your gun and enter the

Stage Two, Part Three
	You will get back to Wayne. Go down a platform and drop-kick your foe,
and kick him until he falls (if you get knocked off the platform, you will lose
a life, so be careful about jumping around and not getting knocked off by your
opponent). After the first thug is down for the count, continue on a couple of
platforms and butt heads with another foe, then repeat for a third time. Take
out one last thug after that, and head through the door at the end.

Stage Two, Part Four
	Still playing as Wayne, head right through the night, until you come to
a thug. Crouch and wait for the thug to jump over you before attacking him. Kick
away at him until he is done for, then continue on walking until you hit the
door and finish this part of the stage up.

Stage Two, Part Five
	Head down and left to the stage for a short mini-scene. Afterwards, you
will be transported back to Stan Makita's Donut Shop. This is exactly the same
as Part One of this same stage, so run around and collect all the donuts in the
shop, then grab all the donuts and the spare Life from the whirling circle at
the table at the end.

Stage Two, Part Six
	Control shall revert back to Garth. Go right and shoot at the black cat
until it dies for a brief, disturbing scene. Continue out onto the street, and
eliminate the robot foe that drops down from above (at least, I am guessing it
is a robot). As you proceed to walk down the street, you shall have to face a
linear host of black cats and robots again. Take them out as you move along -
while you can skip them, it is easier to just eliminate them and not risk taking
any damage trying to get past them. After a while, you should finally make it to
a door at the opposite end of the block.

Stage Two, Part Seven
	You shall get a repeat of Parts One and Five with Wayne, once again
ransacking the Donut Shop. However, you will have to work quickly this time, as
you get less time to grab everything than you did previously. Once you finish up
here, the stage will finally finish.

Stage Three, Part One
	As Wayne, kick the picture that comes out of the camera at the start,
and jump right and onto the tripod before continuing onto a platform with a
Power-Up. Head right and jump up a few floors of a tower, and jump over to the
next tower, then to a high ledge with an Energy on it. Continue on right to the
top of yet another tower, then jump down and kick another picture out of
existence. Hop onto a few platforms going up to your right to the level exit.

Stage Three, Part Two
	Head right and start hopping over the platforms. After a short while,
the lights will start flashing on and off, so wait for the lights to come back
on before making any of the trickier jumps. You can also touch any of the
lightbulbs to make the lights temporarily go back on. You can try for the Time
extension if you want, but you should not need it (given that you start off with
two minutes of time). You should still grab it, however, as that platform is the
right path to take. Once you get it, continue on right, and at the first
opportunity available, double back going left on a higher platform. Continue
backtracking left until you get to the exit, which is right above the entrance.

Stage Three, Part Three
	This will be similar to the last stage, right down to the flashing
lights. Head right and jump up the stairs once you get there, and continue on
right. Try to grab the Time extension if you can, but do not worry too much if
you miss it. Head on to the very right end of the stage, then jump up and start
going back left until you get back to the exit door.

Stage Three, Part Four
	The last part of Stage Three will be another visit to the Donut Shop.
This time, however, you will have less time than ever before to grab everything.

Stage Four, Part One
	Head right and kick at a cat until you finish it off, then head up the
stairs. Ignore the door here, as it will not end the level, and instead continue
on right. After a short bit, you will have to make a long jump, so take a leap
of faith. Skip past another door and head up some more stairs, then head right
again with another leap of faith. Hop over some more narrow platforms and go in
front of the door labelled Benjamin to end this part of the Stage.

Stage Four, Part Two
	In this last stage is the 'final' boss of the game, Benjamin. To beat
him, basically move forward. As soon as he takes his jacket off, kick him to
knock him back ever so slightly. With good timing, you can perform an endless
combo of kicking him, then moving slightly to follow him after he flinches
backwards before kicking him again.

	After he backflips and runs away, follow him and kick him again until he
retreats a second time. Grab an Energy and a Time extension while going right,
then hop up and go left. Fight him a third and final time and he will finally
fall, with the game ending right afterwards.


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                                 Contact Info

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        Credits go to the YouTube user Lemmy556, whose videos I used as an aid
in writing this FAQ.
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