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Ditto Glitch Question?

I was wondering if you can do the ditto glitch after you've beaten all of the trainers except the Gambler west of Lavender. I seem to remember there being a way that somehow involved the Elite Four but I can't find/remember for sure.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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pokedude7 answered:

Let's See if I remember correctly:

1. Start the Mew Glitch like normal

2. Fly to the Safari Zone and pay to get in/Fly to the Elite 4

3. Exit the Safari Zone like you would if you were doing the Glitch City trick/ Fight one if the Elite 4.

4. Fly to the Elite 4 and fight one of them/ Use an Escape Rope to Exit and Fly to the Route where ditto is

5. Use an Escape Rope and Fly to the Route where Ditto is

6. Use the Ditto Glitch as normal.

Could be wrong though. All I know is that you use the Elite 4 to unlock your Start Button.
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nawaraj2010 answered:

What is the secret path to go to the saffron city if all the roads are closed??
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