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Ditto Glitch doesn't work?

Hey! I just found out about the Ditto Glitch, so even though I battled almost all the trainers in the game already, I found 2 which I could battle to use this glitch.
I went to a swimmer next to Cinnamon, and used fly before he could come up to me. Next, I flew to Fuchsia, where I battled another trainer. After that I was able to use the menu button again and when walking in the grass, no Ditto appeared... What am I doing wrong? Or should I just go on walking until I find a Ditto?
Someone please help, because I would like to have all three starters :)

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KeyBlade999 answered:

It can be difficult to find Ditto, but, yes, you can find him outside of Fuschia. It won't be the first encounter (typically), but that won't matter.
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