What's the best pokemon to raise to defeat Misty?

  1. Started with Charmander, so that's out. Pikachu doesn't seem to have enough defense, and her Starmie just seems to run through my team.
    Lolo_Guru - 8 years ago

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  1. Starting with Charmander definitely makes that fight hard. First of all, make sure your team is at least 15, though the higher the better. Probably your best team would be with a Butterfree with confusion, Pikachu with thundershock, Rattata with hyper fang, and male Nidoran with horn attack. If you want to keep Charmander in your party during the fight, that leaves one spot open, most likely for a Clefairy/Jigglypuff with sing. That way, if you put Misty's pokemon to sleep, you can switch Charmander(or whoever) in for a few quick shots. Also, keep a few potions just in case, and of course make sure you go to the Pokecenter to heal before the fight.
    Vash67 - 8 years ago 2 0

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