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Where can I find the hm for fly?

Why is there not a list at the top of the faq's showing wear to find all the hm's?

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most_games_r_ok answered:

I don't know why there is no faq. Probably because people are just lazy or they just figure that they are easy enough to find.

To clear things up Cut is given to you by the captain of the S.S.Anne

To get Fly go to celadon and head west towards the cycling hill. Just before the entrance there is a small shrub that can be cut. Cut it and enter the building, going to the other end and exitting. You should niw be at a house; the girl inside will give you Fly when you talk to her.

Surf is obtained by finding the secret house located in the safari zone.

Strength is given to you by the warden as a reward if you find his false golden teeth which are located in the safari zone. He is located in one of the two houses (the left one) in the bottom right of Fuchsia city.

Flash is obtained by catching 10 or more different pokemon and then speaking to professor Oak's aide. To find him you must posses Cut and have it as a moveset for one of your pokemon. First enter diglet cave and continue through until you reach the exit. after you exit, head south and use Cut to access a building which has professor Oak's aide located inside.

I hope this helps.
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Ravenflames86 answered:

Ok so i looked it up hope it helps every one out in the long run,hear is wear to find all teh hm's not just fly

HM01-Cut-S.S. Anne
HM02-Fly-Route 16
HM03-Surf-Safari Zone
HM04-Strength-Fuchsia City
HM05-Flash-Route 2
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