Question from mike1889

Can you breed?

I want another Eevee.

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Tadano_Nika answered:

No, breeding starts in gold/silver. Sorry.
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Gunbladelad answered:

If you want another Eevee in the original games, then you'll either need to use Stadium on the N64 (Beat the Gym Leader Castle, and hope for an Eevee), or use the Mew/Ditto Glitch (There's a couple of FAQs) to get one.

The Special Stat you'll need to use for the Ditto Glitch is 102.
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YoshiLord06 answered:

If you have gold/silver, you could trade the Eevee to that game, breed the Eevee there, then trade back the Eevees to Blue. Otherwise breeding pokemon is impossible.
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