Question from Jacob_power

Asked: 3 years ago

Can i get eggs?

Need to know.

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From: pokedude7 3 years ago

In this gen, Nope. You can't breed in RBY, so no eggs. You can't trade any eggs from GSC, so no Eggs. However, in the remakes (FireRed/LeafGreen) you can breed pokemon after you beat the Elite 4 and get the National Dex (on island 4, I believe).

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You can't sadly. The eggs mechanic wasn't introduced until generation 2 (Gold Silver and Crystal) There is still a day care south of Cerulean City, but you can only raise one pokemon there.

I beleive Blue and the generation 2 games can't directly interact with each other (generation 2 having lots of data which would be totally unknown to the blue version) so there is no way what so ever to get eggs in this original blue version

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