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One game to start them all, one game to find themAganar8/10
A game that popularised role-playing games to everyone, where others failed.BigCj349/10
Good game... and no, I'm not a Pokemaniac.BrakZero8/10
The greatest game boy game ever!calendron10/10
Pokemon lives on, and this is where it all started. See for yourself.Chunkey Simmons9/10
Yep, I bought into it as a kid, but retribution comes now.del20nd4/10
If Red is Blue and Blue is Red, my head must be offEJRICH8/10
One of my all time favourite games!falsehead10/10
It has clear problems, it divides gamers, and it's fun will never fade.FuzzyJello7/10
Now that the craze is gone, it's much easier to notice the many problems this game contains.Haunter12O4/10
The little cartridge that started a worldwide phenomenonhorror_spooky10/10
It came. It conquered.IAX7/10
This game made the entire nation want to "Catch 'Em All". Have you caught Pokefever?Jerrynsteph4eva9/10
Blue can mean sadness... The only sad part is the graphics!KeyBlade9999/10
I didn't want to give it this score, HONEST!!!KingBroccoli10/10
The myths of Pokemon put to restmatt9148610/10
Water. Oxygen. Pokemon.MaxH10/10
Ah, yes, those were the days...missingn0879/10
Face the truth: Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with.MSuskie10/10
You certainly won't be feeling blue after playing this game.nastynate31189/10
Not once will I mention the word "Pikachu" in this review...Phediuk9/10
This was THE defining Game Boy gameShivan Reincarnated9/10
On the road againSnow Dragon8/10
Pokey-man!? That's right, and it's still going strong today.Sour10/10
Pokémon: Perhaps you've heard of it?terrisus10/10
The Beginning Of The Hypnosis Of America...TheRedneck148/10
Got you by the poke-balls.Unleashed Vortex4/10
I've been meaning to say this for a long time...Xerian2/10
Capturing the heart of many young souls back in the day.zoradude9/10
The first Pokemon game released into the U.S.Zorken10/10

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