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Asked: 4 years ago

American verison?

I've looked everywhere i can think and all i find are Japanese versions of green does anyone know where i can find an American version?

Accepted Answer

From: SmokeRulz 4 years ago

There was no American version of Green ever released. Here's a history lesson:

In Japan, Red & Green were actually the first two games released (hence why the remakes are called FireRed & LeafGreen). There was later a "third game" in the series (which has since become a tradition as you know), which was Pokemon Blue. It updated the previous two and also provided the base for the international releases. When they decided to translate & release the games to America, they used the game engine from Blue, combined with the obtainable Pokemon from Red & Green, and simply released them as Red & Blue. Green never made it overseas, but it doesn't matter much, since it was exactly the same as the other two.

And of course, Japan's anime-based fourth game, Yellow, eventually came to us as the "third game" of OUR series.

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