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Resident Evil Zero US Version
Puzzle Solutions FAQ
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This FAQ is dedicated solely to the solutions of the puzzles in the game.

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One last thing, the puzzles will be presented in no real order. I'm just getting 
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Table of Contents

00 Revisions
01 Train Puzzles
02 Facility Puzzles
03 Treatment Plant Puzzles


# 1 November 19, 2002 - All train puzzles added.
# 2 November 22, 2002 - All facility/laboratory puzzles added.
# 3 November 22, 2002 - Added some puzzles I forgot.
# 4 November 23, 2002 - Added MORE puzzles I forgot - never write a FAQ from 
memory. I even got the dates wrong!  Will add the rest of the puzzles soon.
# 5 November 24, 2002 - Added dam power grid puzzle.
# 6 December 15, 2002 - Updated email address

***Train Puzzles***

[Turn the Power On]

Send one character up the ladder at the window at the back of the second floor 
Dining Room Car. At the far end of the roof is a severed wire near a hole.  
Connect the wire to restore power.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Free Partner from the Kitchen in the Dining Car]

Have the character in the room pick up and send the Conductor's Office key down 
to the lower floor with the dumbwaiter.

Switch to the other character, collect the key, and proceed to the Conductor's 
Office near the Engine Car at the front of the train.

In the office, press the button to make a ladder leading into the floor above to 

On the upper floor, go into the far door and grab the Ice Pick off the cart 
immediately in front of you.

Return to the dumbwaiter and send the Ice Pick to the trapped partner.

Use the Ice Pick on the door to open it.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Getting the Hook Shot]

The Hook Shot is being kept in it's place on the wall by a pair of metal hooks 
which open and close due to manipulating a switch across the "room" on the rail 
opposite the device.

Set the characters to operate Solo, and then send one to throw the switch and 
have the other grab the Hook Shot during that time.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Opening the Briefcase]

The case requires the insertion of two metal rings into the two round indentions 
on the lock.

The two required "keys" are the Gold and Silver Rings.

The Gold Ring is located in the right cage located in the same room with the 
dumbwaiter on the first floor.

The Silver Ring is in a Jewelry Box in a closet located inside a passenger room 
on the second floor.  Since the entrance to this room is blocked by Leech Eggs, 
access to the room can only be established by using the Hook Shot on the open 
window in the train car opposite the staircase to the second floor.

There is a hole in the roof directly above the room the Silver Ring is located 

Inserting both Rings into the Briefcase will release the lock and make the 
contents ripe for the taking.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Activating the Train Brake System]

The engine of the train is damaged and the train is out of control. The runaway 
train will crash unless the speed of the train can be reduced.  

The team will be split up for this puzzle.

Grab the Brake Card on the controls in the Engine Car and proceed to the far end 
of the train.  The brake controls are to the left of the position the Hook Shot 

Insert the card to activate the puzzle.

The object of the puzzle is to use a combination of 10 numbers to enter an 
overall number that is equal to the number on the display.

The solutions can include more than what is listed below, but these are the 
easiest to enter.

36 - 3333333339
67 - 7777777774
81 - 8888888889

A cut scene will signal the correct sequence has been entered and the other 
character left behind in the Engine Car will be give a turn.

The only difference with this part is only the overall number needed to reach 
will be displayed.

However, the listed number solutions should be easier to remember.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Train Puzzles Completed]

***Facility Puzzles***

[Fix the Lift]

Get the crank from the dresser in the room on the left side of the second floor 
and take it to the large room that has the candle next to the door. The lift is 
in this room.

Place the Crank on the device next to the lift and it is fixed. 

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Fire Key]

Get Billy to turn the crank connected to the cage by a chain on the wall in the 
large room on the third floor.  While the cage connected to the chain is up Have 
Rebecca climb down into the pool and grab the key that was under it.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Fill the Lighter]

Combine the Lighter Fluid you find in the kitchen on the first floor locked with 
the Fire Key with the Empty Lighter.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Open the Time Locked Doors]

Find the room with the moose head trophy at the end of the hall behind the door 
not blocked by the Sword Knights in the conference room. The door is locked with 
the Fire Key.

Push the table until it is under the trophy and then go hit the glowing red 
switch to turn on the light so the Iron Needle is visible.

Take the Iron Needle to the room Rebecca found after being raised on the lift by 
Billy and use it on the clock there.

Set the clock to 8:15 and the doors will open.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the System Disc/MO Disc]

Get the Microfilm A & B and take them to the projector room at the end of the 
hall on the right side of the first floor. Insert the fill into the projector to 
get the System Disc.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Unlock the Sword Barred Doors]

Take the System Disc to the conference room on the second floor and place the 
Disc in the podium that overlooks the desks.  It will ask for a code to be 

Place the characters on solo action and place each at the desk that corresponds 
to the digits of the code.  The numbers of the desks are in the Microfilm File.

0 1   2 3
4 5   6 7
8 9   A B
C D   E F

[Puzzle Complete]


Get the giant chessboard to match the smaller one on the desk behind it in the 
room behind the double doors in the hallway behind the Sword Locked door in the 
Conference Room.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Bring Balance to Good and Evil]

[Puzzle Complete]

[Turn the Power Generator On]

In the torture room Rebecca finds herself after Billy gives her a boost to the 
vent in the basement is a generator.

Set the generator power to 70.

Do this by flipping the first two switches UP, the middle one DOWN, and the 
final two UP.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Rekindle the Flames of the Weak]

Light the fires on the animal statues in the order of weakest to strongest.

The order is as follows:

Deer, Wolf, Horse, Tiger, Snake, Eagle.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Locker Key]

The key is on a box in the room with the waterfall across from the Battle Arena 
room in the basement.

The locker is in the control room of the Battle Arena.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Open the Case]

Examine the case to get the number to enter.

Enter the number: 385.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Water Key]

The Battle Arena in the basement levels of the facility holds the key, but to 
obtain it a series of gates must be raised and lowered to grant access to the 
button that initiates the event.

Send one character up the stairs to operate the controls while the other goes 
into the ground level arena.  Preferably, heavily armed.

Press the switches in any order that satisfies the requirement of reaching the 
button.  There is no universal set of button presses that will do this.  The way 
the puzzle is solved is up to the players themselves.

***Personal note*** I use the combination of two Center Button presses.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Battery]

Have Billy play the piano in the bar on the second floor in the second door on 
the right side of the hall behind the door locked with the Water Key.

A secret passage will open.  Send Rebecca to get the battery out of the slot in 
the wall and have Billy play the piano again to free Rebecca when the wall shuts 

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Unity Tablet]

The Tablet is in the fireplace in the first room after the gate locked by the 
Six Animal puzzle.

(Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Discipline Tablet]

The tablet is on top of a pillar in the courtyard outside the facility.

Use the battery on the slot near the elevator outside to bring a box down to 
ground level.  Push the box to the column and climb onto it to get the Tablet.

Rebecca and Billy can push the box.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Obedience Tablet]

The Tablet is in a vise in the furthest room behind the Water Door. 

Get the Vise Handle from the first room in the hall immediately after the Water 
Door and go to the far door at the end of the hall after the Water Door.  The 
door on the characters right after you enter the next hall has the vise.

Use the Handle on the Vise to open it to get the Tablet.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Lower the Observation Tower]

Place all three Tablets into the slots on the telescope to lower the tower.

[Puzzle Complete]

***Laboratory Puzzles***

[Get the Stripping Agent]

Mix the Green and Red Chemicals from the Green and Red Tanks.

There is a Green Tank in the facility, and one in the Laboratory on the second 
floor in the room with the small transport in the wall that connects the two 
floors. The room also has the Green Door with the bust of Dr. Marcus on it.

There are two Red Tanks in the Laboratory: one on each floor.  One is around the 
corner behind the moving wall across from the main elevator, and the other one 
is on the second floor in the corner near the chamber filled with poison gas.

***Important*** Please refill the chemicals after using the Stripping agent to 
save backtracking time.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Blue Leech Charm Out of the Capsule]

Combine the Capsule with the Stripping Agent.  

The capsule is in the large capsule in the first room the character uses the 
Hook Shot in the Laboratory. Flip the switch to see which one to take.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Clear the Gas]

Place the Sterilizing Agent found in the room locked with the Green Leech Charm 
in the machine outside the chamber filled with the poison gas.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Open the Combination Lock Door]

Use the Dial gotten out of the Breeding Room on the device.

Enter the code: 4863.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Cable Car Moving]

Place the two Coils into the small office on the second floor of the Cable Car 

The Output Coil is under the movable ladder next to the Car.  Use the switch on 
the wall near the Car to get it.

The Input Coil is in the bookshelf in the office locked with the Blue Leech 

[Puzzle Complete]

***Treatment Plant Puzzles***

[Activate the Dam Power Grid]

Push the buttons in such a way that you activate the entire grid with 3 button 

Press the button under the top left button.
Press the button above the bottom left button.
Press the button above and to the left of the bottom right button.
[Fix the Gondola] 

In the room with the gondola control panel and take the lift down.

Go around the pool and press the button to lower the ladder and climb it.

Get the Mother Board from the floor and place it in the gondola control panel.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Open the Floodgates]

Have Rebecca ride the gondola then turn the switch on the control panel.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Handle]

Send Rebecca to work the controls to the pool and send Billy down into the pool 
to move the boxes.

As Billy:
Push the metal box all the way to the right against the wall.

As Rebecca:

Rotate the grid left.

As Billy:

Push the leftmost wooden box all the way down next to the box behind the grid.

Push the remaining wooden box to the wall to the left and push it all the way 
down until it's touching the first wooden box that was pushed.

Push the metal box up to the wall.

Get Billy into the small alcove behind the second box that was pushed to the 
bottom wall.

As Rebecca:

Rotate the grid right.

As Billy: 

Push the wooden box in front of you to the far wall.

As Rebecca:

Rotate the grid right

As Billy:

Push the box down into the hole next to the box that was originally there.

Get Billy out of the pool.

As Rebecca: 

Flood the pool.

Cross the box bridge and get the Handle.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Battery Fluid]

Mix the Blue Chemical with the Stripping Agent to get Sulfuric Acid.

Mix the Acid with the Industrial Water to get the Battery Fluid.

The Water and the Blue Chemical are in the same room up the stairs from the room 
with the Empty Battery and capsules with insects in them.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Hi-Power Battery]

Combine the Empty Battery and the Battery Fluid.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Get the Incinerator Key]

Use the Battery on the forklift.

Place one character on the box and one character at the switch to flip the 
switch to raise the lift up.

[Puzzle Complete]

[Open the Double Lock Door]

Give one character the small key labeled "R" and the other character the key 
labeled "L" received after the battle with the Leech Queen.

Use the keys in the appropriate locks on either side of the door in the Leech 
Queen Room.

[Puzzle Complete]