Hard Mode Walkthrough by dpurdu

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------------Resident Evil Zero - Gamecube - Hardmode Walkthrough--------------

Walkthrough by dpurdu

1 - Updates
2 - Introduction
3 - Before we begin
4 - Walkthrough
    Part 1 - The Train
    Part 2 - The Facility
    Part 3 - The Church
    Part 4 - The Factory
    Part 5 - The Treatment Plant
5 - Still to come
6 - Thanks
7 - Contact and copyright

01-02-03 - Version 1.0 - Everything is new.

This is my first proper walkthrough for a game, alot of people seem to be 
finding hard mode on REZero quite, uh, hard. In theory this guide should let 
you get through the whole game without getting mauled, eaten, leeched, 
slashed, licked or hassled in any terminal way by any of the nasty things 
we're likely to encounter.

This is strictly a walkthrough and doesn't include any gameplay information.
I'm working on the assumption that your fairly familiar with the basic game
layout and mechanics.  I'll say a quick shout out now to Marshmallow who 
wrote the REmake Chris hard mode guide that gave me the idea to have a go at 
a guide of my own. 

Please note that this FAQ is VERY specific in what you must do to get through 
the game. We will be leaving a few items fairly early in the game that you 
might not expect, leaving things in odd places and doing things in an order 
that may not seem logical at all times, but trust me this guide will get you 
through if you stick to it. It's not the only way nor is is the best way but 
it's one that works pretty well for me.  If you have any suggestions, 
constructive criticism or anything else to say please let me know. My email 
addres is at the bottom of the page.

-3--Before we begin-----------------------------------------------------------
A lot of the work in this game is going to be done by Billy, he is a little 
tougher and can survive several more enemy encounters than Becky.  Poor Becky 
will get killed if she has three hugs from a zombie so bear this in mind when 
your controlling her.

Once we leave the facility were leaving Becky's hand gun and the launcher 
behind. One of the main things that made this game hard for me is the item 
managment aspect. This is totally not a problem if you ditch the launcher and
Becky's gun early on, it will free up a load of spaces for you and should 
solve the problem.

Were going to take time to kill a few zombies outright. It may take alot of 
hits but some of these zombies will keep getting in your way, the dining room,
and one or two hallways in the Facilty leap to mind.

Several rooms in the game we wont visit at all. The west wing bathroom, the 
second room of the animal puzzle room in the basement and maybe a couple of 

This won't seem odd to anyone who is used to hard mode but the most important 
thing here is, be a coward, dont fight if you don't have to. We have a limited 
number of bullets and they all have a zombies name on them. That being said 
I've figured a margin of error into the walkthrough so if you use a health 
spray or two over what I suggest or let a few handgun bullets or shotgun 
shells go when you shouldn't you should be ok still.  Please be aware this 
doesn't apply to launcher ammo or magnum rounds.  We are going to use the 
launcher to kill one boss and clear out the basement of the facility and we 
dont have much room for mistakes.  In the hard mode game we have 33 magnum 
rounds and were using them to kill 4 bosses and one hunter.  Be warned you 
really don't want to waste any.

I won't be telling to reload your guns all the time. Basically your big boys 
and girls keep them loaded at all times unless I say otherwise.  Like I said 
were dropping Becky's gun so were gonna use up all its bullets once we get to
the facility and not reload it.

Lastly some parts of the guide might be hard to pull off but practice and you 
should be able to get it ok. Onward!


---Part 1 - The Train---------------------------------------------------------

Mission A - Meet Billy

Ok, first skip a bunch of cut scenes and you will find yourself controlling 
Becky in a train.  If you have any special weapons in your inventory drop them
now.  If you have the closet key please keep it.  I think the extra costumes 
rule and you have enough inventory slots to access the secret closet without 
causing any problems.  You have to enter the closet room with Billy anyway and
its a minor detor for Becky at best.  Anyway, turn to Becky's left and exit 
through the door at the bottom of the screen.

Skip the cut scene, imediately turn 180 degrees and fire 2 or 3 shots into the
zombie sneaking up behind you, this should kill it.  Turn 180 again and drop 
the zombie wearing the blue guard uniform.  This should take 4 or 5 shots. 180
and leave before he gets up again.  Run through the corridor, don't enter the 
two doors on Becky's right, go to the end of the corridor and get the key from 
the conductor. Skip the cut scene.

You're about to be assaulted by a couple of dogs. While the game is loading 
after skipping the scene hold up and a tiny bit right.  When the action starts
run between the wall on Becky's right side and the dogs left, you should zip 
round behind it before your bitten.  Another dog will burst through the window
but hug the wall and you should pass safely behind. Now run back to the train 
car like your being chased by zombie dogs. Do not shoot them at all and under
no circumstances check the corpse for handgun bullets.

Upon entering the train car hold down the R trigger, click the left trigger 
once and you should target the blue zombie again, a couple more shots should
kill it.  If you were fast enough the zombie on Becky's left should not be 
fully turned so run by it. If not knock it down with a few handgun bullets, 
there is one more zombie where the car opens out wider.  It shouldnt be too 
hard to dodge though. Open the door and discard the key.  Run through the next
car, dropping a couple of zombies if need be.  

This first part of the game is quite important. We're aiming to get Becky off
the train more or less unhurt. If you mess up and get munched, start again.

Skip the cut scene with Billy and go up the stairs, run into the room, trigger 
the cut scene, skip it, 180 and go back down the stairs, skip the next scene 
and the horrid leech zombie will be dead. We now have control of Billy.

Mission B - Kill the Scorpion

But were not going to use him. Make him drop any special weapons he has and 
give him the closet key if you have it.  Switch to Becky and run to the back 
of the dining car, go up the ladder outside the window.  Trudge slowly up the 
roof of the train, it seems to be easier to move onto the next screen if you 
stick to the far side of the roof for some reason.  Go around the hole, 
connect the wire, skip the scene.  We're now in a rather tiny kitchen type 
room. Grab the ammo, the key and the herb.  You shouldn't need to use the herb
at all.  Put the key into the lift and switch to Billy.

Go down the stairs and exit the door we haven't tried yet at the bottom of the
screen, take a hard right and grab the key from the lift.  Back to the bottom
of the stairs and enter the train car we came from.  If you're quick you 
should be able to get through the first car safely.  In the next car we should
be more or less ok again if we knock down a zombie or two, run to the end.  
This door has two nasty dogs behind it so make sure your fully loaded and 
enter.  Run a short way into the room and you will have a much better view of 
the corridor to kill the dogs.  Once they are dead, enter the second door on 
the right, grab the herb and save if you wish. Might not be a bad idea cause 
you have your first boss battle coming up. Exit the room and search the body 
for bullets, you should be on about 35ish now.

Run to the conductors office at the end, Unlock the door and drop the key when
prompted.  Enter the office and hit the switch to the right of the door.  Grab
the map if you need it then drop the herb.  you have a choice to make here. 
I prefer to knife the next boss to death, you can take the gun instead if you 
like but leave one or the other.  Go up the ladder and run around the bar, 
skip the scene and run into the room, before leaving drop the knife/gun on the
floor, exit the room.  Were now in a corridor full of yucky horrid squidgy 
leeches.  Grab the ice pick from the trolley and enter the door further down.
If you have the closet key use it and change to Billy's cool suit.  Snag the 
spray, the hunting gun, the handgun ammo and the shotgun shells.  Now exit the
room, you don't need the the ink ribbons in the corner.  Run back to the long 
bar room car, ignoring the red herb, we will get it later.  Once back in the 
bar room drop the ice pick, grab the knife and equip you hunting gun.  Run 
into the room, skip scene.

-----The Scorpion-------------------------------------------------------------

This guy isn't much trouble at all but I'm not happy with my method just yet.
Chances are I'll update soon. We have one spray Billy can use here so we can 
afford to take a couple of hits.  Once the battle starts run back and wait for
the scorpion to swipe at you.  After it swipes there is a lag before the next
attack.  During this lag run forwards and give it a shotgun blast in the head,
remember to hold down while aiming.  If it's using its claws to cover its 
head, dodge another attack and run forwards and try again. After the first 
shot hits, the scorpion will shuffle back, during this shuffle run forwards 
and let it have another blast.  Reload via the menu screen.  With any luck the
boss should be a fairly long way back in the car, backed up against the bar.
It should get stuck in a kind of loop, take shotgun blast - shuffle back -
take a couple of steps forward - attack.  After it steps forward blast it 
again, wait for it to shuffle back and come forward again, blast wait, etc 
etc.  Remeber to reload after each two shots.  After your shotgun ammo is all
gone switch to the knife/gun and finish it off using the same tactic, only 
thing is with the knife if the boss gets too close it may swipe you when it 
shuffles back.  You can hit it from further away with the handgun so make sure
you hit as far away as possible with the knife.  Your boss should now be dead.

Mission C - Stop the train

Use the health spray, drop the hunting gun, drop the knife if you have it.  
If you used the handgun keep it.  Grab the ice pick and the panel lifter from 
the far end of the room.  You should have these items:

Billy:Ice pick-Lifter-Handgun-Handgun Ammo

Down the ladder, exit the room and run back to the passenger car.  Knock down 
any zombies you have to.  In the second car feel free to kill any zombies.  
Then move into the kitchen.  Drop the ice pick into the lift, then run past 
the fridge and use the lifter on the panel by the door.  Enter the hole and 
come out in the storage room.  Kill the dogs as fast as possible, you can hit 
them when you can't see them. Click the left trigger to be sure of their 
location.  Open the door to the kitchen, grab the shotgun shells and the gold
ring from the dog cage. As Becky get the ice pick from the lift and use it on 
the door to get out.  Quickly run down the stairs to avoid the zombie barbeque 
in the dining car and enter the kitchen.  Walk up to the fridge to trigger 
the zombie, who will leap out and back up to the stairs to kill it without 
getting hurt.  Pick up the bottle and enter through the door Billy kindly 
unlocked for us.  Mix a molotov cocktail and discard and excess gas.  Give 
your handgun bullets and cocktail to Billy, regroup and exit from the room via
the far door from the kitchen.

Stand Becky to the right of the door, by the hookshot. the hookshot is such
a major pain in the neck.  It took a bit of planning to move it around to 
all the required places without doubling back too much.  We will use it four
times before we get rid of it.  Stand Billy by the switch, flick it then 
change to Becky to grab the hookshot.  

Billy:Handgun-Handgun Ammo-Gold Ring-Cocktail-Shells

Run back through the storage room and the kitchen to the passenger car.  Kill 
any zombies left in this car and continue to the end.  Before exiting split 
up and take Becky through the door.  Use the hookshot on the open window asap 
before getting munched by the hungry zombies.  Drop down the hole, ice the 
zombie, ignore the knife.  Check the closet for the jewel box.  Examine it 
for the silver ring.  Try to exit, skip the cutscene.  

Switch to Billy, go through the door, up the stairs, through the now empty 
leech corridoor and wait for Becky in the room where we killed the scorpion.  
Switch to Becky, exit and go down the corridor.  The door on Becky's right 
has the closet with her extra costumes.  I normally use leather rather than 
cowgirl.  Grab the red herb we have churlishly ignored thus far and mix it 
with the green.  Join Billy and regroup, (Theorised plan, have Becky grab the 
knife - I have a plan that I need to double check with this, I may remove this
part).  Go down the ladder by the remains of the bar and search the closet for
the case, combine it with the gold and silver rings for the key card.  Have 
Becky mix the two herbs in this room and use them to bring anyone who needs 
it to full health.  You mustn't use both sets of herbs. 

Billy:Handgun-Handgun Ammo-Shotgun Shells-Cocktail

Exit the room, you may want to save here.  If so do it before using the card 
on the reader by the door or you wont be able to save until you reach the 
facility. Have Billy d the saving as he can do so without dropping items, make
sure he leaves the ink ribbon.  Use the card on the reader by the last locked 
door in the corridor, skip the scene, run to the trains cabin, skip the scene.
Choose to leave Becky behind.  Have Billy search the counter at the front of 
the cabin for the card and search the back of the cabin near the door for some
more bullets.  

We're on a time limit now so lets hurry.  Run back along the covered walkway 
past some sleepy zombies who are just waking up.  Enter the door and go into 
the conductors office and up the ladder.  this may seem odd but its gonna save
us some zombie encounters.  Run through the scorpion room, the leech room and 
down the stairs. Enter the door and knock down the unfortunate stars zombie.  
Run past him through the kitchen, storage room and to the back of the train.  
Use the card on the read by the door. 

To solve this puzzle I will use CGibsons solution from his excellent puzzle 
solutions FAQ.

The object of the puzzle is to use a combination of 10 numbers to enter an 
overall number that is equal to the number on the display.

The solutions can include more than what is listed below, but these are the 
easiest to enter.

36 - 3333333339
67 - 7777777774
81 - 8888888889

A cut scene will signal the correct sequence has been entered and the other 
character left behind in the Engine Car will be give a turn.

The only difference with this part is only the overall number needed to reach 
will be displayed.

However, the listed number solutions should be easier to remember.
Above solution courtesy of CGibson

If you want a laugh I acctually forgot my card first time I did thing and ran 
out of time before I could stop the train. Anyway, skip the scene.  After you
wake up run almost directly ahead to reach the door before being involved in 
another zombie barbeque.  Run through the sewers, I was expecting spiders 
but none here, go up the Ladder, Skip the Scene and welcome to:-

--Part 2 -The Facility--------------------------------------------------------

Mission A - The Red Key

We've reached a shiny new area but were not going to save just yet.  Have 
Billy drop the Molotov infront of the Picture and go up the stairs on the left
of the picture.  Separate and have Billy enter the door on the left of side of
the upper lever to enter the crow room.  Once inside grab the handle and skip
the cutscene.  Hold up and sprint for the door before you get crowed. Enter
the door behind the scales in the main hall to take us to the conference room.
Run to the right side of the room and grab the shells from the side of the 
table, still dont save yet.  Back past the entrance and use the lower left 
door.  Once your inside hold up and left, hug the wall and run right at the 
zombie.  You will reach the door just in time so be ready with that finger on
the A button to enter.  Once inside have Becky drop the knife, snag the map if
you want it and run her into the left, switch to Billy and have him use the 
handle on the control by the right side of the lift and send Becky up.  

Switch to Becky and we have two icky bugs to deal with, we shall do this by 
ignoring them.  Hold up and left and race along past the table. You can see 
some ammo but it can be hard to grab and escape smoothly.  Try after the 
screen changes angle and it should be fairly easy to swipe the ammo from the 
table. Dont reload Beckys gun  After getting said item hold up and right to 
scoot up the stairs before getting savaged by the bugs.  You will have noticed
the bugs are quite fast when moving straight but a lot slower when turning we
shall use this to our advantage a couple of times in the game. Cross the 
balcony on the far side of the fountain to avoid more crows, ignor the herb.  
Run all the way through the centipede room to the knight door at the end and 
drop the herb mix and the hookshot.  Run down the stairs, unlock the door and 
switch to Billy.

As Billy, exit the Library, grabbing the film A on you way out.  As you exit 
hold up and right, you will run along the wall and again head right at a 
zombie but pass behind it as it spins round to lunch on you.  Back through 
the conference room to the main hall, go downstairs and drop off the film A 
by the lower left door.  Get the ammo from the table and save if you want, we 
have a boss battle coming up but its comically easy and were not going to get 
hit once!  Dont touch the herbs yet.  Go back up the stairs and enter the far 
right door to meet Becky.

Take the Ammo from her (should have about 90 odd rounds now) and enter the 
nearby door.  There are a couple of bugs in here but were going to take 
advantage of their slow turning to get in and out without getting hurt.  It 
may take a little practice but it is possible.  Hold up and dash to the 
grenade launcher, pick it up, hold up to run to the white statue on the 
pedestal by the blue door.  Grab it hold up and right to run to the shotgun 
shells.  These can be a little tricky to pick up as well.  If you position 
yourself just on the far side of the broken vase like thing you should be ok.
Once you have the shells hold up and left to race out of the room.  

Billy:Launcher-Handgun-Handgun Ammo-Shells-White statue

Regroup with Becky and head up the stairs.  At the top of the stairs Turn left
and have Billy wind the second handle from the left.  Switch to Becky, send 
her down the ladder and grab the key.  Skip the scene and get ready of the 
easiest battle in any RE game ever.

-----the Centipede------------------------------------------------------------

I know your gonna hate me for saying this but theres a bug in this game...

For anyone still reading there is a fault in the game with this boss battle.
Its possible to stand in a particular spot and murder the boss without getting
touched.  Run to the top of the stairs and make sure you have the handgun 
equiped.  position yourself so you are directly in the center of the opening
at the top of the stairs and move a couple of video game feet into the room.
you can't be hit if your in the right place.  Were going to be hitting it in 
the face as much as possible and were gonna use all the launcher ammo we have.  

The boss follows a set pattern around the room that passes close to where you 
are. It starts at the far end of the room facing you where it will be mauling 
Becky. Give it a couple of handgun shots and it should start moving.  You 
should be able to get in one or two more handgun bullets beofr it faces away 
and moves out of the screen at the bottom right.  It will now loop around and
come back into the screen and pause to maul Becky rather alarmingly close to 
you.  Quickly switch to your launcher and let it have a couple of rounds.  It 
will move off again, switch to the handgun wait for it to stop facing you, 
couple more rounds in the face and he should be off again.  Lather, rinse, 
repeat.  Once you launcher rounds are all gone keep going with the handgun.  
After you use all the launcher rounds and a total of about 20 handgun rounds 
he should be dead and you should be on full heath!


Mission B - Angels and Devils

Now we have the key, go back down the main stairs and into the main hall, 
drop the launcher and the shotgun shells in front of the painting.  We have a 
couple of tricky rooms to negotiate coming up so you may want to save.  Give 
Billy the key and Becky's handgun.  Give Becky the white statue.  Make sure 
you have dropped the ink ribbon.  Go solo and check you have you inventory 
like this:

Billy:Hand gun-Handgun Ammo-Becky's gun-Red Key

Equip Beckys gun but dont reload it.  Enter the lower right door on the main 
halls ground floor and enter the dining room.  We have four zombies in here 
and were going to kill them all.  There is a chef zombie opposite you hands 
outstreched as you enter.  Drop him and make your way to Billy's right, once 
Beckys gun is out, leave it on the floor and switch to Billys.  We dont need 
the handgun for the rest of the game.  There is another zombie waiting at the 
head of the table to take it down.  Keep working your way around the table 
and knocking zombies down until they are all dead.  Were coming through here 
a few times so its a worhtwhile exercise.  After the carnage you should have 
70 or so rounds left, drop them on the floor by the door to the main hall.  
Enter the kitchen through the red door and grab the bottle and lighter fuel.  
Mix the fuel with the lighter and exit.  Leave the dining room through the 
far door, past the recumbent zombie, he will try to get you in a while but not
just yet.  Make sure your fully loaded cause your about to enter one of the 
most difficult rooms in the game to pass through without getting hurt, once 
again a combination of this room and the dining room might have you 
restarting  from the recent save a time or two.  

Inventory check-Billy:Handgun - Red Key - Bottle

There are the items in here and we are getting them in this order black 
statue, gas, shotgun.  space is limited and if you dont things in the right 
order your going to get munched.  Enter the room, let the first zombie come 
towards you a little and knock him down.  Sprint to the black statue and grab 
it.  After this run around to the other side of the wall that divest the room,
if your very lucky you will get between the zombies but more likely you will 
get a little munch, this is ok.  Grab the gas NOT the shotgun.  Mix the gas 
with the bottle to make three Molotovs, drop the extra gas, grab the shotgun 
and equip it. You have a full inventory now and license to discharge a couple 
of shots to make your way back out unscathed.  If you use up alot of shotgun 
blasts or get munched again go back to the save.  Exit the room and go back 
through the corridor to the dining room and past our sleepy friend.  Switch 
to Becky, enter the dining room grab the handgun ammo and regroup.  Back to 
the main hall and drop the shotgun by the painting, we have plans for this 
baby.  Combine the three Molotovs with the three at the top of the stairs and 
drop the black statue by the scales.  Give Billy the handgun ammo, regroup, 
exit through the conference room and go back in the lower left door solo as 

There are three zombies in here, kill them all.  You may be really low on 
handgun ammo by now but we can live with that  Bring Becky in and regroup 
with Billy leading, run to the end of the corridor, use the red key on the red
door and discard it when prompted.  Enter this room and push the table as far 
as you can.  Should stop level with the fire place. climb over the table and 
flip the switch.  Now push the table under the deer head above the fire place,
climb up and grab the needle, climb down grab the hand gun ammo and exit.

Re enter the Library, give Billy the statue and pick up the knife we dropped 
in here earlier. Switch him to solo and make sure he has at least one spare
inventory slot.  He should have:

Inventory check-Billy: Handgun - Handgun Ammo - Needle - White statue - Knife

Were now going to use the lighter on the candle near where we grabbed the 
film A earlier in the game.  Billy must be solo here and you have to enter 
this room and get past the zombies first time.  As you enter hold up, you will
see a couple of zombies feasting a corpse but you should dash right past them.
Jump up to the little platform on Billys right, Equip the knife turn around 
and slash the zombies to death. (I havent tested this one yet if it doesnt 
work I will remove it) Drop the knife, push the book case and grab the book of
good, examine the pages, get the wings and combine them with the statue.  If 
knife idea worked, exit the room and grab the launcher ammo on the way out. If
if didnt work stay on the platform and back up as far as you can towards the 
door. The zombies should follow you. Wait until they as as far from the edge
of the platform as possible and sprint down and grab the launcher rounds. Hop
back up and repeat the process with the zombies.  Dash back off the platform
and hug the bookcase on your way out and you should be ok.  Regroup with Becky
and exit.

Go through the corridor and through the conference room to the main hall yet 
again.  Drop the Statue on the scales and combine the launcher ammo with the 
launcher and drop it by the painting.  Now run back through the centipede room
across the balcony and into the clock room where Becky met the bugs for the 
first time.  Have Billy use the needle on the Clock and enter the code 8.15,
run back past the bugs, across the balcony, snag the herb on your way, try not
to use it if you can. Through the centipede room, drop off out herb with the 
hookshot and the herb mix Becky dropped earlier and back to the main hall. 
Take a quick left and enter the door that was locked until now.  Run in, 
knock down a zombie, run to the fire place, grab the film B, you may need to 
knock the zombie down again and back to the main hall.  

Around this time Billy may start looking a little low on health. If so
have Becky mix the herbs in the main hall by the save table and heal him. 
He should have the Film B, handgun and ammo. Grab the film A from the lower
floor of the main hall, go solo and enter the lower left door.  Run all the 
way to the end of the corridor and enter.  Run behind the table and insert
the film A in the projector, choose insert again and put the film B in as 
well.  Take the MO disk and 180 to exit before getting hugged by mister 
zombie.  Run back through this corridor as fast as possible and return to the
main hall, to avoid our first leech zombie.  You wont have any trouble 
getting past him if you fast.

Regroup and go up the stairs, grab the black statue and enter the conference
room.  Use the MO disk on the podium and enter the code it asks for by pushing
the corressponding number/letter combination on the desks infront of the 
podium, you can double check the numbers by looking at the microfilm under the 
files section of the menu.  Go solo again take Billy through the door that 
just opened in the confrence room.  Hold up and left to race behind the 
zombie and enter the first door.  Grab the napalm shell for the launcher from 
over the fire place ignore the ink ribbon and solve the chess puzzle.  To do 
this push the white king back three places, right one place and forward two 
places.  Be careful not to touch any other pieces or you will get gassed.  
Get the book of evil from the desk, examine it and combin the wing with the 
statue, Combine the two. Were goiong to exit now, then turn right knock a 
zombie down and enter the door in the opposite wall. Do that then move into 
the room a little to lure the zombie out from between the beds. Dash past 
him swipe the first aid spray from the table and exit.
Dodging this guy really isnt very hard.  Back in the corridor knock down the
two zombies lying in wait and return to the main hall. Drop the black statue 
on the scales and the picture will slide down to reveal a hidden passage. 
Regroup and reorganise your inventory thusly:

Billy:Handgun Ammo - Grenade launcher - Shotgun shells - Handgun - napalm 
Becky:F/A spray

Mission B - Three tablets

Save if you like but you shouldn't really need to.  Go down the stairs and
enter the door at the end of the tunnel.  There are spider here but provided
you keep moving you should be ok.  There are a couple of herbs here so sort 
out any minor wounds or poisoning if need be.  Enter the door and go give 
Becky a boost. As Becky run ahead and to the left and press the switches on
the puzzle up,up,down,up,up.  Skip about three cutscenes and were back to 
Billy.  Despite the dramatic music were fairly cool for time here. Equip the
launcher and exit.  

Hold up and then turn left quickly past the monkey. Hold up and run more or 
less straight ahead to enter the door opposite us.  Grab three hand gun 
ammo boxes on the table and let the zombie have it with the
launcher. Run to the back corner and get the shotgun shells being exit 
avoiding the sleeping zombie by the bed and ignor the gas.  Go back through 
the spider corridor, enter the main hall and into the dining room.  Exit 
through the bottom door and spoil our sleepy zombie friends day with the 
launcher as he wakes up.  Through door and down the stairs, left past the 
place that was blocked by steam.  Don't worry about the herbs just yet unless
you were poisoned.  Enter the door and get ready to kill three zombie monkey
things with the launcher.  They can be hard to see so remember the click left 
trick to track where they are.  This should take all our remaining grenade 
rounds and maybe a napalm shell or two.  Run past the animal puzzle, get the
ammo in the corner and enter the save room and uh, save Becky.

Before leaving give Becky the handgun, the handgun ammo and the shells and 
exit. Enter the door on the right with Becky going solo.  Down the stairs and
race past the giant spiders, once again you should be ok if you keep moving. 
Go in the door on Becky's right.  There are a couple of bugs guarding a key.
Pass them on the right, grab the key and run out on the bugs left, if your 
lucky you wont get hurt but we can take a little swipe here and be ok.  Exit 
the room hold up, tap right and you should shoot nicely round the corner and 
enter the room at the end of the corridor.  Go up the stairs and use the key 
on the locker.  Get the case, enter code 385 and combine the handgun parts 
with Billy handgun.  Round up the shells, handgun rounds and the single magnum
round in a closet at the back of the room and wait by the control panel.

Back to Billy, enter the door, down the stairs and past the spiders into the 
room where Becky is waiting. Dont go up the stairs turn left and enter the 
little maze.  Switch to Becky, press left, move Billy forward, have Becky 
press center, mobe Billy forward and grab the acid rounds. Load your launcher 
with the acid rounds, to Becky - press left, To Billy move forward.  Flip the 
switch and get ready for a fight with a couple of hunters.  The should fall 
after a couple of acid rounds each.  Switch back to napalm rounds, grab your 
shiny new key, regroup and exit. Make all hast past the spiders and enter the 
animal puzzle room. Once again puzzle solution from CGibsons FAQ.

Light the fires on the animal statues in the order of weakest to strongest.

The order is as follows:

Deer, Wolf, Horse, Tiger, Snake, Eagle.
Above solution courtesy of CGibson

Switch to Becky, Enter the first room on the right in the little corridor that
just opened and collect the first of three tablets.  Back out and exit back 
up the stairs. Un poison anyone who got poisoned here and bring anyone who 
needs healing back to full health.  Proceed back through the dining room to 
the main hall. You may want to save here if you havent for a while.  Items
like this

Billy:Launcher with napalm rounds(equiped) - Acid Rounds(if you have them) 
      Spray - Key - Shells
Becky:Handgun - Handgun Ammo - Tablet - Magnum Ammo

Exit through the door to the centipede room, and run into the room we got the 
launcher in waaaaay back.  Run past the bugs open the door, discard the key.
Quickly go solo with Billy and pour your Napalm and Acid rounds into the leech
Zombie. ONce it is dead drop the launcher and any rounds you may still have
for it. YAY no more precious space taken by the launcher! Enter The room next
to the door we just came in solo as Billy, Turn left run past the Leech 
zombie, get the vice handle and run out again before the leech grabs you.  
Again this isnt too hard.  Now regroup and enter the room on the right.  
Have Billy play the piano and send Becky into the secret room to grab the 
magnum ammo and the battery, leave the bottle. Back to Billy play the piano 
again bring Becky back out and time for another inventory shuffle

Billy:Handgun(equip) - Handgun Ammo - Spray - Vice handle - Shells
Becky:Magnum ammo - Tablet - Battery

Go solo as Billy, turn right and exit, go through the door on the right and 
turn right immediatly. Use the vice handle, 180, knock down the zombie, 180
grabe the tablet, 180 knock down the zombie, run past it and grabe the shells
on the right, 180 kill the zombie, exit. (I plan to revise this room to give 
a more foolproof strategy cause you will probably get a hug or two in here)
Enter the room at the end of this corridor, grab the handgun ammo, the 
red herb and use the spray cause Billy is almost certainly hurting by now.
Exit and run past the leech zombie into the first door on the right to take
us to the corridor we iced a leech zombie in.  Switch to Becky, exit the piano
room regroup and exit through the bug room and back into the main hall.  
Go solo as Becky to the lower level and exit the room, through the knight 
doors in the bottom center. use the battery on the lift, push the block under
the left hand pillar and snag the tablet.  Back to the main hall and arrange 
your inventories like this. Both should have a full inventory

Billy:Shotgun - shells - spray - tablet - Molotovs(X6)
Becky:Tablet - Tablet- Handgun - handgun ammo - Redherb - magnum Ammo

If you have any extra heals laying around use them to bring everyone up to
full health and exit to the centipede room, Becky leading. Run up the stairs 
and past the four bugs towards the knight door, have becky grab the green 
herb and mix it with the red, if you left it here and enter the observatory. 
Send becky down the ladder to drop in her two tablets then go back to the door
you just entered, drop the hand gun, exit, grab the herbal mix and the 
hookshot, 180, renter the observatory. Switch to Billy, drop the shotgun, put
in the final tablet(you must switch to disk 2 here).  Go back to the entrance
we came in. Exit solo as Billy, grab the two herbs and come back in again. Its 
possible to do this without being scratched by those horrid monkey things.

If you didnt have the green herb from the balcony waiting outside the knight
door make another herb mix here. Arrange inventory like this.

Inventory Check-Billy:Shotgun - shells - spray - mix - mix
                Becky:Hook shot - Handgun - handgun ammo - Molotovs(x6) - 
                      green herb

We will be back for the magnum shells, after a nice refreshing boss fight
and then the game is all down hill.

--Part 3 - The Church---------------------------------------------------------

Mission A - To the basement

Run over the bridge as Billy and send Becky into the bell tower using the C 
stick to trigger the switch to open the church door.  Switch to Billy and 
enter the church.  Run through, enter the save room, grab the shells and save.
You will need to drop something to do this.  Exit the room with the shotgun
equipped and fight the bat.

-----The Bat------------------------------------------------------------------

This boss is, for me, the most irritating one in the game. It follows no set
patterns and there no really trick to beating it.  YOur going to need to use 
about 10 or 15 shells here several of which will probably miss.  Keep R held 
down and click the L button to track where the boss is at any given time. 
When you think you have a good chance of hitting it, let a blast go.  Running
around doenst seem to make things any easier.  Basically stand and blast to 
get things over asap.  If you get grabbed mash the buttons and the C stick to
get the bat to drop you.  It will die eventually.  Sorry this explanation 
isnt any better. I play to have another look at the bat and the scorpion for
the next update.


After the bat is dead have Billy take the first aid spray to reach full 
health. Exit the church and run back to the observatory and pick up the magnum
rounds we left ther earlier.  Exit and switch to Becky.  Have Becky enter the 
church and hook shot to the roof.  Run across and down the ladder. Flip the 
switch and open the door.  Press regroup and then go back to the rear of the 
church to mix the red herb with the green.  Wait for Billy to arrive take the
elevator to the basement.

Mission B - To the cable car

Leave Billy and enter the first door on the left, run around to the left and 
hookshot to the upper floor.  Drop the hookshot, grab the gas and equip the 
Molotovs.  Move in to the room and bottle the Leech zombie to death.  You will
probably take a small amount of damage but 4 molotovs molotovs later and were 
in a leech free zone.  Grab the extra bottles from the shelf, make more 
molotovs drop the excess gas and grab the leech jar from the vending machine 
like thing.

Exit the room with the handgun equiped, grabing the map on the way if you need
it.  Run all the way to the last door in the corridor, noting the button on 
the right as we leave.  Enter the door and make a quick detor to the left.
In this room there are more sleepy zombies. They wont cause trouble, 
providing you avoid the zombie looking for some leg grabbing action.  Get 
the red chemical from the container by the sitting zombie and leave through 
the left door.  There are two zombies in this room.  Execute them both, get 
the blue chemical from the container in the corner and combine the stripping 
agent in the mixing set with the leech jar to make the leech charm, 
dont worry about the spray just yet. Send the leech charm and the molotovs 
down to Billy.  

Switch to Billy, drop the herbmix and the magnum rounds, enter the library.
there is a zombie in here who may wake up, shotgun him if he does. Grab the 
leech charm and the molotovs, switching between Becky and Billy as needed. 
As Billy exit the library and wait facing the blank wall to the left of the 
library.  To Becky and hit the switch we noticed earlier back in the corridor.
Switch to Billy and murder the leech zombie as it comes around the corner.  
Run though the now safe corridor all the way to the end and use the Leech 
charm on the door. Run through the study ignoring everything and exit the 
door at the far end. Dodge past the wierd pacifist zombie bad back out again 
grabbing the leech charm on the way.  Back therought the study and the 
corridor to the library and send the leech up in the lift.

Switch to Becky,  Back to the lift room and grab the leech charm and use it on
the green door.  Enter and left the leg biter crawling towards you have a 
nibble, stomp on his head, grab the canister and exit.  One of the bodies on
the floor half in the storage drawers may try and get you buy it easily 
avoided.  Grab the spray from this room and exit.  Hang a quick right here
and run past the sitting zombie.  Put the canister in and then GRAB ANOTHER
READ CHEMICAL.  This will save you a world of hurt a little later when we 
reach the treatment facility.  Enter the gas room, again being careful of 
the leg biter. Get the breeding room key and exit asap before our zombies all 
wake up.  Most likely the sitting zombie is now awake and will try to get you
on your way out but try and wait for a couple of seconds by the gas room exit
and he should come forward far enough to allow you to pass behind unharmed.

Run back into the corridor and enter the door with bars on it with the 
breeding room key.  Discard it when prompted.  There are a couple of hunters 
in here but we have a spray to heal us if we get hurt.  Run in, around the 
desks, hugging the right wall and get the dial from the cage.  Run but between
the hunters and exit as fast as you can.  You shouldnt die but you might get
scratched.  Use the first aid spray if you really need it.  We have some more
healing coming up so try and avoid it if you can.  Back to the elevator and 
send the dial to Billy. 

As Billy, grab the dial and back to the corridor.  Use the dial on the locked 
door and enter 4863.  Run back and get the herb mix and magnum rounds, enter
the now unlocked door and skip the cut scene, hit the switch and change to 

As Becky go back and get the hookshot from the leech zombie room.  Enter the
cable car room , go down the stairs and drop your handgun, herb mix and first
aid spray (if you have it) near Billy.  Grab the regulator coil from near the
train and exit the room through the ground floor door.  Mix the herbs opposite
and enter the leech door.  Run to the desk and get the handgun ammo, then 
search the cabinet for the final regulator coil.  Go back to the cable car 
room and use the hookshot in the far right corner to enter the upper office.

Ditch the hookshot (at last!) get the shotgun shells and use the two coils
on the control panel and skip the scene.  Run out of the door and down the 
ladder Go back to Billy, heal yourself, if you are on orange caution or lower
and and arrange your inventories like this

Becky : Handgun - Handgun Ammo - Mag rounds - Herb mix
Billy : Shotgun - Shells - As many herbs as you have left

Were loosing Billy in a second so say any goodbyes or anything you need to. 
Enter the train, skip a couple of scenes and hold up left, run past the leech
zombie and up the stairs.  Reconnect the regulator coil, down the stairs,
dodge the leech zombie and enter the train, get the magnum hit the switch, 
skip scene.

--Part 4 - The Factory--------------------------------------------------------

Fairly short area this one, so exit the train and lets get under way.  Mix the 
two herbs near the train and breing them with you, go up the stairs and turn 
right.  Across and up again then exit the door.  Run almost directly ahead and
enter the save room, drop off the magnum and exit.  Run to the end of the room
and down in the elevator.  Across the little gantry and enter the door.  Run 
all the way to the end of this room and grab the shiny key.  On the way out 
hug the right hand wall to avoid the sleepy hunters, back across the gantry 
and up the lift.  Back to the save room and us the key on the console and grab
the handgun ammo, Pick up the ink ribbon and save. Drop the ink ribbon, 
retrive the magnum and exit.  Run to the left of the platform and hit  the 
controls, skip the scene.  Drop the magnum bullets by the elevator.  
Then run back across the platform to the shiny object in the corner. Skip 
again, pick up the elevator key, run back to the elevator, equip magnum, use 
the key. Skip yet another scene and its boss battle time.

-----Tyrant - First Encounter ------------------------------------------------

This is our first RE staple boss so lets enjoy it.  This guy is quite alot of
fun.  There are a couple of things to be aware.  

-His right hand has a giant, huge, monster claw on it. Ergo were not going to 
 be running past him on his right side, ok?  

-He hits VERY hard. Beck can take two hard charges on full health and the next
tap will kill her. 

-He turns slowly. Its possible to run circles around him and he won't hit you.

-He has recovery time after being hit. About every 2 magnum rounds he will 
reel back and not be able to do anything until he recovers. This are a couple
of seconds when he can't move.

The battle goes like this, when you start after the skip scene have the right 
trigger held down and let him have a magnum round. These are precious so dont 
miss.  He will stagger. Run diagonally across the room and wait in the 
opposite (top left) corner.  When he prepares to charge run to the bottom left
corner and let him have another magnum round.  Now run to the bottom right 
corner dodge the charge by running to the top right and let him have another. 
Basically repeat until you use 8 and only 8 magnum rounds. Then continue with
the handgun.  After about 10 hangun rounds the battle is yours. I have a 
couple more ideas that may work a little better that I will add to a future 
update. Second time we meet this guy he is a total pussycat

Grab your magnum rounds and enter the lift. Use one spray to heal yourself. 
If your hurting alot use the full heal, if your only scratched use the 2 herb
mix.  Take the lift to the second floor.  Be sure your magnum is equipped and 
loaded.  Exit and was the nearby hunter.  Reload your magnum and equip the 
handgun. Grab the handgun bullets and herbal mix. If you have herbal mixes 
left over from the tyrant battle and your at full health leave the 2 herb mix 
and take the full heal. Back to the elevator getting the handgun ammo and 
magnum ammo on the way, go to the fourth floor and exit.  

--Part 5 - The Treatment Plant------------------------------------------------

Mission A - Get the Handle
Nearly there now, this is our last area.  Skip the cut scene, run forward and
enter the double door.  Drop one of your heals so your now carrying, the 
magnum the handgun and ammo for both.  If we need this heal we can come back 
for it later, we should be ok as there are plenty of heals in this area and 
even thought its the games final area were not doing much serious fighting. 
Grab the gas and continue in to the room and get the handgun ammo from the
desk. You can save if you like but you dont really need to.  Turn around and
switch on the power by hitting the 5th switch in the second column, the 5th
switch in the third column and the 1st switch in the second column. Now exit
via the lift in the corner with the handgun equiped. There are three zombies 
in here, Kill them all with the handgun.  Run past the dead zombies and get
the bottle on the floor.  Mix it with the Gas to make 3 molotovs.  Equip them 
and leave the room.  Theres a leech zombie racing around the corner so move
in to the room a little and let him have 2 bottles then run on to the end of
the corridor.  This wont kill him but we can finish him off a little later.

Run past the locked door for now and enter the one at the end of the corridor.
Shoot the zombie on the far side of the pool table and snag the bottle to make
more molotovs. You should have four left, also take the map if you need it.
Leave the molotovs by the door we just came in. The gas should be all gone by 
now so exit down the stairs. Through the forklift room and exit,  run through
this room ignoring the shells, go down the stairs and exit.  Skip the scene 
and reunitie with Billy.  Leave all Billys heals by the locked door and exit.
Back up the stairs and have Billy collect the shotgun shells, seperate and 
send Billy into the pit.  Solve the highly irritating bridge making puzzle 
like this:

-Billy, push the grey box to the wall opposite Becky.
-Becky, turn the gate to the right.
-Billy, push the box by the ladder to its final position on the far wall. Then 
       return to the ladder.
-Becky, Turn the gate either way
-Billy, Push the final box to it is touching the gate. Then push it to the 
        wall opposite Becky.
-Becky, Turn the gate to the right.
-Billy, Push the final box into position and exit the pit.
-Becky, Fill the pit, get the handle.

Please note the gate won't move if Billy is in the way. Switch to Billy and 
exit. Run through the forklift room and back up the stairs.  Have Billy grab 
the molotovs and equip them and exit solo.  A couple more molotovs and our 
last leech zombie is history.  Use the handle on the locked door and skip the 
scene.  Return to Becky and bring her into the corridor with Billy and equip 
the handgun.  You now have a choice.  You should have a couple of heals in 
room at the opposite end of this corridor and the room with the power 
connection puzzle.  We have nothing serious to fight that can hurt us until
the two final boss battles now so you can choose to get the heals or not. If
your at full health dont bother as we have two more heals we can pick up in 
a room or two. Enter the door Billy unlocked with Becky leading and Billy in
team mode but on idle.

Mission B - To the Access card
There are five zombies in here but were only killing the ones blocking our 
exit.  Ignore the ladder and work your way around to the left side of the 
machinery in the center of the room killing the naked zombies with the 
handgun.  When you reach the door get ready to run as there are two hunters in
the next corridor. Have Becky leading and Billy still on idle.  Sprint past 
the hunters and with any luck you should be unhurt.  In the next room collect
the handgun ammo from the bed. It can be a little hard to pick up so position
yourself with Becky a little to the left of the bed pole as you look as it. 
Save here as this is the last save chance before the final showdown and we 
have two bosses to kill before that.  Ignore the napalm rounds and have Becky
mix up a couple of herbs and give the spray to Billy.  Exit with Becky 
leading and Billy on idle, go down the stairs and through the corridor. This
room is basically a circle,  so go clockwise around the circle past the lift 
and take down the three naked zombies with the handgun.  Have Billy grab the 
shotgun shells and go to the lift.  Make sure both characters are well inside 
the lift using the C Stick and go down.  Cue the Tyrant!

-----Tyrant - Second Encounter -----------------------------------------------
Ok, remember I said this guy was a pussycat? Provided you do this right you 
won't get hurt at all.  Have Billy equip the shotgun but stay on idle for now.
Have Becky equip the Magnum.  This room is  a rectangle and the lift is in the
top left corner for purpose of this explaination.  Just after you round the
bottom right corner you will trigger the Tyrant battle.  Skip the cur scene 
and hold down thr R button. 

The very second gameplay starts let the tyrant have a single magnum bullet. 
This will send him into his rocovery animation and give you time to run like 
a frightened rabbit towards the top right corner.  Round the corner and 
position yourself carefully like this.  We are in a short straight area with 
the ladder leading up to the mother board at one end and the top right corner 
at the other.  About halfway between these point the camera angle will switch 
from a long view of the top right corner to the ladder.  You want to be as 
close to the ladder as possible with the camera still on the top right corner, 
facing the corner.  Switch to the menu and switch Billy to attack with the 
shotgun loaded and equipped.  Give Becky the HANDgun amd return to the 

The above paragraph should have taken a couple of second to sort out and the 
tyrant should be making his way around the bottom right corner towards you. He
may well charge towards the to right corner but thats ok cause his evil claw 
hand is on the same side as the wall and cant get us.  As Becky keep the R
button down and keep clicking the L button.  Once the tyrant is in range pour
handgun bullets into him, Billy should join in with the shotgun fairly soon.  

Keep both characters fully loaded via the menu screen, don't let them reload 
themselves cause it takes to long.  Provided you do all the above fast enough
the Tyrant will keep going into his recovery animation every few seconds and
wont be able to round the top right corner.  

After about 12 shells and a couple of clips of handgun ammo he will be dead.
Told you this guy was a push over.

Go up the ladder with Becky in the lead, run forwards grab the motherboard, 
180 and back down the ladder.  Leave Billy by the currently locker door in the
tyrant room and go back up in the elevator. Run forwards and drop the 
motherboard in the slot, skip scene, enter gondola, skip scene, run forwards
hit the handle to lower the water at the dam. Skip another scene, exit the 
room.  Hold up and left upon entering the next room and race for the stairs. 
Go onto the stairs but dont acctually do down.  You can stand on about the top
three steps without going down.  From here you can exterminate the bug with 7
or 8 handgun bullets.  Now run over to the end of this room and get the blue 
chemical, mix it with the red. If you werent listening way back in the church 
and forgot the red chemical you can get red chemical from room at the top of
the ladder in the just after Billy used the handle.  Get the industrial water
and mix it with the mixing set.  Unlock the nearby door and then go down the 
stairs, wait by the door. 

Switch to Billy and enter the door.  There are two
Herbs here, use them should you need to.  If you have two full heals between 
you both you dont need to bring them with you. Go down the ladder and hold up.
Sprint for the ladder opposite and leap up as soon as you reach it before the
frog licks you., enter the door.  Run right ahead ignoring the zombies and 
unlock the door.  

Switch to Becky, enter the door and grab the ammo.  Run around the machine in
the center of the room and execute the two horrid naked zombied, Call Billy 
grab the shotgun shells (you should have about 50 by now) and drop the two 
heals you should have. Regroup and enter the room Becky came from and run to 
the shelf.  Make sure Billy is still on idle amd Give Becky a boost to get the
battery.  Skip the scene and dash to the foot of the stairs.  From here 
provided you are far back enough take out the two bugs then go up the stairs.

Exit the door Becky unlocked a short time ago and you should see all your 
heals you dropped way back when. Dont get the just yet though.  Have Billy 
lead with the shotgun equipped and exit the room, head up the stairs through 
the puzzle room and run to the forklift.  Have Billy jump on the box and have 
Becky combine the acid with the battery and then use it on the forklift. Press
the button and get the card.  Have Billy lead out and watch for the frog who
may put in another appearance here.  If he does a shell or two will send him 
packing.  Run back through the puzzle room, down the stairs Grab all the 
healing items you can carry.  Back through the blue chemical room and down the
stairs.  Exit and run, past where we got the shotgun shells, use the card on 
the door and discard it when prompted. Now you want your inventory like this.

Becky-:Magnum, Magnum ammo, Handgun, Handgun ammo, 2 heals
Billy-:Shotgun, Shells, 3 Heals

There may well be a heal left over here and another one back where we met 
Billy. This is our insurance incase we take a beating with the next boss.
Enter the room with Becky leading and Billy idle, be sure to grab the magnum
ammo from the right of the door.  OUr penultimate boss battle is behind this 
door so geat ready.  You should have about 50+ shells, 20+ magnum bullets and
125+ handgun bullets by now. Plus all the heals we have laying around were not
going to have a problem .

Mission C - Escape!
Before entering the room make very sure Billy is on idle NOT attack.  The 
reason is were doing a lot of running away and you want to keep you characters
together.   Were leading with Becky as Billy can take a little more damage 
incase he gets left behind. If he is left in attack mode he will often be 
trying to aim while were busy running and get attacked.  Enter the room and 
skip the scene.

-----Marcus Boss battle-------------------------------------------------------

This guy can be a little tricky so were going to be really careful here. You 
will notice that the room is a figure 8 shape.  The strategy for this one if 
pretty simple. Run to a corner of the 8, turn, left loose a few bullets of 
your choice. Run to the opposite corner wait till he comes into range again
let loose a few more bullets, run etc etc.

I tend to let him have about 7 or 8 magnum rounds then finish him ot with 
the handgun.  If your running low on magnum rounds for any reason then it is 
possible to kill him with just the handgun but its going to take well over
100 hits. Its best to err on the side of caution with this fight as the boss
can do major damage very easily.  Let about 3 or 4 handgun bullets or 1 
magnum round go at one time then run again.  Reload via the menu at all times 
and if for some reason you mess up at on of the corners and dont aim soon 
enough or do a manual reason its better to run and get well prepared for the 
next shot thant risk shooting when Marcus is too close.

ONe thing to remember is dont get too far ahead or Marcus will cut through the
center of the 8 and give you a nasty surpise.  This is the longest battle were
 going to have and it can seem like its going on for ever particularly if you 
are using the hand gun.  About ever 10 handgun hits or ever 1 or 2 magnum hits
you will hear a kind of squelch sound when the bullet hits to indicate Marcus 
is feeling the pain. About halfway through the battle he will sprout tentacles
that increas his range a little so be careful.  This one is probabbly the 
hardest in the game and the key is not to get greedy with your shots. It may
take a little practice but you will be fine.

Once he is dead heal up if need be and grab the two keys, give one to each 
character and examine them to see which is left and which is right.  Unlock
the final door.  Before you leave you have three, healing items in the next
room and if possible you want 4 for Becky and 2 for Billy.  Feel free to go 
back and get any heals you left behind in the facility.  

In the next room grab your heals, shells and handgun ammo.  Give Becky the 
handgun any remaining ammo and 4 heals.  Give Billy the magnum plus ammo
The shotgun, plus shells and 2 heals.  Becky on idle with the handgun equipped
and Billy leading with the magnum. Save and get on the lift, hit the switch 
and skip the scene.

-----Leech Queen Battle-------------------------------------------------------
Once you start your on a timer so get underway quickly by lettting the queen
have a magnum round and run up the nearest stairs. Have Billy go solo and 
leave Becky in Attack mode with the hand gun. She should fire at the queen 
when she can to help just a little.  Run down the stairs and get as far from 
Becky as possible and empty the Magnum into it. After about 8 to 10 shots you
will see a cut scene and Becky will start opening the locks to the roof. Half 
the battle over.

You will start next to the first handle standing by Becky. Switch to the menu 
use one of your heals if need be.  Take an extra one from Becky and make sure 
she is fully healed then run as far from Becky as possible.  YOu should have
so many heals by now you can more or less sit there and let the queen attack 
you while Becky unlocks the roof but thats not much fun now is it?

Keep running and finish off your magnum rounds then switch to the shotgun. 
and keep pumping shells into the queen.  Be sure to keep an eye on your health 
and Becky as she is probably being hit by a fair amount of acid. Nothing the 
heals can't take care of though. By about the 2.30 mark Becky should be more 
or less done and Billy will finish of the queen with a magically appearing

The game is now over. Congratulations you have finished hard mode. This guide 
should get you in well under the 3.30 for the top ranking.

-5--Still to come-------------------------------------------------------------
I want to add a couple more decent strategies for the Bosses. Particularly the
scorpion, the bat and the Marcus creature.  Also I think I need to double 
chek one or two item name and I have no doubt that I will find a few spelling
errors here and there.


Thanks very much to Capcom for the great gamen and CjayC for the great site.

A special thanks to CGisbson for letting me include his solutions to the 
train and animal puzzles.  Please check out his contributor recognition page
at http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/8824.html, where you can also
find his email address.

-7--Contact and Copyright-----------------------------------------------------

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