FAQ/Walkthrough by Kodos86

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/03 | Printable Version

Resident Evil 0 FAQ/Walkthrough
by Kodos86, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.
Version 1.0 (04/15/03)
Platform: Gamecube



             0. T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


0. Table of Contents
1. Basics
   - Controls
   - Survival Tips
   - Game Modes
2. Walkthrough
   I. Train
   II. Training Facility
   III. Laboratory
   IV. Factory/Treatment Plant
3. Leech Hunter*
4. Monsters
5. Weapons
6. Items
7. Secrets & Codes
8. File Transcripts*
9. Storyline
10. Credits
11. Legal
12. Contact

An asterik (*) indicates a section that is coming soon.

Version 1.0 (04/07/03): Initial update. The Leech Hunter section will be in the
next update. The File Transcripts will come at a later date.


                           1. B A S I C S



Basic Controls
Control Stick = Movement. While aiming, this is used to move your aim.
L = Switch targets while aiming.
Start = Switch between Team and Solo.
B = Cancel Selection. Hold while moving to run.
R = Aim your weapon.
Z = Bring up map screen.
Y = Bring up status screen.
X = Switch between characters.
A = Confirm selection. Check things. Fire (while holding R).
C Stick = Move partner

As in other Resident Evil games, the movement is not the standard 3D movement.
Up on the control stick moves you in the direction your character is facing.
Back moves your character back (back + B makes you do a 180). Left and right
make you move to the right of where you are facing. To push something, move
against it. To climb on it, move against it and press A. The controls take time
to adjust to, but are pretty easy once you do so.

                             Survival Tips

- Like all Resident Evil games, RE0 has a limited supply of ammunition,
especially in regard to the more powerful weapons. You should try to use the
handgun on zombies, and save more powerful weaponry for things like Hunters and
bosses. Additionally, you also need to conserve your Ink Ribbons and Herbs.

- You do not neccesarily need to kill every single zombie. If you can manage to
dodge an enemy instead of killing it, do so.

- The zombies are not neccesarily dead. They will sometimes fall down and get
up a few seconds later. If your auto-aim locks onto the zombie, then it isn't

- When using the Shotgun on zombies, let them get relatively close. Then aim up
or down with it, to either blow off the enemy's head or leg. The shotgun seems
to have a higher propensity to blow off legs as opposed to heads.

- The partner switching presents a new set of frustrations. The partner lacks
much of any skill, and does not do much of anything to avoid enemies. If you
have the partner set on attack, he/she will attack every single enemy until its
dead, which uses up a lot of ammo. If he/she is set on passive, the partner
will do nothing at all the protect either of you from enemies. Because of this,
you should almost never fight a boss with both partners.


Green Herb + Green Herb = 50% heal
Green Herb + Green Herb + Green Herb = 100% heal
Green Herb + Red Herb = 100% heal
Blue Herb = Poison Heal
Blue Herb + Green Heal = Poison and 25% heal

In general you should always try to combine red and green herbs (as opposed to
3 green herbs), since a Red Herb is worthless by itself.

                          Game Modes

Easy - The monsters are all incredibly weak and do little damage. Ammo and
healing items are abundant.

Normal - The monsters are a bit stronger and do some damage. Ammo and healing
items are less frequrent.

Hard - Monsters are strong and do lots of damage. There is less ammo and
healing items.

Leech Hunter - Unlocked after you beat the game. Everything in the Training
Facility is open and there a different enemies. There are no ink ribbons and
only a few weapons other then the Handgun. The goal is to collect leech charms
scattered throughout the facility.


                   2. W A L K T H R O U G H


                         I. T R A I N

Note that in this part, you're generally better off killing the zombies, as its
almost impossible to dodge them in such confined spaces. Plus, more zombies get
up as you reenter them rooms, and if you keep avoiding the zombies you'll
eventually be up against a hell of a lot of zombies.

Go through the unlocked door.

Following the cinema, kill the zombie in front of you (it only takes two
shots). You can kill the other two, but its not neccesary. Go through the door.

Head down the room and into through the first door.

ROOM 202
Grab the items and leave.

Continue to the end of the room and grab the key from the corpse. Following the
cutscene, kill the two dogs and grab the Handgun Ammo from Richard's corpse. Go
back to the First Car.

Unlock the door and discard the key.

Billy will show up and offer to team up, but Rebecca feels like being a little
snot and staying by herself. Go up the stairs.

Go over to the end of this room and you'll meet up with your first Leech Zombie
- you will grow to loathe these things. Run down the stairs and Billy will save
you. You can now play as Billy, and I recommend giving him some of your handgun
ammo. As Rebecca, use the ladder in this roof.

Go over to the hole in the roof and reconnect the cables. You get knocked into
the lower car.

Grab the Conducter's Key and put it in the item elevator. Switch to Billy.

Go downstairs.

Go through the sliding door and over to the item elevator. Grab the key from it
and leave.

Make your way to the Third Car. (There are some more zombies in Car 2)

Go through the locked door and get rid of the key.

Grab the map and press the button nearby. Use the ladder that pops out.

Run down to the end of the room and go through the door.

Grab the Ice Pick from the cart and go through the door.

Grab the Hunting Rifle and Shotgun Shells. Drop the knife and return to the
Upper Conducter's Room.

As you walk towards the ladder, a giant Scorpion will crash through the
ceiling. Let the Scorpion walk up to you, aim down and shoot it in the head;
the scorpion will move backwards a bit. Repeat this until it dies, and you
should kill the thing without taking any damage. Leave the Hunting Rifle and
Shells, grab the Panel Hook and go down the ladder.

Grab the Briefcase from the closet and return to the Dining Car.

Send the Ice Pick to Rebecca in the Item elevator. Switch to Rebecca.

Grab the Ice Pick and use it to open the door. Go through it.

Run past the burning zombies and go down the stairs to meet up with Billy.

Use the Panel Hook on the panel near the locked sliding door and go through the

Kill the dogs. Pick up, and then leave the Gasoline. Also take the Gold Ring
from the cage and combine it with the Briefcase. Go through the door.

Have Rebecca go over to Hookshot release. Have Billy walk over to the Hookshot.
Rebecca uses the release and Billy grabs the Hookshot. Then make your way to
the Second Car. (A zombie will burst out of the fridge in the Dining Car)

Kill the zombies in here and, as Billy, use the hookshot on the window near the

Walk along the roof and jump through the hole.

Kill the zombie and grab the Jewlery Box. Examine it to get the Silver Ring,
which you then combine with the Briefcase. Open the Briefcase to get the
Keycard. Exit.

Make your way with Rebecca to the third Car, use the keycard to open the door,
and head through.

Walk past the dead bodies and go through the next door.

It now turns out that you need to start the train before it crashes. Have
Rebecca stay behind, since Billy is much stronger then her. Grab the Keycard
and leave.

Go through the next door. (the two bodies will get up, but not in time to do
anything to you)

Go through the door to the Conducter's Room.

Go up the elevator, and make your way through the Upper Conducter's Room and
the connected hall. Go down the stairs at the end, which goes to the Second Car
(this lets you dodge a group of zombies).

Go through the next door.

Edward has now turned into a zombie. Knock him down (he is stronger then the
other zombies) and make your way to the back room.

Use the keycard on the slot near the door. The slot will then show a number
(its differs from game to game). You have to type in 10 numbers to add up to
that number. The different combinations are as follows:
81: 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,5,4
36: 4,4,4,2,2,2,4,4,2,8
67: 7,5,5,5,5,9,9,8,7,7
You will then automatically switch to Rebecca, and be confronted with the same
puzzle. Complete it before the time runs out.

Despite hitting the breaks, the train still crashes into an Umbrella Training

                   II. T R A I N I N G  F A C I L I T Y

Run for the door as four zombies get up (anything you picked up while in the
train will be here). If you have space, grab the Hookshot (its right by the
door), since you'll need it later anyway.

Head through the path and use the ladder.

If you have it with you, leave the Hookshot here. There is a typewriter in here
and herbs. As Billy, go upstairs and go through the door on the right.

Grab the Crank from the shelf, causing a bunch of crows to break through the
window. Ignore them and leave.

Go through the big double doors.

Go through the door on the left.

Knock down the first zombie, and go through the door.

Grab the Microfilm A off of the nearby table. Use the Crank on the elevator,
and have Rebecca use the elevator.

CLOCK ROOM [Rebecca]
Run past the two cockroaches, grab the Handgun Ammo, and go through the door.

ROOF [Rebecca]
Run past the crows (there is a red and green herb here) and go through the next

Go across the room and down the stairs. Unlock the door to the Foyer. Then have
Billy meet up with Rebecca, and go back up the stairs. As Billy, walk over to
the machine against the wall, and check it to wind the chain, which raises up a
cage. Have Rebecca go down the ladder and pick up the Fire Key. This causes a
Giant Centipede to come in grab Rebecca. The Centipede is one of the easiest
bosses in the game, and is extremely easy to dodge. Use the Hunting Gun (you
could easily use the Handgun, but it would drain too much ammo). The Centipede
can kill Rebecca, but you'd have to let the Centipede kill her. Eventually, the
Centipede will die. Go down the stairs and have Billy go through the door on
the left by himself.

ART ROOM [Billy]
Kill the two Cockroaches and take the Shotgun Ammo, Grenade Launcher, and White
Statue. Leave and go to the Foyer with Rebecca.

Go down the stairs and leave the Grenade Launcher and Hunting Rifle here. Go
through the east door.

Run by the tables to the left. Kill the zombie by the tables, and make your way
to the red door (this lets you bypass most of the zombies in here). Use the
Fire Key to go through the red door.

Grab the Lighter Fluid and combine it with Billy's Lighter. There is also a
Gasoline Tank and Empty Bottle, which can be used to make Molotov Cocktails.
Leave and go through the other door in the Dining Room.

Go through the door on the right.

Kill the Zombies in here. Grab the Shotgun and Black Statue. Make your way back
to the Foyer, and to the Conference Room. From there go through the west door,
to the South-West Hall.

Kill the zombies in here (2-3) and use the Fire Key to get through the red door
at the end. Discard the key when prompted.

Push the table in front of the animal head by the fireplace. Turn on the
lightswitch and climb onto the table and grab the Clock Hand from the head.
Give the Hand to Rebecca. Leave.

Have Rebecca leave here and continue to the Foyer (make sure Billy has at least
two empty spaces). Have Billy go through the double doors.

There are two zombies in here eating a corpse, as well as a cripled zombie.
Drop the two zombies and climb up onto the higher level (the zombies can't
climb, and won't be able to follow you). Push back the bookshelf, and grab the
Book of Good. Examine it and open the book to get the Angel Wings. The zombies
will now be pressing against the ledge in a pitiful attempt to grab you. Blow
off their heads, grab the Grenade Shells, and go to the Foyer.

Rebecca should go upstairs, to the Cage Room, from there to the Roof, and
through the door to there to the Clock Room.

CLOCK ROOM [Rebecca]
Run past the two cockroaches, and put the hand on the clock. Set it to 8:15
(VIII:III, for those of you that don't understand Roman numerals), causing two
doors to unlock. Run from the run, and onto the raised portion near the door to
the Roof; the cockroaches are too stupid to attack you here. Switch to Billy.

FOYER [Billy]
Go up the stairs, and through the white door on the east.

Run to the left and go over to the Fireplace (this should let you avoid the
zombies). Grab the Microfilm B and leave.

FOYER [Billy]
Go downstairs, and through the west door.

Go down the hall, and through the first door.

Grab the Shotgun Shells from the stalls (there is also an herb), and leave as a
Leech Zombie shows up.

Contine through the hall and use the white door.

Ignore the Zombies, and put MIcrofilms A & B into the projector; you will get
an MO Disc; leave.

Go back to the Foyer; a leech zombie will show up in here. Both characters
should make there way to the Conferenece Room.

Go over to the podium and use the MO Disc on it; you will get a password to
enter, but there is no keypad to enter in. Check the file you got along with
the MO Disc. It shows the Conf Room with a letter or number for each desk. Use
the corresponding desks to enter in the password. This will unlock the three
metal doors that were blocked by swords before. Have Billy go through the big
gray door on the left of this room.

Drop the first zombie and run through the first door.

You have to move the chess pieces in here so that they match the small chess
set on the desk. Moving any piece other then the White King will release a
poisonous gas. Push him away from the other pieces, so that you can move the
piece to the back row. Then move it as far towards the desk as possible; the
chess set on the desk will slide away, revealing a hidden compartment. Grab the
Book of Evil from the desk. Go to the start screen, and examine it to open the
book, revealing a pair of Devil Wings. Return to the Foyer.

Combine the White Statue with the Angel Wings to make the Statue of Good.
Combine the Black Statue and Devil Wings to make the Evil Statue. Place both
statues on the scales at the top of the stairs; this will make the portrait of
Marcus slide up to reveal a hidden set of stairs. Go down them.

The spiders from REmake are back, and are almost as pathetic. You can run past
them without damage with relative ease. Go through the door at the end.

Theres a blue herb here, in case you actually got poisoned by the spiders. Go
through the next door.

Go over to the vent and check it for an option to help Rebecca go through the
vent; do so.

Just why a training facility has a secret torture chamber (especially since
most of the devices here seem to be fatal, and useless for interrogations). Go
over to the panel and check it. Put all the switches up, except for the third
one. This should unlock two doors and shut off the steam in the boiler room.

Cutscene: The weird guy in robes gets a bit more pissed about you being here,
and sends a zombie-monkey after Rebecca. Rebecca breaks through part of the
floor, just catching onto a grate, and requiring Billy to save her sorry ass.

Make your way back to the Foyer, and through the kitchen to the Boiler Room.

Go left, down the stairs, past the boiler and herbs, and through the door.

Run across the hall, ignoring those damn monkeys. Turn right at the end, and go
right again. Use the door, which takes you to Rebecca.

Theres an ink ribbon and typewriter here if you wish to save. Leave the room.

Use either your Shotgun or Grenade Launcher to kill the monkeys (theres about
three of them) and have Billy go through the nearby door.

Run past the spiders (two of them) and go through the first door.

There are two cockroaches, but they don't notice you, as they are busy feeding
on another roach. Run in front of them and grab the shining thing (a key). They
_will_ notice you now, but you should be out of the room before they can do
much of anything.

Continue down the hall and through the next door. Then have Rebecca follow you

Go upstairs, where a bunch of broken MP5s are on a rack. Go over to the shelf
and unlock it with the key to get a Duralamin Case. Examine it, and you find
that the morons at Umbrella wrote the case's combination number on the case;
use it to open the case and get Gun Parts. Combine them with Billy's handgun to
make the Custom Handgun. Have Rebecca stay at the control panel while Billy
goes down the stairs to the lower part of the room. Use the buttons on the
control panel to raise and lower different gates in the lower part, so Billy
can grab the Acid Shells and reach the switch in there. Press it, and the cages
in there will open, releasing two Hunters. Kill the Hunters and grab the
shining thing (Water Key). Head back through the Spider Hall 2 to the Statue

Go over to the animal statues and light them in this order: Deer, Wolf, Horse,
Tiger, Snake, Eagle. This will raise the portcullis. Head through there, and
use the door on the right.

Grab the Unity Tablet and leave. Make your way back to the Foyer (another
zombie will wake up in the Dining Room), and go from there to the Cage Room,
and into the Art Room.

Unlock the blue door with the Water Key (get rid of the key when prompted), and
have Billy go through the door.

Go through the nearby door.

Run past the Leech Zombie and grab the Vice Handler. Leave.

Continue down the hall, where you will find another Leech Zombie. I recommend
killing him with Molotovs, though you don't have to. Go through the door
straight ahead.

Go through the door on the right.

You should be able to dodge the majority (if not all) of the zombies in here.
Go around the table and over to the Vice in the back of the room. Use the Vise
Handle on it and grab the Tablet. Leave.

Return to the Upper East Hall.

Go through the other nearby door. Have Rebecca meet up with you.

Have Billy play the piano, which opens up a wall. Send Rebecca through there to
get the Magnum Rounds and the Battery Pack at the end. The wall will reclose,
so have Billy play the piano again to reopen it. Leave and make your way to the
Foyer. (NOTE: Leave the Tablets by the Cage Room).

Go through the metal double doors.

Put the Battery Pack in the space near the elevator. Activate the elevator,
which comes down with a crate. Push the crate over to the pillar (the one with
a shining thing on it). Climb onto the crate to grab the Tablet. Return to the

I would now recommend that you bring any items you will need for the second
part with you. You definitely should have the Hookshot, Shotgun, Grenade
Launcher, Handguns, Ammo (ESPECIALLY the Magnum Rounds), and the Tablets. You
may also want to bring your herbs with you, so this may require a few trips.
Head to the Cage Room.

A few roaches have showed up in here. Due to a glitch, you could just stand on
the stairs and kill them with the Handgun, without them even trying to attack
you. However, even that is a waste of ammo. Just run past them and go through
the metal double doors.

Go around here and climb down the ladder. There are three spots for the tablets
by the telescope. Once you have all the items you'll need here, put all three
tablets in their places, which causes the room to sink a bit.

                          ~SWITCH TO DISC 2~

Note that the metal doors you used to get here now connect to an outside
courtyard (which leads to the Shotgun Room via ladder), and monkeys have
populated some parts of the mansion (though this shouldn't be a problem, since
you won't need to go back there). Go through the other set of double doors,
which have now unlocked.

                       III.  L A B O R A T O R Y

Go down the path and have Rebecca go into the section on the right, and stand
on the right, which unlocks the door to the church. Have Billy go into the

Go through the door on the right.

Grab the Grenade Shells and First Aid Spray. Exit.

Walk towards the exit and a Giant Bat will crash through the ceiling. Take out
the Shotgun and shoot it repeatedly. The bats attacks are relatively easy to
dodge, as it usually swoops at you before attacking. Eventually some little
bats will show up, but they are minor nuisances at most. Once the bat is dead,
go over to the exit and use the Hookshot on the hole in the ceiling.

Climb down the ladder and turn on the elevator's power. Unlock the gate and
have Rebecca meet up with you. Use the elevator.

Go through the door.

Give Rebecca the Shotgun and the Hookshot; use the Hookshot on the hole in the

Walk through the room to the capsules. Run past the Leech Zombie (he is still
busy transforming) and turn on the light on the capsule. Grab the Leech
Capsule, run past the Leech Zombie, and go through the next door.

Press the switch near the (broken) stairs. This causes a wall to open up in the
Lab Hall, and also releases a Leech Zombie. Go through the farthest door in

Head over to the yellow gas and check the red canister to put the Red Chemical
in your mixing set. Go through the next door.

Kill the four zombies in here and check the green canister to put the Green
Chemical in your mixing set, creating the Stripping Agent. Combine it with the
Leech Capsule to get the Blue Leech Charm. Send the charm to Billy through item
elevator (near the door you used to enter this room).

Take the Leech Charm out of the item elevator and leave the room.

LAB HALL [Billy]
Run to where the wall opened up and dodge the leech zombie. Run over to the
blue door and use the leech charm on the door, and go through the door.

Grab the Input Reg Coil from the shelf and go through the next door.

Shoot the zombie so that he falls down, and run over to the statue. Grab the
Green Leech Charm and leave the room. Make your way back to the Reference Room,
and send the Green Leech Charm up to Rebecca.

Take the Leech Charm from the elevator, and use it to get through the green
door in here.

MORGUE [Rebecca]
There are two crippled zombies in here, but you can easily avoid them. Grab the
the Air Purifier by the body bags and make your way to the Chemical Room.

Use the Air Purifier on the control unit near the yellow gas to drain the gas
from the room. Go in and grab the Breeding Room key. Run out of the gas section
as the zombie in there gets up, and dodge the other zombie in here. Go to the
Upper Lab Hall and go through the locked door.

Walk towards the end of this room and two Hunters will pop up. Kill them and
grab the Dial. Go to the Operating Room and send the dial to Billy.

Grab the Dial and leave the room.

Run past the Leech Zombie again, and put the dial on the door. Enter in the
combination 4863 to get through the door.

Activate the nearby switch and grab the Output Reg from the tracks near the
car. Switch to Rebecca, go to the Lab Hall, and go through the door you haven't
entered yet to get Rebecca into this room. Climb down the ladder, walk over to
the corner of this room, and use the Hookshot on the hole there (now you can
get rid of the Hookshot). Unlock the door in this office, and bring Billy up
with the Input and Output Regs. Put them in place and go over to the
now-powered up car. Give Rebecca the Custom Handgun and Shotgun and try to open
the door to the Cable Car. As you try to enter, a monkey will attack Billy and
remove him from the game for now. A Leech Zombie will also pop up. Put the
Regulators back in position (they have somehow fallen out) and go into the
Cable Car.

CABLE CAR [Rebecca]
Grab the Magnum from the corpse and activate the Cable Car. Exit the car after
it arrives.

              IV.  F A C T O R Y /  T R E A T M E N T  P L A N T

Go up the ladder and through the door.

Use the lift to reach a small walkway. Go across the walkway, and through the

Go to the end of the room, where a surveillance camera shows a Tyrant in
containment. Grab the Key and head towards the exit; two Hunters will show up.
Kill them and leave.

Go back along the walkway, and up the lift. Go through the nearby door.

Save, and grab whatever healing items you can carry (there are also Grenade
Rounds in here). Then use the Key on the panel (near the map) to raise the
turntable. Leave.

Go onto the turntable and activate it so that it goes down.

Go over to the Shining thing nearby; Enrico will then step out of the elevator
and process some more of his craptacular voice acting, after which he leaves
for the Spencer Mansion. Pick up the shining thing (elevator key) and go across
the room. Use it on the elevator, and a Tyrant will show up. This thing has
been active for some time, and is not sluggish like the one you fight in
REmake. To attack, the thing will kneel a bit and jump at you while swinging
its claw at you. This is a bit hard to dodge, though constantly running makes
it a bit easier. DO NOT use your Magnum here (unless you get particulat
desperate, in which case you suck anyway); use the Shotgun (note that it does
more damage at close round. Step into the elevator once the thing is dead (the
Tyrant has a semi-lengthy death-throe, so don't waste ammo on it while its
partially laying on the ground).

ELEVATOR [Rebecca]
Go to Level 4 (you can use level 1, I think, to reach a hall which leads back
to the Turntable Room).

WATER HALL [Rebecca]
Go through the next door.

Save if you wish. Go over to the dot grid thing and activate it. You have to
fill in three dots to connect power to each dot, in order to restore the
Treatment Plant's power. Heres the sequence (thanks to CVXFreak for the
o = other dots
* = Dot you are supposed to fill in.

(lower left corner)             (top middle)            (lower right corner)
       o                           o____o                      _____
     / |                           |    |                     *     o
    o  *                        o__*____0___o                 |     |
    |  |                                                      o_____o
(I'll try not to torture you with any more of my half-assed ASCII art.)
Use the elevator in this room, now that power has been restored.

There are three zombies in here. Kill them, as there really isn't any space to
dodge them. Go through the next door.

Run past the Leech Zombie, and go through the next door.

There is a zombie behind the table, but he has no real way of getting you. Go
down the stairs.

Go through the next door.

CRATE ROOM [Rebecca]
Go through the next door.

STAIRS [Rebecca]
Through the next door.

You finally meet up with Billy. Theres also a pile of human skeletons -
Marcus's failed test subjects. Go back to the Crate room.

Once again, you must be tortured with my craptacular ASCII art.

(picture shows the lower part of this room; not to scale)
             Wall U                             C1 = Crate 1
         ___________________                    C2 = Crate 2
       *| ____   ____       |                   C3 = Crate 3
        || C1 | | C2 |      |                    M = Metal Crate
  Wall L||____| |____|      | Wall R         ******* = metal wall
        |       | M  |      |                    * = Ladder
    ____|       |____|      |
   |____                    |
        |                   |
        |        ____       |
        |       | C3 |      |
              Wall D

Have Billy go down the ladder, while REbecca uses the controls.

1. Have Billy push the metal crate to Wall R.
2. Have Rebecca rotate the metal wall to the left.
3. Push crate 1 across to Wall D.
4. Push Crate 2 to Wall L.
5. Push the metal crate to Wall U.
6. Push crate 2 towards wall towards Wall D until it lines up with the red
7. Rotate left.
8. Push crate 2 to wall R.
9. Rotate left.
10. Push Crate 2 againsy Wall D so that all 3 wooden crates are lined up.

Go back up the ladder. Fill the water and walk across the crate bridge to get
the Wheel. Go back to the Treatment Plant Leech Hall.

Dodge the Leech Zombie and put the Wheel on the locked door. Go through the

Ignoring the zombies for now and go up the ladder.

Ignoring the zombie, use the red tank to fill Rebecca's mixing set, and go back
down the ladder.

Kill any nude Zombies in your path and go through the door.

There are two Hunters in here; kill them and go through the next door.

In here is ammo, napalm shells, first aid spray, and a red and green herb. I
would also recommend that you save here. Then go through the next door.

Go down the stairs and through the next door.

Put your partner on attack and run down this hall; chances are that a giant
frog will pop up through the water. Kill him with the Shotgun; if he grabs with
his toungue he can kill instantly (which is why I told you to save in the last
save room). Go through the next door.

Kill the three zombies in here and grab the shotgun shells. Split up and have
Billy use the lift (make sure he has the Shotgun and a sufficient amount of
shotgun shells).

As you walk through here, the Tyrant will claw its way through the center of
the room (doesn't that bastard ever stay dead?). This battle is easier, as the
railings prevent the Tyrant from leaping across the room and skewering you. Use
the Shotgun to kill it (remember that it will do more damage if you shoot the
Tyrant at close range). This time he will die for good. Go to the other end of
the room, activate the ladder, and go up it.

Grab the motherboard and return to the Upper Boiler Room. There, use the
motherboard on the control panel, and send Rebecca in the gondola (you may want
to give her the Shotgun).

Pull the level to release the floodgates. Then take the acid shells and go
through the door.

LARVA ROOM [Rebbeca]
Kill the bug and grab another thing of Acid Shells. Check the Blue canister to
put the Blue Chemical in your mixing set to create the Sulfuric Acid. Take the
industrial Water from the desk and combine that with the Acid to make the
Battery Fluid. Switch to Billy and go to the Lower Boiler Room.

Go through the door.

DAM [Billy]
Go down the ladder and run across the dam as fast as you can, and go up the
ladder. A frog will pop out of the water, put its tounge will just miss you and
hit the ladder (of course if you screw up, you will be dead, so you might want
to just kill the damn thing). Go through the door.

Theres some nude zombies in here. You can dodge them, but at this point, it
doesn't really matter wheter or not you conserve your Handgun ammo. Unlock the
door and go through it. Then have Rebecca come down the stairs and meet up with

Go over to the shelf and have Rebecca climb onto Billy to get the Battery. Run
back up the stairs as two bugs break out of the glass tubes. Unlock the door
and go through it. Make your way to the Forklift Room.

Combine the Battery with the Battery Fluid and put it in the forklift. Have
Billy stand on the crate, and activate the forklift so Billy can grab the
Magnetic card.

As you will soon be fighting the final boss, now would be a good time to get
your Magnum, Magnum Ammo, Shotgun, and Grenade Launcher if you don't have them
with you already, as well as plenty of healing items. You should also bring
your Custom Handgun and its ammo with you (you'll see why). Return to the
Machinery Room.

Kill or dodge the zombies, and use the Magnetic Card to go through the locked

Grab the Magnum Rounds and head through the door.

Finally you confront the weird guy in robes (Dr. Marcus, if you haven't guessed
by now). Laugh as he mutates into his old form, and starts talking like an old
Wild West prospecter. Apparently Spencer decided to have Spencer killed, but a
leech crawled into his body and brought him back to life. Now you can laugh
even harder at the corniness of his next lines. Marcus wants revenge on
Umbrella, which apparently involves having the world burn in an inferno of
hatred (sounds like a bad death metal lyric, doesn't it?). Following that, I
can't excactly tell what happens, but it seems the leech inside him got tired
of the doc's shit acting and takes over.

Now you'll pay for laughing your ass of at Marcus's crap monolouge; this is a
hard boss. Equip your Magnum (have the other person equip the Shotgun). The
trick to this battle is keeping far away from Marcus; otherwise he'll have the
chance to grab a do a lot of damage. Also be careful of your partner' the idiot
won't do much to avoid getting grabbed unless you start running from Marcus.
Once Marcus dies, grab the two Elevator Shaft keys and start up the elevator.

Save at the typewriter, and grab all the ammo and health items. Then go down
the room and use the elevator. And true to RE style, the boss is not yet dead.
As the elevator starts going, Marcus further mutates and chases after you.

You now have a few minutes till the place blows up. Don't ask me how the hell
the self destruct got set off, but then again, it wouldn't be RE if it didn't
end with the place blowing up, now would it?

For the first part of this battle, keep away from Marcus and fire all you've
got at him. Once this part ends, REbecca will notice that Marcus is hurt by
sunlight. Rebecca will proceed to open the various shutters for the roof. As
Billy, you have to distract Marcus. Just shoot at him (this would be where the
Handgun comes in handy; you're not likely to use that up, while you'll probably
use up the more powerful weapons). Try to dodge Marcus's charges, but
fortunately, Billy can take a ridiculous amount of punishment from him.

Eventually, the roof will open, but being exposed to sunlight AND being pounded
with countless bullets isn't enough to kill Marcus. Then Rebecca notices a
Magnum (which just happens to be lying in the corner of the room) and tosses it
to Billy, who then blows Marcus into several pieces (complete with trite one
liner!). Now watch the ending and enjoy the plot holes between this and RE1.
And it doesn't look like Billy will be around anymore, since he just wanders
off into a forest infested with even more flesh eating monsters.


                    3. L E E C H  H U N T E R


*Coming soon*


                          4. M O N S T E R S


The most common enemy in the game, these are humans that were infected with the
T-Virus. Zombies are not as strong as other enemies, though they do take a fair
amount of Handgun bullets to kill. Their only method of attack is to grab and
then bite you; rotate the control stick like a madman when they do this. If you
use a Shotgun against them, let them get relatively close, and try to blow out
their legs. This usually kills them, though they sometimes crawl around on the

Crippled Zombies
These things play dead, and then grab your leg when you walk over them. Your
character always ends up smashing the thing's head in the process of breaking

Leech Zombies
These look like zombies, but are a brownish color and are much more gangly.
When first encountered, they will be busy with fully morphing, allowing you to
easily run past them. If you do try to kill them, let them fully morph and then
use the Grenade Launcher or Molotovs. Never use any other weapon, as they are
rediculously powerful. Unless you use fire to kill them, they will swell up and
explode upon death.

Medium sized reptilian creatures, these can do large amounts of damage and
usually hunt in groups of two. They have a very distinctive cry and take about
3 Shotgun shells.

These are somewhat slow and usually can be dodged easily. They take a few
Shotgun shells if you do try to kill them.

Dogs (Cerebus)
Although fast, they are extremely weak, only taking about two to three Handgun
rounds. They only appear in the train.

Little more then minor annoyances, they really can't do much of any damage
unless you stand there and try to kill all of them.

Also minor annoyances, they do virtually no damage and are easily damaged.

Giant poison spitting spiders, they are usually sluggish and aren't much of a
threat. Occasionally, they will charge at you or spit venom, but not often.

Defintely the most annoying enemy, these are fast and insanely strong. If you
kill them, use multiple Shotgun or Grenade Shells. Its generally wiser to just
run from them, though.

These things may look comical, but they can kill you instantly. They take a few
Shotgun shells, and can use their extremely long tongues to grab you and
swallow you whole (instant death). Fortunately, there are only two of them.


                         5. W E A P O N S


Handgun (Beretta)
Capacity: 15
Ammo: Handgun Bullets
Location: Rebecca starts with it.
This is relatively weak, and really only good against Zombies and other weaker
enemies. Use it a distance, as it will take many shots from it to kill much of

Handgun (Colt .45)
Capacity: 15
Ammo: Handgun Bullets
Location: Billy starts with it.
This is stronger than Rebecca's handgun, though it is still only suitable for
dealing with zombies. Once again, use it at a distance.

Custom Handgun (Colt .45 w/ Scope)
Capacity: 15
Ammo: Handgun Bullets
Location: Control Room (Basement)
Location: The gun parts are in the Duralamin Case in the
This is made by combining the gun parts with the Colt .45. The gun is now more
accurate and, as a result, does more damage.

Hunting Rifle (2 spaces)
Capacity: 2
Ammo: Shotgun Shells
Location: Storage Room (Train)
This is relatively strong, and should be used against the Scorpion. If used
against Zombies, let them get close to you and then shoot at their heads or
kneecaps (the kneecap seems to weaker, but sometimes it only cripples them
instead of killing them); they will usually die with one hit. The main problem
with this gun is that you have to reload after every two shots.

Shotgun (2 spaces)
Capacity: 6
Ammo: Shotgun Shells
Location: Shotgun Room (Training Mansion)
Like the Hunting Rifle, but more a bigger capacity and more stopping power. It
should be used against more powerful enemies, such as the Hunters and the
Tyrant. If used against zombies, let them get close and then shoot at their
heads or knees.

Grenade Launcher (2 spaces)
Capacity: 30
Ammo: Grenade Shells, Napalm Shells, Acid Shells
Location: Art Room (Training Mansion)
Extremely powerful, this weapon should be used almost exclusively against
powerful enemies like the Leech Zombies and Hunters. The Grenade Shells are
fairly deadly. The Napalm shells work wonders against Leech Zombies, since they
burn the things away and prevent normal leeches from showing up when you kill
the leeches. The Acid Shells are very powerful, and also will leech zombies

Molotov Cocktails
Location: See Gasoline and Empty Bottle in the items section
These are made by combining Bottles and Gasoline. They aren't that great
against zombies and most other enemies. They do a good amount of damage to
Leech Zombies, but because of their limited range and slow rate of fire they
aren't that great.

Magnum (Desert Eagle)
Ammo: Magnum Rounds
Location: Cable Car (Laboratory)
The most powerful weapon that can be found normally. Because of its very
limited ammuntion, you should save it all for the the final bosses (Dr. Marcus
and Dr. Marcus II). The only other enemy  would recommend using it against
would be the Tyrant (and only if you're not able to beat it with the Shotgun).

Survival Knife
Location: Rebecca starts with one. The other is in Cabin 3 of the Train.
As in most other RE games, the Survival Knife is a worthless piece of shit. It
is far too weak to do much of any damage, and you will most likely find
yourself taking a lot of damage if you try to fight anything with it. The only
thing it works well against are Crippled Zombies, as they cannot move.

Machine Gun (H&K MP-5) (2 spaces)
Capacity: 100%
Ammo: Machine Gun Clips
Location: Unlocked by beating Normal or Hard Mode in under 5:00. (Billy starts
with it if you also have the R. Launcher; otherwise Rebeca starts with it).
The Machine Gun is moderately powerful, but the fact that it spits out bullets
incredibly fast allows it to do a great amount of damage, which allows it to
work well against zombies as well as stronger enemies. Note that Machine Gun
clips cannot be combined.

Rocket Launcher (2 spaces)
Capacity: Unlimited
Ammo: N/A
Location: Unlocked by completing Normal or Hard Mode in under 3:00. Rebecca
then starts with it.
The Rocket Launcher kills anything with one shot, and is the most powerful gun
in the entire world.

Magnum Revolver
Capacity: 6
Ammo: Magnum Rounds
Location: Appears in Room 202 (Train) after you earn it in Leech Hunter.
The Magnum Revolver is extremely powerful, and kills most bosses in a few hits.


                           6. I T E M S

(Items appear in alphabetical order)

Heres how this is setup:
Name of Item
Location: [Area] Room
Use: What you use it for (duh)

Angel Wings
Location: Examine the Book of Good
Use: Combine with the White Statue to make the Statue of Good.

Battery Fluid
Location: Made by combing Sulfuric Acid & Industrial Water.
Use: Combine it with the Battery Pack.

Battery Pack (1)
Location: [Training Mansion] Piano Room
Use: Used to reactivate the lift in the Entrance.

Battery Pack (2)
Location: [Treatment Plant] Bug Room
Use: Combine with the Battery Acid to make the High Strength Battery

Black Statue
Location: [Training Mansion] Shotgun Room
Use: Combine with the Black Wings to make the Statue of Evil.

Black Wings
Location: Examine the Book of Evil to get it.
Use: Combine it with the Black Statue to make the Statue of Evil.

Blue Chemical
Location: [Treatment Plant] Bug Room
Use: Put it in the mixing set with the Red Chemical to make the Sulfuric Acid.

Blue Herb
Location: Various
Use: Cures poison.

Blue Keycard
Location: [Train] In the Briefcase
Use: Unlock the door to the control room of the Train.

Blue Leech Charm
Location: [Laboratory] Combine the Stripping Agent and Leech Capsule to get it.
Use: Unlocks the blue door in the lab.

Book of Evil
Location: [Training Facility] Chess Room
Use: Examine it to get the Black Wings.

Book of Good
Location: [Training Facility] Library
Use: Examine it to get the Angel Wings.

Breeding Room Key
Location: [Laboratory] Chemical Room
Use: Unlocks the Breeding Room.

Closet Key
Location: Rebecca starts with it after you beat the game on normal or hard.
Use: Unlocks the closet in the Storage Room (Train) so you can use the other

Combination Dial
Location: [Laboratory] Breeding Room
Use: Put it on the door to the cablecar so you can unlock the door.

Location: [Training Facility] Crow Room
Use: Raises the lift in the elevator room.

Dining Car Key
Location: [Train] Third Car
Use: Unlocks the dining car.

Discipline Tablet
Location: [Training Facility] Entrance
Use: Place in its slot in the OBservatory (along with the other two tablets) to
open the path to the church.

Duralumin Case
Location: [Training Facility Basement] Control Room
Use: Open it to get the Gun Parts

Elevator Key
Location: [Factory] Lower Turntable Room
Use: Starts the elevator and triggers the first Tyrant battle.

Empty Bottle
Location: [Training Facility] Kitchen, Piano Room; [Lab] Cable Car Room, et al
Use: Combine with gasoline to make Molotov cocktails.

Facility Key: See FIRE KEY or WATER KEY

Fire Key
Location: [Training Facility] Cage Room
Use: Unlocks the door to the kitchen and the Trophy Room.

First Aid Spray
Location: Various rooms
Use: Completely heals character.

Location: [Train] Dog Room; and others
Use: Combine with Empty bottle to make a Molotov Cocktail.

Gold Ring
Location: [Train] Dog Room
Use: Combine with the Briefcase.

Green Chemical
Location: [Training Facility] Mediacl Room; [Laboratory] Operating Room
Use: Heals poison; combine with red chemical to make the Stripping Agent.

Green Herb
Location: Various rooms
Use: Heals about 25%-33% of characters health. Or combine it with other herbs.

Green Leech Charm
Location: [Laboratory] Green Leech Charm Room
Use: Unlocks the green in the Medical Room.

Gun parts
Location: [Training Facility Basement] Found in the Duralamin Case.
Use: Combine with either Handgun to make the custom handgun.

High Strength Battery
Location: [Treatment Plant] Gotten by combining Battery and Battery Acid.
Use: Powers forklift so you can get the Magnetic Card.

Hookshot (Takes up two slots)
Location: [Train] Back Room
Use: Reach the roof the second train car, the roof of the church, the second
floor of the laboratory, and the office in the upper part of the cable car

Ice Pick
Location: [Train] Upper Hall
Use: Unlocks the stuck door in the Dining Car.

Industrial Water
Location: [Treatment Plant] Larva Room
Use: Combine with Sulfuric Acid to make Battery Acid.

Ink Ribbon
Location: Various; usually by typewriters.
Use: Allows you to save your progress at a typewriter.

Input Reg. Coil
Location: [Laboratory] Tank Room
Use: Used to restart the Cable Car

Iron Needle
Location: [Training Facility] Trophy Room
Use: Place on the clock in the Clock Room, in order to set it to 8:15 and
unlock the white doors.

Jewelry Box
Location: [Train] Cabin 3
Use: Examine it to get the Silver Ring.

Location: [Treatment Plant] Forklift Room
Use: Unlocks the door which leads you to Dr. Marcus.

Leech Capsule
Location: [Laboratory] Capsule Room
Use: Combine it with the Stripping Agent to get the Blue Leech Charm.

Location: Billy starts with it.
Use: (After combining it with lighter fluid) Light the candle to unlock the
door to the Library, and (in the basement) light the ring of statues).

Lighter Fluid
Location: [Training Facility] Kitchen
Use: Combine with Lighter.

Locker Key
Location: [Training Facility Basement] Waterfall Room
Use: Unlock the locker to get the Duralamin Case.

Magnetic Card (1)
Location: [Train] Control Car
Use: Allows you to start the sequence to stop the train.

Microfilm A
Location: [Training Facility] Elevator Room
Use: Place in the projector in the Projecter Room (along with Microfilm B) to
get the MO Disc.

Microfilm B
Location: [Training Facility] Upper East Room
Use: Place in the projector in the Projecter Room (along with Microfilm A) to
get the MO Disc.

Mixing Set
Location: Rebecca starts with it.
Use: Stores and lets you mix the green, red, and blue chemicals.

MO Disc
Location: [Training Facility] Projecter Room
Use: Allows you to enter the password in the Conference Room to unlock the
steel knight doors.

Location: [Treatment Plant] Circuit Room
Use: Put it in the gondola to reactivate it.

Obedience Tablet
Location: [Training Facility] Vice Room
Use: Place in its slot in the OBservatory (along with the other two tablets) to
open the path to the church.

Output Reg. Coil
Location: [Laboratory] Cable Car Room
Use: Used to reactivate the cable car.

Red Chemical
Location: [Laboratory] Chemical Room; [Treatment Plant] Red Chem Room
Use: Combine with green chemical to make stripping agent; Combine with blue
chemical to make the Sulfuric Acid.

Red Herb
Location: Various rooms
Use: Combine with a green herb; the combination gives you a 100% heal.

Shaft Keys
Location: [Treatment Plant] Leech Room (after you kill the boss)
Use: Open the shaft so you can escape.

Silver Ring
Location: [Train] Examine the Jewerly Box.
Use: Combine with the briefcase.

Statue of Evil
Location: [Training Facility] Made by combing Black Wings and Black Statue.
Use: Put on the scales in the Foyer (along with the statue of good) to unlock
the passage to the basement.

Statue of Good
Location: [Training Facility] Made by combing Angel Wings and White Statue.
Use: Put on the scales in the Foyer (along with the statue of good) to unlock
the passage to the basement.

Stripping Agent
Location: [Laboratory] Made by combining the red and green chemicals.
Use: Combine with the Leech Capsule to get the leech charm.

Sulfuric Acid
Location: [Treatment Plant] Made by combing the blue and red chemicals.
Use: Combine with Industrial Water to make Battery Acid.


Unity Tablet
Location: [Training Facility] Entrance
Use: Place in its slot in the OBservatory (along with the other two tablets) to
open the path to the church.

UP Key
Location: [Factory] Security Room
Use: Raise the turntable.

Vise Handle
Location: [Training Facility] Computer Room
Use: Use on the Vice in the Vice Room to get the Obediance Tablet.

Water Key
Location: [Training Facility Basement] Control Room
Use: Unlock the blue door in the Art Room.

Location: [Treatment Plant] Crate Room
Use: Unlocks the door to the wheel room.

White Statue
Location: [Training Facility] Art Room
Use: Combine with the Angels Wings to make the Statue of Good.


                7. S E C R E T S  A N D  C O D E S


All codes came from the Codes & Secrets section of GameFAQs.

Unlock Machine Gun: Complete Normal or Hard mode in under 5:00.

Unlock Rocket Launcher: Complete Normal or Hard in under 3:00.

Unlock Leech Hunter: Complete the game on any difficulty.

New Costumes: Beat the game on normal or hard, and Rebecca will start with the
Closet Key. In the Train you can use it to unlock the closet, where you can
change costumes. Rebecca gets a cowgirl costume and a skater outfit. Billy gets
a suit and sunglasses.

Leech Hunter Rewards
1-29: Rebecca will start with a submachine gun.
30-59: Unlimited Handgun ammo.
60-89: Unlimited Hunting Rifle ammo.
90-99: The Magnum Revolver will appear in Room 202 of the Train.
100: Unlimited ammo for all weapons.


                   8. F I L E  T R A N S C R I P T S


*Coming soon*


                   9. S T O R Y L I N E

WARNING: Contains spoilers for RE0 and REmake. This will eventually also
include RE2, RE3, and RE:CVX.

Resident Evil 0
The STARS Bravo Team was sent into the Arklay Forest to investigate murders
located around there. The helicopter (presumably tampered with by Wesker)
encountered engine trouble, and the team was forced to make an emergency
landing. Nearby was an overturned MP Truck, which contained several dead
soldiers. It had been taking ex-Marine lieutenant Billy Coen to a Marine base
for execution. The team spread out to search for Billy, and Rebecca came upon a
train, the Ecliptic Express, which had been attacked by T-Virus infected
leeches only two hours before. Inside the train, the former passengers had been
turned into zombies. While in the train, Enrico informed Rebecca that Billy had
been convincted for killing 23 people. Rebecca met up with Billy, who paid
little attention to her. While chasing him, Edward Dewey was attacked by zombie
dogs and came crashing into the train, dying shortly afterward (Kevin Dooley
was presumably killed around the same time). Rebbeca and Billy teamed up after
he save her from a leech zombie.

Meanwhile, Albert Wesker and William Birkin had sent in a small team of
Umbrella Commandos, which was attacked and killed by leeches. The train was
restarted and, after also killing the zombie of Edward Dewey, the two managed
to stop the train, but not in time to keep it from slamming into an abandoned
Umbrella Training Facility. While Wesker and Birkin were watching the two enter
into the facility, a strange robed man cut into the surveillance camera,
threatening them and saying that he was the one responsible for the spread of
the T-Virus.

Inside the Facility were the zombies of an Umbrella team previously sent into
the mansion, as well as zombies made of leeches and other monsters. Also inside
the facility were journals indicating that the facility's director, Doctor
James Marcus, had formed the T-Virus by combined leech DNA with the Progenitor
Virus (previously developed Spencer and Ashford), and began testing it on human
subjects. Inside the facility, Billy revealed that he had been sent with a
group of Marines to stop an African civil war. The village they were supposed
to attack turned out to be peaceful; the commander ordered them to kill the
inhabitants. Billy tried to stop them but was unsuccesful, and probably was
framed by the rest of the team.

The two managed to find a way out of the facility, which led to an Umbrella
laboratory disguised inside an old church. It appeared that more tests had been
done inside the laboratory, and it also included a breeding room containg
several smashed cages and two Hunters. The two were split up after Billy was
attacked by an infected monkey, and Jessica took a Cable car out, which led to
a Factory and Treatment Plant.

Inside the Plant, Rebecca met up with Enrico, who was heading to the Spencer
Mansion with the Bravo Team. Remaining behind to find Billy, Rebecca
encountered a Tyrant before meeting back up with Billy. After killing off the
Tyrant, which Rebecca had not completely killed, they managed to find their way
into a room filled with leeches. The robed man stepped out and revealed himself
to be Doctor Marcus. Ten years before, Spencer (along with Wesker and Birkin)
had decided to have Marcus killed. An Umbrella Team had gunned him down in his
lab and disposed of his body. An infected leech found its way into his body
and, over time, managed to revive Marcus. He then turned into some kind of
leech monster and was gunned down by Billy and Rebecca. The two started to take
an elevator up, but Marcus got back up, set the self destruct, and came after
them. Discovering his weakness to sunlight, they weakened him by opening the
hangar roof, and then blew him apart with a Magnum.

Officialy, Billy Coen was dead; in actuality, Rebecca left him to wander off
into the forest (it seems unlikely that he actually would've managed to leave
the forest alive anyway). Rebecca headed down to the nearby Spencer Mansion to
meet up with Bravo Team.

Resident Evil
Following the dissapearence of Bravo Team, which was investigating a string of
cannabilistic murders in the Arklay Forest, Alpha Team was dispatched to find
them. The helicopter of Bravo Team was found in the forest, along with the
mangled body of Kevin. Joseph Frost was then attacked and killed by a pack of
Zombie dogs, forcing the remaining STARS to flee to a supposedly abandoned
mansion (formerly the home of Umbrella president, Sir Spencer) after Brad got
scared and took off without them.

Inside the team heard a gunshot, which turned out to be from Kenneth Sullivan.
His body was found being eaten by a zombie. As the team split up and searched
throughout the mansion, more half rotting creatures were found to be inhabiting
the mansion. Judging from diarys found throughout the place, some kind of virus
had been released, which had caused the mutations among the inhabitants. Also
found was the 1967 diary of George Trevor, who was apparntly left to die in the
mazelike mansion while his wife, Jessica and daughter, Lisa were experimented

In an upper courtyard, the body of Bravo Team member Forest Speyer was found
dead, and eventually turned into a zombie. Richard Aiken (who was later
devoured by a giant monster) and Rebecca Chambers were also found in the

Also in the area was a Residence, which included a tank filled with gigantic
sharks and a gigantic plant. Also in the area was a shambling mockery of what
had once been a human. The creature seemed impervious to damage, and walked
around in chains.

Further inside was an underground series of Mines. Inside was Enrico, who was
mudered by an unseen assassin. The creature from the courtyard, now identified
as George Trevor's daughter Lisa, was encountered again in the Mines and later
in a strange Altar. After opening Jessica's tomb, Lisa killed herself by
jumping off the edge of the room into the pit below.

Continuing onward, the player discovered a Laboratory in which the T-Virus had
been manufactured. Inside one of the Laboratory rooms was Albert Wesker, who
revealed himself to be working for Umbrella. After the virus contaminated the
area, Wesker brought in his STARS members as test subjects for Umbrella's
monsters. Wesker also murdered Enrico and threatened Barry's family in order to
blackmail Barry into helping him. Wesker released the Tyrant, which then
apparently killed him. The player supposedly finished off the Tyrant and left
the area. However, Wesker wasn't all that dead, and managed to set the self

The remaining members managed to reach the rooftop and signal Brad, after which
the Tyrant burst through the roof. After destroying the Tyrant, the surviving
STARS escaped in the helicopter as the mansion exploded.


                        10. C R E D I T S


Nintendo & Capcom: They made Gamecube & RE0.

CjayC: For posting this guide. The codes also came from the codes & secrets
section of his site.

CVXFreak: I got a few of the puzzle solutions from his guide when I was first
playing through RE0. I also found a few of the correct item names in his guide.

DjaySiXpAcK14: Also checked his guide for a few of the correct item names.


                         11. L E G A L


This guide is copyright, 2002, of Kodos86 (that would be me), all rights
reserved. This guide may not be reproduced in any means, except
for personal use. This guide may not be bought, sold, or given away as a bonus
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For the most part, I am no longer granting permission to use this guide to
other sites. I may make a few exceptions, so feel free to e-mail me to see if
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recieve permission, I must recieve full credit, the guide must remain unaltered
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Resident Evil and all related characters are the property of Capcom.


                          12. C O N T A C T


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                          What I will accept:

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it, and possibly flame you.

Chain Letters: No, I don't believe that I will recieve large amounts of money
if I forwards a stupid e-mail to several people. Neither do I believe that not
sending an e-mail will give me bad luck or cause me to have unsuccesful
relationships, or that I will mysteriously die because of it. Honestly, chain
letters are cute for about 20 seconds, after which they become plain STUPID.
Yes, I will delete them. I will also block your e-mail.

Spam Letters: Not only is it illegal, but I have spam blocking software; don't
waste your time.

I reserve the right to reprint any e-mails I recieve, though your e-mail
address will remain confidential.

                        ~ End of Document ~