Leech Hunter Hard Mode Walkthrough by EgHeadFool

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/02/10 | Printable Version

Leech Hunter Hard Mode Walkthrough
Written by EgHeadFool aka Hapkido
eghead (at) gmail (dot) com

Table of Contents

Version History
Introduction - About this guide and how to use it
Full Walkthrough
Leech Charm Checklist

Version History

1.0 - Walkthrough complete
1.1 - Added prize section and a bit more information, also fixed typos
1.2 - Proofread once more, a few more typos found and fixed
1.3 - Added a possible difference in leech charm placement (see checklist)
1.4 - Typos fixed

Introduction - About this guide and how to use it

I wrote this walkthrough because I just recently beat the game over again on
Hard, and decided to also complete Leech Hunter. I realized that none of the
guides up at the time were written with the Hard difficulty in mind, such that
ammo was not treated as something that could run out, and furthermore most were
pretty lacking either in fundamental strategy or in detailed explanation. The
only difference on Hard mode is that enemies take more bullets to kill and do a
lot more damage, and as such this guide works perfectly for easier difficulties
as well. The guide takes a pretty conservative and safe approach to the
mini-game, but not overly so; a lot of times the route taken is chosen for the
sake of preventing too much backtracking (Leech Hunter takes long enough as it

If you plan to follow my walkthrough, you should keep in mind that it is written
for a single, specific item configuration. This is the only way to write a truly
effective guide. Some item placements are "random", but I believe they depend on
the order you visit rooms, so that if you follow my steps, it will be the same
every time. At least in the several times I've tested this theory it has been
exactly the same, but let me know if you do everything I say but get a different
result. I'm not sure if the disc or outfits matter, but to be safe, play the
game from the first disc and choose Rebecca's Leather outfit and Billy's Suit
outfit (because this is what I've been doing). In the worst case, if your
configuration differs from what it says in the guide, you can just restart the
game and try again. You'll know pretty early in the game if this is the case.

Lastly, you should be familiar with the overall plan for the walkthrough, which
is to first clear the facility (almost) entirely of monsters, then drop
everything and collect all the leech charms free of danger. There ARE a few
places where enemies re-spawn late in the collecting process, but we're simply
going to visit those rooms early on and avoid them entirely. Good luck!

Full Walkthrough

All right, let's get started! If you didn't read above, some item placements can
change and we're going for a specific item configuration. So in case any of this
affects it, you should be playing on the first disc, with Rebecca in the Leather
outfit and Billy in the Suit outfit. Now once the game starts, pay attention to
the first two screenshots it shows you before you begin. Make sure there is no
leech charm on the floor in front of the staircase (where Marcus's portrait used
to be) in the first screen, and make sure the two herbs on the floor in front of
the stairs are both green on the second screen. This determines whether you will
get a Magnum or a Sub-Machine Gun, and we want the SMG. If you see a leech charm
or a blue herb, exit the mansion and start again. It may take a few tries, as
it's random.

Now that we have everything how we want it, let's start clearing the facility.
The first thing to do is visit the 1F west wing. There are no leech charms in
that area so we aren't going to bother killing the two leech zombies, but we do
want the goods in there. Start by taking control of Billy and giving his first
aid spray to Rebecca. Then separate from her and enter the west hallway. Run
around the corner and enter the first door you see. Once inside the bathroom,
dash for the SMG ammo clip on the sink, then turn and quickly run past the
transforming leech zombie to grab some handgun bullets from one of the stalls.
Then do a 180 and dash out of the bathroom before the leech zombie can do
anything to you; it shouldn't be too hard. If you got shotgun shells instead of
SMG ammo, you probably weren't listening when I told you to look out for 2 green
herbs at the start and you'll have to restart.

Back out in the hallway, continue down the remainder of the corridor and run
past another transforming leech zombie into the projection room. Here, pick up
the two green herbs and the blue herb then exit the room and run all the way
back down the corridor to the main hall before the second leech zombie can
inflict any damage. This one is even easier to dodge than the one in the

Back in the main hall, regroup with Rebecca. Have her drop a first aid spray,
then give her all the herbs you picked up. Have her make a blue-green mix and
drop it in front of the stairs where Marcus's portrait used to be. Also leave
the SMG clip here. Billy should now have Handgun + ammo, and Rebecca should
have Handgun + ammo, a first aid spray, and a green herb.

Next, take the ladder down to the sewers and pick up the shotgun shells lying in
the water with Billy. Then pick up the shotgun right next to them. It's
invisible, but there. Once you have it, return to the lobby.

Now send Billy upstairs alone and enter the crow room on the west side of the 2F
lobby. We don't NEED to kill the crows here, but we're going to anyways. Run
into the room, pick up the handgun on the table, and equip it. Then use it to
take out the 4 crows. Even if you get hit a couple of times, you take pretty
much no damage from them. You should also still have several bullets left on
this gun. We're going to use it until it runs out and then discard it, without
reloading it. Billy's stock gun is better. Exit back to the lobby and regroup
with Rebecca.

Enter the 1F east door as a team and take out the zombies in the dining room
with the handguns. You should have both characters always set to "attack" unless
I specify otherwise. Remember to toss the extra handgun as soon as it runs out
and equip the original one. As whenever you're facing a group of zombies, make
sure to always target the closest enemy and knock it down before it gets
dangerously close. Also make sure you always manually reload both characters
through the pause menu, to make sure you don't waste precious fighting time
doing so.

Once they're all dead, have Billy take the knife on the counter and exit through
the north door to the back hall / boiler room area with both characters. There
are two zombies lying on the floor here. Equip the knife and slash the first one
to death. The second one is pretty hard to knife without getting grabbed, but
either way getting gnawed in the leg doesn't hurt much and it conserves ammo. If
you want to play it safe, shoot it to death. Whatever you do, discard the knife
when you're done. It's too annoying to carry it around to the other areas with
zombies playing dead. However, DO NOT enter the door here.

Instead, head down through the boiler room into the animal puzzle room. Have
Billy equip the shotgun. There are two hunters here, but they're both waiting in
corridors and won't attack until you enter them. The first is in the southern
area in the room; the corridor that opened when you solved the puzzle. As soon
as you step in, the hunter will run or jump at you. Blast it in the face with
the shotgun, then before it can come back to its senses, pause and switch to the
handgun. Shoot it with both characters until it dies. Hunters have a long death
animation in which they stand with their head back and arms down. Getting good
at identifying it will stop you from wasting bullets on an already dead monster.
The other hunter is in the northern corridor of the room; repeat the exact same
method on it.

Once both hunters are dead, equip the handgun and go in the south corridor and
enter the first door on your right. Use both characters to take all the zombies
out in here. There should be a grenade launcher lying on the bed loaded with 30
acid grenades. If not, you somehow got really unlucky and will have to restart;
it has been here for me on all my playthroughs with the settings I listed at the
beginning. There are also two red herbs in here.

At this point I like to make a little medical supplies trip. Leave the grenade
launcher for now and have Rebecca split up and take the two red herbs. If you
haven't taken much damage and still have a green herb with you, combine it with
a red. Then exit the room and grab the first aid spray in the hall. Take all
this stuff back to the lobby, and use the green herb(s) in front of the stairs
to mix your remaining red herb(s). You should now have 5 full-heals! 3 First-aid
sprays and two green-red mixes. Not to mention the green-blue mix. Drop as much
as it'll let you next to your other stuff, and then if you still have more than
1 full-heal on you, drop the other one off upstairs in the conference room
through the double-doors. Then go regroup with Billy.

Take the grenade launcher and exit as a team, and go into the other door in this
corridor to the sleeping quarters. Billy should lead and both should have
handguns equipped. Shoot down all the zombies here as quickly as possible. One
rises very close to the door, and there's a good chance Billy will get grabbed
once or even twice. But Rebecca should shoot the zombie off quickly to prevent
major damage. Once they're all dead, if Billy is in yellow caution, have him use
the green herb in the alcove of the room. Leave the blue one but remember where
it is in case you get poisoned in a bit.

Now go back to the north corridor of the animal puzzle room and enter the wooden
door at the end to the hole room. This room is annoying because of the proximity
of the zombies. What you should do is as soon as you enter, target the zombie to
the characters' left, in other words the right side of the screen, and pump some
lead into it. Try to knock it down. As soon as the other two zombies stand up
and get close, equip Billy with the shotgun, aim up, and let them have it. With
any luck you'll decapitate both with one shot. If not, shoot the second one in
the face with the shotgun again. Then switch back to the handgun and quickly put
down any zombies still living. It is again possible that you might get grabbed,
but there should not be any major damage. If it's any consolation, there are
very few annoying zombie rooms like this.

Now we're going to go through the metal door down to the spider corridor B3F.
Since there are no leech charms in this corridor, we're not going to bother
killing the spiders. These are the only enemies in an area we need to revisit
that we aren't going to kill. You really take a greater risk of damage by
standing there shooting them than running past them anyways. Right now we just
want to go in the first door in the corridor, not the double-doors to the gun
room (which has no enemies). The best way to do this is to enter the room with
both characters, then separate. Take Billy and run down the stairs and corridor.
Right when he's at the door, pause it, change Rebecca's status to team, then
unpause it and enter the room.

Once inside, equip Billy with the shotgun and Rebecca still with the pistol.
Fire at the plague crawlers with the shotgun as they come, but don't use more
than 2 or 3 shells on them. If you're lucky and hit them both with one shot,
then only spend 2 shots on them. Then switch Billy to the handgun and finish
them off. You should now have about 15 shotgun shells left. If any characters
are seriously injured, use the first aid spray Rebecca should have with her. For
more minor injuries use the green herb in this room. The fire key should also be
lying next to the green herb. If not, you got extremely unlucky again somehow in
a way I've never been able to replicate. Have Billy take the fire key. To exit
the room, we're going to do something similar to how we entered. Send Billy
out alone, and run all the way back up the stairs. Position him right in front
of the door, then switch to Rebecca. Exit the room, and immediately pause the
game. While still in the menu, switch to Billy and change Rebecca to "team". Now
unpause as Billy and press A to exit the room. These spider dodging methods
should also be used when coming back to pick up leech charms.

Now that you're out of that mess, we can return to the lobby. If you somehow got
poisoned by the spiders, use the blue herb in the sleeping quarters (the
southernmost room off of the animal puzzle room). You can also use the green
herb there if you haven't already. Afterwards, return through the boiler room
and back into the dining room. Use the fire key to unlock the kitchen, but don't
enter the kitchen because there are no enemies in it. Instead return to the
lobby. Drop the fire key off in the conference room through the double doors
then come back. If you still have minor injuries and still have a green herb
here by the entrance, use it. Then make sure each character has one full-heal to
prepare for the eliminators to come (stupid monkeys).

Before we get to them though, Billy is going to clear out some spiders. These
are more important to kill because the hallway itself contains several leech
charms in it. Trade Rebecca the shotgun for the grenade launcher, equip it, and
then have him go by himself down the stairs behind the portrait into B1F. Use
the acid rounds to kill all the spiders down here. On Hard it might take two
rounds to kill a spider, though sometimes well placed shots can take them down
in one. When all of them are dead, you should have about 20 grenades left. Then
return to the lobby.

If by any chance you were poisoned, use the green-blue mix waiting here. If you
weren't and you did NOT use the blue herb on B2F, then you can treat this
blue-green mix just like a green and use it if you get hurt. But if you had to
use the other blue herb, you might want to leave this mix around in case you get
poisoned when you go back past the other spiders hunting for leech charms. In
any case, give the launcher back to Rebecca, regroup, and go back down into the
B1F. Your inventories should look as follows: Billy - Handgun, ammo, shotgun,
shells, full-heal. Rebecca - Handgun, ammo, grenade launcher, full-heal. Billy
should have the shotgun equipped and Rebecca should have the launcher equipped.

Go to the very end of the corridor and enter the wooden door. Two eliminators
will greet you here. Immediately blast them with a shotgun. If you managed to
hit them both, they should be on the floor near the wall. This is an excellent
situation. Run up to them quickly, aim down, and just keep pummeling them with
the shotgun before they ever have a chance to get up. If it didn't turn out as
nicely, just do your best to track them with L and fire at them before they can
have a swipe. Rebecca will help with the launcher.

Once they're both dead, make sure to reload the shotgun and enter the pillar
room. This time there are 3 eliminators (the last ones though, thankfully), and
the room is large so you won't be able to corner them as before. Just stay near
the door and stand your ground. If you run out of shotgun shells, continue with
the pistol. Rebecca should still have plenty of grenades to unload. Eliminators
also do significant damage, so if any character drops into low caution during
the fight, use the full-heal you brought along. Once they're dead, pause the
game and assess the situation. Hopefully you have 15 or more grenades left and
0-3 shotgun shells. In the case that your shotgun is out of ammo, discard it
right away. Otherwise, keep it. Heal if any major damage was taken, then take
the Sub-Machine Gun lying beside the pillar as Billy (finally!). If you lack the
inventory space, give Rebecca his full-heal.

We're going to use the SMG to clear out all remaining hunters in the facility,
so try not to waste it on zombies. For now, exit back into the spider hall and
go into the other door here. Both characters should be using the handgun. The
zombies here all start slumped near the door, so run further into the room to
have some space. If things get out of hand, use a grenade or two. Once they're
dead, equip Billy with the SMG, Rebecca still with the pistol, and enter the
other door here to the torture room. The hunters in here go down very quickly
with the SMG, but remember to try not to waste any ammo by accident during the
death animation. There is a shotgun and shells in this room, but we're going to
ignore them for now.

Head back to the lobby and go through the northeast door on the second floor
into the corridor that connects to the third floor. Enter the door in this
corridor into the painting room. If you still have shotgun ammo, finish it off
on the two plague crawlers here, with Rebecca assisting with the handgun.
Otherwise take them down with grenades and handgun. Don't use more than 2
grenades though. At this point discard the shotgun, if you still have it.

Return to the lobby and re-organize your inventories. You're only going to need
a single full-heal with you from now on, so dump any extras you might have. Also
pick up the SMG clip you left here. Then enter the 2F conference room and pick
up the fire key you left here earlier. Your inventories should look like this:
Billy - handgun, bullets, SMG, clip, fire key. Rebecca - handgun, bullets,
grenade launcher, full-heal. Combine the SMG clip with the SMG as soon as you
drop below 50% on it. Equip Billy with the SMG and Rebecca with the handgun, and
enter the metal knight door in the conference room.

In this hallway you will be attacked by hunters. Use the SMG to wipe the first
few out. The last one is usually waiting around the corner. You can run up and
pump lead into it, or wait for it to slowly walk into view. Either way, once
it's dead, equip the handgun and enter the far door to the infirmary as a team.

In the infirmary, quickly take out all the zombies with handguns. Don't reload
your weapons afterwards; instead dump whichever one has less ammo and pick up
the custom handgun. Make sure Billy equips the custom handgun; give the other
one to Rebecca and have her equip that. There's a blue herb in here but it's
pretty useless.

Exit and go back to the conference room. Equip the SMG again, and this time take
the other door on the west side of the room. There are more hunters here, so mow
them down just like the last hall. Again, a final one may be lurking towards the
end of the hallway. Once they're all dead, go all the way down the hall and use
the fire key to open the red door, then discard it.

Inside the fire key room, there are a few zombies lying on the floor playing
dead. Shoot them all with the custom handgun, except for one. When you get to
the desk you can push, don't. Instead climb over it. The zombie lying on the
other side has his head under the desk and can't hurt you. Therefore, don't move
the desk and don't waste bullets on him. Everyone else is fair game.

Exit the fire key room and now enter the double doors halfway down the corridor
into the study. Purge the room of the undead with the handgun and then proceed
into the library through the door on the other side.

As you enter the library, hold back on the control stick, or a zombie on the
floor will automatically grab you. Then shoot all the zombies dead with the
handguns, including the annoying guy on the floor. Search the slumped body
for some handgun bullets, then exit.

Head back to the second floor of the lobby and enter the one remaining door here
on the east side. Handgun all the zombies to death, which shouldn't be hard as a
team, then return to the first floor of the lobby. Heal as much as you need to,
since you should still have a fair amount of full-heals, and there are more
herbs to come. You can continue to bring one with you if you wish.

Once you're ready, equip Billy with the SMG and go east through the dining room
and into the back corridor as a team. We're finally going to enter the supply
room here. Inside are a few hunters. They should be easy to take out with the
SMG from the entrance since they basically have to attack single-file. One may
refuse to attack and stay around the corner behind the shelves. Flush it out and
take it down. Now equip Billy with the custom handgun and Rebecca still with her
handgun and climb the ladder.

Several zombies occupy the balcony, but they're slow and far away, so you should
be able to easily pick them all off with the handguns. Once they're dead, run
around the path and use the now-unlocked door to enter the conference room once
again. Exit back to the lobby.

Now we're going to clear the 3rd floor, so enter the NE door on the second floor
and go up the stairs. There are a few plague crawlers waiting up in the breeding
room, but as long as you stay at the top of the stairs, they can't get you.
Calmly feed them handgun bullets until they're all dead, then head towards the
knight door to the observatory. Have Rebecca take the single napalm grenade for
the heck of it.

Enter the observatory and kill the lone zombie on the upper level with the
handgun. Then run around to the ladder and do the same to the two zombies
standing at the bottom. Once they're dead, head down. There is still a zombie
lying here. If both characters are at full health, just let the zombie grab
Billy. Stomp on it and use the green herb on the shelf. Otherwise, shoot it
until it dies and use the herb to heal whoever is injured.

Now head back to the breeding room and go down the stairs into the corridor. Go
back in the painting room, which we already cleared, then trade Billy the
grenade launcher (and the napalm grenade) and have him go solo through the blue
door. There's a leech zombie waiting for you in the corridor. Wait for it to
transform, then pelt it with acid grenades. It should die in 2-3 hits. If 2
don't kill it, then pause and load the napalm grenade, in hopes of having that
finish it off. If it does burn to death that's great, otherwise finish it off
with another acid round and then 180 and go back out through the blue door
before it blows up on you.

Regroup and have both characters enter the blue door again. Don't go in the
first door as you enter the corridor because it just has another leech zombie
and there are no leech charms in there. Instead, take the second door into the
piano room. In here there are more zombies playing dead, so just shoot them all
with the handgun and pick up the red-green mix lying on the floor. Then exit
back to the corridor.

Now split up again and have Billy equip the launcher again. Enter the last door
at the end of the corridor, where another leech zombie is waiting. Wait for him
to transform again and finish him of with acid rounds. Then head back to the
corridor where Rebecca is waiting before it blows up on you. Give the launcher
back to Rebecca.

Have Billy equip the SMG and have Rebecca equip the handgun, then regroup and go
back into the hall where you just killed the final leech zombie. Enter the
greenish metal door that's rusting and has a little window. Use the SMG to take
out the hunters waiting inside. There's another grenade launcher in here, but
it's only loaded with 2 regular grenades, so ignore it unless you are completely
out of acid rounds for some reason. Then head out to the previous hallway.

Enter the remaining door here with both characters using the handgun and shoot
down all the zombies in the workshop. If they begin to overwhelm you for some
reason, use a grenade or two to teach them a lesson. Once you're done, backtrack
all the way to the lobby.

Well, now we're practically done. There's only one room left to visit, and
that's the train wreckage room past the sewers. However, it contains five
hunters. If you have any decent amount of SMG ammo or acid grenades, then go
ahead and go straight there. Equip the SMG and use it on the hunters, then if it
runs out finish the job with the grenade launcher. Have the second player assist
with the handgun. Otherwise, return to the torture room in B1F and collect the
shotgun and shells that we have ignored until now. Use that with the second
player assisting with the handgun to clear out those final hunters.

Once you've completed all of this, if you STILL have any significant amount of
ammo for the SMG, shotgun, or grenade launcher, you may feel like killing the
spiders we ignored on B3F way back towards the start. If you do, bring along
some healing items and a blue herb.

Once you're finished, heal up if you wish and then drop everything you have
besides the handguns. You're now ready to collect all the leech charms! It
doesn't matter what order you visit the rooms in, so I won't walk you through
it. However, once you get into the 90 leech charm range, a few rooms do refill
with enemies. The way to avoid this is to simply visit these rooms before you've
accumulated too many leech charms. Saving the lobby and conference room for last
also helps. For your convenience, here is a list of rooms in which monsters may
(or may not) re-spawn:

-The B3F room where you found the fire key
-The 2F room with the fireplace, on the east side of the lobby
-The 2F balcony that connects to the conference room
-Both corridors connecting to the west side of the conference room
-The kitchen off of the dining room (used fire key to unlock)
-The room adjoining the torture room to the B1F spider corridor

As long as you visit those areas early on, you won't encounter any enemies. Also
remember that there are no leech charms in the first floor west corridor or in
the control room right next to the blue door, so don't explore those areas.
They're full of leech zombies. And of course, don't forget that the B3F corridor
still has spiders (unless you killed them at the end), so dodge them carefully
like I outlined earlier. The spider corridor itself has no leech charms so don't
worry about that. Always travel as a team when picking up leech charms, since
Billy can only pick up blue ones and Rebecca can only pick up green ones.

Finally, you might want to use my Leech Charm Checklist to help round them all
up. You wouldn't want to miss one in a room and then have to look around at the
end, with re-spawned monsters crawling around. When you have them all, just exit
the facility through the front doors and claim your prize!


Depending on how many leech charms you have when you exit the facility, you get
a certain prize. These prizes will be a great help for your next playthrough of
the main game. Here's the breakdown:

0 to 29 - Start with an SMG clip in your inventory
30 to 59 - Handguns will have infinite ammo
60 to 89 - The hunting gun will have infinite ammo
90 to 99 - There will be a powerful magnum revolver in train car 202
100 - All weapons will have infinite ammo

Unfortunately, earning the best reward doesn't automatically give you the other
ones. In other words, even if you earn infinite ammo for all weapons, you'll
still have to play Leech Hunter again and exit the facility with 90-99 leech
charms if you want the magnum on the train.

Leech Charm Checklist

Before presenting the whole list, here are a few easy-to-miss leech charms:

-Behind the bookcase in the library (you have to push it aside)
-On the lift used to send Rebecca up to the 3rd floor in the main game
-A few around the edges of the kitchen; on countertops, in sinks etc.
-Right next to the locked door on the south side of the Breeding Room
 (make sure the camera angle changes at the door or you won't see it)

The total number of leech charms in every room is listed below. Only rooms
containing charms are mentioned, and colors are not specified because they may
vary. The list is organized by floor.

Lobby (includes second floor) - 5
1F Dining Room - 2
1F Kitchen - 7
1F Back Corridor (including Boiler Room) - 3
1F Storage Room (room with ladder up to balcony) - 2
2F Crow Room - 2
2F Room with Fireplace (on the east side of the lobby) - 4
2F Conference Room - 4
2F Corridor (through the knight door in the conference room) - 5
2F Infirmary (where the custom handgun was in this mini-game) - 1
2F Corridor (with the red door at the end) - 8
2F Study (where you lift Rebecca to the 3rd floor in main game) - 5
2F Library - 3
2F Red Door Room - 4
2F Balcony - 6
2F Painting Room (Blue Door Room) - 3
2F Piano Room - 3
2F Workshop (where the vice was in main game) - 4
2F Test Room (where the 2nd grenade launcher was in this mini-game) - 2
3F Breeding Room - 3
3F Observatory - 4
B1F Spider Corridor - 4
B1F Pillar Room (where the SMG was) - 1
B1F Torture Room - 2
B1F Train Wreckage Room - 1
B2F Hole Room (where you rescued Rebecca in main game) - 3
B2F Study (where the 1st grenade launcher was in this mini-game) - 3
B2F Sleeping Quarters - 2
B3F Water Room (where you got the fire key in this mini-game) - 3
B3F Gun Room - 1

Total: 100

Since I have heard of slight discrepancies in these numbers, I have
provided for your convenience a list of the differences I have heard.
If you experience a difference in leech charm placement not listed here,
I'd like to know which room(s) had more charms and which one(s) had
fewer to balance it out. This way I can include that information in this
guide and give you credit. The one thing I am quite sure about is that
the rooms listed above are the only rooms with charms in them. There will
never be any in the 1F west wing or anywhere else not listed.

Reported Differences in Charm Placement:

1F Storage Room (room with ladder up to balcony) - 3, made up for by:
2F Corridor (with the red door at the end) - 7

B3F Water Room (where you got the fire key) - 2, made up for by:
B1F Pillar Room (where the SMG was) - 2


You can email me at the address listed at the beginning of the guide with any
questions, comments, or suggestions.


- Lumpius_Optimus_Maximus: For reporting a difference in charm placement.
- Mike S. For reporting another respawn location

Anyone who provides valuable information will be included!


Currently GameFAQs is the only site with permission to post this guide.