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How do I climb Frigate Crash Site?

I need help climbing FCS to reach Chozo Ruins East Elevator. Any suggestions?

Ngame989 provided additional details:

I actually just learned how to climb it... which you can do by the way.

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smashbrosbar21 answered:

You are not supposed to climb it. You come from the other side TO the Crash Site, not to go to the elevator. In the Chozo Ruins (you need the Wave Beam, Spider Ball, and Boost Ball) go to the Furnace. Use the Spider Ball to go up the track and in the room. Go left and go throught the hole (scan the Chozo Lore above the hole before you go through). Go through the door and keep going until you get to the room with a half-pipe. Use the boost ball to go up the pipe and scan the Chozo Lore on the wall (there's three entries here). If you want ot get the missile launcher in this room, you need to destroy this Cordite thing with the Super Missile and use the Boost Ball to get on the spider tracks and activate switches. If not go through the next door and keep going until you get to the Reflecting Pool. Drain the water and use the Boost Ball to get to the top. Go through the door on the left and get the Ice Beam. Now go through the door on the right side to save. Go throught the hole through the wall and go through the door. Here is the elevator to go to the Tallon Overworld. Get on it and go through the doors to the FCS. If you want to go back don't jump off the ledge here. Hope this helps!
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