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What are the three different endings in the game, and how do i get them?

I read on here that there are multiple endings, could someone please describe them to me?

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silverninja1012 answered:

Ending 1
Beat the game at 74% Complete, or less.

Ending 2
Beat the game at 75-99% Complete.

Ending 3
Beat the game at 100% Complete.
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mechmaster400 answered:

Silverninja's percentages are correct. Here are the endings themselves.

1. Metroid Prime will go crazy, changing into a spiky version of itself without a face. One of the spike will grab Samus, dragging her toward it. She'll struggle, breaking free, losing her Phazon Suit and a bit of DNA in the process. Prime will start to explode, destroying the Impact Crater while Samus runs for her life. Barely escaping(Sorry, I'm big on drama), Samus will use the warp to get out. She will press a few buttons on her Arm Cannon, calling her ship. She will then jump off the Artifact Temple, while her ship waits below. She rides on top of it, surveying the exploding ruin of the Temple. She will take off her helmet while the screen fades out.

2. Same thing as 1, you just get to see Samus's face. She doesn't take off her Suit, unfortunately.

3. SECRET! Same thing as 2. After the credits, you will see Metroid Prime forming into...something. Could it be...?
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