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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the ice beam combo?

i've located the elder artifact but i need the ice beam combo or whatever it is i need please HELP!!!!!

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From: ---Nintendo--- 5 years ago

The Ice Spreader is located in the Shore Tunnel on Magmoor Caverns, in there you'll find a cracked Bendezium tunnel which you can break with a Power Bomb, go down the tunnel to find the upgrade. It freezes anything it touches for the cost of 10 missiles.

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In one of the tunnel areas in magmoor caverns that doesn't lead to an elevator, that just connects two rooms, that has a glass tunnel. I don't know the name, so I went with description. It is the glass tunnel without rubble in it, and no enemies. Use a power bomb, and the tunnel should break. The Ice thing-y is underneath it.

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make sure you have the power bomb and the spiderball, first go past the elevator to talon IV(if you've gone thru there)go thru the door, there should be a hole to your bottom-left corner,go morphball and enter it, then spiderball your way over the lava.continue forward untill you meet up with flying pirates,you can ignor them or kill 'em, your choies, then go to the opisite side of the place and find the door then keep going until you find a bunch of rocks blocking your way, i'm not quiet sure, lf so use the power bomb to break/remove the non-glowing glass/rocks then look under the brige and
there you have it the ice spreder. another way is thru phedrana where you faught thardus.

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Oh you mean the Ice Spreader. Well it is in the room called Shore Tunnel in Magmoor Caverns. In the middle of the glass tube, there is a spot with cracked Bendezium (which can be destroyed with the Power Bomb). Deploy one to destroy the outer shell of the tunnel. Jump to the platform outside the tunnel and go under the tunnel to collect the Ice Spreader. It's really cool. You'll love it. Hope this helps!

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Its a tunnel that is glass that leads to another area(not elevator) and lay a power bomb, and the combo is under the tunnel, but it uses a lot of missiles, but is also helpful on the last boss, hope i helped ya

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