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//version 3.0//						 //updated 12-04-2012//

		     ========== METROID PRIME ==========
	             ======= 100% STRATEGY GUIDE =======
 	             ======= written by NeoChozo =======

    Welcome to my 100% walkthrough for METROID PRIME, the first game in
    NINTENDO and RETRO STUDIOS' METROID PRIME sub-series. This text docu-
    ment covers all of the pertinent information for completing this title.
    Version 3.0 of this guide is a complete, from-the-ground-up rewrite of
    the original walkthrough and has been revised with multiple new items.
    Use the index below as a reference guide, and be sure to visit GameFAQs
    (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) to find other FAQs or walkthroughs I've

   == CONTENTS ==
   1. Setup and Controls
   2. About This Game
   3. The Story So Far
   4. Version Notes
   5. Samus' Abilities
   6. Weapons and Items
   7. Tallon IV Basics
   8. Walkthrough
      A. Opening Battles
      B. The Varia Suit
      C. The Space Jump
      D. The Spider Ball
      E. The Ice Beam
      F. The Gravity Suit
      G. The Grapple Beam
      H. The Plasma Beam
      I. The Phazon Suit
      J. Tidying Up
      K. Final Battles
   9. Item Locations
  10. Log Book Database
  11. Secrets and Tips
  12. Legal


METROID PRIME was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube (GCN), but has
been ported to the Nintendo Wii as part of the METROID PRIME TRILOGY. Refer to
the setup manual for more detailed information on your individual platform. Be-
low is the listing of the default controller setup. Keep in mind that you can
switch some functions, like reassigning your visors and beams to different
sticks, or switching your viewing axes.

  CONTROL STICK:   Move around, Look around, Aim (with the R Button).
  CONTROL PAD:     Switch between available Visor Enhancements.
  C STICK:         Switch between available Beam Weapons.
  START/PAUSE:     Pause game, Bring up Databanks and Log Book.
  L BUTTON:        Lock onto enemies, Scan objects, and use Grapple Beam.
  R BUTTON:        Pan camera, Aim (with Control Stick), Activate Spider Ball.
  Z BUTTON:	   Bring up Map Screen.
  Y BUTTON:        Fire Missiles/Charge Combos, Set Power Bombs.
  X BUTTON:	   Switch in and out of Morph Ball form.
  A BUTTON:        Fire Beam Weapons, set Morph Ball Bombs.
  B BUTTON:        Jump, Activate Boost Ball, Strafe Dash (with L Button)

Do note that some secondary functions of the buttons require you to be in Morph
Ball form, such as setting Bombs or Boosting.

METROID PRIME is a new kind of game for Samus Aran. Originally conceived back
in 1997 as the third-person perspective "METROID 64", this game was shelved
and delayed until outside developer RETRO STUDIOS picked up the option to fin-
ish it. It was transformed into a first-person perspective action/adventure
game, and immediately won a great number of fans soon after its release.
METROID PRIME brings a great many new features to what was previously thought
of a Metroid game. Metroid has always been about exploration of the surroun-
dings as well as combat, and RETRO STUDIOS did not fail to incorporate a great
deal of puzzle-solving into the mix of adventure and exploration here.
The game comes with two modes of difficulty - Normal for newer players, and
Hard for advanced players. Hard is only unlocked after completing the game once
in Normal Mode, and adds a significant challenge as all of the bosses are up-
graded and you, Samus Aran - are weaker. Part of the new emphasis on explor-
ation via your HUD is the Scan Visor which allows you to collect data on your
enemies and environment. There is an expansive "Log Book" that you can fill
with enemy and item data that you can use to unlock conceptual art galleries
throughout the game. Story also takes a great leap here as you piece together
all of the elements throughout the game by downloading Space Pirate logs and
ancient Chozo texts. Put all together, it makes for a very interesting journey
into the Metroid mythos.
All in all, RETRO STUDIOS took a risk trying something this different with the
Metroid franchise after an eight-year lull, but they managed to take a concept
that could have significantly bombed and turned it into something that spawned
two very successful sequels.

METROID PRIME has something of a rich backstory behind it that predates even
the first game. Therefore, I won't try and mince words about it, I'll just pro-
vide the introduction to the story as told from the game manual:

  The Chozo... Over millennia, this bird-like race of creatures made incredible
  technological and scientific leaps. Traveling at will through space, they
  built many marvels across the universe-technological wonders of unfathomable
  complexity and cities unmatched in beauty. They shared their knowledge freely
  with more primitive cultures and learned to care for and respect life in all
  its forms.
  Even as their society reached its technological peak, however, the Chozo felt
  their spirituality wane. Their culture was steeped in prophecy and lore, and
  they foresaw the decline of the Chozo coinciding with the rise of evil. Horr-
  ified by the increasing violence in the universe, they began to withdraw into
  themselves, forgoing technology in favor of simplicity. Tallon IV was one of
  several refuges they built-a colony bereft of technology, built of natural
  materials and wedded to the land and its creatures. The years passed, and in
  time a great meteor crashed into Tallon IV, sending a massive spume of matter
  into the atmosphere and impregnating the land with a cancerous element known
  as Phazon. This element immediately sank into the earth and water, poisoning
  life wherever it bloomed. Most plants and animals died, while others mutated
  into hideous forms.
  The Chozo called upon all their knowledge and technology to control the power
  of the Phazon, but their efforts were doomed to fail. All they could do was
  build a temple over the crater at the impact site, separate the Phazon core,
  and seal it away. Believing that someday a savior would return to the planet,
  the Chozo left for an unknown destination, leaving nothing but engraved
  accounts of their time on Tallon IV.

  The Space Pirates were interstellar nomads, technologically advanced in both
  space travel and weaponry. When they plundered the Metroid population on
  SR388, they recognized in them massive military and energy resource potent-
  ial. They immediately invaded the nearby planet of Zebes, wiping out all life
  (including most of the indigenous Chozo) and building a massive network of
  research facilities below the planet's surface. Deep below the surface of
  Zebes, the Space Pirates researched Metroids for many years, even as a young
  girl orphaned by their raid on the neighboring planet of K-2L was growing up
  among the Chozo. Trained as a warrior and infused with Chozo blood, Samus
  Aran donned a Chozo-made Power Suit and cut a swath through the Space Pirate
  operation, destroying everything in her path, including the gargantuan main-
  stays of the Space Pirate army, Ridley and Kraid. She eventually made it to
  the core of their base, destroyed all the Metroids she saw, and seemingly
  blew up the Mother Brain.
  But the Space Pirates were far from finished. They immediately split their
  survivors into two camps. One remained on Zebes to begin rebuilding their
  ravaged facility and resuscitating Mother Brain, Ridley, and Kraid. The sec-
  ond set out in search of a planet with powerful energy resources. They didn't
  search long before they discovered Tallon IV, which was still emanating huge
  pulses of energy from the Phazon contained beneath the Chozo temple. Entran-
  ced by the massive potential of the strange mutagen, they immediately moved
  in, retrofitting their laboratories, transporters, and life-support systems
  into the Chozo Ruins. As the Space Pirates mined the Phazon and experimented
  with it, they found that its capacity to mutate was unlike anything they'd
  ever seen, and they promptly started combining it with indigenous lifeforms.
  They refined their operation; powering their machinery with thermal-powered
  engines sunk deep in the molten depths of Tallon IV, they drove deep mine-
  shafts and mined more and more Phazon, shipping it to their two main labs in
  the Phendrana Drifts, where sub-zero temperatures made specimen containment
  safer. Research leaped forward: by harnessing Phazon's power, they were able
  to create untold horrors that soon patrolled the dark caverns below Tallon
  IV's crust.
  The Space Pirates also transported many species to their orbiting ship for
  zero-G Phazon experiments, unaware that Samus Aran had finally tracked their
  ship to its low orbit. As they continued with their unnatural experiments,
  Samus sped toward Tallon IV, preparing to wipe them out once and for all...

Before one gets too into this walkthrough, one needs to be familiar with the
following information. This guide is written using the NTSC-U/C Ver. 00 version
of METROID PRIME. The PAL and the NTSC-J versions are in some respects vastly
different as certain elements were removed and/or altered. Additionally, there
were multiple releases in North America as well. Check the bottom of your disc
for the "00" number sequence. If it is "01" or anything else, you do not have
the "original" version of this game, released on November 18, 2002. You can
still use this walkthrough to get through the game, of course - just keep in
mind that some doors may have locks on them until you get certain items, some
enemy placement may differ, and so forth. For any who are unfamiliar with the
terms, "U/C" means USA & Canada, PAL is a European format of presenting grap-
hics and sound ("Phase Alternating Line"), and "J" is for Japanese consoles.
NTSC stands for "National Television Standards Committee" - it's simply the
organization that regulates standards for TV and video game consoles. These
acronyms are important to know so that you can correctly identify which version
of this game you have. Though this guide is written with the original NTSC ver-
sion in mind, certain notations are made throughout the guide (particularly in
the Log Book area) where differences are present.

  There are multiple graphical AND gameplay differences in the between the NTSC
  U/C, PAL, and NTSC-J versions, as well as alterations in the various North
  American re-releases. Most of what was changed for the PAL and NTSC-J vers-
  ions holds true for the U/C re-releases, like the Player's Choice reissue.
     In the original, there is a lone Hunter Metroid lurking in the Frost Cave
     of Phendrana Drifts. In all revisions, this is absent, and you'll see your
     first one at the second level of the Phazon Mines.
     In the original, you don't encounter any Fission Metroids until you are
     at the Impact Crater. In subsequent ports, you will run into the Fission
     Metroids starting in Metroid Quarantine A and in greater numbers than the
     regular Metroids. The third level of the Mines is almost on par with the
     Impact Crater.
     New Missile Refills were added to the PAL and NTSC-J versions: the "Small
     Missile Ammo" gives you 3 Missiles, the "Medium Missile Ammo" gives you 5
     Missiles, and the "Large Missile Ammo" gives you 10 Missiles. These are
     also scannable for the Log Book.
     Some of the Chozo Lore and Pirate Data entries are different. In the PAL
     version, the Space Pirates never find Metroid Prime, so all of the entries
     that refer to her have been altered to reference "the creature" underneath
     the Artifact Temple that they can't access, while most of the Chozo Lore
     is almost unrecognizable from the NTSC version. Both games tell somewhat
     different versions of the historical events.
     The water has some nice effects to it, namely the lakes ripple with some
     waves and the rain glistens as it runs down rocky surfaces or any other
     kind of solid surface.

You have a number of powerful moves at your disposal besides just jumping and
firing Beams or Missiles. Utilizing the full potential of your Power Suit will
allow you to Bomb Jump, strafe around enemies, and increase your jumping prow-
ess. Below is a brief list of the various feats you can perform in the game.

  These are moves that are pre-programmed into the game already that you can
  use to take advantage of terrain and obstacles.
     To pull this move off, set a Bomb and carefully watch the animation. Every
     time you set off a Morph Ball Bomb, the Bomb shimmers for a little bit
     prior to exploding. In the split second that the shimmering stops, set the
     second Bomb, and let the first Bomb pop you up. At the peak of your Bomb
     Jump, set your third Bomb. As you come back down, the second one will det-
     onate, popping you up into the third Bomb's explosion, which will send you
     even higher.
     This one is really easy, and actually gains you a bit of height. The best
     places to use it are the times when you need to make precision jumps (if
     you're going for low percentage and skipping the Grapple Beam, for exam-
     ple). To lock your view, simply hold the R Button and pan downwards until
     you are literally staring at your feet. As you get your desired angle,
     hold the L Button to lock your view in place and let go of R. This way
     you'll be able to make precision jumps without losing sight of what you
     are trying to reach. This trick helps immensely when getting the Plasma
     Beam without the Spider Ball.
     Hold L to lock on to a target, then tap B while locked on to move from
     side to side around them in a circle. This comes in handy during pretty
     much the entire game and is upgraded a bit after acquiring the Space Jump
     Once you find the Charge Beam, you can tractor refills to your location by
     aiming at them and charging up. If they're within range, they'll be pulled
     to you, eliminating the need for you to go to them.

  These are advanced moves that you won't really need to use in the game, since
  this guide walks you through the regular path. These are fun to experiment
  with, however.
     This move is a bit difficult to pull off at first, because it requires
     precise timing on the controls. Once you have a feel for it, though, it
     becomes easier. To start this, set the first Bomb and let it pop you up.
     Immediately upon landing, set the second Bomb. As the shimmering stops,
     set the third (just like a Double Bomb Jump). As the second Bomb pops you
     up, set your fourth bomb at the peak of your jump, and fall back into the
     third Bomb's explosion. This will propel you up towards the fourth Bomb.
     Right before reaching it, set the fifth Bomb, and as the fourth one pops
     you up, set the sixth. The end result is a higher Bomb Jump than the reg-
     ular DBJ will allow. The trick behind this is that you must set the first
     three bombs before the Bomb Counter refills, so that you can set a total
     of six consecutive Bombs.
     This trick is a small variation on the 2D games' morph jumping moves. If
     used properly, it can get you a bit of extra distance and/or height when
     Bomb Jumping. To execute it, start from a place you can safely pull off a
     DBJ or TBJ from, then hit X to unmorph at the peak of your jump. Pushing
     forward on the Control Stick while the game adjusts to your suddenly in-
     creased height launches you forward and boosts you a bit higher. Note
     that the Morph can also be executed off of a Wall DBJ or TBJ.
     This special jump involves you jumping up against a wall and then pushing
     out from the wall during a Space Jump. You can do single Ghetto Jumps as
     well; the end result is a slight boost in height and distance if you're
     trying to go farther. This operates on the same principle as the wall
     DBJ or Wall TBJ - sliding against a wall increases your height.
     This is a slight variation of the regular L-Lock Jump, and is performed in
     much the same fashion. To do this, set up a regular L-Lock Jump and leap
     in the direction of your target. As you near the apex of your jump, let go
     of the L Button to force Samus' view back up, and you'll "spring" forward
     a little bit.

The Power Suit is an advanced Chozo exoskeleton that the Chozo modified for
your personal use. It provides life support functions and is well shielded from
attack. The modular nature of the Power Suit allows for the addition of weap-
ons, Visors, and other gear as needed, all of which are strewn about the planet
Tallon IV.

  Beam Weapons are gained throughout the game. To utilize each one, use the C
  Stick to swap which Beam Weapon is currently active. Each has an unlimited
  rate of fire, and with the Charge Beam, can be amplified for more power.
     The Power Beam is the default Arm Cannon. It has the best rate of fire,
     and can be used to open Blue Doors. If you see your shots ricochet, cease
     fire; the Power Beam is not working against that target. You can use the
     Power Beam to quickly clear an area of weak foes.
     This weapon is found in the CHOZO RUINS. It allows you to increase the
     damage and effectiveness of the Arm Cannon and other Beam Weapons. The
     Charge Beam has a limited 'tractor beam' capacity that you can use to pull
     small objects to you. There are Charge Combo Beam Enhancements that util-
     ize the Charge Beam and the Missile Launcher in tandem to fire much larger
     This weapon is found in the CHOZO RUINS. It can freeze enemies solid, and
     shots from it can also slow foes down. The Ice Beam can be used to open
     White Doors. This weapon is particularly effective against fire-based
     creatures. Charging this beam increases the amount of time an enemy will
     stay frozen. Additionally, some frozen enemies can be shattered by Missile
     This weapon is found in PHENDRANA DRIFTS. It fires electrically-charged
     bolts, and can be used to operate some machinery. It has a limited homing
     capability, but must be fired with a lock-on to work. The Wave Beam can be
     used to open Purple Doors. Charging this weapon fires a fierce electrical
     blast; enemies struck by this will be enveloped in electrical energy for a
     few seconds.
     This weapon is found in MAGMOOR CAVERNS. It fires streams of molten energy
     that can burn enemies and ignite flammable objects. The Plasma Beam can be
     used to open Red Doors. This weapon is particularly effective against ice-
     based enemies. Charging this weapon creates a sphere of plasma energy;
     enemies struck by this will be engulfed in flames for a few moments.
     This weapon is gained after your Power Suit becomes Phazon-corrupted in
     the PHAZON MINES. It is capable of channeling pure Phazon through the Arm
     Cannon into charged Phazon blasts, but is only activated when in the pres-
     ence of high concentrations of Phazon. The Charge Beam functionality is
     disabled when the Phazon Beam is active.

  Your Arm Cannon can be adapted into a concussive blast system that enables
  you to fire energy-based Missiles. Missiles can be charged with Beam Weapons
  to create Charge Combos if you have found the corresponding upgrade, or you
  can fire groups of Missiles on their own.
     The first Missile Expansion gives you the ability to fire Missiles, and is
     found in the CHOZO RUINS. Missiles fired with a lock-on will seek their
     targets. Missiles can destroy objects made from Brinstone. There are also
     Charge Combo enhancements scattered throughout the environment. They use
     the Missile Launcher and the Charge Beam in tandem to fire more effective

  The Charge Combos let you use the Missile Lancher and the Arm Cannon together
  for combination attacks that are stronger than the Beam Weapons on their own.
  When charged, press Y to fire the selected Beam's Charge Combo. Each shot
  consumes Missiles to fire.
     This upgrade is found in PHENDRANA DRIFTS. This is the Power Beam's Charge
     Combo. This is a Single Shot Charge Combo that fires a powerful energy
     Missile. Each shot consumes 5 additional Missiles. Super Missiles can des-
     troy Cordite structures.
     This upgrade is found in MAGMOOR CAVERNS. This the Ice Beam's Charge Com-
     bo. This is a Single Shot Charge Combo that fires a wide-area freezing
     attack. Each shot consumes 10 additional missiles. The Ice Spreader is
     limited against aerial targets.
     This upgrade is found in the CHOZO RUINS. This is the Wave Beam's Charge
     Combo. This is a Sustained Charge Combo that fires a potent blast of elec-
     tricity that auto-seeks targets in the area. Each shot consumes 10 Miss-
     iles to activate, plus 5 additional missiles per second afterwards.
     This upgrade is found in the PHAZON MINES. This is the Plasma Beam's
     Charge Combo. This is a Sustained Charge Combo that you can use to sweep a
     stream of flame across multiple targets in an area. Each shot consumes 10
     Missiles to activate, plus 5 additional missiles per second afterwards.

  The Morph Ball function allows you to compact your size in order to fit into
  small passageways. There are multiple upgrades to this form that increase
  your effectiveness while morphed.
     This upgrade is found in the CHOZO RUINS. It changes your Suit into a com-
     pact, mobile sphere. You can freely roll around like a ball when in this
     form, but you cannot jump without unmorphing.
     This upgrade is also found in the CHOZO RUINS, and is your default weapon
     when you are in Morph Ball form. The Morph Ball Bomb can be used to break
     cracked walls and activate certain devices. If the Morph Ball is near a
     Bomb when it explodes, it will be popped a short distance into the air.
     The Morph Ball Bomb can easily break items made of Sandstone or Talloric
     This upgrade is found in PHENDRANA DRIFTS. It can be used to increase the
     Morph Ball's speed for short periods. Press and hold B to charge, then re-
     lease B to trigger a quick Speed Boost. When charging, the longer you hold
     B, the longer (and faster) the Boost Charge will be. Throughout the envir-
     onment, you will encounter U-shaped channels known as half-pipes. Using
     the Boost Ball in these areas will let you reach higher places. Build a
     charge as you descend in the half-pipe, then trigger the Boost as you as-
     cend the other side. This will give you the speed and momentum you need to
     reach new heights.
     This upgrade is also found in PHENDRANA DRIFTS. It allows you to move the
     Morph Ball along magnetic rails. Press and hold R to activate the Spider
     Ball ability, then follow the magnetic rails to explore new areas. The
     Morph Ball Bomb can be used to trigger a Bomb Jump while attached to a
     This upgrade is initially found in the PHAZON MINES, but Expansions are
     found throughout the environment. This is the strongest Morph Ball weapon,
     and can destroy many materials, including Bendezium. Each Power Bomb Exp-
     ansion you find increases the number of Power Bombs you can carry by 1.

  You can find specialized Armor Enhancements that increase your defensive cap-
  abilities, your mobility, and your radiation exposure levels.
     This upgrade is found in the CHOZO RUINS. It adds increased heat resist-
     ance to the Power Suit and increases your defensive shielding. While the
     Varia Suit can handle higher temperatures than normal, some extreme heat
     sources and heat-based attacks still cause damage.
     This upgrade is found in PHENDRANA DRIFTS. It eliminates the effects of
     liquid on your movement, and increases your defensive shielding. It will
     allow you to move unhindered in water, but does not reduce damage when ex-
     posed to hazardous fluids. Visor modifications with the Gravity Suit allow
     you to better see underwater.
     This upgrade is gained after your Power Suit becomes Phazon-corrupted in
     the PHAZON MINES. The viral corruption here has some beneficial side eff-
     ects, such as complete resistance to Blue Phazon. In addition to Phazon
     resistance, the corruption has dramatically increases defensive shielding
     There are 14 Energy Tanks scattered throughout the environment. These will
     increase the power level available to your Suit's defensive screens. Each
     Energy Tank increases your Suit's energy by 100 units. The more energy
     your Suit has, the longer you can stay alive. You can fully recharge your
     Energy Tanks at Save Stations as well as your Gunship.

  Your Visor is your primary means of navigation through the environment. Mod-
  ifications to it will allow you to increase the number of things you can see
  and track via radar optics.
     The Combat Visor is your default Visor. It provides you with a Heads-Up
     Display (HUD) containing radar, mini map, lock-on reticules, threat ass-
     essment, energy gauge, and Missile count. Icons for the Beam Weapons you
     possess are shown in the lower-right corner of the Combat Visor. Icons for
     the Visors you possess are shown in the lower-left corner of the Combat
     The Scan Visor is a secondary default Visor, and is used to collect data.
     Some devices will activate when scanned. Move the Visor magnifier over
     targets with the orange symbol, then press and hold L to scan. Press A to
     turn the Visor off. Mission-critical scan targets will be red in color.
     Scanning enemies with this Visor can reveal their vulnerabilities. You
     will be unable to fire any weapons while the Scan Visor is active.
     This upgrade is found in PHENDRANA DRIFTS. It allows you to see objects
     in the infrared spectrum. Hot objects are bright to the Visor, and cooler
     objects are dim. The Thermal Visor will show the weak points of certain
     foes. Use the Thermal Visor in total darkness and poor weather conditions.
     Brightly lit areas, explosions, and intense heat can impair the Thermal
     Visor. Enemies with temperatures close to their surroundings will be tough
     to spot with this Visor. You are also able to track hidden power lines
     with this Visor.
     This upgrade is found in TALLON OVERWORLD. It allows you to see through
     certain types of materials. The X-Ray Visor can reveal invisible items,
     areas, and enemies. Robotic enemies jam the X-Ray Visor's frequency, so
     eliminate them to restore function to the Visor. You can also acquire alt-
     ernate targets on some enemies with this Visor.

  Part of your power is your agility and jumping prowess. With these special
  Chozo upgrades, your mobility is greatly enhanced.
     This upgrade is found in TALLON OVERWORLD. These increase your leaping
     capability by way of boot-mounted thrusters. Press B to jump, then press B
     again during the jump to use the Space Jump Boots and double jump.
     This upgrade is found in the PHAZON MINES. It allows you to swing back and
     forth from special points in the environment. Grapple Points appear in
     your Visor as the little Grapple Hook icons. Press and hold L to fire the
     Grapple Beam. Hold L to stay connected; let go to release. The Grapple
     Beam can be used to cross wide gaps. You can alter your path while swing-
     ing from the Grapple Point as well.

RETRO STUDIOS has done a masterful job preserving the classic exploration ele-
ment of the Metroid games with this installment. You play from the first person
perspective, but you'll still encounter plenty of the fierce action and plat-
forming style that defines Metroid. You'll find that over half the game is
about learning your surroundings and exploiting them, searching high and low,
bombing obstacles out of the way. Looking for more efficient routes is integral
to the game. The 3D maps can get somewhat confusing at times, but with patience
and skill, you'll make it through. What you'll find below is a brief list of
some things to consider that might make your journey through Tallon IV a bit
less hair-raising.

  1. Like in almost every Metroid game, you'll often deal with not just one
     enemy, but an entire horde of them. Make liberal use of the L Button dur-
     ing a swarm to constantly target and pick off the nearest threat to you.
     In later cases such as with Auto Defense Turrets, Flying Pirates, and the
     Fission Metroids, you can sometimes use doors to your advantage to provide
     cover. Flying Pirates and Fission Metroids, due to their size, cannot fit
     through the doors, so it's really easy to stay on the opposite side and
     pick your targets off from there.
  2. Even though there is a lot of information to process, your Combat HUD can
     be a lifesaver in battle. It will definitely help you to check out your
     Radar and Mini-Map features regularly. Your Threat Assessment will slowly
     increase as you near dangerous areas, and when enemies are present, your
     targeting reticles will automatically appear.
  3. Scan everything!! Often you'll discover new stuff or methods of beating
     bosses by scanning them, and of course, you gain the artwork galleries by
     scanning and filling up your Log Book. Keep in mind that there are several
     things in the game that are one-time items: miss them once, and you for-
     feit them for the remainder of the game. For convenience, I have not only
     marked each of these one-timers during the walkthrough, but you will also
     find a list of them at the end of the guide, in the Log Book section.
  4. Every room in the world has a name. If you're unfamiliar with them, you
     can press Z at any time to call up the map, which will highlight which one
     you're in. Many points in this walkthrough refer to specific locations,
     so this will be helpful for you to know the room layouts and how they con-
     nect to each other.
  5. Once you begin encountering Metroids, keep the following in mind. Normal
     Metroids will usually mind their own business until you get close, while
     Hunter Metroids will attack from farther away. Fission Metroids, on the
     other hand, will usually begin chasing you the moment you enter a partic-
     ular room. If you have Missiles to spare and need to defeat a Metroid to
     move on, but don't feel like getting within snacking range, you can always
     fire a Missile to attract its attention and lure it over to you.

  The planet has seven distinct regions that you'll explore during the game.
  Each one has its own unique characteristics that you'll have to contend with.
  Like SUPER METROID, most of these regions are connected to others via use of
  large planetary elevators, and there are often multiple transport elevators
  leading to different regions within a single area. What follows below is an
  abbreviated list of the regions of Tallon IV.
     This orbiting ship is your first area of the game. Some of the Space Pir-
     ates' Phazon experiments live here. Later in the game, you'll explore this
     again, but it will be underwater.
     This area somewhat resembles a wetland area. It is lush and overgrown with
     vegetation, is under a constant state of rainfall, and has rivers and lake
     terrain features.
     The ancient ruined city of the Chozo lies in an arid desert-like area.
     A lot of crumbling structures litter the region, but as you get deeper in-
     to the ruins, you will find man-made watery features.
     The lava caves of the planet lie far underground, close to the mantle of
     the planet. There are lava lakes and volcanic features all over the land-
     scape, along with a number of man-made features for harnessing thermal
     These snow-covered mountains are far above the lava caverns. This mostly
     frozen wasteland houses a Space Pirate research facility and the old Chozo
     Ice Temple.
     This desolate area is where the Space Pirates have made their headquarters
     area, though much of it is underground. There is a lot of raw Phazon in
     this region, making navigation quite hazardous.
     This small area can only be accessed with the twelve Artifacts of Chozo
     that are scattered through the world. The source of all Phazon can be
     found deep within the crater.

  Running around a planet takes a long time. Fortunately, there are plenty of
  region-connecting transport elevators that link them. Moving around within
  individual areas is accomplished via doors, gates, or tunnels. Transports
  must be scanned before they can be used, and then remain active for the rest
  of the game. There are four main types of doors, but certain conditions can
  affect the use of them. Other than transports and doors, there are tunnels
  you can access with the Morph Ball and Magnetic Rails that you can travel
  along with the Spider Ball. Refer below to see a short list of the means you
  will be using to move from place to place.

    1. BLUE DOOR
       These are standard doors, and can be opened with any Beam or Bomb.
       These doors can only be opened with the Wave Beam.
       These doors can only be opened with the Ice Beam.
    4. RED DOOR
       These doors can only be opened with the Plasma Beam.
       A red shield over a door means that a Missile impact is required. Once
       the shield has been destroyed, it becomes a normal door.
       This kind of door is a regular passage, but is locked until a certain
       objective (defeated boss, scanned item, etc.) has been accomplished.

       You'll use the Scan Visor to activate these giant lifts that take you
       from place to place around Tallon IV. Once a particular Transport is
       activated, it remains online for the duration of the game.
       Once the Morph Ball has been acquired, you can and will use these small
       passages to travel new places. Some tunnels are blocked, though, and the
       obstructions must be removed.
       These black and yellow rails line some areas later in the game, and can
       only be traversed with the Spider Ball. Hold R when near a Rail to mag-
       netically attach to and use them.
       Late in the game, you'll re-explore the Frigate, only this time it is
       underwater and without power. In order to move through, you need to
       find power conduits and restore power with the Wave Beam.

  There are various consoles you will find that can aid your progress in some
  form or another. Scanning these counts towards your Research Data, so grab
  the first two during your trip through the Space Pirate Frigate.
     These will allow you to download an entire copy of an area map. Step into
     the hologram to download the data, and Z to open your Map Screen.
     These will allow you to save your game progress. Step into the hologram,
     and your game will be saved up to that point. These also have the benefit
     of restoring all of your energy, but not your weapons.
     These will refill your Missile complement. Step into the hologram and you
     will emerge with your weapons complement refilled.

  There are many things in Tallon IV's environment that will hinder your prog-
  ress. Some are natural, while others are man-made.
     This relatively weak structure can be destroyed with Morph Ball Bombs.
     This weak metal can be destroyed with Morph Ball Bombs.
     This is a stronger kind of rock that can only be destroyed with Missiles.
     This kind of rock is similar to Radion, and can be destroyed with Missiles.
     This powerful kind of metal can only be destroyed with Super Missiles.
     This is a super-dense type of rock that can only be destroyed using Power
  7. WATER
     By itself, it can't harm you, but unless you have the Gravity Suit, your
     progress will be impeded significantly.
  8. LAVA
     This hot liquid impedes your progress like water, but you will take damage
     at a constant rate if exposed to it.
     This highly radioactive substance will harm you like the plague. The blue
     variety's effects can be negated with the Phazon Suit, but the red variety
     can still easily kill you.

  METROID PRIME's Combat System is fairly straightforward in design. When you
  are engaging a target, you will ordinarily use the Combat Visor, although
  invisible enemies must be tracked with either the Thermal or X-Ray Visors.
  Hold L to lock on to your target so you can always be facing it. Tap B while
  locked on for your Strafe Dash move so you can circle the enemy and avoid
  most attacks thrown your way. Some enemies, such as Eyons or some cloaked
  enemies can't be locked onto, so you'll have to use R to manually aim towards
  them. Most enemies are also elemental in design - ice enemies are weak to
  fire and vice versa. Most enemies are always weak to electricity, too. Know-
  ing how to defeat an enemy quickly may often make the difference between a
  quick kill and one that takes extra time. Some enemies or objects can by
  their very nature hinder your abilities - Scatter Bombus can interfere with
  your systems no matter what Visor you use, and steam pockets or waterfalls
  will fog your Visor up. Finally, know which Visor to use. Some enemies can be
  tracked with multiple Visors, but it's important to know which one to use and

This walkthrough itself is broken into segments that comprise the major parts
of the game (by item upgrade), and are in turn further subdivided into the
actual areas of the planet you'll be visiting. These will be notated when you
visit a new area, and will have a small "Mission Outlook" section at the start
that will cover your immediate objectives, items you should get, and any Log
Book scans to find. Often, you'll also see references to various data that you
will be alerted to during the game. Mostly, it will be just as described, but
know that if the Hints System is enabled, some of them will appear only if the
game computer decides you're not making enough progress towards what it thinks
the next objective is. Finally, I have included every single creature and data
scan along the way so you know when to scan items, as well as the ones that are
the more difficult "one-time" scans. Follow the directions and you'll have no

  Every single creature, item, or object you need to scan for Log Book complet-
  ion will be annotated in the walkthrough when you first encounter that par-
  ticular scan. One-time scans will be capitalized with astersisks around them
  (*) to make them easier to spot.

  Every item - Energy Tanks, Ammo Expansions, Pirate Data, and Chozo Lore - is
  numbered within the walkthrough segments. While this was originally designed
  so that I could keep track of what items had been acquired during the writing
  process, I found that it also makes for a handy reference tool for the player
  utilizing this guide to make sure they're "on track", so to speak. This num-
  bering format lists the item or scan with the amount you currently have, div-
  ided by the end total to be found, i.e. "[ENERGY TANK (01/14)]" or "[PIRATE
  DATA: "TITLE" (01/25)]", etc.

  As a general rule, Hard Mode only increases the strength of the enemies and
  bosses in the game, and doubles the amount of damage you receive from enemy
  attacks. Therefore, the individual walkthroughs will not cover Hard Mode, but
  each boss section will have an additional strategy part that covers what to
  expect from each battle.

With all of that covered, the walkthrough itself begins below. Watch the open-
ing cinematic to see how Samus finds the Space Pirate ship. Once your ship fin-
ishes its landing sequence, the game will begin.

  This section details the first part of this walkthrough as you explore the
  Space Pirate Frigate, the Orpheon.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate derelict Pirate Frigate and determine source of specimen|
   |     breach.          				                     |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None			           		     |
   |  2. Supplies:    None	   			                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None				                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: *Fall of Zebes*					     |
   |  3. Log Book:    Parasite**, Map Station, Small Energy, Missile Ammunit-|
   |                  ion, Auto Defense Turret, Save Station, *Parasite      |
   |		      Queen*						     |

  Once you start a new game, you'll be informed of distress signals being int-
  ercepted from a derelict ship in orbit of the planet of Tallon IV. Watch as
  Samus Aran's ship approaches the badly-damaged Pirate Frigate and lands. You
  will assume control once the sequence is finished. This level serves only as
  a practice session for you to get familiar with the controls.
  You'll start out on Deck Alpha, which houses the Frigate's docking bays and
  storage facilities. From your starting point, you'll see a blue forcefield in
  front of you. Lock on to and shoot each of the four orbs to deactivate it so
  you can advance. Next, scan the console to the right of the second force-
  field. This will activate the orbs so you can shoot at them. There are six
  this time, so use R to assist you in targeting the high ones, then continue
  on through up the ramp and through the blue door. Scan the consoles as you go
  through to repressurize the airlocks before you can move on. The next room is
  the Emergency Evacuation Area. Head down the ramp and activate your Scan Vis-
  or to locate the ["PARASITE"] near the floor. It'll be too busy feasting on
  its Space Pirate dinner to worry about you, so you can safely scan and des-
  troy it. Scan it now; you won't get any more chances after this level, and
  you don't have the time to waste trying to scan the swarms during the escape
  sequence. Head to the opposite side of the room and through the blue door at
  the end. In the next hallway, you'll reach an impasse; use the Charge Beam to
  blast through the rubble and head deeper into the Frigate. The next hallway
  will show a short cinema of three Parasites escaping into a small tunnel.
  Follow them in using the Morph Ball to find and scan the ["MAP STATION"] and
  download the map data if you want, then head back out and on into the elev-
  ator room. Scan the console to activate it and travel to Deck Beta.
  On Deck Beta, you'll have to use the Morph Ball to navigate some damaged tun-
  nels. Once you reach Biotech Research Area 1, you'll find a couple of injured
  Space Pirates, but none pose too much of a threat. Take your opportunity here
  to practice strafing so you'll be better at it later. As you defeat them,
  they'll leave ["SMALL ENERGY"] and ["MISSILE AMMUNITION"] refills; be sure to
  scan them for the Log Book first. Through the next door and around the bend
  lies a deadly new enemy known as an ["AUTO DEFENSE TURRET"]. Hold L and side-
  step so you can scan it, then fire two Missiles to destroy it.  Once you
  reach the Biohazard Containment (the room you reach that has a lot of comp-
  uter terminals in it), scan one near the entrance to download [*PIRATE DATA:
  "FALL OF ZEBES" (01/25)*]. This entry is a one-time scan - if you don't get it
  now, it will not be available the second time you come through here. Inch
  around the next corner to take out the Auto Defense Turret in the corner, and
  check out some of the "easter eggs" in the room. The giant creature in the
  central tube vaguely resembles Draygon from SUPER METROID, and scanning the
  banging door definitely nets you a description of a Zebesian Sidehopper (even
  though the game labels it only as a "dangerous xenotropic lifeform". Continue
  on through the next few areas until you reach the lift down to Deck Gamma.
  Scan the console to activate the lift, then ride down and have a charged shot
  ready for the Space Pirate that will attack. Scan the consoles on the wall,
  and you'll be prompted to "insert the metallic sphere". This means use the
  Morph Ball to unlock the door. Opening this door leads to another room just
  like the first, but you should head into the left-hand door first to scan the
  ["SAVE STATION"]. Head back out and take out the two Auto Defense Turrets,
  scan the console again, and use the Morph Ball again to open the door leading
  to the Reactor Core.

    As is common to Metroid games, the Parasite Queen is pretty large. Read
    below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for beating this mutated monster.

    In this mode, the Parasite Queen is quite a pushover. This fight serves to
    more or less get you acquainted with close-quarters fighting and strafing
    techniques. Start off scanning the boss to get the [*"PARASITE QUEEN"*] Log
    Book entry and to identify its weak point, then hold your lock while the
    boss spins around. During this phase, all yol will have to dodge is a sear-
    ing green laser and wait for its shields to stop rotating. Target the mouth
    and pepper it with Power Beam shots - most will bounce off, but some of
    them will get through. Once the shield stops rotating, find the opening in
    it and quickly toggle between A and Y so you can rapid-fire your Missiles -
    this trick seems to only work in the original version of the game, but is
    extremely effective since you don't have to wait for your Missile Launcher
    to activate and deactivate. If you do this correctly, you can kill this
    boss in a single round.

    There isn't a lot that changes for this version of the fight, except that
    the Parasite Queen's laser does more damage, and its shield stays deactiv-
    ated for less time. Continue with the same strategy as during Normal Mode,
    and keep going until this boss has been defeated. If you run out of Miss-
    iles, just resort to charged Power Beam fire to finish it off.

  Once you've eliminated the Parasite Queen, the self-destruct will activate,
  and you'll have seven minutes to get out before the plays blows. Follow these
  directions and run as fast as humanly possible to clear this area in just
  over four minutes.
  The upper door is sealed, but the camera will automatically point you in the
  direction you need to go. Run through the cooridors and scan the console in
  front of you to deactivate the Auto Defense Turret up ahead. As you reenter
  Biotech Research Area 1, some Space Pirates will be busy fighting off another
  large Parasite. Run past them and up the ramp that the resulting explosion
  creates, then leap and hop your way to the circular pipe in the distance,
  avoiding the hail of fire from the Space Pirates. Once in, morph into a ball
  to accelerate down the tunnels (do this for all the downward subventilation
  shafts). Maneuver yourself to avoid the Parasite swarms, and continue on your
  way through all the shafts until you reach the Cargo Bay Access. Follow the
  giant crates and exit out the right-hand tunnel to work your way through to
  Biotech Research Area 2. Wait for the cinema with Meta Ridley to end, then
  use the Grapple Beam to swing across the pit in front of you. Make a run
  for the door and down the hallway to the Deck Alpha Elevator. Scan it, watch
  as the electrical surge destroys your suit upgrades, then ride the elevator
  up. At the top, wind your way through the twisting passages using L and some
  blind movements (it helps to memorize the exact layout of these corridors so
  you don't get stuck) and sprint down the hallway to the end where you have to
  let the airlock repressurize. Wait the eternity for it to do so, then take
  off running some more to reach the docking bays, where you'll safely make it
  to your Gunship. Now watch the next cinema as you land on Tallon IV.

  This section details the second part of this walkthrough, which takes you
  through Tallon Overworld and the Chozo Ruins, culminating in a battle against
  Flaahgra and your re-acquisition of the Varia Suit.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate overworld area and locate pathway to Chozo Ruins.       |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None   			                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None		                     		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Hunter Gunship, Beetle, Blastcap, Zoomer, Sap Sac, Gee-|
   |                  mer" 				                     |

  A short cinema will ensue as Samus speeds through the atmosphere and lands on
  the surface. Immediately upon exiting the ship, drop down, turn and scan your
  ["HUNTER GUNSHIP"] to add it to your Research logs. Head to the right and
  enter the blue door. In the cave, you'll face a ["BEETLE"]"; scan it and take
  them down with the Power Beam. Make your way into Tallon Canyon and scan the
  ["ZOOMER"] high on the cliff, then the "[BLASTCAP"] down by the water. Keep
  looking up to get the ["SAP SAC"] hanging from a tree, then keep panning to
  the right to scan the lone ["GEEMER"] that's crawling on a far ledge. Head
  towards the door at the far end, dealing with more Beetles. Head through the
  access tunnel into the Transport Room beyond, and scan the switch to activate
  the Transport and take it to the Chozo Ruins.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate source of seismic disruptions.			     |
   |  2. Assess increased hive presence and determine threat level.          |
   |  3. Determine source of powerful toxins and eliminate.                  |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Missile Launcher, Morph Ball, Charge Beam, Morph Ball  |
   |                  Bomb, Varia Suit				             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (X2) 			                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (X6)      	                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  Fountain, Exodus, Hatchling, Meteor Strike, Contain    |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Scarab, Eyon, War Wasp, War Wasp Hive, Plazmite, Tangle|
   |                  Weed, Large Energy, *Hive Mecha*, *Ram War Wasp*, Miss-|
   |                  ile Door Lock, Plated Beetle, Shriekbat, Reaper Vine,  |
   |                  Locked Door, *Incinerator Drone*, *Barbed War Wasp*,   |
   |                  Stone Toad, Morph Ball Slot, Venom Weed, *Flaahgra*,   |
   |                  *Flaahgra Tentacle*, Ultra Energy, Pulse Bombu, Oculus |

  Moving on up to the Chozo Ruins, you'll encounter some Beetles in the Ruins
  Entryway. Dispatch them, then grab the first [CHOZO LORE: "FOUNTAIN" (01/16)]
  entry. Head through the door into the Main Plaza, where you'll deal with more
  Beetle swarms, then move on to the back area. Enter the blue door on the left
  into the Nursery Access and scan a ["SCARAB"], then defeat the ones that get
  in your way, and follow it into the Ruined Nursery. In here, scan the next
  [CHOZO LORE: " EXODUS" (02/16)] entry, then climb up and scan both the ["WAR
  WASP"] and the ["WAR WASP HIVE"], then head through the door up top (ignore
  the Save Station for now; you don't need it). You'll next be able to scan an
  ["EYON"] in the aptly named Eyon Hall. Afterwards, avoid them and keep going
  through the next few rooms until you reach Totem Access. The room slants
  sharply to the right as you enter the door. Immediately add the ["PLAZMITE"]
  to the Log Book, then circle around the room and scan the ["TANGLE WEED"].
  The crate near the Tangle Weed usually yields ["LARGE ENERGY"] refills, so
  scan it and grab it if it appears, then head down the hallway to reach the
  Hive Totem room. In here, leap across the platforms without falling into the
  water - it's toxic - and get to the bridge. Just across from you, you can see
  a glowing object, but before you can grab it, you'll trigger the first of
  many mini-bosses.

    The Hive Mecha protects the first of your upgrades, and is a relatively
    simple two-phase mini-boss fight. You also have two one-time scans during
    this fight, so don't miss them. Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strat-
    egies for this fight.

    Start off by scanning below the water to get the [*"HIVE MECHA"*] for your
    Log Book, then start trying to grab a [*"RAM WAR WASP"*] as it flies around
    the area. Target the Ram War Wasps and shoot them down - once you do, the
    Hive Mecha itself will open up and you can lock onto the red orb and rapid-
    fire the Power Beam at it. When it closes, it will release more Ram War
    Wasps at a rate of two additional ones per round. These Wasps in a group
    are deadlier than the regular variety because they can attack in tandem,
    and getting hit by two or more of them can knock you off of your platform
    into the toxic water (which at this point almost guarantees death). Listen
    for the chirping to know when they will attack and spin around until you
    can lock onto them. Keep defeating them, then target the Hive Mecha. After
    three rounds, this battle will be over.

    This battle is mostly the same, except you will have to target more Ram War
    Wasps per round. Stand in the middle of the platform so you have less of a
    chance of being knocked off, and repeat the same exercise of taking down
    the Wasps, then firing on the exposed Hive Mecha. This shouldn't take too
    much longer.

  Defeating the Hive Mecha causes it to retract back into the ceiling, and will
  clear your path to the [MISSILE LAUNCHER] upgrade, which gives you your first
  set of 5 Missiles. Head to the door behind the Hive Mecha and scan it for the
  ["MISSILE BLAST SHIELD"] entry, then fire a Missile at it to break the lock.
  Head inside the small room here and grab your first [ENERGY TANK (01/14)],
  then backtrack out of Hive Totem the way you came in and return to the Ruined
  Gallery. Deal with the War Wasps (and take out their Hive with a Missile),
  then drop to the door on the other side and use a Missile on it. Inside the
  small alcove you can download the Map Data for the Chozo Ruins, then return
  to the main chamber. Take out the Blastcaps on a small platform in the water,
  then aim a Missile at the damaged wall near the back. Break the wall and
  cross to reach a [MISSILE EXPANSION (010/250)], then backtrack to the Main
  Plaza. Deal with the Beetles and cross to the Blast Shield-protected door on
  the right hand side near the entrance to the Ruins. Break the shield and head
  through the Scarab-laced tunnel to reach the Ruined Shrine. You can see a
  glowing object in the distance, but before you can grab it, a wall rises up
  and a swarm of Beetles will surface and attack you. They'll attack in groups
  of 8 or so at a time - back up and rapidly target them while peppering away
  with the Power Beam to take them down quickly. After you eliminate them, a
  much larger one appears, kicking off the next mini-boss fight.

    The Plated Beetle isn't difficult, but you can't attack it from the front.
    Take the time while it's getting oriented to scan it now for the ["PLATED
    BEETLE"] entry. If you don't get it here, these crop up in the Chozo Ruins
    later in the game. Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for tak-
    ing this one down.

    Your newly-acquired Missiles will come in real handy here. The only place
    you can damage the Plated Beetle is the tail, which means you have to get
    behind it first. Keep a lock on the Plated Beetle and move back and forth;
    when it vibrates and you see its wings flutter, strafe dash out of the way
    so that it goes sailing by you, and rapid fire (using A and Y rapidly) two
    Missiles into its tail. This should be enough to make it explode; if not,
    go a second round to take this one down.

    This time, the Plated Beetle arrives while you're still dealing with the
    regular Beetles. Finish taking them out, then focus on the larger one. Do
    the same as before, except this time you need to hit it three times in the
    tail with Missiles.

  Once the Plated Beetle is down, the wall will lower, revealing the [MORPH
  BALL] upgrade. Jump up and grab it, then use it to exit the area and return
  to the Main Plaza. This time, head to the back of the area and start heading
  up the stairs here, making your way up to the bridge overhead. There's a lone
  War Wasp circling about; destroy it, then lock onto each of the two Hives and
  destroy them before proceeding. Continue on through the blue door into the
  Fountain Access. More Scarabs and blocked passages await you in this tunnel;
  make it easy and use the Morph Ball the entire time. The Ruined Fountain is
  darkened, making it tough to see where you're going. There are, however, a
  few Plazmites circling around. As long as you don't bother them, they'll gen-
  erally leave you alone. Allow the Plazmites to light your path, then hop
  around the perimeter of the room to the Fountain at the back. Scan the upper
  wall to find the [CHOZO LORE: "HATCHLING" (03/16)] entry, then continue on
  your way to the other side to reach the blue door. Go through the access tun-
  nel to reach the Arboretum. In here, immediately turn left and scan for the
  ["REAPER VINE"], then shoot them to make them retract into the wall. Make
  your way across to a set of ledges that wind around the central tree. Cross
  the wooden bridge, take out more Reaper Vines, and head down the ramp to get
  to another door that leads to the Gathering Hall. Once here, cross along the
  lower right path (where the cluster of Blastcaps are) into Watery Hall Access,
  where you'll have to inch around the corner and scan for a ["SHRIEKBAT"] be-
  fore it flies at you. Avoid them or shoot them, then cross to the lowest part
  of the room and fire a Missile at the weakened wall on the left to reveal a
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (015/250)]. Go up the next ramp and into the Watery Hall,
  where you need to locate four runic symbols around the room with the Scan
  Visor in order to open a gate high above you. Jump to the ledge near the
  entry door and turn around. As you pan to the right, you should see the first
  runic symbol. Hop back down and cross the platforms on the water until you
  reach a Blastcap cluster. Destroy them and find a second symbol on the floor.
  Head to the back of the room where the third symbol lies on the wall. Lastly,
  return to the entry point and navigate the ledges up and over to the large
  gate. Scan the wall near it to find the fourth symbol, then turn and scan the
  gate itself to unlock it. From your vantage, scan the far wall to find the
  [CHOZO LORE: "METEOR STRIKE" (04/16)] entry, then jump and cross the ground to
  find the [CHARGE BEAM] upgrade. As you grab it, eight Eyons will come to life
  and try to stop you from leaving. Use charged Beam shots to wipe them out,
  and backtrack to the Gathering Hall. Head up the ramp to the Save Station,
  and save your game. Once you exit, start ascending theledges in the room as
  you head towards the Energy Core at the top. You ascent is full of Blastcaps
  and Shriekbats, so handle them as you go along. At the top, there's a Morph
  Ball tunnel leading to another side of the room. Once out of the tunnel, fire
  away at the multiple Shriekbats, then jump across the pit to the door on the
  other side. Inside the Energy Core, scan the [Locked Door] on the door in the
  distance, then head to the left until you reach a Morph Ball Tunnel. Roll on
  through this and the next one to reach the door leading to the Burn Dome.

    The Incinerator Drone holds the Morph Ball Bomb upgrade, but you need to
    go through a pattern of attacking/defending against both the drone and the
    new Barbed War Wasps first. Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies
    for beating this mecha.

    This battle starts off with the drone shooting two jets of flame. Pick a
    safe spot and scan it for the [*"INCINERATOR DRONE"*] entry, then strafe
    side to side and stay in between the two jets. When it stops, a red orb
    will appear. Get in front of it and fire until the drone malfunctions and
    shoots its flame straight up. The Barbed War Wasps in the hive above get
    pretty pissed off that their home is being set aflame, and for some reason
    come after you. As they fly out, scan one of them for the [*"BARBED WAR
    WASP"*] entry and commence to picking them off with the Charge Beam and
    tractor in any refills. Keep an eye on the Drone though; the flame jets are
    now tilted at severe angles that can make it tougher to dodge. The trick is
    to avoid the high jet, and jump the low jet. Keep your attention focused
    more on the Wasps, but check the Drone every five seconds or so; as soon as
    that red orb pops back into view, drop the Wasps like a bad habit and focus
    all firepower on the Incinerator Drone. It'll malfunction again, and the
    process will start over. After 4 rounds, the Drone will really go on the
    fritz, vaporize the entire Hive, and then explode.

    With this one, not too much changes. The number of rounds is still the same
    and the attack pattern doesn't change, but the Barbed War Wasps will be
    faster and more aggressive, and you will deal with a few more of them per
    round. This battle is still a piece of cake; just keep an eye on the Wasps
    and shoot them down to win here.

  Once the Incinerator Drone has been beaten, it leaves behind the [MORPH BALL
  BOMB] upgrade. Grab it and use one immediately on the weak wall near the back
  of the room (where the watery channels go to), then roll to a [MISSILE EXPAN-
  SION (020/250)]. Exit the Burn Dome and scan the ["STONE TOAD"] hidden in the
  small alcove, then morph and let it eat you. Set a Bomb to destroy it so you
  can get into the next room, then scan the ["MORPH BALL SLOT"] on the wall.
  Bomb Jump into the slot, then set another Bomb to activate it. This will
  trigger the water to drain, so roll through the small tunnel into the large
  room. Quickly roll to the next slot and repeat to raise a set of platforms.
  Working against the clock, hop from platform to platform and head inside the
  alcove to reach the third Slot. Bomb Jump into it and activate it to raise a
  final series of ledges and unlock the door on the upper right side. Enter the
  door to make your way into the Furnace. Roll through the Morph Ball Tunnel
  and follow it to a second one, where you land in a room containing an [ENERGY
  TANK (02/14)]. Collect it and make your way back towards the Arboretum, using
  the Save Station in the Gathering Hall along the way. Make your way out of
  here back to the Main Plaza so you can grab a few more items. Return to the
  Ruined Shrine where you found the Morph Ball and use a Bomb on the weak part
  of the wall to reveal a [MISSILE EXPANSION (025/250)], then head back to the
  Ruined Nursery (a room you found on your way to the Hive Totem). There's a
  Morph Ball maze in the wall, so enter it at the low point to destroy a sand-
  stone obstruction, then climb to the upper level and enter the maze again.
  From here, you can roll through the maze to reach another [MISSILE EXPANSION
  (030/250)] at the end. Exit and backtrack to the Ruined Gallery and hop to
  the first right-hand ledge, and Bomb Jump into the hole on the wall. Roll
  through the piping and you'll fall into a room with yet another [MISSILE EX-
  PANSION (035/250)]. Now that you've gotten these, you can return to the Arb-
  This next part involves scanning four more runic symbols in the room so you
  can unlock a gate at the very top of the Arboretum. Alternatively, you can
  use a Triple Bomb Jump to bounce your way over the gate - it's up to you if
  you can pull the modified Bomb Jump sequence off. If you're scanning for the
  runic symbols, start with the patch of Venom Weed off to your right (this
  patch can't be scanned for the Log Book entry). Shoot the weeds to make them
  retract, then scan the runic symbol on the ground. Now ascend the ledges
  again to reach the wooden bridge. At the top on the tree bark is the second
  runic symbol. Keep going up to reach a series of Morph Ball passages. As you
  reach them, scan the ["VENOM WEED"] that lie in the passages for the Log Book
  entry, then shoot to make them retract and roll through before they pop back
  up. There will also be War Wasp Hives on the upper areas of the trees, so
  take them out with Missiles so you don't have to deal with Wasp swarms during
  the rest of the ascent. Keep on heading up and you'll find the third symbol
  on the left-hand wall near a series of stairs. Climb all the way to the top
  and stand on the wooden bridge, then pan your Scan Visor up and around to
  locate the fourth symbol on the right side of the tree. With all four of the
  symbols activated, the gate near you will unlock and you can use a Morph Ball
  Bomb to destroy the rubble and gain access into the Sunchamber Lobby. The
  following two rooms are filled to the brim with Reaper Vines and Venom Weeds.
  Avoid the Venom Weed and Reaper Vines and get to the door at the end; use the
  crates if you need energy or weapons refills, then head on through the door
  into the massive Sunchamber for the first major boss battle.

    This gigantic mutated plant is the source of the Phazon poisoning the Chozo
    Ruins, and relies on sunlight for its strength and dexterity. Read below
    for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for taking this boss down.

    This gigantic mutant plant contributes two entries to your Log Book. Start
    by scanning the beast itself for the [*"FLAAHGRA"*] entry, then turn and get
    the nearby [*"FLAAHGRA TENTACLE"*] entry so you can learn how to take this
    boss down. Flaahgra sits in the center of the room launching various kinds
    of attacks at you. Watch out especially for its poison breath attack and
    its ramming move where the head comes down and bats you around. Its last
    main move is to creat a thorn vine that will impede your movement and con-
    tinuously cause damage if you get stuck in it. There are four solar panels
    around the room that give Flaahgra power - you need to disable these panels
    so that its power source is cut off. When this happens, the large tentacles
    connected to its root system will retract, giving you access to Morph Ball
    tunnels and Bomb Slots. Move into one of these and set a Morph Ball Bomb
    to damage Flaahgra and destroy that particular root area. Flaahgra's thick
    skin prevents you from damaging it directly, but you can pepper its head
    with Power Beam shots to stun it, preventing it from unleashing most of its
    attacks on you. After the first round, Flaahgra will revive and activate
    another solar panel, so you have to disable two of them. Position yourself
    next to one and then lock onto the other that's active and disable it with
    a Missile, and use the Power Beam to take out the one closest to you so
    Flaahgra doesn't have a chance to knock the disabled one back into play.
    As you inflict more and more damage, Flaahgra will activate the remaining
    solar panels, meaning Flaahgra gets stronger and faster with each round.
    Once you have three or four to deal with, concentrate on stunning Flaahgra
    in between each panel to keep him woozy. Once you've delivered four Morph
    Ball Bombs to its root system, this boss will go down.

    Flaahgra may be the first boss that you need to approach differently. For
    one thing, its resistance to your attacks has significantly increased - the
    Power Beam just doesn't cut it if you're trying to stun the mutant this
    time. Secondly, its downtime has decreased, and it will be much more agg-
    ressive in knocking back disabled panels. Its attacks will come faster and
    more furiously, and sometimes be combinations - for instance, it can ram
    you into a thorn vine. You will be constantly disabling panels, stunning
    Flaahgra, then moving to another panel, and stunning it again to get the
    mutant to collapse. Bear these points in mind and this battle won't be much

  Defeating Flaahgra removes the poison from the waters in the Chozo Ruins, and
  reveals the [VARIA SUIT] upgrade. Grab it and leave the Sunchamber via the
  door in front of you and proceed through the Suntower Access until you reach
  some crates. Destroy these and you'll probably find an ["ULTRA ENERGY"] re-
  fill, so scan it for the Log Book. Just ahead, you'll run into another new
  enemy, the ["PULSE BOMBU"] - you can't damage it right now and it will wreak
  havoc with your Visor, so morph and roll past it for now. Go to the edge here
  and fall all the way to the bottom of the Suntower area. Take out the War
  Wasps and the Hives here, then scan for the [CHOZO LORE: "CONTAIN" (05/16)]
  on the wall near the blue door. Head into the Transport room, scan the con-
  sole, and take the Transport down to the fiery world of Magmoor Caverns.

  This section details the third part of this walkthrough, which is a short
  jaunt through Magmoor Caverns, exploration of the icy Phendrana Drifts, and
  a return to the Tallon Overworld for the Space Jump.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Explore the lava caves and find a route to Phendrana Drifts.        |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None				                     |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (X1) 			                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (X2)      	                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Grizby, Burrower, Magmoor, Puffer, Triclops	     |

  As soon as you arrive in Magmoor Caverns, drop down the platforms and head to
  the nearby Save Station and save your game. As you emerge from this room,
  take out the nearby Shriekbats and move into the lava area. The first enemy
  you'll see will be a ["GRIZBY"] on the ground; scan it and move on. Once you
  reach solid rock, turn on the Scan Visor and try to grab the ["BURROWER"] as
  it leaps out of the ground before proceeding. Entering the next door intro-
  duces you to Magmoor Caverns proper, and you'll immediately say hello to a
  large fire-breathing dragon known as a ["MAGMOOR"]. Target its head and let
  it eat two charged shots to literally blow its head off, then move on around
  the curve and start dealing with the floating ["PUFFER"] enemies. Each Puffer
  releases toxic gas when destroyed, so it's best to let the gas dissipate
  before moving on, or better yet, just avoid them as best as you can. Make
  your way across the platforms and bomb the wall to reach the second room of
  Lava Lake. Proceed through this area and you'll reach a small room with a
  grated floor. Before going down, scan the creatures crawling on the floor to
  get the ["TRICLOPS"] entry, then morph and roll along the far left-hand side
  of the room, trying not to get munched on by the Triclops. They'll grab you
  and carry you back to your starting point if you get caught, but you can get
  them to drop you by setting Morph Ball Bombs. Reach the other side of the
  pit and exit through the door to reach the large Triclops Pit area. Move on
  through the steam vents and start targeting the Puffers in your path. Drop
  off the ledge and look behind you to find a secluded cave entrance. Head
  through and Bomb yourself into the Morph Ball tunnel to access the the area
  underneath the mesh flooring. Roll along the right side and into the small
  offshoot tunnel to reach a new cave. Find the Morph Ball tunnel near the back
  and roll in. Head into the Storage Cavern at the top to find another [MISSILE
  EXPANSION (040/250)] near the back, then backtrack to the start of the area.
  Now head across the suspended platforms to the door at the far end and on
  into Monitor Station. Approach with caution - there are three Auto Defense
  Turrets just itching to blow you away. As soon as you get a lock on them, let
  each one have it with 2 Missiles (advance slowly to ensure that you lock on
  before they do). Take out all three and move to the door on the left to reach
  Shore Tunnel. Make your way through the hazardous lava sections and into
  Fiery Shores. Blast the crates on your right to give you some standing room,
  then jump over and assault the Magmoor that pops up. Jump to the ledge with
  the Triclops, and Bomb Jump into the Morph Ball tunnel. Follow it around to
  land in front of some more more crates. Destroy these and proceed to use the
  steps to bomb yourself up to a precarious catwalk perch. Roll along the cat-
  walk network to reach the [MISSILE EXPANSION (045/250)] at the end, then drop
  down and return to Monitor Station. Arm yourself near the door as the Auto
  Defense Turrets have returned, and take them out systematically. When all
  three have been destroyed, head up the bridge and jump to the rock formation
  on the other side. Aim up until you locate a fourth Auto Defense Turret, and
  blast it out of the sky. Ascend the rock and metal ledges until you have a
  safe spot from which you can leap to make it to the suspended catwalk below.
  Jump to it and head across the long metal bridge to the door far beyond.
  Morph into the passage and into Transport Tunnel A. There's an Energy Tank
  far above you, but you have to execute three Double Bomb Jumps over breakable
  metal blocks to get it. Perform the first Double Bomb Jump and crank the Con-
  trol Stick to the left so you land on the ledge above. Roll to the far end
  and perform the second Double Bomb Jump, again holding left to roll onto
  another ledge. Roll to the end and finish off the combo by doing another
  Double Bomb Jump to grab the [ENERGY TANK (03/14)] at the peak of your jump.
  Drop back down and roll into the Transport area, then scan the console to
  travel to Phendrana Drifts.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Explore the area and retrieve the Boost Ball.		             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Boost Ball			                     |
   |  2. Supplies:    None	 			                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			      	                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  Cipher, The Turned				     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Crystallite, Flickerbat, Scatter Bombu, Baby Sheegoth, |
   |		      *Ice Burrower*			                     |

  As you enter the icy world of Phendrana Drifts, you'll have to use your Miss-
  iles to blast through some ice structures. Beyond lies the Phendrana Shore-
  lines. Scan on a ledge to get a ["CRYSTALLITE"] for the Log Book, then look
  up in the sky for a ["FLICKERBAT"] circling above. Make your way across the
  ice and snow towards the left and you'll come across a building with a metal
  gate. Blast the gate with a Missile, and head inside to scan a panel at the
  back, which will unlock a door above you. Before heading up the ledges, make
  a pit stop at the nearby Save Station, then head up and around the ledges to
  reach a door that leads into the access tunnel to Ice Ruins East. In these
  tunnels, you'll run into another new enemy. Scan the ["SCATTER BOMBU"] for
  the Log Book, then morph and roll past them so they don't screw up your Visor
  abilities. Once you reach Ice Ruins East, you'll awaken the two large enemies
  below you. Scan one of them for the ["BABY SHEEGOTH"] entry, then lock onto
  them, strafe behind them and fire two Missiles into the ice shells on their
  backs to defeat them. Once they're dead, go and head up the ledge to the
  right. Follow it to the left and you'll enter a door leading to the Plaza
  Walkway, which in turn will lead you to back to Phendrana Shorelines. Stay on
  the high ledge and go left to reach a door leading to Ice Ruins West. Once
  inside, head immediately right and enter the building. Search the walls to
  find the [CHOZO LORE: "CIPHER" (06/16)], then run past the two Baby Sheegoths
  to reach a door at the back right corner. Inside the next cave, you'll run
  into an [*"ICE BURROWER"*], which is just a frosty version of the regular
  ones. Scan one now since you'll never run into these again, and move on past
  them to reach the Phendrana Canyon. Drop to the bridge below you, then turn
  around and scan the wall for the [CHOZO LORE: "THE TURNED" (07/16)] entry.
  After reading it, drop all the way down and run past the Baby Sheegoth up the
  ledge where a console sits. Scan it to align a set of platforms leading off
  into the distance. Hop over them quickly as they will collapse under your
  weight, then jump to the tower to reach the [BOOST BALL] upgrade. This allows
  you to speed boost in Morph Ball form, damage enemies, and navigate half-pipe
  structures. Drop down to the canyon below you to find a half-pipe, and use
  your new upgrade to Boost out of the canyon to the upper ledges on the right.
  Backtrack to Phendrana Shorelines to reach a cutscene with Meta Ridley, then
  drop to the bottom of the area and return the way you came initially back to
  Magmoor Caverns.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to Tallon Overworld. 				             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None				                     |
   |  2. Supplies:    None				                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			     	                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  From the Transport, backtrack to Monitor Station. Dispatch the Auto Defense
  Turrets once more, and head back through Shore Tunnel to Fiery Shores. Re-
  enter the Morph Ball tunnel, but follow the path leading in the opposite
  direction through the dangerous lava area. Enter the door at the rear to find
  a Magmoor. Destroy it and roll through the tight Morph Ball passage, across
  the metallic rails to the door on the other side into another Transport Room.
  Take this one back up to Tallon Overworld.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Locate nearby "half-pipe" configuration. 		             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Space Jump Boots			                     |
   |  2. Supplies:    None				                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x2)	     	                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Bloodflower					     |

  You'll exit the Magmoor transport near Tallon Overworld's Root Cave. Proceed
  through Transport Tunnel B and you can pick up another [MISSILE EXPANSION
  (050/250)] under the bridge. As you enter the Root Cave, pick off all the
  Beetles that attack you, then ascend the roots on the other side. Hop from
  platform to platform (destroy the Zoomers prior to each jump) to reach the
  door up top. Immediately upon entering, you'll come face-to-face with a giant
  ["BLOODFLOWER"] that spits toxins at you. Just run past it for now; exit out
  the door to reach Tallon Canyon once more. Proceed across the waterfall and
  jump down. Head back towards the door that led to the Chozo Ruins and destroy
  the Beetles. You'll find yourself in the half-pipe structure that your map
  was directing you to, so start using the Boost Ball to ascend the walls and
  reach the ledge on the left hand side. Follow it, destroying the sandstone
  you come across with Morph Ball Bombs, then proceed through the series of
  doors that leads back out to the Landing Site. Head to the left, jumping
  across the small gaps to reach another door leading into the Alcove where the
  [SPACE JUMP BOOTS] upgrade can be found at the bottom. With this upgrade, you
  can double jump and reach previously inaccessible areas. Use the Space Jump
  to double jump back to the door, then drop off the ledge towards your ship.
  Near the back, you'll find a small tunnel; roll on through the Tangle Weeds
  to reach the hidden [MISSILE EXPANSION (055/250)], then roll out and jump in
  your Gunship to save your game and reload energy and ammunition. Now head
  back through Tallon Canyon and through the Root Cave to return to Magmoor

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to Phendrana Drifts. 				             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None				                     |
   |  2. Supplies:    None				                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			     	                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Retrace the steps you took to get here back into Monitor Station. Yes, you'll
  battle those Auto Defense Turrets again, so take them out and return to Phen-
  drana Drifts the same exact way you did last time through Transport Tunnel A.

  This section details the fourth part of this walkthrough, which covers your
  return to Phendrana Drifts with your latest upgrades to explore more of the
  area and collect the Spider Ball.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate increase in predator activity. 		             |
   |  2. Locate and conduct reconnaissance of the Hydra Research Facility.   |
   |  3. Determine sources of seismic disturbances in the Quarantine Area.   |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Wave Beam, Super Missile, Thermal Visor, Spider Ball   |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (x2)			                     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x2)	     	                     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: Mining Status, Phazon Analysis, Security Breaches,     |
   |		      Glacial Wastes, Parasite Larva, Contact, Phazon Prog-  |
   |                  ram, Metroid Studies, Meta Ridley, Metroid Forces, Met-|
   |		      roid Morphology, Phazon Infusion			     |
   |  3. Log Book:    *Ice Parasite*, Sheegoth, Stalactite, *Ice Shriekbat*, |
   |		      Spinner, Shadow Pirate, Space Pirate, Zebes, Tallon IV,|
   |		      Flying Pirate, Metroid, Ice Beetle, Sentry Drone,      |
   |	              *Thardus*, Magnetic Rail Track			     |

  Start heading towards the Save Station (don't bother saving unless you think
  you might die) and then get ready to enter the Chozo Ice Temple. Head back
  along the ledges that led to Ice Ruins East, but stop and look around you to
  see floating platforms leading to that giant building in the distance. Use
  the Space Jump to reach the ledges so you can cross to the Ice Temple. As you
  reach the others side and enter the door, morph and roll past all the Bombus
  in this short hallway. In the next room, you'll face off against a Baby Shee-
  goth, and the close quarters makes combat a bit tough, so ignore it and move
  on towards the ledges. Climb up and take out the assorted enemies as you go
  up, and stop when you see an [*"ICE PARASITE"*] crawling around on the ledge.
  Scan it since you won't see this again, then keep moving to reach the top.
  Once you get up there, head down the short hallway towards the Chozo Statue
  and you'll find a gate blocking a door. Go back a little way until you find a
  bust of a Chozo Shaman on the right-hand wall and destroy the bust with a
  Missile so you can Bomb Jump into the Morph Ball slot behind it. Activate the
  slot with a Bomb to open the gate, then go inside and morph to get through
  the next section, which involves bombing stone columns out of your path. Once
  you've successfully cleared the path, head on into the Chapel of the Elders,
  where you'll have to fight another two-part mini-boss fight to claim the
  strange item that just got pulled into the floor. Four Baby Sheegoths will
  attack from the corners of the room, but thankfully you'll only face two at a
  time. Lock on to one of them and start strafing around while pounding its
  shell with the Power Beam. When you destroy one, another one enters, so keep
  picking them off until you've killed the whole quartet, then the next mini-
  boss fight will begin.

    Momma isn't too happy that you just killed her precious babies... This
    fight can be a bit tough at this stage of the game. Read below for Normal
    and Hard Mode strategies for taking this mini-boss down.

    This one is much larger than the smaller Baby versions, and is a whole lot
    meaner. Start off by scanning her for the ["SHEEGOTH"] Log Book entry, then
    lock onto the mini-boss. The first thing you need to know is that the Shee-
    goth is invulnerable to your current Beam weapons. The ice crystals on her
    back will absorb energy, converting it into some other kind of energy which
    the Sheegoth spits right back at you. Start off by morphing into ball form
    and roll around to the Sheegoth's tail end. You'll want to stay near the
    back and set off Morph Ball Bombs one after another so as to damage the
    Sheegoth quickly. Make sure that you roll in a orderly fashion with the
    Sheegoth so that the mini-boss never has any chances to use any of her more
    devastating attacks (such as ramming or freezing you). Should you get froz-
    en, Bomb yourself out of the ice trap as fast as you can, otherwise the
    resulting ramming attack will do some major damage. Somewhere between 10
    and 20 Morph Ball Bomb detonations will bring the mother Sheegoth down. Of
    course, there is another method that involves firing Missiles when the
    Sheegoth gets worn out from chasing you, but this is more complex, and why
    not take the easy way out?

    Double up the damage from the last fight, and expect the Sheegoth to be
    harder to avoid. Combination attacks seem to work better in Hard Mode, so
    if you find yourself having trouble setting Morph Ball Bombs, use a couple
    of Missiles and alternate between the two attacks. It takes about 30 Bombs
    or 34 Missiles to defeat the Hard Mode version of this mini-boss.

  Defeating the Sheegoth reveals the [WAVE BEAM] from the pedestal in the cen-
  ter of the room. The Sheegoth's defeat also triggers enemies in some areas to
  change - Baby Sheegoths will now be a lot more predominant, and some Plated
  Beetles will begin showing up in the Chozo Ruins.
  Your next task will be to infiltrate the Space Pirates' Hydra Research Lab.
  Leave the Chozo Ice Temple and return to Phendrana Shorelines. Make your way
  back towards Ice Ruins West and head up the ledges along the right-hand side
  of the room (near where you found the "Cipher" Chozo Lore). Near the top,
  you'll find an area you can't cross. Look up at the ceiling, then scan the
  rock for the ["STALACTITE"] entry (do this now since you can't scan it once
  you dislodge it) and fire a Missile at it to bring it to the ground. Use it
  as a platform to cross to the other side, then carefully make your way around
  the corner. Activate the Scan Visor and get a lock on the [*"ICE SHRIEKBAT"*]
  while it still hangs from the ceiling. In the NTSC version, these will disa-
  ppear forever after you have the Thermal Visor, so get them now and fast be-
  fore they streak towards you. Follow this path to a purple door and open it
  with the Wave Beam to reach the Ruined Courtyard.
  In here, try to target and destroy a few Flickerbats to make maneuvering a
  bit easier, then hop along the platforms until you locate two sections with
  small devices. Scan one of them for the ["SPINNER"] entry, then morph into
  them and activate them with the Boost Ball to open up large aqueducts high
  above you. Now hop up and over a group of snow ledges to find a Morph Ball
  Bomb Slot. Hop in and activate it to raise the water level. Cross the plat-
  forms to a Morph Ball tunnel on the other side. Bomb Jump into it and roll to
  a room containing an [ENERGY TANK (04/14)], then head back out into the main
  room. Repeat the steps of activating the Bomb Slot, then cross the platforms
  and start climbing the ledges that wind around the central tower. At the top,
  there are three doors. The one in front of you is locked, the one to the left
  leads to a Save Station that you can use, and the one to the right leads to
  the Hydra Research Facility. Head there and open the door with the Wave Beam,
  and quickly eliminate the Auto Defense Turret. Head into the room and be pre-
  pared for a new ["SHADOW PIRATE"] to jump out at you. These are partially
  invisible, but you should still be able to scan it before it gets too close.
  Later on, though, you'll fight these and they will be completely cloaked.
  Take it out with the Wave Beam, then move on towards the Research Entrance.
  As you enter, you'll be able to see a lone Auto Defense Turret high in the
  ceiling. Take aim and destroy it; this way you won't have the thing blasting
  at you during the upcoming Space Pirate engagement. Move on a little further,
  and a short cinema will take over where a Sentry Drone (you can't scan this
  yet) alerts a group of Space Pirates to your intrusion. Quickly turn and scan
  the door behind you for the ["LOCKED DOOR"] Log Book entry, then rotate and
  start picking off the Pirates from a distance. As one of them gets close, be
  sure to scan it for the ["SPACE PIRATE"] entry, then resume fighting them.
  Use charged Wave Beam shots from afar, and Missiles if they start getting too
  close. After you defeat all five, move on through the area, and be sure to
  visit the blue door on the far right as it contains the Map for Phendrana
  Leave and head up the ramp walkways to reach the core areas of the Pirate
  Labs. Continue through the Hydra Lab Entryway (taking out the multiple Scat-
  ter Bombus along the way) into Research Lab Hydra. Scan the console nearby to
  deactivate the forcefield, then get ready for a brief Pirate attack. Once you
  take them out, start scanning the consoles on the lower level to grab all of
  the Log Book entries: [PIRATE DATA: "MINING STATUS" (02/25)], [PIRATE DATA:

              If you have followed this walkthrough to the letter
              thus far, you now have half of the game's total Log
              Book entries. As your reward, you'll receive IMAGE
              GALLERY 1, available from the Main Menu.


  Activate the elevator and head up the ramps to the reach the top console bank
  where more Log Book entries await: [PIRATE DATA: "GLACIAL WASTES" (05/25)]
  and ["PIRATE DATA: "PARASITE LARVA" (06/25)]. The entrance to the Observatory
  Access is in the ceiling, so jump up and right into a hail of fire from three
  Auto Defense Turrets. Seek cover behind the crates for the first one, then
  use the walls to avoid the second and third ones. As you enter the Observa-
  tory, five more Space Pirates will attack you; take cover near the entrance
  and pick them off one by one. After they're eliminated, head across to the
  bank of consoles near the back. Scan the left and right sides for two more
  Log Book entries: [PIRATE DATA: "CONTACT" (07/25)] and [PIRATE DATA: "PHAZON
  PROGRAM" (08/25)], then scan the central terminal to activate the holographic
  sequencer. This will also trigger two Morph Ball Slots to appear. The first
  is on the platform to your left, and the second one is a bit higher up on the
  right. Activate each with a Morph Ball Bomb, then drop down to the floor and
  use the four Spinners to move panels into place around the holograms. After
  triggering the last panel, a large rotating three-dimensional display will
  turn on above you. Look at the hologram and scan it to add ["TALLON IV"] and
  ["ZEBES"] to your Log Book's Research category, then ascend the platforms
  around the room to reach the top. Right in the middle on a ledge sits the
  [SUPER MISSILE CHARGE COMBO] upgrade and a Save Station behind the blue door.
  Save if you want, then head across to reach the purple door to continue your
  journey through this area. Inside West Tower, scan the elevator to travel up
  to the Control Tower, where you'll immediately be attacked by a new kind of
  Space Pirate. Scan one of them for the ["FLYING PIRATE"] entry, then set to
  work either using the charged Wave Beam to stun them or Super Missiles to
  annihilate them. Be careful because they will try to suicide-dive towards
  you when they're about to die. Take out all five and use the nearby crates
  for some refills, then head through the next door to reach East Tower, and
  go down to reach Research Lab Aether. Just inside here, you'll find the first
  Metroid of the game. Don't advance too far - scan the walls for two more Log
  Book entries first: [PIRATE DATA: "METROID STUDIES" (09/25)] high up on the
  right, and [PIRATE DATA: "META RIDLEY" (10/25)] on the left. Continue on into
  the room and scan the tank for the ["METROID"] entry, then fire a Missile to
  break the tank early (it will break anyway, but this gives you the drop on
  the little beastie). You don't have anything to freeze it right now, so just
  pop it with a Super Missile and move on. Next, a Space Pirate will break the
  glass at the far right and attack. Take it out with the Wave Beam and jump
  down to reach the main area of Research Lab Aether. The Pirates will mostly
  run to your location, so you can stay and pick them off from a distance. Be-
  fore you head down too far, scan a nearby console for another Log Book entry:
  Keep heading down the ramps while scanning for more Space Pirates, as they
  will often hide on the floor and take potshots at you. As you reach the first
  level above the ground, pick off the Pirates you can see, then Space Jump
  directly up to a small ledge. Morph into a ball and give the Control Stick a
  quick push to get yourself up a small incline, then carefully roll across the
  winding track to reach a tricky [MISSILE EXPANSION (060/250)] at the end.
  Roll back out, drop off the catwalk, and engage the remaining Pirates down
  here (try to avoid shooting up any tubes that Metroids are in). Look around
  to see an [ENERGY TANK (05/14)] encased in a stasis tube, then blow it open
  with a Missile to collect it. Here on this level, scan the computer banks to
  collect two more Log Book entries: [PIRATE DATA: "METROID MORPHOLOGY" (12/25)]
  and ["PIRATE DATA: PHAZON INFUSION (13/25)] before leaving.
  Leave Research Lab Aether through the door in the floor into Research Core
  Access. You'll immediately be attacked by an ["ICE BEETLE"] in here; destroy
  the first one and scan the second one while it's farther away. Missiles are
  the only thing that work on them due to their hard ice shells. Defeat them
  and continue on into the Research Core. Quickly take aim at the Space Pirate
  hiding out on the other side of the room, then charge up the Power Beam for
  the group of Flying Pirates. Use Super Missiles to get rid of them, then
  cross to the bank of consoles near the Metroid containment tank. Scan the red
  symbol to terminate the auxiliary circuit control for the central tank, then
  head down the sets of ramps at the end. There are two Auto Defense Turrets
  waiting at the bottom, so take them out and locate two more forcefield con-
  trols on the last two floors to completely disable the sequence, allowing you
  to reach the [THERMAL VISOR] upgrade. You can use this Visor to see in the
  infrared spectrum and detect heat signatures. Of course, you'll be using this
  right away as the lights go out. Switch to the Visor and look for the Space
  Pirates that drop down to attack. Move to the ramps and start climbing back
  up. As you go, Metroids will break out of their containment tanks. Hit them
  with Super Missiles or charged Wave Beam shots to get rid of them. At the
  top, you'll need to locate hidden Power Conduits to restore power to the door
  that leads to the exit - find them with the Thermal Visor and shoot them with
  the Wave Beam to get out. Ahead of you, the Research Core Access is patrolled
  by two security robots. Scan one of them to get the ["SENTRY DRONE"] entry,
  then attack them with charged Wave Beam shots. Continue backtracking all the
  way through Research Lab Aether, taking out Space Pirates as you go. At the
  end of the Lab, make a long Space Jump out to reach the ledge you initially
  entered on - this is hard to see even with the Thermal Visor. Take the door
  back out to East Tower, and switch back to the Combat Visor. Out in the Con-
  trol Tower, you can either fight or ignore the Flying Pirates. Make your way
  into the West Tower, and turn the Thermal Visor back on. Head back into the
  Observatory and leap all the way to the bottom. From here, make your way to
  the entrance while fending off any Space Pirates and return to Research Lab
  Hydra. Take out any Space Pirates and stop at the pillar before heading down
  the ramp. Scans indicate the pillar is made of Cordite, so use a Super Miss-
  ile to shatter it and grab the [MISSILE EXPANSION (065/250)]. Continue on
  through the rest of this area taking out the Space Pirates to reach the next
  access tunnel. Here, Boost past all of the Scatter BOmbus and return to the
  Research Entrance. You have more Space Pirates and an Auto Defense Turret to
  handle here, but you can easily get out of this room without fighting by run-
  ning forward, Space Jumping out and forward, and then running straight for
  the purple door to the exit. Return via Specimen Storage to the Ruined Court-
  yard and head across the platforms to reach the Save Station behind the blue
  Exiting out of the save station, you may be alerted to "strange disturbances
  in the Quarantine Cave". Hop back to the center platform and scan for a small
  Cordite emblem above the door. Shatter it with a Super Missile, then switch
  to the Thermal Visor and use the Wave Beam to activate it. With power restor-
  ed to this door, enter the North Quarantine Tunnel and use the Boost Ball to
  quickly accelerate past all of the Pulse Bombus. Make it to the other side
  and go through the door to reach the next boss encounter.

    This gigantic ice and stone guardian is powered by Phazon Cores. The cores
    are what you need to actually damage in order to break this boss apart.
    Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for defeating this boss.

    With the standard complement of weapons, Thardus can be a bit of a tough
    boss fight. Start off with the Scan Visor and add [*"THARDUS"*] to your Log
    Book, then focus on the boss itself.Thardus has quite a few attacks you'll
    want to watch out for. The first one is its Ice Wave; you will know this is
    coming when it throws its arms to the rear. You can simply sidestep this
    one as its pretty simple to dodge. Its second one is to hurl rocks at you;
    let go of L to target the rocks and blast them with your Power Beam, then
    resume your lock on Thardus. Its last (and most lethal) attack is to curl
    into a boulder and attempt to roll over you. Ironically, you'll turn this
    attack into a faster method of taking it down. Thardus has seven Phazon
    Cores on its body that are covered with big chunks of rock - you need to
    eliminate the rock first and then directly attack the Phazon Cores. Switch
    to the Thermal Visor first and lock onto one of the orange points, then
    rapid-fire the Power Beam until you break the rock structures. At this
    point, your Thermal Visor will overload from the Phazon radiation, so
    switch back to the Combat Visor, target it again and fire a single Super
    Missile at the core to destroy it. The battle proceeds like this until all
    seven cores have been destroyed. If you see Thardus curl into ball, assume
    Morph Ball form and wait. When Thardus is almost upon you, set three Morph
    Ball Bombs and Boost out of the way. The blasts will usually destroy another
    chunk of rock, giving you another Phazon Core to fire at. After three Cores
    have been destroyed, Thardus will create a powerful snowstorm that reduces
    your visibility with the Combat Visor, and he'll roll a lot more. Continue
    attacking until another three are down and the snowstorm will stop, but
    Thardus will take to chucking continous rocks at you. Eliminate the seventh
    and final Core to defeat this boss for good.

    Thardus is harder to damage in this version, but Morph Ball Bombs still
    tend to break apart its rocky armor when its in ball form. Keep pounding
    away with the Power Beam and Super Missiles, and expect Thardus to be a bit
    more aggressive in its attacks. You still have to only go seven rounds, but
    the Phazon Core areas will take a bit more firepower (two Super Missiles as
    opposed to one). Shoot the rocks he throws to get life and ammo refills, as
    you will probably need them to make it through this fight.

  Thardus' destruction leaves behind the [SPIDER BALL] upgrade. Grab the item,
  then scan the black and yellow rail tracks for the ["SPIDER BALL TRACK" Log
  Book entry. Exit this room at the back by using R to roll along the Magnetic
  Rail and head to South Quarantine Tunnel. Navigate this the same as you did
  the tunnel to get here to reach a Transport room. There is a Magnetic Rail
  behind you that leads to another side of Phendrana Drifts, but you won't take
  this one quite yet. For now, scan the transport and take it down to the Mag-
  moor Caverns. Make particular note of this Transport, as it will be used many
  times during your back and forth trips.

  This section details the fifth part of this walkthrough, which covers a trip
  back to the Chozo Ruins to collect the Ice Beam and some other items.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to the Chozo Ruins.				             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (x1) 		                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None		                     		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Puddle Spore**					     |

  As you leave the transport area and into Magmoor Workstation, a trio of Fly-
  ing Pirates will attack you. Stay inside the door and pick them off, then
  continue on down to the bottom. You'll have to complete a short puzzle here
  if you want the Energy Tank at the end, so start off by heading to each of
  the three colored channel areas at the bottom and inspect them with the Ther-
  mal Visor and locate Power Conduits. Use the Wave Beam to give them power,
  which will trigger one of the lava rivers to cool. Quickly morph and roll
  into the pit, then into the channel to reach a panel. Scan it and another
  channel of lava will cool. Race back through and enter the second channel,
  where another panel awaits. Scan it to cool the third lava channel. Now run
  back outside and into the third channel to claim the [ENERGY TANK (06/24)]
  that lies inside. From here, head to the rear of the area and ascend the
  ledges to reach the door leading to South Core Tunnel and scan the ["PUDDLE
  SPORE"] for the Log Book. Shoot its core to make it flip so you can use it as
  a platform, then use it to cross into the Geothermal Core. Do the same for
  the other Puddle Spores in this room and head into the Twin Fires area. You
  need to shoot out stalactites from the ceiling to cross the lava in this room
  to reach other side. Once you do, head into Twin Fires Tunnel. Cross this
  large lava pool by using the Magnetic Rail tracks to your left inside a small
  tunnel, then navigate across to the other side. On the other side of this
  region is a transport leading back to Tallon Overworld along with the other
  side of Magmoor that you've previously explored.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to the Chozo Ruins.				             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None	 		                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None		                     		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  From the transport, you'll emerge in Tallon Canyon. Make a trip back to the
  Landing Site if you want to save at your Gunship, otherwise just head into
  the next area to return to Chozo Ruins.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate source of cold temperatures near the Furnace.           |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Ice Beam					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Missile Expansion (x4) 	                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None		                     		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   Artifact of Wild				             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  Cradle, Hatchling's Shell, Infestation, Worm, Hope     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Oculus, Chozo Ghost				     |

  Since you have a lot of upgrades now, you could spend a lot of time here
  gathering Expansions and so forth, but in the interest of time and the fact
  that you'll be back here eventually anyway, this is going to be a relatively
  short trip. Start in the Main Plaza and take out the Beetles or the Plated
  Beetle (now that you have the Thermal Visor, tougher enemies will start app-
  earing in some areas). Move to the half-pipe structure in the middle of the
  Plaza, and use the Boost Ball to rocket up the right-hand side to reach a
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (070/250)], then cross the ledges at the back leading to
  the Ruined Fountain. Don't cross the bridge; instead move to the ledges to
  the right and look out at the large tree near the room's entrance. There is
  a small knot-shaped structure on the tree trunk - shoot a Super Missile at
  this to blow it up and reveal another [MISSILE EXPANSION (075/250)], then
  Space Jump to collect it. Now return to Hive Totem and take the Morph Ball
  Tunnel in Transport Access North to reach the path leading to the Sun Tower.
  Destroy the War Wasp Hives in here, then scan around for four runic symbols.
  The first two are hidden behind Cordite wall decorations, so use some Super
  Missiles to expose them. The last two are high on the pillars, so stand with
  your back to the Chozo Lore you found earlier and look up to find the third
  symbol. The fourth is directly opposite your position on the other pillar.
  Once the gate is unlocked and removed, you can use the Spider Ball to crawl
  your way up. Before starting your climb, look up and scan the ["OCULUS"] for
  your Log Book, then roll up the Magnetic Rail. It's broken in several places,
  so you'll have to Bomb Jump in between sections. Once up top, you'll just
  barely catch sight of something faint fly off, so follow it and you'll re-
  enter the Sunchamber, where you battled Flaahgra. As you come in, the room
  will darken slightly and the next mini-boss fight will begin.

    The Chozo Ghosts can be tough, especially in a pack, but if you have the
    right weaponry and upgrades they become a piece of cake. Read below for
    Normal and Hard Mode strategies for taking these mini-bosses down.

    The catch in this fight is that the Chozo Ghosts aren't always visible.
    Later in the game, you can track them easily with the X-Ray Visor, but for
    now you have to tough it out. Make sure to scan one first when it turns
    solid for the ["CHOZO GHOST"] Log Book entry. They are only vulnerable to
    the Power Beam and they attack randomly. To eliminate them with ease, just
    listen for the sound effects. The Ghosts will make sounds (kind of like a
    whooshing sound) before they launch an attack. If you hear this, quickly
    look around and dodge any pulse attack that flies at you. This attack is
    similar to a Pulse or Wave Bombu in that it scrambles your radar and Visor.
    Whenever you have the opportunity to lock onto a Ghost, shoot it repeatedly
    with charged Power Beam shots to reduce the amount of time this takes. The
    best method is to tuck yourself into a corner and fire away whenever the
    opportunity presents itself. Once you have the Super Missile and the X-Ray
    Visor, these become little more than a mild nuisance.

    The Chozo Ghosts are more powerful and quite a bit faster on the draw - you
    want to constantly scan around to see if one is loitering around you. If
    so, pepper it with some Power Beam shots to distract it, and fire a charged
    blast only if you have the time and room to charge one up. The Chozo Ghosts
    don't do a lot more damage, but in Hard, they tend to attack in tandem,
    meaning all three will launch attacks at you at the same time, and that can
    really put a drain on your resources. Just keep listening for that charac-
    teristic sound effect and you shouldn't have too many problems.

  After defeating all three of the Chozo Ghosts, the room will light back up
  and you can climb the flower petals in the center to claim the [ARTIFACT OF
  CHOZO (01/12)]. This also triggers the vines covering the door to Sunchamber
  Lobby to vanish, so head through here, back down through the Arboretum and
  return to the Gathering Hall. Work your way up the ledges heading towards the
  Energy Core, but after crossing the gap, look to your left to find a small
  ledge you can jump onto. Do this, then turn and Space Jump to a ledge above
  you. Morph and detonate a Bomb against the grating to gain access to another
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (080/250)], then drop back down and enter the Energy Core
  area. Space Jump across the ledges here and return to the Furnace Access.
  Before there was a Spider Ball track you couldn't ascend (well, you could...
  but that's not covered in this guide. Refer to the Speed Run Guide for this
  trick). Go up the track and use the Boost Ball to get across the vanishing
  blocks, then Bomb Jump up to the next ledge. Roll through here to reach the
  Furnace. Defeat the Beetle horde here, then scan the wall to add the [CHOZO
  LORE: "CRADLE" (08/16)] entry to your Log Book, then enter the door on the
  left to reach the Crossway. Here, you can use the half-pipe structure to
  reach a Magnetic Rail high up. Take the rail to a Morph Ball slot and activ-
  ate it. Now drop and Boost again to reach another Rail that leads to another
  Morph Ball slot. Activate it and quickly make your way to the elevator lift
  on the floor that will take you up to a [MISSILE EXPANSION (085/250)]. While
  in here, scan the walls for three more Log Book entries: [CHOZO LORE: "WORM
  (09/16)], [CHOZO LORE: "INFESTATION" (10/16)], and [CHOZO LORE: "HATCHLING'S
  SHELL" (11/16)]. Head next into the Hall of the Elders and enter the small
  Morph Ball tunnel on the right to reach your first ["MISSILE STATION"]. Scan
  and use it, then return to the Hall of the Elders. As you drop down, a single
  Chozo Ghost will challenge you; dispatch it with the Power Beam to move on.
  Scan the walls in here for another [CHOZO LORE: "HOPE" (12/16)] entry, then
  jump up to the large Chozo statuary and roll into its palm. As it clutches
  and throws you, hold R to attach to a Magnetic Rail track. Follow the track
  around to a Morph Ball Slot and detonate a Bomb in it to activate a set of
  three colored Morph Ball Slots. Drop down, then use the Space Jump to reach
  the ledges near the entrance, and Space Jump over to where these slots are.
  Activate the purple one with the Wave Beam, then Bomb Jump into it and acti-
  vate the slot. This will make a small structure rotate in the floor. Use the
  Chozo statue again and this time, you'll roll into a small tunnel that will
  deposit you on a far upper ledge in the room. Scan the console after leaving
  the tunnel to turn off a forcefield, and head into the Reflecting Pool. Drop
  into the water and use a Morph Ball Bomb on the drain slot made of Talloric
  Alloy to drain the water and reveal a half-pipe. Now you have to use your
  Boost Ball to reach the highest set of ledges; if any Stone Toads on the
  lower level grab you, Bomb them. Try and aim for a Toad on the top level, so
  if you get swallowed, you're guaranteed a chance of landing on the ledge.
  Once up there, enter the door leading to the Antechamber, where you'll find
  the [ICE BEAM] upgrade. You could go back to the Hall of the Elders and use
  this new weapon to activate the white slot, but you'll eventually return to
  this area anyway. For now, exit the Antechamber and Space Jump across to the
  other side to reach a Save Station. Use it if you want, then Bomb Jump into
  the Morph Ball tunnel to reach a Transport leading back to Tallon Overworld.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to the Phendrana Drifts.			             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None	 		                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x1)                  		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  As you reenter Tallon Overworld, you'll pass through the Overgrown Cavern,
  where there's an easy [MISSILE EXPANSION (090/250)] right in your path among
  the Venom Weed. Use the Boost Ball to grab it and exit the tunnel, and you'll
  emerge in the Frigate Crash Site where the Orpheon has crash-landed after it
  nearly self-destructed in orbit. A couple of injured Space Pirates lay strewn
  around the wreckage, but they pose no threat as of yet. You will, however,
  deal with a few sets of Flying Pirates. Eliminate them and head through the
  water back to the door at the end, and head through Waterfall Cavern back to
  the Landing Site. Visit your ship for a refill and a save point, then head
  back through Tallon Canyon to the transport to Magmoor Caverns.

  This section details the sixth part of this walkthrough, which covers a quick
  trip back to Phendrana for the Gravity Suit, then returning via Tallon Over-
  world to explore the crashed Frigate site.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to the Phendrana Drifts.			             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None	 		                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None		                 		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  From the transport, head south into the Twin Fires Tunnel. There are two ways
  to cross this area. The first and easiest is to just use the Spider Ball on
  the Magnetic Rail tracks to your left. The other, more advanced method for-
  goes the Spider Ball in favor of Space Jumping out into the lava, moving as
  fast as possible to the rocky ledge, and using a Double Bomb Jump-Morph move
  to get out. This is more difficult, but it's fun to do as well. However you
  do it, cross this room to return to the Geothermal Core, and from there, back
  to Magmoor Workstation. Climb the ledges at the back to reach the transport
  leading back to Phendrana Drifts.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Analyze abnormal gravity emissions.			             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Gravity Suit				             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None	 		                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None		                 		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Ice Burrower, Glider, Hunter Metroid, Jelzap, Aqua     |
   |		      Reaper						     |

  As you come up into Phendrana, turn around behind you and look for a Magnetic
  Rail. Take it to reach a new section of Phendrana, and head through Transport
  Access and into Frozen Pike. There is an Energy Tank in here that you can't
  get yet, so remember its location and come here after you've found the Plasma
  Beam. The next section can get a bit difficult due to the underwater sections
  along the path, but pay attention to the route and you'll have an easier time
  going through here. Once you reach Frozen Pike, hop to the middle ledge, then
  lock your view so you're aiming directly down. You should see a purple door
  beneath you. Drop to the ledge, then continue working your way down to another
  purple door. Head on into Frost Cave Access, where you'll be swarmed by some
  Ice Beetles. Continue forward and scan an ["ICE BURROWER"] for the Log Book,
  then head forward into Frost Cave. Just inside the entrance, you can scan a
  ["GLIDER"] for the Log Book, then move ahead slightly. Listen for the screech
  and keep the Scan Visor to get the ["HUNTER METROID"] that pops up. This is
  the only one you'll ever encounter in the frozen caves. Scan it, then freeze
  it before it can latch onto you with its long range siphon tentacle, and fire
  a Missile to shatter it. Once you've dispatched the Hunter Metroid, advance
  farther into the cave and you'll see a large wide open area. There are a few
  stalactites you can shoot down from the ceiling to use as platforms; do so
  and either cross to the Save Station on the far right, or use the remaining
  ones to reach Phendrana's Edge.
  There are a couple of approaches you can take for navigating through this
  room. First, there are three Flying Pirates sitting around just hanging out
  on the bridge. You can stealthily approach them and freeze each one, follow-
  ing up with Missile attacks, or you can just make a run for it, jumping down
  and into the watery depths below. Either way, you have to get underwater, so
  just forgo the battle. Underwater, you'll encounter a new enemy - scan them
  for the ["JELZAP"] entry, then fire charged shots when they open up to defeat
  them. Find your way to the underwater door leading to Hunter Cave, then shoot
  down two more stalactites to use as platforms. Cross carefully, because there
  are numerous Flickerbats zooming around below. If you can cross to solid
  ground away from the platforms, you can eliminate them by rapid-firing your
  Power Beam, but otherwise ignore them, and make your way up to reach a purple
  door that leads to Lake Tunnel. Navigate through this small room and you'll
  reach the completely underwater Gravity Chamber. This is where the odd emiss-
  ions are coming from, but in order to investigate you have to thread across
  a long section while your movement and vision is impaired. From the start,
  drop off the ledge, and navigate across the field. Scan an ["AQUA REAPER"] as
  you go, and get rid of them just like Reaper Vines by shooting at them. Take
  out the Jelzaps as you go as well until you reach a set of ledges that look
  like a staircase. Ascend the steps and move around the central pillar to find
  another section of this large room. Activate the Scan Visor and pinpoint the
  stationary orange icon in the distance - this is your destination. Avoid or
  shoot the Aqua Reapers while making your way across the ground to another set
  of ledges that will eventually take you to the [GRAVITY SUIT] upgrade. Upon
  acquiring this, your movement and vision underwater will be no longer hinder-
  ed. From here, head back the the ledge you scanned the Suit from, and leap up
  and follow it around to get out of the water. Climb up the ledges to the
  upper door, then take on the Sentry Drone in the next hallway. As you reenter
  Hunter Cave, three Flying Pirates will lay it on you; answer back with Super
  Missiles, then hug the right wall as you make your way to the door leading
  back to Frozen Pike. Climb up the walls to the very top to work back through
  Transport Access and back down into Magmoor Caverns.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to the Phendrana Drifts.			             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None	 		                    	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None		                 		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Return to Magmoor Workstation and work your way north through the Geothermal
  Core, Twin Fires, and Twin Fires tunnel to reach the Transport leading back
  to Tallon Overworld. Remember, it's the same exact path you took after beat-
  ing Thardus, so the route should be familiar to you by now.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate intercepted distress signals.		             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x1)                		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Once back in Tallon Overworld, head to your Ship to save your progress and
  restock energy and ammunition, then head through the little passage just to
  your left to reach the Frigate Crash Site. As you enter, a trio of Flying
  Pirates attacks, so dispatch them with Super Missiles and you'll be able to
  move on. Since you have the Gravity Suit, you can now make the journey under-
  water to reach the Crashed Frigate, so go and jump into the water. Work to
  the center and climb up on the roots, then look up and to the left to spot a
  glowing object. Position yourself on the edge of the roots and Space Jump to
  the ledge containing the [MISSILE EXPANSION (095/250)]. Drop back down and
  battle your way to the other side, heading up the rocky ramp to a new ledge.
  Look around and you'll find a small Morph Ball tunnel leading through the
  wall, so pop inside and work your way back to dry land. The Space Pirates out
  here are another thing apparently decided at random, since there are times
  I've found them and times I haven't. Head left and through the white door to
  reach the inside of the Crashed Frigate.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate foreign technology.			             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (x2)		                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x1)                		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    *Tallon Crab*, Aqua Pirate, *Aqua Drone*, *Aqua Sac*,  |
   |		      Seedling						     |

  As you enter the main site of the wreck, you'll have to roll into the Morph
  Ball to access the subventilation shafts. Heading through this area will look
  very familiar since you're basically traversing the underwater version of the
  opening level. As you make your way through the subventilation shafts, you'll
  encounter a group of small enemies. Scan these for the [*"TALLON CRAB"*] Log
  Book entry (this is the only room you will find these in, and they disappear
  after leaving. Move on into a room with two still-functioning Auto Defense
  Turrets; eliminate them and move on. From here starts a very repetetive seq-
  uence of using the Thermal Visor and Wave Beam to restore powerless doors, so
  you might as well get used to it now. Activate this first door and return to
  the submerged Reactor Core (it would've been nice to escape the opening level
  via this route...). In here is another new type of Space Pirate - scan one for
  the ["AQUA PIRATE"] entry, then take them out with Super Missiles or the char-
  ged Wave Beam. The door at the bottom of the Reactor Core requires you to act-
  ivate four Power Conduits in the room. Switch your Thermal Visor on, and look
  just to the left of the door to find the first one, the second one is a little
  ways off the main walkway, then the last two are on the far wall, so approach
  the railing and look out and around to find them. Once all four are activated,
  go back and enter the door. There's a Save Station in Reactor Access here, so
  use it if you want, then look around with the Thermal Visor to locate two Pow-
  er Conduits to give the next door power. As you enter the Cargo Freight Lift
  to Deck Gamma, blast the broken grate away near the entrance with a charged
  shot to reach an [ENERGY TANK (07/14)], then use the Thermal Visor to locate
  the Power Conduit just to the right of the shattered grate. You now have to
  work your way up the lift shaft, as the elevator long since ceased to func-
  tion. Beware - the vertical ascent is laced with debris and Aqua Reapers. Look
  above you to shoot them out of the way before hopping up the platforms. About
  midway up, switch to the Thermal Visor again to locate a second Power Conduit,
  then continue the ascent all the way to the top where a dead Space Pirate will
  crash into the water. At the top, look on the wall to find the third and final
  Power Conduit, then head on through the now-active door into the upper levels
  of Biohazard Containment.
  As you enter the room, there are two Auto Defense Turrets active on the cei-
  ling; take cover, and blast them away. Belowdecks, you'll find the aquatic
  version of the Sentry Drone - scan one quickly for the [*"AQUA DRONE"*] entry
  and take them out with the Wave Beam. Before moving on, look with the Scan
  Visor for the Cordite block and fire a Super Missile at it to expose another
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (100/250)], then start looking for more Power Conduits.
  Two are on the upper deck area, and the third is on the far wall on the lower
  level. Continue on through the Aqua Reaper-infested subtunnels into Biotech
  Research Area 1 and destroy the Aqua Pirates that attack, then locate three
  more Power Conduits in the walls to advance. The first one is right near the
  door, a second is opposite the door down a little ways, and the third is on
  the deck below you. Activate them, then head into the Elevator to Deck Beta.
  This broken shaft leads to a new area of Deck Beta you hadn't explored during
  the opening level. Descend the tunnel, and get your third one-time scan of
  this area - the [*"AQUA SAC"*] that hangs out on the rubble. Avoid them as
  you go down because they spew poison when destroyed, and you'll reach the
  bottom exit that leads to Hydro Access Tunnel. This room requires you to do
  underwater bomb jumps to clear the obstacles. These are a bit different than
  regular bomb jumps because you have to alter the timing a bit. As you reach
  the second tall obstruction, you'll get to perform a underwater Double Bomb
  Jump. Your timing must be quite precise to succesfully pull this off. Start
  off by setting a single Morph Ball Bomb. As it explodes and pops you far up,
  watch and wait for your upwards momentum to slow, then immediately set the
  second Bomb. As you stop and fall back down, the second Bomb will detonate,
  sending you much higher. Repeat the sequence for setting the third Bomb, and
  as you start your descent again, the third Bomb will blow you skywards again.
  Hold left as you ascend off the third Bomb to roll onto the ledge holding the
  [ENERGY TANK (08/14)]. Now exit this tunnel and ascend the spiraling ramps to
  reach the Great Tree Hall. There is yet another new enemy here; scan one of
  them for the ["SEEDLING"] Log Book entry, then dodge their projectile attacks
  as you make your way to the white door. This will take you to the transport
  that leads down to the difficult Phazon Mines.

  This section details the seventh part of this walkthrough, which covers your
  initial reconnaissance mission of the Space Pirates' chief area of operations
  in the Phazon Mines.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate mining technology.				             |
   |  2. Determine source of power surge in the Dynamo.			     |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Power Bomb, Grapple Beam			             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (x1)		                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x3)                		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: Elite Pirates, Metroid Prime, The Hunter, Hunter Weap- |
   |		      ons, Prime Breach, Prime Mutations, Chozo Artifacts,   |
   |                  Chozo Studies, Omega Pirate			     |
   |  3. Log Book:    Mega Turret, Wave Trooper, Power Trooper, Elite Pirate,|
   |		      Ice Trooper, Power Bomb Ammunition, Grapple Point	     |

  As you enter the Main Quarry, you'll attract the attention of two new Space
  Pirate weapons. Scan one for the ["MEGA TURRET"] Log Book entry, then take
  them out with Super Missiles because they can cause major damage. Afterwards,
  you can proceed across the Quarry to the ramps on the other side. On your way
  up, some Space Pirates will come out and attack; take each one out with the
  Ice Beam and fire Missiles to shatter them. At the top, use the Thermal Visor
  to find a Power Conduit, then use the Morph Ball to reach the control booth.
  Upon activating the crane, it'll swing and crash into a wall. Head out of the
  control booth and use the Magnetic Rail to roll to the crane; carefully drop
  off the track and Bomb Jump up to the [MISSILE EXPANSION (105/250)], then drop
  all the way down, back to the Magnetic Rail along the left-hand wall to reach
  a Save Station (one you will most definitely need). As you exit, the Mega
  Turrets will have respawned, so use the wall to your left as cover while tak-
  ing them out, then scan the computers at the end to deactivate the forcefield.
  Head into Security Access A, and peek around the corner to alert two Auto De-
  fense Turrets to your location, then take them out with Missiles.
  And now... it starts getting tough. Okay, immediately target the Shadow Pir-
  ates that come out to play with the Thermal Visor and the Wave Beam. Move on
  until you come around a corner and a cutscene plays to introduce the newest
  breed of Space Pirate. Scan one quickly for the ["WAVE TROOPER"] entry, then
  use charged Wave Beam shots to stun and take these out. The Beam Troopers that
  you run into will only be weak to the weapon that they are using, so bear this
  in mind as you encounter the other varieties. Move on up, facing more and more
  Wave Troopers until you reach the exit in the ceiling.
  Inside the Elite Research area, scan the computers to align several platforms,
  then scan around to add the [PIRATE DATA: "ELITE PIRATES" (14/25)] to the Log
  Book. Next, start ascending the platforms. On the second level, you'll have to
  take out two Wave Troopers. On the next level up you'll find the next variety;
  scan one for the ["POWER TROOPER"] entry and save yourself some pain by using
  Super Missiles on them. Climb up to the deck and morph into the Spinner. Use
  the Boost Ball to make the Pulse Cannon aim at the wall opposite you. Bomb
  yourself out of the Spinner and scan the firing controls to destroy the wall
  and reveal the exit. Morph back into the Spinner and rotate the Cannon around
  so that it faces the wall directly to your left. Fire it again to destroy the
  wall and reveal the [MISSILE EXPANSION (110/250)]. Hop out and across to the
  exit, which leads into Ore Processing. Inside, you'll be attacked by a few
  Power Troopers. Eliminate them, and head to the back where you have to use the
  Morph Ball to align the central tower. Bomb Jump into the Slot, and set off a
  single Bomb. Head out and use the blue Magnetic Rail to reach a balcony and
  the next control panel. Set off two Bombs in the second one to align the mid-
  dle section, then drop back down and set off three Bombs in the bottom one to
  complete the alignment sequence. Roll up the red Magnetic Rail to reach Ele-
  vator A Access, where you have to drop down a Scatter Bombu-laced tunnel that
  leads to the actual Elevator leading down to Level 2 of the Phazon Mines.
  Exit the transport and into Elite Control Access. At the top is a grate spew-
  ing toxic gas. Manually aim at the explosive crate on the ledge and launch a
  Missile at it to blow it up and kill two Power Troopers that were waiting to
  ambush you, then Space Jump up to the top to grab the newly-revealed [MISSILE
  EXPANSION (115/250)]. Continue on into Elite Control and stop to scan all of
  the consoles for the following Log Book entries: [PIRATE DATA: "THE HUNTER"
  (15/25)] and [PIRATE DATA: "METROID PRIME" (16/25)]. When you're finished,
  approach the large stasis tank. Scan it for the ["ELITE PIRATE"] entry before
  triggering the cutscene that initiates the next mini-boss battle.

    There are three of these mini-bosses total in the Phazon Mines. For future
    encounters, utilize the same strategy to put them down. Read below for Nor-
    mal and Hard Mode strategies for defeating these.

    This huge hulking mutated Space Pirate is actually a lot easier than he
    looks. The only things that make him a potential menace are the Plasma Art-
    illery Cannons and his ability to absorb Beam weapons and use them to fuel
    his aforementioned Cannons. When the fight starts, lock on, but don't fire.
    Constantly back up while you charge the Power Beam so that your fire won't
    get absorbed. After the Elite gets upset that you are refusing to give him
    fuel for his Artillery Cannons, he'll slam the ground and create a powerful
    Wave Quake. Space Jump over it while letting a Super Missile hit him square
    in the head. Repeat once more to bring the hulking giant down.

    In Hard Mode, the Elites are a bit tougher, but that is all. Just keep in
    mind that it will take 4 Super Missiles to bring the Hard Mode incarnations
    down. The Elite Pirates this time around will also spent a lot more time
    with their absorption weapon active, so you'll have to spend more time
    circling the room and keep your fingers at the ready to fire Super Missiles
    when they let their guard down.

  Upon defeating the Elite Pirate, the forcefield into the next room will
  short-circuit and give you access further into the Mines. As you access the
  second area of Elite Control, you can scan the console bank near the ramps for
  the [PIRATE DATA: "HUNTER WEAPONS" (17/25)] Log Book entry. Make your way up
  the ramps cautiously, as the third variety of Beam Trooper will soon confront
  you. Scan one quickly for the ["ICE TROOPER"] entry, then defeat them by using
  charged Ice Beam shots to freeze them along with a Missile to shatter them.
  At the top, stop to scan for some more Log Book entries: [PIRATE DATA: "PRIME
  "CHOZO GHOSTS" (20/25)], [PIRATE DATA: "CHOZO STUDIES" (21/25)] and lastly,
  [PIRATE DATA: "CHOZO ARTIFACTS" (22/25)]. With all of these scanned, scan the
  last red symbol to deactivate a forcefield, then head through the white door
  in the ceiling to reach the Ventilation Shaft. This area quickly fills with
  toxic gas and Puffers, so quickly get out of there by taking the route near
  the back. Continue onwards into Omega Research, where you'll have to deal with
  two pesky Wave Troopers on the top level. Inch towards the walkway and you
  can snipe out the three Power Troopers below, then drop down and scan the con-
  soles to pick up another piece of [PIRATE DATA: "OMEGA PIRATE: (23/25)] and
  head through the door in the floor to reach the Dynamo Access. This leads dir-
  ectly to the Central Dynamo and another quick mini-boss fight.

    This is something of an irritating fight, since you can neither see nor
    lock onto the drone, so you'll be aiming manually. Read below for Normal
    and Hard Mode strategies for eliminating this mini-boss.

    This boss doesn't have an entry in the Log Book, so don't worry about try-
    ing to scan anything. Play this one safe and don't drop down into the Dynamo
    area. Instead, you should stick to the upper levels and aim manually while
    looking for the flashing lights, which means its firing at you. Take cover
    while you return fire with charged Wave Beam pulses, and move only if you're
    getting hit by its hail of fire. Around 4-5 charged blasts should send it
    spiraling to the ground.

    Not much different, except the Drone takes more damage and attacks faster.
    Just keep nailing it before it nails you is really the best advice.

  Once the Drone has been eliminated, it'll set off a maze of electricity in
  the center of the room. At the center of this maze lies the main Power Bomb
  upgrade, but you'll have to navigate the maze first. Start off by rolling
  through the open areas, and time your movements to go through the flickering
  sections. As you reach a pool of green liquid, roll into it and set a Bomb to
  create a splash that shorts out a few electric walls, effectively opening up
  new paths for you. Continue doing so until you finally reach the primary
  [POWER BOMB (4/8)] upgrade. The following animation will get you out of the
  maze, and the doors will be unlocked. Use one of your new Power Bombs to get
  rid of some Bendezium in front of a white door to reach a Save Station, then
  exit out and you'll probably have to fight some Ice Troopers. Once they're
  defeated, start Space Jumping up on the glowing platforms to reach the top
  where you originally came in. Return to Omega Research and you'll have to take
  out another Elite Pirate. Handle it the same way you did the first one, then
  ascend to the top of the room. You can Space Jump to the other side and use a
  Power Bomb to destroy the Bendezium blocking access to a Map Station if you
  want. At least destroy the crates with a Power Bomb so they will leave some
  refills behind; this way you can add the ["POWER BOMB AMMUNITION"] entry to
  the Log Book. After you've done this, return to the Ventilation Shaft and roll
  to the vent straight ahead and Power Bomb it to drop through to safety. Roll
  to and scan the ventilator controls to clear the gas, then watch as all of
  the Puffers are sucked into the fan system. The grate on the front of one of
  the fans explodes after this, revealing an [ENERGY TANK (09/14)] inside.
  Once you've gotten it, return to the actual shaft and use the half-pipe to
  reach the upper area so you can return to Ore Processing. Stay on the top
  level, and Space Jump to the control panel. Set off a Power Bomb to clear the
  Bendezium, then Bomb Jump into the slot and set two Morph Ball Bombs in the
  slot to align the top section of the pillar. Drop to Level 2 and set off
  three Bombs in the slot there to align the middle section, then drop to Level
  1 and set off one Bomb in that slot. Now climb the yellow Magnetic Rail to
  reach the top and enter Storage Depot B to find the [GRAPPLE BEAM]. Exit the
  room and scan the ["GRAPPLE POINT"] for the Log Book, then use your new item
  to swing across to the other side. Enter the door to reach the Waste Disposal
  area and morph into ball form to enter the watery tank. Roll your way through
  the simple maze to reach the other end and get back outside. As you try to
  leave, Shadow Pirates and Space Pirates will begin to attack again; either
  fight them off or just make a run for the exit, and head back to Tallon Over-

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Acquire X-Ray Visor.					             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    X-Ray Visor				             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x2)                		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   Artifact of Chozo				             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  You will exit the Phazon Mines to end up back in the Great Tree Hall. Hop up
  the platforms to locate a Spinner device. Use it to unlock a metal gate, then
  continue on up. Ride the twisted Magnetic Rail to reach a door above you. Take
  it and make your way through Life Grove Tunnel. Near the middle, you can
  charge the Boost Ball in the half-pipe to land on top of the oval-shaped rock.
  Use a Morph Ball Bomb in the center of it to drop to a hidden [MISSILE EXPAN-
  SION (120/250)], then drop back down and continue on through the Tunnel to
  reach the Life Grove, where the [X-RAY VISOR] upgrade sits at the bottom. Upon
  your acquisition of this device, use it to see the passages beyond, then set
  a Power Bomb to blast away the walls. Head into the small pond near the rear
  and Bomb the drain slot. A pillar rises up that has a Spinner device at the
  bottom. Use it to activate a bridge, then exit and Space Jump to the [ARTIFACT
  OF CHOZO (02/12)]. Now head out of the Life Grove by climbing up the tunnel
  walls. As you near the top, three more Chozo Ghosts will appear, unhappy that
  you're just trying to make off with their Artifact. Teach them the lesson they
  so desperately need using the X-Ray Visor and Super Missiles, then continue on
  out of the Life Grove back to the Great Tree Hall. Destroy the few Seedlings
  and work to the ledge of the highest Bloodflower. Destroy it and hop on up,
  then look out with the X-Ray Visor to spot an invisible ledge. Space Jump to
  it, then Space Jump again to the obscured ledge that leads to another [MISSILE
  EXPANSION (125/250)] behind the door. From here, hop back down to the white
  door that leads to Transport Tunnel E, which will take you back to the Chozo

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. None.							             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			               		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  As you reenter Chozo Ruins, you'll wind up back in the Reflecting Pool. Head
  left into the Save Station, then Bomb Jump into the Morph Ball tunnel to
  return to Tallon Overworld.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. None.							             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			               		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Ugh. You'll return to Tallon Overworld through a familiar passage. Work your
  way through the Overgrown Cavern back to the Frigate Crash Site, then cross
  over the water, back through Waterfall Cavern to the Landing Site. Stop at
  your Gunship for restocking and save your game.

  This section details the eighth part of this walkthrough, which covers your
  return to Magmoor for the Plasma Beam, then another quick runthrough of the
  Chozo Ruins for some item-gathering.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. None.							             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			               		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Exit your ship and return via the familiar route through the Root Cave down to
  Transport Tunnel B to return to Magmoor Caverns.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate seismic readings from Geothermal Core.	             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Plasma Beam, Ice Spreader			             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x1), Power Bomb Expansion (x1)	     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   Artifact of Strength, Artifact of Nature	             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Plated Parasite					     |

  When you arrive in Magmoor, you'll need to get to the Geothermal Core. Head
  south to do so, then Space Jump from one side of the giant cave to the other
  (the Puddle Spores are gone now that you have the Grapple Beam), so you'll
  have to risk taking damage and get to the other side). Once there, start jump-
  ing up the ledges on the left wall, then use the Grappling Beam to swing to
  the large disk that's lowest to the floor. Locate the Spinner device and
  activate it to start locking mechanisms into place. Space Jump to the next
  highest one and do the same thing, then once more on the third disk. Now, roll
  up the newly-revealed Magnetic Rail on the third disk and ever-so-carefully,
  drop off onto the raised disk (it's real easy to miss and plunge to the lava
  below...). Up here, Space Jump to the highest disk and find the Morph Ball
  Slot; detonate a Bomb inside it and the whole ceiling raises off of a track,
  revealing a huge Magnetic Rail maze. The disk you're on has a Magnetic Rail
  leading to it, but first stop and scan one of the creatures crawling along the
  track for the ["PLATED PARASITE"] entry. Use the Spider Ball to navigate along
  the entirely too-long Magnetic Rail maze, then use the three magnetic cubes
  at the end to reach a white door that leads into Plasma Processing. Head in-
  side and Space Jump to the central platform to grab the [PLASMA BEAM] upgrade.
  Now return to Fiery Shores by backtracking out of the Geothermal Core and head
  through to the Shore Tunnel. Detonate a Power Bomb in the middle of the tube
  bridge to crack it, then drop down below to reach the [ICE SPREADER CHARGE
  COMBO] upgrade. Hop back up and reenter Monitor Station and ascend the ledges
  to reach the very top (as if you were going to Transport Tunnel A). This time,
  Space Jump above the catwalks to reach a deck with computer consoles. There
  is a Spinner device here you can use to raise a bridge over to the other side
  of the rock face, but you can also jump atop the computers and make a very
  well-placed L-Lock Space Jump (you do this by holding L while jumping) to make
  it over to another part of the rock face. However you do it, get to this new
  door and enter the warrior Shrine. Inside is a giant Chozo statuary that holds
  the [ARTIFACT OF STRENGTH (03/12)]. Grab it, then drop to the Chozo's feet and
  detonate a Power Bomb to enter a hidden room where you'll find a handy [POWER
  BOMB EXPANSION (5/8). Now backtrack through Monitor Station into the large
  Triclops Pit. Take out the Flying Pirates in here and work your way back to
  the area before the floating platforms. Look off to the right to see some
  small crates; blast them for refills and activate the X-Ray Visor to see some
  invisible ledges. Jump to them, making sure to keep hopping as they sink under
  your weight. Space Jump to the second and the third one, then fire a Missile
  at the large pillar in front of you to crack part of it and reveal another
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (130/250)]. Space Jump out to grab it, then return all the
  way to the first part of Lava Lake, avoiding the Puffers and Magmoors as you
  go (there is a Grapple Point in here that you can use to shorten the trip
  across Lava Lake). Near the original entrance, there is another pillar that
  you can fire Missiles at. Crack it and Space Jump to collect the [ARTIFACT OF
  NATURE (04/12)], then return via Burning Trail all the way back to the Chozo

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. None.							             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Wavebuster				             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (x3)		                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x9), Power Bomb Expansion (x1)	     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   Artifact of Lifegiver, Artifact of World	             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  Beginnings, Newborn				     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    Plated Puffer					     |

  The Transport room you end up in leads into the Suntower. Take the nearby door
  to reach the Vault and scan the wall to find another [CHOZO LORE: "BEGINNINGS"
  (13/16)], then look for the three Morph Ball Slots. Activate each one by Bomb
  Jumping into them; the third one requires a Double Bomb Jump, then grab the
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (135/250)] after the gates are lifted. Head on out into
  Plaza Access, where you'll run right into the [ENERGY TANK (10/14)]. Drop down
  into the Main Plaza and head into the Ruined Shrine. Some Chozo Ghosts will
  attack, so eliminate them with Super Missiles, then hop on top of the half-
  pipe and Boost your way up the right hand side and Bomb through the rock to
  find another [MISSILE EXPANSION (140/250)], then retreat and Boost up the left
  side. Enter the tunnel and attach to the Magnetic Rail that winds around the
  ceiling. Take it to the Wave Beam door and head through Tower Access into the
  Tower Of Light. As you enter, you'll have to start climbing the ledges lining
  the walls. When you get to the top, you'll then have to start firing Missiles
  at the weakened portions of the walls. Manually aim at each of the cracked
  areas and fire three Missiles apiece to destroy each part before moving on.
  There are four sections like this on each of the three levels, so you'll be
  using a total of 36 Missiles to get to the top. After destroying each of the
  four sections on a level, the tower will rumble and collapse a bit. Space Jump
  up to the next set of platforms and repeat the firing sequence, but take some
  time out of your day to scan a ["PLATED PUFFER"] for the Log Book and try to
  avoid them as you would regular Puffers. Getting hit by one almost guarantees
  a plunge into the water below, and it takes a bit of time to get back up. Try
  to collapse the Tower as quickly as possible so as to expedite your trip up.
  Collapse the three levels to reach the central structure, where you can Space
  Jump up to the  top platform to claim the [WAVEBUSTER CHARGE COMBO] upgrade.
  From the top, take a long dive into the water below and head into the Medit-
  ation Chamber to pick up the [ARTIFACT OF LIFEGIVER (05/12)], then backtrack
  all the way out of here and return to the Ruined Fountain. Now that there are
  no toxins in the water, you needn't fear falling in. Make your way to the back
  to reach the fountain, then morph and hold R to be rocketed skyward towards a
  Magnetic Rail. Ride the track to a reach the [MISSILE EXPANSION (145/250)],
  then drop back down and head for the Magma Pool behind the door you've been
  avoiding for so long.
  Grapple across the hot lava pool and Power Bomb the far wall. Enter the new
  room to locate another [POWER BOMB EXPANSION (6/8)], then scan for another
  entry of [CHOZO LORE: "NEWBORN" (14/16)]. Keep heading into Training Chamber
  Access and roll into a hidden tunnel on the left to get another [MISSILE EXP-
  ANSION (150/250)] and head into the Training Chamber. Battle some Chozo Ghosts
  here, then use the Boost Ball to activate the newly-revealed Morph Ball slots.
  One of them will activate the exit, and the other will activate a lift that
  will take you to a room where another [ENERGY TANK (11/14)] sits. Now use the
  Morph Ball tunnel to leave the area through Piston Tunnel, which deposits you
  right back in the Main Plaza, directly across from another [MISSILE EXPANSION
  (155/250)]. Inch forward until you see the Grapple Point light up, then swing
  over to the other side to collect the expansion. Head left across the awnings
  (so you don't have to go all the way down and then back up) to reach the
  bridge, then take out the War Wasps here and return to the Gathering Hall.
  Backtrack along the lower-right path into the Watery Hall, where you found the
  Charge Beam. Continue on into the underwater section and you'll locate a
  hidden passage deep underwater. Head through here to reach the hidden area
  containing the [MISSILE EXPANSION (160/250)], then resurface and work your way
  back to the ledge where you physically picked up the Charge Beam. Use a Morph
  Ball Bomb to blow away part of the wall and gain access to the Dynamo. First,
  use a Missile on the metal decoration in the room to unveil one [MISSILE EXP-
  ANSION (165/250)], then use the Magnetic Rail to climb up to the second [MISS-
  ILE EXPANSION (170/250)]. Head back to the Gathering Hall now and work your
  way back to the Energy Core and into the Furnace. Once in there, you'll tango
  with a few Chozo Ghosts. When they're gone, use a Power Bomb on the back wall
  to blow part of the floor away, revealing a half-pipe. Use the Boost Ball to
  grab onto the Magnetic Rail, then follow it along a series of narrow walkways
  to another Magnetic Rail. Follow this rail up and around to reach another
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (175/250)], then drop down and go back to the Hall of the
  Elders. Visit the Missile Station to restock, then drop and fight more Chozo
  Ghosts in the Hall. Return to the ledge with the colored slots, and activate
  the white one that you bypassed earlier. Bomb it, then have the Chozo toss you
  into a room with an [ENERGY TANK (12/14)], then reenter the Hall. Work your
  way up to the ledge again, this time activating the red slot. Drop down once
  more and into the Chozo's hands to move the statue out of the way, revealing
  a white door. Drop down and claim the [ARTIFACT OF WORLD (06/12)], then return
  to the Reflecting Pool and save your game after that really quick item hunt.
  Continue on through the white door at the very back of the Reflecting Pool to
  return to Tallon Overworld.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. None.							             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			               		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Yee-haw. Return to the Great Tree Hall and use the lowest white door to return
  to the Phazon Mines.

  This section details the ninth part of this walkthrough, which covers your
  return to the Phazon Mines and subsequent exploration of its lowest levels,
  finishing off with a fight against the massive Omega Pirate.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Investigate source of mobile Phazon.			             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    Flamethrower, Phazon Suit, Phazon Beam	             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (x1)		                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x6)	               		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   Artifact of Warrior, Artifact of Newborn	             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: Special Forces				             |
   |  3. Log Book:    *Phazon Elite*, Plasma Trooper, *Omega Pirate*	     |

  Reenter the Main Quarry and dispense with the Space Pirates or Shadow Pirates
  if you run into them, take out the Mega Turrets, and head back into Security
  Access A. Eliminate the two nearby Auto Defense Turrets, then detonate a Power
  Bomb on the cracked wall nearby to reveal a [MISSILE EXPANSION (180/250)].
  Defeat any Shadow Pirates you see in here, and head into the larger Mine Sec-
  urity Station. You'll fight more Shadow Pirates here - start shooting to get
  them to come to you, and just like the last time, as you ascend the ramps,
  you'll fight variations of Beam Troopers (though usually it will just be the
  Wave variety). Defeat them and when you reach the top of the area, use a Power
  Bomb to blow away the grating in front of a computer panel, then scan the
  console to unlock a gate on the lower level. Backtrack down to the red door
  and head inside Security Station A to collect [FLAMETHROWER CHARGE COMBO] up-
  grade, then return to the door in the ceiling at the top and head on through.
  Inside Elite Research, take out any enemies if you run into them, and then set
  a Power Bomb off by the main tank in the center to trigger another mini-boss

    The Phazon Elite is a more powerful version of the Elite Pirates you faced
    earlier, but it has many of the same attacks. Read below for Normal and
    Hard Mode strategies for eliminating this mini-boss.

    This is little more than a larger and more powerful Elite Pirate. Start off
    by scanning it to get the [*"PHAZON ELITE"*], then watch for his attacks.
    His strength lies in his Wave Quake attack as he possesses no Plasma Art-
    illery Cannons like the standard Elites. Try not to get hung up in the
    machinery around the room, and strafe around while launching Super Missiles
    at his head. Don't fire anything while the Phazon Elite is holding out his
    palm, since anything Beam-based will be absorbed. This battle is what the
    normal Elite Pirates will be like on Hard, so if you want to take the time
    to familiarize yourself with advanced tactics, go ahead. Approximately 4
    Super Missiles will put him out of his misery.

    This time around, the Phazon Elite is a bit less sluggish and makes up for
    his patheticness from Normal Mode with intensified attacks. About 8 or 9
    Super Missiles will bring this version down, but you'll spend a lot of time
    dodging the Wave Quakes and waiting out the beam-absorption phases before
    getting your chance to attack. Just keep hitting him when he's vulnerable
    and he'll fall.

  Defeating this mini-boss reveals the [ARTIFACT OF WARRIOR (07/12)]. Grab it
  and begin making your way up the staggered ledges around the room. The Beam
  Troopers have been replaced with four Mega Turrets this time, so take cover
  and eliminate them quickly. Head to the top and back into Ore Processing,
  then take out any enemies you see. Roll up the yellow Magnetic Rail all the
  way to the top, then simply drop down one level to return to Elevator A Access
  so you don't have to realign any Magnetic Rail tracks. Drop down the long
  shaft and return to Level 2 of the Phazon Mines.
  Exit the transport and into Elite Control Access. There is another Power Troo-
  per trying to hide here, so detonate the crate again and move on into Elite
  Control. Three Shadow Pirates will almost immediately attack, so take them
  down with the Thermal Visor and the Wave or Ice Beam. Keep going through here
  the same as you did the first time until you reach the Ventilation Shaft. Con-
  tinue on through Omega Research, destroying the two Wave Troopers and four
  Power Troopers before getting back to the Dynamo Access. The third and final
  Elite Pirate will attack here; hang out in one of the tunnels and let two
  Super Missiles fly before the Elite has a chance to activate its energy siphon
  attack.  Kill it and move on to the Central Dynamo, where four Ice Troopers
  have decided it's a good day for you to die. Give them your customary answer
  and utilize the Save Station again. If the Ice Troopers respawn again, you
  know what to do. Go through the other door this time by clearing away more
  Bendezium, and immediately Morph and roll to the right because there are four
  Mega Turrets just waiting to blast you to oblivion. As you head to the right,
  you can drop into a small tunnel that allows you to pass under the Turrets
  and pop up on the other side. As you exit, scan the console in front of you to
  silence the offending Turrets, and proceed into Metroid Quarantine A.
  In here, you'll find a rather nasty combination of captive Metroids and Space
  Pirates. Scan the console to deactivate the forcefield, and sit back and watch
  as the Pirates wig out as the wicked Metroids attack them en-masse. This seq-
  uence takes a little while, so make the most of it and head down to the lower
  area and Space Jump to the large mushroom-like Saturnines. Use the X-Ray Visor
  to spot invisible platforms, then hop to each one and arm your Plasma Beam
  because you will probably have a few Metroids on your tail at this point. Keep
  using the X-Ray Visor to ascend the Saturnines and ledges, then cross another
  invisible one to reach a ledge with a Magnetic Rail. Space Jump to the ledge,
  then use Power Bombs on the rear wall to reveal a passage to another side of
  the room. Roll along the Magnetic Rail to yet another rocky ledge where you
  can use the X-Ray Visor once more to find a vertically moving invisible plat-
  form that leads straight up to another [MISSILE EXPANSION (185/250)]. From
  your position, Space Jump to the thin metal walkway in front of you, then lock
  your view down so you ensure your safe landing on the ledge with the first set
  of Magnetic Rails. Ride them to the white door leading into a Phazon-laced
  access tunnel. You'll also encounter a few Void Bombus here (another entity
  that can't be scanned), so hop the best you can through the area to the door
  on the far side and take the Transport down to the third level of the Phazon
  The third level of this area is quite a bit tougher, and you'll be alternat-
  ing quite a bit between all of your Visors. The next room you'll enter is the
  Fungal Hall Access. There's a normal Space Pirate a little ways down; take it
  out and drop down to the bottom of the area, morphing along the way. You'll
  land and roll down a slight incline into a patch of searing Phazon, so quick-
  ly roll and grab the [MISSILE EXPANSION (190/250)] from under the Saturnine,
  then get out of the damaging radiation and head back up to reach Fungal Hall
  A. You'll deal with a whole family of Hunter Metroids here, so keep your
  distance to avoid their siphon tentacles while using the Ice Beam + Missile
  attack, then use the flying Glider to Grapple across to the far ledge. Set
  off a Power Bomb to reveal the entry to the Phazon Mining Tunnel, then roll
  down the narrow passages to the bottom.
  Once at the lowest point, quickly use the Boost Ball to rocket across the
  collapsing floor or else risk a painful encounter with the Phazon lake below.
  Exit through the left (you can't reach the area to the right just yet) of the
  tunnel to reach Fungal Hall B, where the lights go out. There are multiple
  Metroids lurking in here, so switch to the Thermal Visor to see them easier.
  Take them out as you come across them, then head across the bottom area with
  the X-Ray Visor enabled so you can see a hidden compartment in the floor. Use
  a Power Bomb to blast the rock away so you can grab the [MISSILE EXPANSION
  (195/250)], then return to the top Saturnines and grapple off to the left
  using the Glider to reach a Missile Station. Restock and exit out to the
  large Saturnine once more, then grapple straight ahead to reach another Sat-
  urnine. A helpful trick to land on this Saturnine is to swing until you're
  literally flying over it, then swinging back a little ways and letting go.
  Once on there, Space Jump to the next one and head on into a short area
  containing some invisible Pulse Bombus. Use the X-Ray Visor to track them as
  you jump from Saturnine to Saturnine, and once on the other side, head on
  into Metroid Quarantine B.
  Once you make it into the next Quarantine, you'll finally come face-to-face
  with the final variant of Beam Trooper. Scan one while dodging their initial
  fire for the ["PLASMA TROOPER"] entry, then set to work taking them out. These
  are honestly weaker than the Ice Troopers if you really lay into them - blast
  them with a charged Plasma Beam and they'll catch on fire, which is really
  funny to watch (especially if you knock them off of a perch and into the Pha-
  zon...). Deal with them from afar, using your own Plasma Beam to toast them
  while dodging their powerful shots. Once they've been eliminated, use the
  spiraling Magnetic Rail to reach a small platform, then Space Jump to another
  ledge off to your left (if you're facing the back of the room where you can
  see the forcefield). Aim up and locate the Grapple Point, then jump at it
  until it glows blue. Latch onto it and swing over the Phazon pit to solid
  ground. Scan the console to deactivate the Quarantine forcefield, and engage
  the Plasma Trooper that rushes out at you. Head inside and kill the Wave
  Troopers that try to snipe you, and scan one of the consoles for another Log
  Book entry: [PIRATE DATA: "SPECIAL FORCES" (24/25)]. Destroy the nearby Cor-
  dite tank as well to expose another [MISSILE EXPANSION (200/250)], then head
  up the ramps to reach Elite Quarters Access. Deal with another Plasma Trooper
  in here, then use the Plasma Beam to melt the ice covering the lock device on
  the door. Head on in to the next room for the next boss encounter.

    Like Thardus, the Omega Pirate is a large Phazon-powered freak of nature
    that puts the Elite Pirates and the Phazon Elite to shame. It has a number
    of potent attacks that can ruin your day. Read below for Normal and Hard
    Mode strategies for easily eliminating this boss.

    The Omega Pirate right now sleeps in a stasis chamber. Inch towards it with
    the Scan Visor equipped so you can add the [*"OMEGA PIRATE"*] entry to your
    Log Book before the fight begins. When you get far enough across the room,
    a cutscene will take over and the fight will begin. You'll primarily be
    playing defense during this battle. Offensively, the Omega Pirate has a num-
    ber of potent attacks that you need to avoid. Its first is a larger version
    of the Wave Quake. Space Jump over it to avoid the wave and make sure you
    stay far away enough so that the boss can't reach you, but close enough so
    that you're still looking up at the Omega Pirate. The reason for this is
    that your position in relation to the Pirate will trigger its second or
    third attacks. Its second one is a giant punch that knocks you quite a ways
    back, and the third one is to fire a number of homing bombs at you. Its
    fourth attack comes in the form of summoning Beam Troopers, but you don't
    have to deal with those just yet.
    Start the battle by locking on to one of the four Phazon deposits on its
    armor and destroy each with a Super Missile or rapid-firing your Plasma
    Beam. Destroying all four forces the Omega Pirate into its healing phase.
    The Omega Pirate will fall and turn invisible at this point. Look around
    for any Beam Troopers that show up during this part and quickly take them
    out, then switch to the X-Ray Visor and look for the Omega Pirate. It will
    appear over one of the three patches of pure Phazon so it can regenerate
    its armor. There are two ways you can go about the battle at this point.
    The first (and easiest) is to lock onto its invisible form and fire Super
    Missiles at it. One impact will take 25% of its health away and cause it to
    disappear and find another Phazon patch. Eliminate any Beam Troopers that
    appear and position yourself in front of the path it was standing it and
    face the remaining two. Look for the Omega Pirate to appear again and fire
    another Super Missile to restart the process. At this point, the Omega Pir-
    ate will heal its armor and the fight will start over from the beginning.
    Repeat the same process and use two more Super Missiles to deplete its
    health completely.
    The second (faster and more advanced) method involves using Power Bombs.
    Quickly Boost over to its location and stop right in front of the Phazon
    patch. Use a Bomb Jump and set a Power Bomb at the apex of your jump, then
    quickly unmorph and switch to the X-Ray Visor as you fall. Look up towards
    the Omega Pirate as the Power Bomb detonates - if done correctly, you should
    wipe out about half of its LE. The Omega Pirate will scream and disappear;
    eliminate any Beam Troopers that appear and position yourself in front of
    the path it was standing it and face the remaining two. Look for the Omega
    Pirate to appear again and boost over to its location and repeat the same
    Power Bomb move to deplete the rest of its life energy. Sometimes Power
    Bombs don't drain exactly 50%, and you have to go another round anyway, but
    this trick usually works well enough that you can end this fight in a single
    Whatever method you choose to use, keep eliminating the Beam Troopers if
    you have time, but focus on the Omega Pirate once he appears over a Phazon
    patch. Four Super Missiles or two-ish Power Bombs and this fight is over.

    The Omega Pirate is capable of taking a real beating in this go-round; it
    will take about 8 Super Missiles (or 4 well-timed Power Bomb blasts) to the
    weakened form to defeat it, but this is easier said than done.
    Each Phazon deposit will take two Super Missiles or a lot of Plasma Beam
    fire to destroy this time, and the time spent in its regeneration phase is
    a bit shorter. Therefore you should plan on this battle going at least 3
    rounds. Take out the deposits like before, eliminate the Beam Troopers,
    find the Omega Pirate and use Super Missiles or Power Bombs to eliminate a
    chunk of its health, then do it again if possible. You should spend more
    time defending against the Beam Troopers since it is impossible to finish
    this fight in a single round. Once the Plasma and Power Troopers show up,
    try and hop around to keep their shots from hitting you if you're busy try-
    ing to damage the Omega Pirate. Unless the Beam Troopers are flaying you
    alive, it's often best to ignore them and let the sniveling cretins get
    wasted by the Omega Pirate's Wave Quake attack. This particular fight is
    tough, but with patience, you will persevere.

  The saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? And fall
  the Omega Pirate does, right on top of you! The Omega Pirate's body dissolves
  into pure Phazon, and what should rightfully kill you right then and there
  instead corrupts your entire Power Suit, changing it into the super-powered
  [PHAZON SUIT]. You will now be immune to the effects of blue Phazon, you have
  radically-increased defensive abilities, and you can channel pure Phazon via
  your Arm Cannon for the [PHAZON BEAM]. Immediately take your new suit and re-
  turn to Metroid Quarantine B, backtracking through Fungal Hall B into the
  Phazon Mining Tunnel. As you enter from this way, you'll see a glowing object
  at the end; drop into the Phazon-laced tunnel that you can now survive and
  use Bombs to blast away all of the rocks to reach the bottom where the [ART-
  IFACT OF NEWBORN (08/12)] sits.
  Now, you've been going through this game via the normal route, or as normal as
  it gets, but at this point, your computer tells you to return to the Artifact
  Temple and unlock the Impact Crater... but you still have four more Chozo Art-
  ifacts to collect. Don't worry - nothing special happens if you go back now
  except for a waste of time, so resume your path and backtrack to Omega Quar-
  ters and scan the panel on the right-hand side of the cave to activate an
  elevator. Ride it up to the top level, then go on through the door at the back
  into Processing Center Access, where you'll find another [ENERGY TANK (13/14)]
  as a reward for defeating the Omega Pirate. Continue into the Phazon Process-
  ing Center where you have to ascend a series of ledges while dealing with a
  few Beam Troopers and a couple of Mega Turrets. Eliminate them as you ascend
  the platforms until you can go no farther. Use the X-Ray Visor to get to the
  second level, then head to the far wall and Space Jump to a ledge where you
  can detonate a Power Bomb to reveal a hidden [MISSILE EXPANSION (205/250)].
  Now continue your ascent, rolling along the left-hand spiraling Magnetic Rail,
  then take out the Power Trooper hiding up top. Head across the ledges here,
  activating the X-Ray Visor to keep track of the invisible ones. At the top,
  ride the moving platform back to solid ground and you'll reach the transport
  leading back to Magmoor Caverns.

  This section details the tenth part of this walkthrough, which covers your
  return to the Phendrana Drifts three more Chozo Artifacts and essentially
  finishing out your item collection.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return to Phendrana Drifts.				             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			               		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  As you Power Bomb your way back out into Magmoor Workstation, quickly dash
  past all the Flying Pirates and head up the ledges at the back to return to
  the Transport room. Head to the rear and save your game, then head up back to
  Phendrana Drifts.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Collect the Chozo Artifacts.				             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    Energy Tank (x1)		                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x7), Power Bomb Expansion (x2)      |
   |  4. Artifacts:   Artifact of Spirit, Artifact of Elder, Artifact of Sun |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Once in the Transport area, return through South Quarantine Access to the
  large Quarantine Cave. Use the Grapple Beam to grapple across the two Grapple
  Points in the ceiling to the ledge in the distance. Roll inside the tunnel to
  find a [MISSILE EXPANSION (210/250)], then exit out and re-grapple back across
  and return to the Transport. This time, take the Magnetic Rail up to reach
  Transport Access. Melt the ice with the Plasma Beam to collect the last [ENER-
  GY TANK (14/14)], and head into Frozen Pike. Drop into the water and head into
  Hunter Cave. Kill the Flying Pirates and pass on into the Gravity Chamber. Go
  above the water and locate the icicles on the ceiling. Melt them with the
  Plasma Beam to reveal a Grapple Point that you can use to swing over to the
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (215/250)] on the left, then return to Hunter Cave, this
  time grappling over to the door leading out to Phendrana's Edge. Climb out of
  the water and up the platforms until you can go no farther. There are two
  Grapple Points you can use to reach the floating platforms and reach solid
  ground once more. Use the X-Ray Visor to make sure you got to the correct
  ledge, then use a Power Bomb to blast the rock away from the door and head
  into the Storage Cave to get the [ARTIFACT OF SPIRIT (09/12)]. From here,
  continue your upwards climb through Phendrana's Edge until you see a small
  Morph Ball tunnel on the far side. Grapple across using the Glider, and roll
  into the tunnel for another [POWER BOMB EXPANSION (7/8)], then return to Frost
  Cave. Work your way across the lower platforms up to the original entrance,
  then use the Glider to grapple to the ledge off to your left (it's the one
  with the crates). From there, you can aim up and shoot down the last stalac-
  tite to crack the ice. Now drop underwater and grab the newly-revealed [MISS-
  ILE EXPANSION (220/250)].
  Return to Frozen Pike and back into the Space Pirate Research Labs. Keep your
  Thermal Visor on as the power is still out. In the Research Core, you'll deal
  with about four Auto Defense Turrets and three Metroids (one on each floor)
  before you can exit into Research Lab Aether. Multiple Shadow Pirates attack
  you as you make your way back through the Labs, so destroy them as you find
  them. Continue on out into the Control Tower and eliminate the few Flying
  Pirates, then go up above the East Tower (the one you just came out of). De-
  stroy the large crate inside, melt the ice in the window with the Plasma Beam,
  and scan the tower there to find some fuel cell near the bottom. Target the
  fuel cells and blow them up with a Missile, and the whole tower will collapse
  onto the Control Tower yard. Head to it, morph inside to find the [ARTIFACT OF
  ELDER (10/12)], then use the passage at the top to escape the wreckage.
  Now backtrack through the West Tower back through Research Lab Hydra. Continue
  on through Research Entrance and Specimen Storage, this time completely ig-
  noring any enemies in your path until you get back out to the Ruined Court-
  yard. Drop down to the bottom left and reenter Ice Ruins West. Hop along the
  ledges directly in front of you until you reach the end. Look down and melt
  the ice below you to fall into a room holding the final [POWER BOMB EXPANSION
  (8/8)], then continue on to Ice Ruins East. Here, drop down to the ledge be-
  neath you and find the iced-over wall and use the Plasma Beam to claim another
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (225/250)], then hop along the platforms until you reach
  one with two Crystallites. Fire upon them, then turn around and start jumping
  to the structure behind you. There's a Magnetic Rail hidden inside the wall
  that leads directly to another [MISSILE EXPANSION (230/250)] higher up. Once
  you collect it, drop back down and head through the exit at the opposite end
  back into Phendrana Shorelines. Drop down to where the Save Station is and
  find the iced wall near that area; melt it to find yet another [MISSILE EXP-
  ANSION (235/250)], then backtrack up the ledges and across to the Chozo Ice
  Temple. Scan for the Cordite statue on the outer wall and destroy it with a
  Super Missile, then scan the revealed symbol to unlock a Magnetic Rail inside
  the tower to your left. Head over and use the track to reach another [MISSILE
  EXPANSION (240/250)] at the top. Drop down and enter the Chozo Ice Temple,
  and avoid all the Pulse Bombus while retracing your steps back to the large
  Chozo statuary near the Chapel of the Elders.
  Aim manually and use the Plasma Beam to melt the ice, then jump up and morph
  into its open palms. The movement will pull its palm down like a lever, and a
  Morph Ball tunnel will be revealed at the bottom. Drop down and roll on
  through for the [ARTIFACT OF SUN (11/12), then exit the Ice Temple back into
  Phendrana Shorelines. Backtrack across the entire plain to return through the
  long access tunnel back to Transport Tunnel A to return to Magmoor Caverns
  for the final time.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return Chozo Artifacts to Artifact Temple.		             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None			               		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  Head back through Transport Access A into Monitor Station. Drop to the bottom
  and enter the door across from you to reach Shore Tunnel, then take this to
  Fiery Shores. Follow this path to the Morph Ball tunnel, then head back to
  Tallon Overworld towards the Root Cave.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return Chozo Artifacts to Artifact Temple.		             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  Missile Expansion (x2)		       		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    None						     |

  You'll reenter this area via the Root Cave. Start ascending up the platforms
  on the sides of the room. Once you reach the top (or at least as high as you
  can go) you'll have to use the Grapple Beam to swing to the opposite side of
  the cave. Use the X-Ray Visor to locate invisible platforms that lead upward
  to higher ground. Stop at the fourth one up and scan around to find another
  [MISSILE EXPANSION (245/250)] hidden in an alcove behind some vegetation.
  Space Jump up and grab it, then hop back to the invisible platforms. Ascend
  the platforms to the top to reach a door leading to Arbor Chamber, and head
  inside to grab this game's final [MISSILE EXPANSION (250/250)], then drop down
  and make your way back through to the Landing Site, and save your game at your

  This section details the eleventh and final part of this walkthrough, where
  you return all of the Chozo Artifacts to the Artifact Temple to reach the evil
  that lurks below the surface.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Return Chozo Artifacts to Artifact Temple.		             |
   |  2. Unlock the Impact Crater and find the source of the Phazon meteor.  |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None				       		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   Artifact of Truth				             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  Binding, Statuary					     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: Artifact Site				             |
   |  3. Log Book:    *Meta Ridley*					     |

  If you were doing an item-by-item count, you would count 99%, but the game is
  only tracking you at 98% for some reason. If you want an explanation, refer
  to the next section of this guide. Exit the ship and look directly across the
  Landing Site to see a door high above you on the other side. Head across to-
  wards the waterfall and use the ledges on the left-hand side to reach where
  the door is. Space Jump up to reach the ledges, and follow the path around to
  the blue door that leads to the Temple Hallway. Boost past the Tangle Weed and
  the three Seedlings in here and head through into the Temple Security Station.
  In  here, you'll see a strange object in your path. Scan it to reveal it as
  the final piece of [PIRATE DATA: "ARTIFACT SITE" (25/25)"], then continue on
  into the Chozo Artifact Temple. Before heading down the winding ramps, scan
  the walls for two more Log Book entries: [CHOZO LORE: "BINDING" (15/16)] and
  [CHOZO LORE: "STATUARY" (16/16)]. Now you've completed all Pirate Data Logs,
  all Chozo Lore entries, and all Research entries and just have to complete
  your Creature Database. Continue along the enemy-free path until you reach the
  outside of the Artifact Temple, and you'll see the final item, the [ARTIFACT
  OF TRUTH (12/12)] sitting directly in your path. Grab it, and...

              If you have followed this walkthrough to the letter
              thus far, you will have collected all 100 of the
              game's items, despite the 98% from earlier. As your
              reward, you'll receive IMAGE GALLERY 4, available
              from the Main Menu.


  ... the next sequence where the Artifacts are used to unlock the Cipher of the
  Artifact Temple will begin. But before you can finish, Meta Ridley finally
  arrives to mess with your day.

    Were you wondering when this fight was going to happen? Not one to let you
    down, Meta Ridley swoops in and starts destroying the Chozo Towers that
    are in the process of removing the Cipher. Read below for Normal and Hard
    Mode strategies for eliminating this boss.

    Meta Ridley is probably the toughest opponent you've faced so far. Start off
    scanning him for his [*"META RIDLEY"*] Log Book entry, then get ready for
    the fight. Right now, Meta Ridley is heavily armored and only has a single
    weak spot on his body - his chest - and he spends most of the battle protec-
    ting it. However, you can easily get at it when he's in the air. Once he's
    on the ground, you can take advantage of an easy trick to end this fight in
    a fairly expeditious fashion. This battle goes in a series of phases, and
    Meta Ridley will use different attacks at different times. Below is a brief
    list of these phases and what to do during each one.
       Meta Ridley generally hovers in front of you or slightly to the left or
       the right. He uses his flamestrike projector a lot during this part, but
       also leaves his weak spot wide open. Dash to the left or the right to
       get away from his beams, then target his chest and fire away with charg-
       ed Plasma Beams.
       This phase starts when Meta Ridley flies off into the distance. You will
       not be able to hurt him here, so just back up into the entrance to the
       Temple and wait for him to fire his spread of Meson Bombs. These will
       destroy the remaining Chozo Towers, so collect the refills they leave
       behind. Once he finishes dive-bombing, he'll hover again, so target his
       chest and fire Super Missiles.
       This phase begins after you damage him during Phase 2, and he will fly
       over the temple and begin to settle over the area. Watch his shadow and
       wait for him to land, and begin charging your Boost Ball. Rocket direct-
       ly into him as he starts to settle on the ground, and you *should* cause
       his wings to burn away. There's some quirky mechanic about how you can
       cause infinite damage with the Boost Ball in certain situations. What-
       ever the reason, this move singlehandedly eliminates an entire phase of
       his trying to claw at you. If this doesn't work, you will have to deal
       with a few melee clawing attacks while firing at his chest with the
       charged Plasma Beam.
       Once his wings are gone, he should have approximately a quarter of his
       life remaining. This phase gets extremely personal, as Meta Ridley will
       use multiple charging, ramming, and clawing attacks. Lock onto his
       head and keep circling the area; when you see him rear his head back,
       strafe and dash out of the way with the Space Jump to avoid his charging
       attack, then rotate and reacquire your lock quickly. What you want to
       watch for here is Meta Ridley opening his mouth and craning his neck
       around - this is when you can damage him, so move in close and pound him
       in the mouth with a regular Missile. This will stun him and he'll fall
       back, revealing his weak point. Lock onto his chest now and fire a Super
       Missile directly at his chest, then get ready to dash out of the way
       because Meta Ridley will most likely charge at you again. If you keep
       your distance, you probably won't even have to deal with his clawing
       attack. Keep locking on and stunning him, then attacking his chest to
       defeat him.

    This is a more typical Hard Mode fight, in which Meta Ridley inflicts twice
    as much damage to you, while you can only inflict half as much. His attacks
    and phases stay exactly the same, although he uses his attacks more in com-
    bination during this round. Attack him the same until you get him into his
    landing phase, then Boost Ball into him to force him out of phase 3 and in-
    to his melee mode. This time, he won't telegraph his charge attack as much,
    so you need to watch him for any kind of sudden movements so you can still
    dash out of the way. In this one, for some peculiar reason, you may cause
    Meta Ridley to get "stuck" in pattern of simply opening his mouth, letting
    you attack, and then opening his mouth again. If this happens, then the
    fight is just that much easier for you. He takes a lot more damage in this
    mode, so just be prepared.

  Defeating Meta Ridley causes him to stumble backwards towards the edge of the
  Artifact Temple. At once, the twelve Chozo Chosts reanimate and concentrate
  a singular laser attack on Meta Ridley's chest. This powerful blast forces
  him further backwards and over the edge to his death. These twelve Ghosts
  then take your Artifacts and proceed to finish unlocking the Great Seal over
  the Impact Crater. Just ahead lies some powerful Metroids and of course, the
  battle against Metroid Prime.

   |                           =MISSION OUTLOOK=			     |
   |  OBJECTIVES                                                             |
   |  ----------						             |
   |  1. Locate source of all Phazon.				             |
   |									     |
   |  ITEMS								     |
   |  -----								     |
   |  1. Upgrades:    None					             |
   |  2. Supplies:    None			                  	     |
   |  3. Ammunition:  None				       		     |
   |  4. Artifacts:   None					             |
   |									     |
   |  SCANS								     |
   |  -----                                                                  |
   |  1. Chozo Lore:  None						     |
   |  2. Pirate Data: None					             |
   |  3. Log Book:    *Lumigek*, Fission Metroid, *Metroid Prime*, *Metroid  |
   |		      Prime Essence*			                     |

  This is it, the final area of the game. As you leave the transport, head to
  the Save Station to your left. This will be your final opportunity to save,
  and you probably don't want to re-fight Meta Ridley should things not go your
  way here. Exit the save room and head through the adjacent red door to reach
  Crater Tunnel A. QUICKLY scan a [*"LUMIGEK"*] for the Log Book - these only
  appear once and disappear quickly. If you miss, you have to exit the Impact
  Crater and come back so they can respawn. Once you've gotten the scan, shoot
  them and Space Jump over the red Phazon - your Phazon Suit isn't even powerful
  enough to protect you from this stuff, and you will lose energy very rapidly
  should you make contact with it. Proceed into the Phazon Core to take one of
  three paths.
  - The first path is to go balls to the wall and start racing up the teeth-
    shaped ledges at the back and the floating ledges to hopefully reach the
    middle bridge before any of the Fission Metroids catch you. This is more a
    gamble of luck, really, but it can work.
  - The second path is a more cautious route, and has you advancing into the
    Core and eliminating the Fission Metroids as you see them, then heading up
    the teeth-shaped ledges at the back to reach the floating ledges leading to
    the middle bridge (for less experienced players, this is the route to go
    since you need to be able to take time to stop and scan to add the ["FISSION
    METROID"] to your Log Book).
  - The third path is to head into the Core and hang a hard right, Space Jump-
    ing to small indentations in the rock wall here, and continuing to jump up
    until you reach the middle bridge. With practice this becomes easy, but is
    difficult the first few go-rounds.
  Whichever method you choose is entirely up to you, but either way, you'll
  have to tackle some Fission Metroids at some point on your ascent, either
  after the middle or on the way up the first half. To defeat them, you can
  either (a) Power Bomb them into oblivion, but honestly I would save these for
  the final battle, or (b) shoot them with whatever you have until they split
  into two separate beam-based Metroids. At this point, they can only be hurt
  with their corresponding beam (Yellow=Power, White=Ice, Purple=Wave, and Red=
  Plasma). Just make sure you scan one of them before making it split; you don't
  get a scan entry for a "fission'd" Metroid (har har). The good(?) news is that
  there is no end to these Metroids as they spawn from the Phazon itself, so
  you'll never miss an opportunity to scan one. Just be fast through this area
  because the Fission Metroids like to eat you when you're trying to jump, and
  it's just best to try to stay ahead of them. Once you make it to the midpoint,
  head into the red door to reach a Missile Station so you can recharge your
  Missiles and generally take a quick breather. Exit this room when you're ready
  and destroy any Fission Metroids hanging around outside, then start running to
  the left, where you'll see another one bobbing in the distance. Let this one
  grab you and set a Power Bomb quickly to take it out; with luck you'll also
  eliminate the one hanging out above you, too. Once they're dead, spin around
  to the right and Space Jump up and around the remaining ledges leading to the
  top. At the end is a red door leading to Crater Tunnel B and your temporary
  salvation from the Fission Metroids. Advance to the edge of the rock here and
  ignore the Magnetic Rails; instead, just Space Jump across the Phazon pit to
  reach the other side and the final red door. Waiting for you on the other side
  is the much-discussed Metroid Prime.

    As you enter the room, you'll see a massive black head hanging from the
    ceiling. Metroid Prime unfolds into a large spidery-looking creature, and
    upon seeing you, blast through a wall and runs away. Chase after her to
    begin the fight. Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for taking
    down her first form.

    Metroid Prime's only weak point is her eyes - attacks that land anywhere
    else will simply reflect off and often come right back at you. The good
    news is that it is pretty easy to lock on. The catch in this battle is that
    Metroid Prime can alternate what weapons she is weak to, although like the
    Beam Troopers and Fission Metroids, you can tell by what color the lines in
    her armor are. Before you start this battle, activate the Scan Visor to get
    the first of two scans, [*"METROID PRIME"*].
    Like the battle with Meta Ridley, this one takes place in four distinct
    phases, and what attacks she uses depend on what phase you're currently in.
    She uses beam-based attacks and multi-missiles in the first round, adds a
    charging attack and beam-based homing bombs in the second round, adds a
    snare beam in the third round (which if you get too close also comes with
    a claw slashing attack), and uses all of them in the fourth round. The beam
    attacks and multi-missiles can be dodged by strafing from side to side, the
    homing bombs can be shot down, and the snare beam attack can be stopped
    with a hard shot to her face or a Power Bomb by her mouth. The only way to
    dodge her charge attack is to find a groove in the floor, morph, and Boost
    out of the way. During these phases, she will alter her colors, so attack
    her with the corresponding beam weapon to inflict damage. Below is a list
    of her colors and how best to handle each one.
       Yellow means use the Power Beam or Super Missiles, but you'll want to
       wait until she launches an attack before you fire your own. Her homing
       bomb scrambles your Visor like the Chozo Ghosts' electrical attacks.
       Purple means use the Wave Beam, or the Wavebuster if you want to end the
       phase quickly. Her beam attacks disable your targeting system, keeping
       you from maintaining a lock, while her homing bombs will scramble your
       Visor for five seconds or so.
    3. ICE ARMOR
       White means use the Ice Beam or the Ice Spreader if you want to end the
       phase quickly. Her beam attack is an Ice Wave that freezes you in place,
       and her bomb attacks pretty much do the same except with more damage.
       Use the Ice Spreader + a Missile to end this quickly.
       Red means use the Plasma Beam, NOT the Flamethrower. This armor is diff-
       icult to defend against, because her beam attacks and her homing bombs
       both set you on fire and constantly drain energy from you. Rapid-firing
       the Plasma Beam seems to work better than charged shots.
    Don't be hesitant to use your Beam Charge Combos here; you won't need your
    Missiles for the next phase of the battle too much, and you want to take
    out Metroid Prime as quickly as possible to conserve your own energy reser-
    ves. Read below for descriptions for each of the subchamber phases, so you
    know what to expect in each area.
       Metroid Prime changes color once during the part and uses beam attacks
       and multi-missiles. She begins the battle in yellow, so use your Super
       Missiles and the charged Power Beam to inflict damage. After scoring
       enough hits, she'll screech and change to purple. Activate the Wavebus-
       ter and lay on a steady stream until she screeches again and burrows
       through the wall.
       Metroid Prime changes color twice during this part and adds her charging
       attack and her homing bombs. She begins the battle in yellow, changes to
       white, then changes to purple. Remember that she uses her charge attack
       after each color phase, so dodge and resume your attack. Once these
       phases are over, she'll burrow again through the wall.
       Metroid Prime changes color three times during this part, uses three
       charge attacks, and adds her snare beam attack in addition to all of
       her previous moves. She begins the battle in yellow, changes to purple,
       then changes to red, and finally changes to white. Dodge the charge
       attack after each phase and shoot down the homing bombs for refills.
       Once these phases are complete, she will burrow one more time into the
       next room.
       Metroid Prime changes color eleven times during this part, has about
       seven charge attacks, and uses all of her attacks interchangeably. She
       will no longer alternate colors only when damaged; she will switch and
       charge you at random. Pay close attention, adjust your weapons to match,
       and keep your distance so you can shoot the homing bombs down and avoid
       her snare attack. After you deplete her life meter, she'll stumble and
       fall backwards through a wall into the last area.

    The same strategy listed above applies here, but you need to watch out more
    for her attacks and be effective at dodging them. She inflicts a lot more
    damage on you, and doesn't really follow the same patterns listed for the
    Normal Mode encounter. Plan on relying more on looking at her color pattern
    than a simple "Yellow->Purple->White" variation, as she tends to randomize
    a bit more. Everything else in the Subchambers remains the same in regards
    to when she gains particular attacks and how many phases she has. Metroid
    Prime's attacks are a bit harder to dodge, and you must be able to take out
    the homing bombs, as a single Plasma Bomb can easily eat 5 Energy Tanks, if
    not more. Aside from these notes, the battle is more or less the same, she
    does double damage to you, you do half as much to her, and so on. Grit your
    teeth and press on to beat her.

  Defeating Metroid Prime causes her to tumble down through a cave into the
  final Subchamber. Follow her down and she'll shed her armored carapace and
  expose herself for the gigantic mutated Metroid you already knew she was. The
  final battle will now commence and be either excessively easy or ridiculously
  difficult, depending on, it seems, her mood at the time. *shrug*

    This final battle can be pretty predictable, but like the Omega Pirate, she
    likes to summon helpers in the form of varying Metroids during the fight.
    Read below for Normal and Hard Mode strategies for defeating this final
    version of Metroid Prime.

    Instead of a strategic battle where you have to dodge multiple attacks as
    you inflict damage of your own, this fight is relatively straightforward in
    its approach. Start the fight off by scanning her for her second Log Book
    entry, [*"METROID PRIME ESSENCE"*], then commence your battle. Prime will
    hover around the room following you around, and occasionally launch either
    a Phazon Wave Quake (Space Jump to avoid this), lash out at you with her
    tentacles (stay away), create Metroids (Ugh... take them out however you see
    fit; Power Bomb the Fission variety), or create small pools of pure Phazon
    (this is good). For the majority of this battle, you should face Prime and
    always maintain a lock while circling the perimeter of the room. Dodge her
    first few Phazon Wave Quakes and charge up so you can draw any refills in
    that she leaves behind (which will usually be Ultra Energies). Once she
    creates a pool of Phazon, she'll turn invisible, and this is where the real
    battle begins. During these phases, Prime cycles through the visible spec-
    tra, but you can track her by switching from your Combat Visor to your X-Ray
    Visor to your Thermal Visor and then back to the Combat Visor. Pick which-
    ever Visor you can see her in, maneuever over to the pool and stand directly
    in it. The words "HYPER MODE" will flash across your HUD and your Phazon
    Beam will engage. Don't hold down the fire button as this drains the pool
    too quickly. Lock on and fire off quick bursts while continuously tracking
    her to inflict the most damage. Swap Visors when appropriate and keep dam-
    aging her until you've used up all of the Phazon. Once she starts creating
    Metroids, you will face regular ones first, Hunters second, and Fissions on
    the third go-round. Afterwards she will create random groups, so take them
    out if they're bothering you, but you should keep your eyes on Prime so you
    know when she's invisible and when she's creating more Phazon Pools for you
    to use. Beware of getting too close to Prime if you're not damaging her;
    she'll smack you with her tentacles and throw you across the room. About
    halfway through the battle, it will get a bit easier as Prime starts creat-
    ing more than one pool at a time - when this happens, move from pool to
    pool and keep firing to waste her energy away to nothing.

    Oh yeah...

              If you have followed this walkthrough to the letter
              thus far, you have scanned every item in the game
              for the Log Book. As your reward, you'll receive
              IMAGE GALLERY 2, available from the Main Menu.


    Honestly, not much has changed. Prime is a little more aggressive and she
    tends to stay closer to you, but attacking her is the same as in Normal
    Mode. While the same basic strategy applies here, Prime is a bit more diff-
    icult to track and lock on to this time around. She spends less time in
    each spectral phase and launches constant attacks while in her invisible
    mode. Multi-task by watching for Prime, locating available Phazon pools,
    and dodging the ramming and Phazon Wave Quake attacks. Once you've locked
    onto her, waste away with the Phazon Beam and continue to dodge attacks in
    a careful manner until you claim victory over Hard Mode (it won't take much
    longer than Normal Mode - about six rounds should do the trick).

  And if you defeat Metroid Prime on Hard Mode...

 		               HARD MODE COMPLETED
              Defeating Metroid Prime on Hard Mode unlocks IMAGE
              GALLERY 3, available from the Main Menu.


  Defeating Prime's Essence is the end for this mutant, and will restore tran-
  quility to Tallon IV as the Phazon poison is destroyed. Depending on your
  item percentage at the end, you'll see one of three endings (but this WAS a
  guide for 100%):
  1. ENDING 1 (1% - 74% ITEMS COLLECTED)
     Prime starts to die, but shoots out tentacles that latch onto Samus Aran.
     She fights to break free, but the tentacles manage to rip her Phazon Suit
     directly from her armor, leaving her with the Gravity Suit. Prime's re-
     mains expand and contract wildly, and Samus runs to escape the collapsing
     Impact Crater. She stands atop her ship watching as the Artifact Temple
     crumbles and burns, then starts to remove her helmet as she descends into
     her Gunship.
  2. ENDING 2 (75% - 99% ITEMS COLLECTED)
     Prime starts to die, but shoots out tentacles that latch onto Samus Aran.
     She fights to break free, but the tentacles manage to rip her Phazon Suit
     directly from her armor, leaving her with the Gravity Suit. Prime's re-
     mains expand and contract wildly, and Samus runs to escape the collapsing
     Impact Crater. She stands atop her ship watching as the Artifact Temple
     crumbles and burns, then descends into her Gunship. After the credits,
     Samus removes her helmet and she is shown in a victory pose with the
     "MISSION FINAL" screen.
     Prime starts to die, but shoots out tentacles that latch onto Samus Aran.
     She fights to break free, but the tentacles manage to rip her Phazon Suit
     directly from her armor, leaving her with the Gravity Suit. Prime's re-
     mains expand and contract wildly, and Samus runs to escape the collapsing
     Impact Crater. She stands atop her ship watching as the Artifact Temple
     crumbles and burns, then removes her helmet before descending into her
     Gunship. She is shown in a victory pose with the "MISSION FINAL" screen,
     but afterwards, the scene shows a dark cave on Tallon IV, where a bubbling
     and pulsating patch of Phazon is shown. As the shot zooms in, a black and
     red metallic hand emerges from the Phazon, and an eyeball twitches around
     in its palm. Of course, this is foreshadowing for Dark Samus' appearance
     in the next game, METROID PRIME 2: ECHOES.

  After all of these endings are completed, I like to believe Samus takes a
  relaxing ride in her Gunship as its on autopilot, and heads into the back to
  make a hot pot of coffee. But that's just me. Anyway, onwards to METROID

The walkthrough itself covers the location of each individual item in the game,
but a section is provided here in case you are missing particular Expansions,
Energy Tanks, or other items. It is broken down by Item Category, then further
subdivided into the regions of Tallon IV. But first, here is a quick explanat-
ion of how items are recorded in your completion total.

  Every Metroid game has always had 100 items to collect, spread across Energy
  Tanks, Suit Upgrades, and Weapon Expansions. This is a rather easy system to
  follow, as each item accounts for 1% of the total. Therefore, 100 items =
  100%. But in METROID PRIME, you'll find that there are in fact only 99 items,
  and if you miss one, you'll somehow be stuck at 98% - until the end of the
  game, that is. To explain this, first refer to the breakdown below:

     100 ITEMS TOTAL

  Where this 98% issue comes into play is even if you collect every single
  item, you can look at the game's percentage totals and you will find that it
  says 98% before you collect the Artifact of Lifegiver (or whatever your final
  item happens to be), but when you do, you suddenly get 100%. The explanation
  behind this is that for some reason, the game doesn't count your Phazon Suit
  as an upgrade until you go to the final boss battles. An item-by-item analy-
  sis was conducted and this was the end result - getting the Phazon Suit in no
  way increases your item percentage until you reach the Artifact Temple. So in
  a manner of speaking, there are only 99 items in this game - you lose the
  Phazon Suit at the end anyway. *shrug*

  Read below for a comprehensive listing of each item in the game, broken down
  by type and then by planetary region.

    You have a maximum total of 14 Energy Tanks. Each Tank you acquire adds 100
    units of energy to your meter (and of course, another percentage point to
    your item totals).

          You need the Gravity Suit and the Charge Beam to get this during your
          trek through the Crashed Frigate. Blast the door of the broken lift
          inside this area to claim this Tank.
          While heading through here, execute an underwater Double Bomb Jump to
          reach the Tank far in the ceiling.

          After defeating the Hive Mecha, use a Missile to break a Blast Shield
          on the door behind the machine, then head inside to grab this Tank.
      04. PLAZA ACCESS
          Use the Morph Ball and grab this Tank via the Plaza Access Tunnel (by
          way of the Vault).
          You'll need the Boost Ball, the Spider Ball, and the Bombs. Use the
          half-pipe to reach the Morph Ball slot on the right, then use the
          lift at the bottom near the door to reach the Tank.
      06. FURNACE
          Use the Bombs to solve the puzzle in the Energy Core.
          You need the Ice Beam. Activate the White Slot and have the Elder
          Statue roll you into the room containing the Tank.

          You need the Morph Ball and Bombs to do three separate Double Bomb
          Jumps to reach the Tank.
          Use the Wave Beam to activate three power conduits, then use your
          Morph Ball and Scan Visor to solve the puzzle leading to the Tank.

          Use Bombs to activate a Morph Ball slot that raises a series of plat-
          forms, giving you access to a Morph Ball tunnel that leads to the
          Use a Missile to break the glass container on the lower level.
          You need the Plasma Beam. This one is frozen behind an ice wall.

          Use a Power Bomb to reach the fan controls, then roll through the ex-
          posed grate to the Tank.
          After defeating the Omega Pirate, this is right in your path as you
          move through the tunnel towards the Phazon Processing Center.

    You have a maximum total of 49 Missile Expansions in addition to the start-
    ing Launcher, resulting in a net total of 250 Missiles. Each additional
    Expansion is another 5 Missiles (and of course, another percentage point to
    your item totals).

      01. LANDING SITE
          Behind your ship is a small Morph Ball tunnel; roll into it and go
          through the Tangle Weed to find the Expansion.
          As you cross the narrow bridge leading back to Tallon Canyon, you can
          find this Expansion under the bridge. Drop down to grab it.
          This one is stuck amongst some Venom Weed. Charge up the Boost Ball
          and rocket through the poisonous plants to pick up the Expansion
          along the way.
          Head underwater and trek to the center of the lake (where the roots
          are). Stand on the roots and Space Jump to the small alcove contain-
          ing the Expansion.
          You need the Boost Ball to boost to the top of an oval-shaped rock
          structure, then break the rock in the middle with a Bomb.
          Use the X-Ray Visor to spot hidden ledges inside the Great Tree Hall
          to find this Expansion.
      07. ROOT CAVE
          Use the X-Ray Visor to see the hidden ledges leading up this vertical
          area. Scan around for the Expansion behind some plants.
          Ascend to the very top of the Root Cave, then enter the red door at
          the top to get this Expansion.

          Use a Super Missile to break through one of the containment capsules
          to find the hidden Expansion.

      10. MAIN PLAZA
          Use the Boost Ball to roll up the half-pipe structure in the center
          and roll into a small alcove to get this Expansion.
      11. MAIN PLAZA
          Climb up to the bridge, then drop onto an ledge to the right. Use a
          Super Missile to destroy the root knot on the tree, then Space Jump
          to the Expansion.
      12. MAIN PLAZA
          Use the pathway through the Magma Pool, exit out via Piston Tunnel
          and use the Grapple Beam to swing across the Plaza to this Expansion.
          Break the sandstone near the bottom with a Bomb and roll to this Ex-
          pansion. Be wary of Beetles following you into the tunnel.
          Use the half-pipe to roll up the right side and Bomb through to the
          tunnel where the Expansion is hidden.
      15. HIVE TOTEM
          This one sits in front of the Hive Mecha. To avoid triggering this
          mini-boss battle, get it when you grab the Energy Tank from Transport
          Access North, then Space Jump across the room to exit instead of
          crossing the bridge.
          Destroy the sandstone in the lower back-left wall with a Missile to
          reveal the Expansion.
          Bomb Jump into a small Morph Ball tunnel on the lower floor, then
          roll through the tunnel to the Expansion.
          Use a Missile to crack the wall on the left by the water.
      19. WATERY HALL
          Use the Gravity Suit to go underwater, then Space Jump up the short
          cliff to reach the Expansion.
      20. DYNAMO
          Use a Missile on the metallic decoration to uncover this Expansion.
      21. DYNAMO
          Use the nearby Magnetic Rail to roll up to the Expansion.
      22. BURN DOME
          Immediately after beating the Incinerator Drone, use a Bomb on the
          stone blocking the entrance to a Morph Ball tunnel. Roll inside to
          grab the Expansion.
          You need to use Bombs in two separate places to clear some sandstone
          blocks from the wall maze. Complete the puzzle to reach the Expan-
      24. VAULT
          Bomb Jump into each of three Morph Ball slots to deactivate the gates
          blocking this Expansion.
          Use the Space Jump to get to the ledge above the door leading to the
	  Energy Core, then use a Morph Ball Bomb to blow up the grating cover-
	  ing the Expansion.
      26. CROSSWAY
	  Use the half-pipe to activate a Morph Ball slot, then use a piston to
          reach a ledge with the Expansion.
	  Hop into the center of the Fountain in Morph Ball form, and hold R
          to stick to a Magnetic Rail. Follow the rail around into a tunnel
          that holds this Expansion.
          Near the exit is a small Morph Ball tunnel obscured by foliage. Roll
          on through to collect the Expansion.
      29. FURNACE
          Use a Power Bomb at the back to reveal a half-pipe, then Boost in the
          half pipe to cling to a Magnetic Rail, and navigate a narrow walkway
          to reach this Expansion.

          Roll under the Triclops Pit and into the Morph Ball slot to the right
          to find a new room. Enter the door at the top and make your way to
          the back to find this Expansion.
      31. FIERY SHORES
	  Jump to the ledge with the Triclops, then Bomb Jump into the tunnel.
          Take it, then bomb your way up the small maze to the right. Lastly,
          slowly roll along a narrow track to reach the Expansion at the end.
      32. TRICLOPS PIT
          From solid ground, use the X-Ray Visor to spot some invisible float-
          ing platforms. Space Jump out to them, and turn 45 degrees while you
          look for two more platforms. At the third one, face the pillar and
          fire a Missile to crack the pillar and reveal the Expansion.

	  This one is hidden in some ice in a pillar near the first Save Stat-
          ion. Melt the ice with the Plasma Beam to grab this Expansion.
	  Climb to the Chozo Ice Temple, destroy the Cordite with a Super Miss-
          ile, scan the wall, then take the Magnetic Rail up to the Expansion.
      35. ICE RUINS EAST
	  Use the Magnetic Rail in the building directly across from the entr-
          ance to roll up to the Expansion.
      36. ICE RUINS EAST
	  Beneath the door leading to Plaza Walkway, use the Plasma Beam to
          melt the ice to get this Expansion.
	  Use a Super Missile to break the Cordite wall on a stasis tank that
          holds this hidden Expansion.
	  Space Jump up to a small ledge, then roll along a convoluted narrow
          track to reach the Expansion at the end.
          Use the Grapple Beam in Quarantine Cave to swing across to the ledge
          leading to this room. The Expansion is just inside the Morph Ball
	  Use the ledges to climb above the water, then use the Plasma Beam to
	  melt some icicles in the ceiling. Use a newly-revealed Grapple Point
          to swing over to the Expansion.
      41. FROST CAVE
          Use the Grapple Beam off of a Glider to reach the far side of the
          cave, then look up to find a stalactite. Shoot it down so it will
          crash through the ice, then drop down into the water to get this Ex-

      42. MAIN QUARRY
	  Activate the crane and let it crash into a wall, then use the Magnet-
          ic Rail on the crane to roll over to the Expansion.
	  Near the entryway, face the rear wall and set a Power Bomb to destroy
	  the grating, giving access to the Expansion.
	  On the top level, use the Spinner to rotate the Pulse Cannon so that
	  it faces the left wall. Fire the Cannon to reveal the Expansion.
	  Destroy the explosives on the ledge, then Space Jump up to the ledge
          and roll inside to find the Expansion.
	  Once you get to the ledge on the far side, use two Power Bombs to
          destroy walls leading to a new set of Magnetic Rails. Follow these
          rails to a platform on the others side, then use another invisible
          moving platform to find the tricky Expansion.
	  Drop to the very bottom and roll under the giant Saturnine. Make it
          quick so you can get out of the Phazon patch.
      48. FUNGAL HALL B
          At the very end, use the X-Ray Visor to spy this Expansion hidden
          underneath the floor by the patch of Saturnines. Use a Power Bomb to
          clear the rock out of the way, then drop and collect it.
          Get through the Quarantine area and cross the Phazon pit, then use a
          Super Missile on the Cordite pillar to reach this Expansion.
	  As you make your way up the first set of invisible platforms, you can
          see the Expansion hidden behind a wall on a ledge. Space Jump to the
          ledge from the second invisible platform and use a Power Bomb to open
          a path to it.

    You have a maximum total of 4 Power Bomb Expansions in addition to the ini-
    tial upgrade which would give you 4 Power Bombs, resulting in a net total
    of 8 Power Bombs. Each additional Expansion is one more Power Bomb (and of
    course, another percentage point to your item totals).

      01. MAGMA POOL
          You need the Grapple Beam and Power Bombs. Enter the area from the
          Ruined Fountain and swing across the lava pool, then detonate a Power
          Bomb on the back wall for the Expansion.

          This is in the same area as the Artifact of Strength. Detonate a
          Power Bomb on the floor by the Chozo's feet to drop into a room that
          holds this Expansion.

          Climb to the top of Phendrana's Edge, then use the Grapple Beam to
          swing across on a Glider to reach a ledge with a Morph Ball tunnel.
          Enter this tunnel and you'll find the Expansion.
      04. ICE RUINS WEST
          From the Ruined Courtyard, hop across the rooftop ledges and use the
          Plasma Beam to melt the ice on the last roof to drop into a room that
          holds this Expansion.

    There are a total of 12 Chozo Artifacts needed to complete the game; you
    cannot access the Impact Crater without them. Each Artifact adds another
    percentage point to your item totals.

          Area: ARTIFACT TEMPLE
          Head up to the Temple; it'll be sitting in plain sight in the center.
          Area: LIFE GROVE
          You need to detonate Power Bombs to destroy the walls, then go in the
          lake and Bomb the drain to reveal a bridge containing the Artifact.

          Area: SUNCHAMBER
          Return to where you fought Flaahgra and battle three Chozo Ghosts for
          this Artifact.
          After getting the Wavebuster, drop into the water below and grab this
          Artifact from the adjoining chamber.
          Area: ELDER CHAMBER
          Activate the red Morph Ball slot in the Hall of the Elders, then use
          the Elder Statue to be thrown into a room containing this Artifact.

          Area: WARRIOR SHRINE
          Space Jump up to the uppermost section of Monitor Station and use the
          Boost Ball and the Spinner to raise a bridge. Space Jump to the rocky
          ledge on the other side and run across the ledges to reach the room
          with this Artifact.
          Area: LAVA LAKE
          In the first part of this room, look at the pillar nearest the door,
          and use 2 Missiles to break part of the rock, then Space Jump to the
          hole to reach the Artifact.

          Area: STORAGE CAVE
          Return to Phendrana like you were going to the Gravity Suit. Once you
          reach Phendrana's Edge, you'll have to use the Grapple Beam to climb
          up a few ledges. Near the middle, use the X-Ray Visor to locate a
          hidden door off a ledge, then set a Power Bomb to reach the door that
          leads to the Artifact.
          Area: CONTROL TOWER
          After you have the Plasma Beam, return to the Control Tower and jump
          up to the area above the East Tower. Shoot down the leaning tower in
          the distance with a Missile, then enter the tower after it crashes to
          find this Artifact.
          Area: CHOZO ICE TEMPLE
          Use the Plasma Beam to melt the ice river off of the Chozo statue
          near the Chapel of the Elders. A Morph Ball tunnel leading to this
          Artifact will be revealed at the bottom.

          Area: ELITE RESEARCH
          You'll get this one for defeating the Phazon Elite mini-boss.
          After defeating the Omega Pirate, return to this tunnel and roll down
          the right-hand side while bombing your way past all of the Brinstone
          to reach the Artifact at the very bottom.

    You have four Beam Weapons in the game, plus an additional four Charge Com-
    bo Enhancements for each Beam Weapon. Each additional weapon adds another
    percentage point to your item totals.

        Region: CHOZO RUINS
        Area:   WATERY HALL
        Solve the runic symbol puzzle with the Scan Visor to unlock the gate
        that leads to this item.
    02. WAVE BEAM
        Region: PHENDRANA DRIFTS
        Area:   CHAPEL OF THE ELDERS
        You get this for defeating the Sheegoth mini-boss.
    03. ICE BEAM
        Region: CHOZO RUINS
        Area:   ANTECHAMBER
        Enter the Hall of the Elders and use the Wave Beam to activate a pur-
        ple Morph Ball slot. Use it and activate the Elder Statue to reach the
        Reflecting Pool. Use a Bomb on the drain at the bottom to create a
        half-pipe, then use the Boost Ball to reach the upper ledges to reach
        this room.
        Region: MAGMOOR CAVERNS
        Use the Grapple Beam to swing to one of the platforms with the Spinners
        on them, then use the Boost Ball to activate the platforms. Space Jump
        to each ledge as you raise them, then use the Spider Ball and the Bombs
        to trigger the ceiling to rise. Navigate the Morph Ball maze to reach
        a white door that leads to this item.
        Region: PHENDRANA DRIFTS
        Area:   OBSERVATORY
        Activate the Observatory's holo sequencer, and use the platforms on
        the walls to ascend to the top of the area. This item sits on a ledge
        in the middle of the room.
        Region: CHOZO RUINS
        Area:   TOWER OF LIGHT
        Crack the weakened blocks on all three levels to collapse the tower,
        then use the Space Jump to reach a high ledge with this item.
        Region: MAGMOOR CAVERNS
        Area:   SHORE TUNNEL
        Detonate a Power Bomb in the middle of the tunnel to destroy it, then
        drop down into the cave for this item.
        Region: PHAZON MINES
        Area:   SECURITY STATION A
        You have to reach the top of the Mine Security Area and detonate a Pow-
        er Bomb to clear some wreckage away. Scan the console to activate the
        door on the lower level, then go back down and enter the room for this

    You have five enhancements for your Morph Ball mode in the game, each of
    which gives you increased mobility or offensive capability. Each additional
    item adds another percentage point to your item totals.

    01. MORPH BALL
        Region: CHOZO RUINS
        Area:   RUINED SHRINE
        This is behind a wall that retracts once you defeat the Plated Beetle.
        Region: CHOZO RUINS
        Area:   BURN DOME
        You get this for defeating the Incinerator Drone.
    03. BOOST BALL
        Region: PHENDRANA DRIFTS
        Area:   PHENDRANA CANYON
        Scan a console here to align a set of platforms leading to a tower and
        then leap across the platforms and grab this item at the end.
        Region: PHENDRANA DRIFTS
        Area:   QUARANTINE CAVE
        You get this for defeating Thardus.
    05. POWER BOMB
        Region: PHAZON MINES
        Area:   CENTRAL DYNAMO
        Your main upgrade is in an electrical maze on the floor. Defeat the
        Shadow Drone and use the Morph Ball and Bombs to navigate the maze
        to reach this in the center of the room.

    There are three upgrades to your Power Suit in the game, each of which will
    increase your defensive capabilities. Each additional armor enhancement
    also adds another percentage point to your item totals.

    01. VARIA SUIT
        Region: CHOZO RUINS
        Area:   SUNCHAMBER
        You get this for defeating Flaahgra.
        Region: PHENDRANA DRIFTS
        Area:   GRAVITY CHAMBER
        While making your way through the other side of Phendrana Drifts, you
        will enter the underwater Gravity Chamber. Switch to the Scan Visor to
        lock onto the item far in the distance, then thread your way through
        the Aqua Reapers and Jelzaps to reach the Suit.
        Region: PHAZON MINES
        Area:   OMEGA QUARTERS
        You get this for defeating the Omega Pirate.

    You have two extra Visors besides the Combat and Scan Visors. Each one in-
    creases what you can see and track (and of course, adds another percentage
    point to your item totals).

        Region: PHENDRANA DRIFTS
        Area: RESEARCH CORE
        Scan the consoles on the way down through the Core to unlock the field
        protecting this item.
    02. X-RAY VISOR
        Region: TALLON OVERWORLD
        Area:   LIFE GROVE
        Access this area and you'll find the item in plain sight.

    You have two additional upgrades that increase the mobility of your Power
    Suit. Each one adds another percentage point to your item totals.

        Region: TALLON OVERWORLD
        Area:   ALCOVE
        Get the Boost Ball first, then return to Tallon Canyon and use the half
        pipe to reach the upper ledges. Bomb through the rocks to reach the
        Landing Site, then hop across the ledges to reach the Alcove where this
        item is.
        Region: PHAZON MINES
        Area:   STORAGE DEPOT B
        Align the Magnetic Rail tracks in the room so you can travel all the
        way up the yellow rail to reach this room.

The Log Book is used for collecting data on creatures, research items, Chozo
Lore, Pirate Data, and for storing information on your upgrades. The divisions
below are modeled after METROID PRIME 2's Log Book, with how the creature mor-
phologies are subdivided into smaller categories. All creatures are given gener-
al room locations where possible, or at the very least a location for the first
time you'll see them. The one-time scans are marked with asterisks (*), and the
limited scans (meaning you have a limited time to get them) are marked with two
asterisks (**). To ensure completion of the Log Book, scan everything the first
time you see it just to be safe.

  The Creature Data is divided into unofficial categories that don't appear in
  the Log Book itself. Each creature is listed, grouped with others like it,
  so for instance, all Wasps are together, and given information on where you
  can easily find the scan. Finally, the in-game database is transcripted here
  for reference purposes.

    01. MORPHOLOGY:  Aqua Reaper
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Phendrana's Edge)
        DATABASE:    Powerful aquatic tentacle, part of a submerged organism.
                     Similar in nature to the surface-based Reaper Vine, the
 		     Aqua Reaper has adapted to a liquid environment. It shares
 		     the poor vision of its rock-dwelling 'cousin,' relying on
 		     a crude sonar sense to seek prey. Unhindered by water, the
 		     Aqua Reaper has considerable speed and strength.

    02. MORPHOLOGY:  *Aqua Sac*
        REGIONS:     Crashed Space Pirate Frigate
        LOCATIONS:   Elevator to Deck Beta (vanishes after you leave the area)
        DATABASE:    Will burst when subjected to impact or trauma.
                     Believed to be in the same family as the Sap Sac, this
                     plant has similar features. It will burst when exposed to
                     force. This protective response keeps most creatures from
                     feeding on it.

    03. MORPHOLOGY:  Jelzap
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Phendrana's Edge)
        DATABASE:    Aquatic predator made of electrically bound skeletal
                     The Jelzap's brain is located in the upper half of its
                     body, while the heart and digestive tract occupy the lower
                     half. Linked only by electrical impulses, the two halves
                     somehow function effectively enough to launch the Jelzap
                     to the top of Tallon IV's aquatic food chain.

    04. MORPHOLOGY:  Glider
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Phendrana Drifts, Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Root Cave, Frost Cave, Phendrana's Edge, Main Plaza
        DATABASE:    Docile, airborne creatures with unusual magnetic proper-
                     Gliders live a relatively peaceful existence. They have a
                     magnetic signature attuned to common Grapple Beam technol-
                     ogy: the sport of "glider riding" involves using a Grapple
                     to attach to a Glider, then staying on it for as long as

    05. MORPHOLOGY:  Flickerbat
        REGION:      Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Shorelines, Hunter Cave
        DATABASE:    Scavenger with optical camouflaging that renders it invis-
                     ible to the naked eye.
                     Flickerbats are deceptive creatures. The only way to track
                     them reliably is with x-ray imaging. They fly ceaselessly,
                     hunting on insects and other small insects that float on
                     the air currents. Flickerbats tend to fly in cyclical hun-
                     ting patterns, using primitive sonar to navigate.

    06. MORPHOLOGY:  Shriekbat
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins, Magmoor Caverns
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Watery Hall Access)
        DATABASE:    Territorial ceiling-dweller. Body temperature peaks at 121
                     Shriekbats have high internal temperature, making them easy
                     to spot with thermal imaging. They roost on cave ceilings
                     while hunting for small prey. Fiercely territorial, they
                     dive-bomb anything that wanders near.

    07. MORPHOLOGY:  *Ice Shriekbat*
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Ice Ruins West (disappears after you get the Thermal Visor)
        DATABASE:    Ice-encased ceiling-dweller.
                     Like standard Shriekbats, these creatures are easily spot-
                     ted with Thermal Imaging. They roost on cave ceilings,
                     subsisting on insects, reptiles and small mammals. Fiercely
                     terrtorial, they will dive-bomb anything that wanders near.

    08. MORPHOLOGY:  Plazmite
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Totem Access (only found in this room)
        DATABASE:    Small insect capable of storing and releasing thermal en-
                     Plazmites are attracted to sources of heat, thriving on
                     the energy presence there. They emit light when hunting,
                     and will expel small bursts of thermal energy when threat-

    09. MORPHOLOGY:  Puffer
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins, Magmoor Caverns, Phazon Mines
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Lava Lake)
        DATABASE:    Unstable gas-filled organism. Will rupture on contact.
                     Puffers fill their bodies with lethal meta-viprium gas and
                     float about in search of food. If ruptured, the gas within
                     the Puffer is violently released. Despite their fragile
                     bodies, Puffers are aggressive hunters. The gas clouds they
                     release upon death is often fatal to the creature that
                     brings them down as well.

    10. MORPHOLOGY:  Plated Puffer
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Tower of Light (only found in this room)
        DATABASE:    Mutated Puffer with reinforced epidermis.
                     Phazon exposure has created a mutant strain of Puffers on
                     Tallon IV. They have developed plated skin, making them
                     harder to burst. Concussive weapons can still do the job,
                     however. The gas within the Plated Puffer is just as deadly
                     as that within their 'cousins.'

    11. MORPHOLOGY:  War Wasp
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Main Plaza)
        DATABASE:    Airborne insect equipped with a venomous stinger capable of
                     shearing steel.
                     The War Wasp rarely strays far from its hive unless it is
                     pursuing an immediate threat. It attacks with no regard for
                     its own survival, dive-bombing its enemy with stinger ex-
                     tended. Fast-working toxins from the stinger can incapac-
                     itate most small organisms.

    12. MORPHOLOGY:  *Ram War Wasp*
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Hive Totem (only appears during the mini-boss fight)
        DATABASE:    Airborne predator. Circles its prey and then strikes.
                     The War Wasps are the only species on Tallon IV to evolve
                     a true hive mind. Nesting in damp, dark places, Ram War
                     Wasps emerge in small groups when threatened and circle
                     their enemy at high speeds, disorienting it. Striking from
                     all sides as a single intelligence, they can fell huge

    13. MORPHOLOGY:  *Barbed War Wasp*
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Burn Dome (only appears during the mini-boss fight)
        DATABASE:    Airborne insect with the ability to launch its stinger at
                     A highly aggressive member of the War Wasp family, this
                     insect can propel the tip of its stinger up to 20 meters.
                     The stinger tips regrow seconds after launch, and contain
                     an acidic compound designed to predigest prey.

    14. MORPHOLOGY:  War Wasp Hive
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Main Plaza)
        DATABASE:    Primary War Wasp dwelling. Only vulnerable to heavy weapon-
                     War Wasps build their homes out of existing crevices, us-
                     ing whatever materials are close at hand. They carry
		     building fragments back to the construction site with
		     their forelegs and glue them into place with adhesives
		     secreted from their abdomens.

    15. MORPHOLOGY:  Baby Sheegoth**
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts (disappears after you get Plasma Beam)
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Ice Ruins East)
DATABASE:    Glacial predator. Ice shell protects vulnerable dorsal
                     Young Sheegoths grow a resilient shell of ice on their
                     backs which serves to protect a layer of vulnerable flesh.
                     With this being their only weak point, Baby Sheegoths will
turn quickly in order to not allow predators the
to strike at their backs. Powerful hunters, they fire
                     of ultracold gas at potential prey, then feast on their
                     frozen victim.

    16. MORPHOLOGY:  Sheegoth
REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts (replaces Babies after you get Plasma
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Chapel of the Elders)
        DATABASE:    Supreme predator of the Phendrana Drifts.
                     Sheegoths are invulnerable to most Beam weapons. The crys-
                     tals on their back absorb energy, which they can fire at
prey. Sheegoths have poor stamina. They hyperventilate
                     using their breath attack, making their mouth area vulner-
                     able. The soft underbelly of a Sheegoth is susceptible to
                     concussive blasts. In battle, they expel blasts of frigid

    17. MORPHOLOGY:  Stone Toad
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Energy Core, Reflecting Pool (only in these rooms)
        DATABASE:    Preys on creatures smaller than itself.
                     A Stone Toad is able to remain still for days. It preys up-
                     on creatures smaller than itself, inhaling them whole. Any-
                     thing it finds undigestable, it regurgitates. Stone Toads
                     use their tusks as a last resort in combat.

    18. MORPHOLOGY:  Zoomer
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple areas (first seen in Tallon Canyon)
        DATABASE:    Anchors itself to walls and other surfaces. Avoid contact
                     with spikes.
                     A basic nerve center located directly above the Zoomer's
                     mandibles detect nutrients. Sharp spines protect it from
                     casual predators, but a lack of a reinforced carapace makes
                     the Zoomer vulnerable to any indirect attacks.

    19. MORPHOLOGY:  Geemer
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld
        LOCATIONS:   Tallon Canyon (only seems to appear here)
        DATABASE:    Wall-crawling mollusk with retractable spikes.
The Geemer is an evolutionary offshoot of the Zoomer
                     When threatened, it extends lethal spikes and retracts its
                     head deep into its armored carapace.

    20. MORPHOLOGY:  Beetle
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple areas (first seen in Canyon Access)
        DATABASE:    Burrowing insect with a resilient carapace. Extremely agg-
                     Insect's massive mouth enables it to tunnel through solid
                     rock at high speeds.

    21. MORPHOLOGY:  Ice Beetle
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Research Core Access)
        DATABASE:    Able to eject toxic spores. Toxins are poisonous even to
                     the Bloodflower itself.
                     This member of the Beetle family has adapted to life in the
                     subzero temperatures in the Phendrana Drifts, growing a
                     thick ice shell over its entire body. The ice is extremely
                     resilient, providing the Ice Beetle with extra protection
                     and augmented digging abilities.

    22. MORPHOLOGY:  Plated Beetle
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Ruined Shrine)
        DATABASE:    Well-armored burrowing insect. Vulnerable only in the rear
                     Creature's thick cranial plating can repel frontal attacks.
                     This gives it an advantage in combat, allowing it to make
                     ramming attacks. Only surfacing when it detects vibrations
                     above, it then maneuvers itself so as to always face its
                     rival, keeping its exposed abdomen protected.

    23. MORPHOLOGY:  Triclops
        REGIONS:     Magmoor Caverns
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Pit Tunnel)
        DATABASE:    Hard-shelled creature with powerful jaws.
                     The Triclops is a hunter-gatherer. It collects small creat-
                     ures and bits of foodstuff, then deposits them elsewhere
for later consumption. The hard tripartite mandibles it
                     to move earth and rock are quite strong and difficult to
                     escape once ensnared.

    24. MORPHOLOGY:  Crystallite
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Phendrana Shorelines)
        DATABASE:    Territorial cold-weather scavenger.
                     The shell of a Crystallite reflects Beam weapons, and can
                     only be cracked by a concussive blast. They hang upside
down in an ice cave during their larval stage. Moisture
                     off its body and forms the hard ice shell, which the Cryst-
                     allite retains for the rest of its life.

    25. MORPHOLOGY:  Eyon
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Eyon Hall)
        DATABASE:    Immobile organisms entirely composed of ocular tissue.
                     Capable of launching sustained energy beams when active,
                     the Eyon is sensitive to light and will close shut if a
                     bright flash ignites nearby.

    26. MORPHOLOGY:  Oculus
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Suntower, Tower of Light
        DATABASE:    Wall-crawler that generates electrical pulses.
                     The Oculus exposes its single eye when active. The elect-
                     rical field that covers it is enough to deter most predat-
                     ors. If the Oculus detects anything capable of presenting a
                     real threat; it retracts into its impermeable shell.

    27. MORPHOLOGY:  Burrower
        REGIONS:     Magmoor Caverns
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Lava Lake Access)
        DATABASE:    Tunneling insect predator.
                     The burrower is similar to the Beetle, though it prefers to
                     spend more time underground. It seeks seismic disturbances,
                     then surfaces to attack. It has enough cunning to realize
                     when something is too large for it to handle: beyond that,
                     it is fairly ignorant. What it lacks in brains, it makes up
                     for with aggression.

    28. MORPHOLOGY:  *Ice Burrower*
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Plaza Walkway, Research Core Access (these disappear after
                     you have the Thermal Visor)
        DATABASE:    Burrower adapted to subfreezing climates.
                     A hardy life-form, the Ice Burrower has adapted to the fri-
gid climate of Phendrana. It spends most of its time
                     ing through the frozen soil, but will occasionally surface
                     to attack passerby.

    29. MORPHOLOGY:  Grizby
        REGIONS:     Magmoor Caverns
        LOCATIONS:   Burning Trail (seems to only appear in this room)
        DATABASE:    Subvolcanic carrion feeder. Carapace can be breached by
                     The Grizby's carapace has been fused together by superheat-
                     ed air. This barrier stands up to everything but concussive
                     blasts. Its intelligence is limited to instinctive scaveng-
                     ing patterns.

    30. MORPHOLOGY:  Scarab
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Nursery Access)
        DATABASE:    Exploding parasites that can embed their bodies in solid
Scarabs think nothing for themselves for the safety of
                     swarm. When a hostile life-form is sighted, they block its
progress by embedding themselves in floors and walls.
                     ded Scarabs violently self-destruct when threatened.

    31. MORPHOLOGY:  *Lumigek*
        REGIONS:     Impact Crater
        LOCATIONS:   Crater Tunnel A (these disappear very quickly)
        DATABASE:    Phazon-charged reptiles.
                     Natives of Tallon IV, the Lumigeks travel in swarms to in-
                     crease their odds of survival. They absorb and radiate Pha-
                     zon energy, making these swarms a threat.

    32. MORPHOLOGY:  *Tallon Crab*
        REGIONS:     Crashed Space Pirate Frigate
        LOCATIONS:   Subventilation Shaft C (only appears in this room)
        DATABASE:    Crustacean native of Tallon IV.
                     Hard-shelled swarm life-form. Once harvested for food, ex-
                     posure to Phazon has seen this practice diminished. Creat-
                     ures are timid and harmless alone, but can be a problem
                     when traveling in swarms.

    33. MORPHOLOGY:  Magmoor
        REGIONS:     Magmoor Caverns
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Lava Lake)
        DATABASE:    Fire-breathing serpent that dwells in lava.
		     Magmoors prefer extreme heat zones, and are susceptible to
		     frigid attack forms. Sightless, they navigate the lava cur-
		     rents using their sonar receptors. Magmoors have a keen
		     sense of smell, enabling them to pinpoint targets with star-
                     tling accuracy.

    34. MORPHOLOGY:  Puddle Spore**
        REGIONS:     Magmoor Caverns (disappears after you get the Grapple Beam)
        LOCATIONS:   Core Access Tunnel, Geothermal Core
        DATABASE:    Sentient floating lava mollusk protected by an impenetrable
                     A puddle spore opens when approached, attempting to intim-
                     idate with its size. When opened, direct fire to its mantle
                     causes it to flip into a defensive position. If it can slam
                     shut, it ejects a spread of harmful energy globules.

    35. MORPHOLOGY:  Parasite**
        REGIONS:     Space Pirate Frigate
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (disappears after the opening level)
        DATABASE:    Interstellar vermin. Travel in swarms.
                     Indigenous to Tallon IV, a single Parasite is harmless to
                     larger life-forms. However, they tend to travel in large
                     groups, swarming over potential prey. Such swarms can be

    36. MORPHOLOGY:  *Ice Parasite*
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Chozo Ice Temple (disappears after you get the Wave Beam)
        DATABASE:    Scavenger with a crystalline outer shell
                     Parasites are hardy creatures, able to adapt to any envir-
                     onment within three generations. The Ice Parasite is a
                     prime example. Having adjusted to a frigid climate, this
                     vermin now thrives in it. Omnivorous, it can exist in areas
                     hostile to most life-forms.

    37. MORPHOLOGY:  Plated Parasite
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins, Magmoor Caverns
        LOCATIONS:   Furnace, Geothermal Core
        DATABASE:    Hardy member of the Parasite family. Invulnerable to most
                     A cousin to the Parasite, these creatures are known for
                     their amazing resilience. Field studies suggest a weakness
                     to Morph Ball-delivered weapon systems.

    38. MORPHOLOGY:  Tangle Weed
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Totem Access)
        DATABASE:    Plant life with basic sentience. Retracts into ground if
                     Tangle Weeds are only dangerous to small organisms. They
                     are covered in tiny barbs designed to trap potential meals.
                     Tangle Weeds lack the strength to do anything more than
                     hinder larger life-forms.

    39. MORPHOLOGY:  Venom Weed
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Arboretum)
DATABASE:    Poisonous plant that retracts into the ground if
                     Venom Weeds evolved to thrive in the habitats of large org-
                     anisms. They lure prey with brightly colored leaves, then
                     detain it with tiny barbs that deliver a powerful toxin.
                     Venom Weeds rapidly decompose anything that succumbs in
                     their midst.

    40. MORPHOLOGY:  Sap Sac
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Tallon Canyon)
        DATABASE:    Chemical reaction within sac produces violent explosion
                     when agitated.
                     Because of its irresistible odor and sweet nectar, the Sap
                     Sac was nearly eaten out of existence. The evolution of an
                     explosive chemical sac saved it: now only brave or ingen-
                     ious creatures dare to devour it.

    41. MORPHOLOGY:  Bloodflower
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld
        LOCATIONS:   Root Cave, Great Tree Hall
        DATABASE:    Able to eject toxic spores. Toxins are poisonous even to
                     the Bloodflower itself.
                     Three mouth-nodules protrude from the stalk beneath the
                     flower, each with a rudimentary brain cluster and the abil-
                     ity to spew toxic fumes at anything within a five-meter
                     radius. The spores ejected from the stigma at the center of
                     the flower are sufficient to kill this creature if they
                     explode in its vicinity.

    42. MORPHOLOGY:  Reaper Vine
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Arboretum)
        DATABASE:    Powerful rock-dwelling tentacle.
                     A single eye upon the Reaper Vine keeps a constant vigil,
                     but its vision is limited to 10 meters. A scythe-like app-
                     endage on its tip is honed to lethal sharpness. The Reaper
                     Vine will swing this blade wildly at anything that enters
                     its zone of perception.

    43. MORPHOLOGY:  Blastcap
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Gathering Hall)
        DATABASE:    Volatile chemicals within this weed's toxic fungal cap may
                     explode if agitated.
                     The poisonous flesh of the Blastcap helps keep it from
being eaten. It also detonates its fungal cap when it
                     even slight contact.

    44. MORPHOLOGY:  Seedling
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld
        LOCATIONS:   Great Tree Hall, Temple Hallway
        DATABASE:    Plant-based ground feeder.
                     Dorsal spines can be ejected in self-defense.

    45. MORPHOLOGY:  Pulse Bombu
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins, Phendrana Drifts
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Suntower)
        DATABASE:    Life-form of raw energy. Periodically releases explosive
                     segments from its body.
                     Pulse Bombus are energy beings, invulnerable to most known
                     weapons. Electrical energy can harm them, however. They
                     lack any intelligence beyond an instinctive attraction to
                     other charged energy sources. Pulse Bombus produce energy
                     constantly. All excess energy is shed, regardless of who or
                     what may be nearby

    46. MORPHOLOGY:  Scatter Bombu
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in East Ruins Access)
        DATABASE:    Pulsing tendrils of energy extend from creature's body.
Like all Bombus, these creatures can only be harmed by
                     trical energy. Proximity to these life-forms may result in
Visor interference. It is possible to avoid engaging
                     Bombus by rolling into the Morph Ball and slipping between
                     the rotating energy streams.

    47. MORPHOLOGY:  Chozo Ghost
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Chozo Ruins
        LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Sunchamber)
        DATABASE:    Spectral entity. Bioelectric field invulnerable to natural
                     As these entities phase in and out of existence, the only
                     reliable way to track them accurately is with x-ray scann-
                     ing. This partially phased nature makes them invulnerable
to natural energy types, such as fire, ice, and
                     Their aggressive and erratic behavior is most likely due to
                     the corrupting effects of Phazon in the Tallon IV environ-
                     ment. They appear to be drawn to Chozo religious sites,
                     where they wreak havoc upon anything that dares enter the

    48. MORPHOLOGY:  *Hive Mecha*
	REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
	LOCATIONS:   Hive Totem (one-time scan since it's a mini-boss)
        DATABASE:    Security unit programmed to work with predatory hive dwell-
                     A design flaw makes the shielding on Hive Mecha weak around
their access ports. These units are second-generation
                     drones, able to interface with organic units at a higher
                     level. They train, shelter, and work with hive-dwelling
                     predators. Unarmed, they rely solely on thier hive beasts
                     to handle any threats.

    49. MORPHOLOGY:  *Incinerator Drone*
	REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
	LOCATIONS:   Burn Dome (one-time scan since it's a mini-boss)
        DATABASE:    Programmed for high temperature waste disposal.
		     Device schematics indicate a high risk of malfunction when
                     internal power core is damaged. Unit has minimal combat
                     programming, but can defend itself if necessary. This
                     drone's intense heat blasts compensate for its lack of bat-
                     tle prowess.

    50. MORPHOLOGY:  Sentry Drone
	REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first scan in Research Core Access)
        DATABASE:    Well-armed security mecha.
                     Sentry Drones have limited intelligence, but do their ass-
                     igned tasks well. Being machines, they are susceptible to
                     electrical attacks. When alerted, Drones will initiate a
                     security lockdown, then attempt to neutralize the intruder.
                     Their electronic warfare suit can scramble Visor technology
                     as well.

    51. MORPHOLOGY:  *Aqua Drone*
	REGIONS:     Crashed Space Pirate Frigate
	LOCATIONS:   Biohazard Containment (disappears when you leave the room)
        DATABASE:    Security mecha adapted for use in underwater areas.
The Space Pirates have adapted a number of Sentry Drones
                     use in liquid environments. These Aqua Drones utilize an
                     arsenal and artificial intelligence suit similar to their
                     'cousins.' The Pirates have been unable to shield these
                     Drones from electrical attack, making them vulnerable to
                     the Wave Beam.

    52. MORPHOLOGY:  Auto Defense Turret
	REGIONS:     Pirate Frigate, Magmoor, Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations
        DATABASE:    Use Missiles to break outer casing.

    53. MORPHOLOGY:  Mega Turret
	REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Main Plaza)
        DATABASE:    Perimeter defense turret reinforced with energy shielding.
                     Frustrated with inferior armor plating on standard defense
                     turrets, the Space Pirates added energy shielding to a mod-
                     ified heavy Cannon. The new shielding and increased Beam
                     strength makes the Mega Turret an efficient point defense

    54. MORPHOLOGY:  Metroid
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines, Impact Crater
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Research Lab Aether)
	DATABASE:    Energy-based parasitic predator.
                     The dominant species of planet SR388, Metroids can suck the
                     life force out of living things. A Metroid will latch onto
                     its prey and drain energy, growing larger as it does. The
only to shake an attached Metroid off is to enter Morph
                     mode and lay a bomb.

    55. MORPHOLOGY:  Hunter Metroid
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines, Impact Crater
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Frost Cave)
	DATABASE:    Adolescent Metroid. Energy-siphon tentacle increases its
                     threat level.
                     As Metroids develop, they become more efficient predators.
                     An energy-draining tentacle allows them to attack at a dis-
                     tance. Quick to anger, a Hunter Metroid will charge troub-
                     lesome prey and attempt to ram them into submission. Cold
                     based attacks are still quite effective against these crea-

    56. MORPHOLOGY:  Fission Metroid
        REGIONS:     Impact Crater
	LOCATIONS:   Phazon Core, Metroid Prime Lair
	DATABASE:    Metroid with the ability to split into two forms.
                     The Fission Metroid is a mutant, capable of splitting in
                     two. This split endows the new creatures with invulnerabil-
                     ity to most weaponry. This effect is unstable, resulting in
weakness to a type of weapon fire. The vulnerability
                     to be random, due to the chaotic nature of Phazon mutation.

    57. MORPHOLOGY:  Space Pirate
        REGIONS:     Space Pirate Frigate, Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Research Entrance)
	DATABASE:    Sentient aggressor species well trained in weapon and melee
                     Space Pirates wield Galvanic Accelerator Cannons and fore-
                     arm-mounted Scythes in combat. This species seeks to become
                     the dominant force in the galaxy, and their technology may
                     help them realize this goal. Ruthless and amoral, the Pir-
                     ates care little for the cost of their ambition. Only the
                     results matter, and they take these very seriously.

    58. MORPHOLOGY:  Shadow Pirate
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Specimen Storage)
	DATABASE:    Pirate forces trained and equipped for stealth operations.
                     A select group of Space Pirates have access to sophisticat-
                     ed cloaking technology. This gear drains high levels of
                     power, however, forcing them to rely solely on melee weap-
                     ons in battle. Use enhanced detection gear when fighting
                     these units.

    59. MORPHOLOGY:  Flying Pirate
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld, Magmoor Caverns, Phendrana, Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Control Tower)
	DATABASE:    Pirates trained and equipped for airborne assault.
                     Flying Pirates are extremely agile in the air, but the heat
                     signatures of their jet packs can be tracked with Thermal
                     Imaging. While their Missiles are extremely potent, their
                     jet packs can be even more so. If the pack fails, they will
                     make a suicide strike.

    60. MORPHOLOGY:  Aqua Pirate
        REGIONS:     Crashed Space Pirate Frigate
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Reactor Core)
	DATABASE:    Space Pirates with exoskeletons modified for underwater
                     Using modified thruster-packs and Gravity Suit technology,
                     the Space Pirates have armorsuits for use in liquid envir-
                     onments. Thermal tracking is still very useful against
                     these units, as the Pirate engineers have yet to eliminate
                     the thruster-pack's high heat signature.

    61. MORPHOLOGY:  Power Trooper
        REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Ore Processing)
	DATABASE:    Space Pirate armed with Power Beam technology.
                     Space Pirates have reverse-engineered several of your weap-
                     ons, including the Power Beam. A flaw in the design makes
                     these Pirates vulnerable to their own Beam weapon system.
                     These weapons are inferior to your Chozo-designed origin-
                     als, but still quite potent.

    62. MORPHOLOGY:  Wave Trooper
        REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Mine Security Station)
	DATABASE:    Space Pirate armed with Wave Beam technology.
                     Space Pirates have reverse-engineered several of your weap-
                     ons, including the Wave Beam. A flaw in the design makes
                     these Pirates vulnerable to their own Beam weapon system.
                     These weapons are inferior to your Chozo-designed origin-
                     als, but still quite potent.

    63. MORPHOLOGY:  Ice Trooper
        REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Elite Control).
	DATABASE:    Space Pirate armed with Ice Beam technology.
                     Space Pirates have reverse-engineered several of your weap-
                     ons, including the Ice Beam. A flaw in the design makes
                     these Pirates vulnerable to their own Beam weapon system.
                     These weapons are inferior to your Chozo-designed origin-
                     als, but still quite potent.

    64. MORPHOLOGY:  Plasma Trooper
        REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in Metroid Quarantine B)
	DATABASE:    Space Pirate armed with Plasma Beam technology.
                     Space Pirates have reverse-engineered several of your weap-
                     ons, including the Plasma Beam. A flaw in the design makes
                     these Pirates vulnerable to their own Beam weapon system.
                     These weapons are inferior to your Chozo-designed origin-
                     als, but still quite potent.

    65. MORPHOLOGY:  Elite Pirate
        REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Multiple locations (first seen in
	DATABASE:    Phazon-enhanced Space Pirate. Incredibly strong, armored,
                     and well armed.
                     Elite Pirates are potent foes. Their energy-siphon system
                     absorbs Beam weapon shots, which they use to fuel a massive
                     Plasma Artillery Cannon. The nature of this system makes
                     them vulnerable to concussion-based weapons. Well armed,
                     the Elite Pirate is effective in close combat and at a
                     distance. Their massive size can be a weakness, and their
                     sluggish speed allows for evasion and quick attacks.

    66. MORPHOLOGY:  *Phazon Elite*
        REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Elite Control (one-time scan since it's a mini-boss)
	DATABASE:    Elite Pirate infused with energized Phazon.
                     The Phazon charged Elite Pirates rely more on their Wave
                     Quake Generators, opting not to carry the vulnerable Plasma
                     Artillery Cannons normally used by Elites. The direct fus-
                     ing of Phazon into their bodies provides a tremendous level
                     of energy. The drastically lower life span that comes with
                     this process is of little concern to the Pirate Research

    67. MORPHOLOGY:  *Parasite Queen*
        REGIONS:     Space Pirate Frigate
	LOCATIONS:   Reactor Core (one-time scan since it's a boss)
	DATABASE:    Parasite Female, enhanced by unknown means.
                     A weak spot has been detected in this creature's mouth. Use
		     your auto-targeting to acquire this new target.

    68. MORPHOLOGY:  *Flaahgra*
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
	LOCATIONS:   Sunchamber (one-time scan since it's a boss)
	DATABASE:    This mutant plant is the source of toxic water in the
                     Flaahgra's growth cycle has been radically accelerated. As
                     a result, it requires near-constant exposure to solar ener-
                     gy to remain active. This exposure has made Flaahgra's
                     outer shell thick and durable. Its lower root system is
                     unprotected and vulnerable, however. Exploit this flaw when
                     possible. Concentrated weapon fire can daze it for short

    69. MORPHOLOGY:  *Flaahgra Tentacle*
        REGIONS:     Chozo Ruins
	LOCATIONS:   Sunchamber (one-time scan since it's part of a boss)
	DATABASE:    One of Flaahgra's tentacles fills this narrow drainage
                     Analysis indicates that Flaahgra's central nervous system
                     is located at the base of this structure.

    70. MORPHOLOGY:  *Thardus*
        REGIONS:     Phendrana Drifts
	LOCATIONS:   Quarantine Cave (one-time scan since it's a boss)
	DATABASE:    An animated, sentient creature of stone charged with Phazon
                     The Phazon radiation given off by Thardus negates auto-
                     targeting systems, preventing lock-on. It may be possible
                     to acquire alternate targets with a different Visor. The
                     chaotic nature of Phazon radiation leads to instability in
                     its structural integrity. Thardus can encase targets in
                     ice, and its colossal size and strength make it a formid-
                     able opponent.

    71. MORPHOLOGY:  *Omega Pirate*
        REGIONS:     Phazon Mines
	LOCATIONS:   Omega Quarters (one-time scan since it's a boss)
	DATABASE:    Most powerful of the Elite Pirate forces.
                     Omega Pirate can become invisible to normal sight. It is
                     vulnerable when cloaked, as all energy is drawn from de-
                     fense systems. By exposing itself to Phazon, it can regen-
                     erate damaged tissue and organs. Considered the pinnacle of
                     the Elite Pirate program, this enemy should be handled with
                     extreme caution and maximum firepower.

    72. MORPHOLOGY:  *Meta Ridley*
        REGIONS:     Tallon Overworld
	LOCATIONS:   Artifact Temple (one-time scan since it's a boss)
	DATABASE:    Genetically enhanced Ridley metaform.
                     Reborn and evolved through Pirate technology, Meta Ridley
                     is a fearsome enforcer. Its armored hide is extremely re-
                     silient, save for the chest, which has thinner plating. The
                     Pirates have fused a number of potent weapons to the crea-
                     ture, including a Multi-Missile system, a Kinetic Breath-
                     strike Projector. Meta Ridley is also a formidable melee
                     combatant, making any sort of engagement a risky proposit-

    73. MORPHOLOGY:  *Metroid Prime*
        REGIONS:     Impact Crater
	LOCATIONS:   Subchambers 1, 2, 3, 4 (one-time scan since it's a boss)
	DATABASE:    Highly evolved, Phazon-producing life form.
                     The aberration known as Metroid Prime is the source of
                     Phazon, making it immensely powerful. A genetic flaw makes
                     it susceptible to certain weapons for brief periods. Only
                     its head is truly vulnerable: other attacks are a nuisance.
                     Offensively, Metroid Prime has a number of natural and
                     mechanical weapons at its desposal. These include Ultra-
                     frigid Breath, Multi-Missiles, Snare Beams, and Particle
                     Wave Projectors. Its massive strength and barbed carapace
                     make it lethal in melee combat. Recommend maximum firepower
                     when engaging this enemy.

    74. MORPHOLOGY:  *Metroid Prime*
        REGIONS:     Impact Crater
	LOCATIONS:   Metroid Prime Lair (one-time scan since it's a boss)
	DATABASE:    The core essence of Metroid Prime.
                     Scan indicates that the Phazon energy form of Metroid Prime
                     is invulnerable to all weapons; only attacks from a Phazon-
                     fuzed Arm Cannon will damage it. It generates pools of
                     Phazon when it attacks; use these to fuel you Suit's Phazon
                     weapon system. The entity can also spawn Metroids to assist
                     it in battle, rendering it invisible when it does so.

  1. In the PAL and NTSC Player's Choice versions, the Ice Shriekbat apparently
     is not a one-time scan. I haven't tested this out, but it's been brought
     up in a few e-mails.
  2. There are two enemies in the Phazon Mines that you can't scan, and thus
     have no "official" name in the Log Book. The Void Bombu is invisible, but
     you still see it dropping energy attacks, and the Shadow Drone in the Cen-
     tral Dynamo that guards the Power Bombs.

  The Research category is also divided into smaller subcategories by what type
  of item is being scanned. Keep in mind that only one of these - the Hunter
  Gunship - is in a single location. All of the other ones can be scanned as
  they appear throughout the game. Most of these items will have specific locat-
  ions listed for the first time you can find them. The in-game database is also
  transcripted below for reference purposes.

    01. ITEM:        Small Energy
        LOCATION:    Anywhere on Space Pirate Frigate or Tallon IV
        DATABASE:    Replenishes 10 units of energy.

    02. ITEM:        Large Energy
        LOCATION:    Anywhere on Space Pirate Frigate or Tallon IV
        DATABASE:    Replenishes 20 units of energy.

    03. ITEM:        Ultra Energy
        LOCATION:    Anywhere on Space Pirate Frigate or Tallon IV
        DATABASE:    Replenishes 100 units of energy.

    04. ITEM:        Missile Ammunition
        LOCATION:    Anywhere on Tallon IV after acquiring Missiles
        DATABASE:    Resupplies Missile Launcher with 5 rounds of ammo.

    05. ITEM:        Power Bomb Ammunition
        LOCATION:    Anywhere on Tallon IV after acquiring Power Bombs
        DATABASE:    Resupplies Power Bomb with 1 round of ammunition.

    07. ITEM:        Hunter Gunship
        LOCATION:    Tallon Overworld: Landing Site
        DATABASE:    Hunter-class gunship registered to Samus Aran.
                     You can return to your ship to recharge energy, reload
                     weapons and save progress in the game.

    08. ITEM:        Map Station
        LOCATION:    Space Pirate Frigate: Map Station A
        DATABASE:    Walk into Map Station holograms to download a map of the
                     area you are in.

    09. ITEM:        Save Station
        LOCATION:    Space Pirate Frigate: Save Station A
        DATABASE:    Step into these stations to sace your game and fully re-
                     store your energy.

    10. ITEM:        Missile Station
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Missile Station A
        DATABASE:    Step into these stations to fully reload your Missile

    11. ITEM:        Zebes
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Observatory
        DATABASE:    Planet Zebes.
                     Mass: 4.8 trillion teratons.
                     Profile: Planet's crust is primarily Urthic ore, making it
                     ideal for subterranean construction. A class XIX planet,
                     Zebes is inhospitable to most bioforms. The world was con-
                     sidered unremarkable until it became a base for Space Pir-
                     ate forces.

    12. ITEM:        Tallon IV
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Observatory
        DATABASE:    Planet Tallon IV
                     Mass: 5.1 trillion teratons.
                     Profile: Ecosystem studies indicate that Tallon IV was a
                     biological paradise prior to the impact of an extraterres-
                     trial object. What remains of the biosphere is slowly fad-
                     ing due to exposure to Phazon radiation. At current rate of
                     decay, Tallon IV will be a barren Class XIII wasteland in
                     approximately 25 years.

    13. ITEM:        Missile Blast Shield
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Hive Totem
        DATABASE:    There is a Blast Shield on the door blocking access.
                     Analysis indicates that the Blast Shield is invunerable to
                     Beam weapons. Explosive weapons many damage it.

    14. ITEM:        Locked Door
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Entrance
        DATABASE:    Lock system engaged. Secure the area to unlock door.

    15. ITEM:        Stalactite
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Ice Ruins West
        DATABASE:    This hanging rock structure appears to have a weak spot
                     near its base.
                     Some stalactites can be dislodged from ceiling, allowing
                     them to be used as platforms to cross otherwise unreachable

    16. ITEM:        Morph Ball Slot
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Energy Core
        DATABASE:    Standard Morph Ball Slot. This slot is active.
                     Inserting the Morph Ball and detonating a Bomb will usually
                     cause these slots to send electrical impulses that can
                     activate different types of devices.

    17. ITEM:        Spinner
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Ruined Courtyard
        DATABASE:    This is a standard Spinner device.
                     The generator belts of the Spinner can be activated by
                     rapid rotational force. Use the Boost ability of the Morph
                     Ball while inside a Spinner to activate the device.

    18. ITEM:        Spider Ball Track
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Quarantine Cave
        DATABASE:    Magnetic rail system track.
                     In Morph Ball mode, press and hold the R Button when close
                     to this type of surface. Use the Control Stick to move the
                     Ball along the track. Release the R Button to disengage
                     from the surface.
                     CAUTION: A Morph Ball Bomb will briefly disengage the Ball
                     from the track.

    19. ITEM:        Grapple Point
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Ore Processing
        DATABASE:    Analysis indicates a viable attach point for the Grapple
                     To use the Grapple Beam, use the L Button when the Grapple
                     Icon appears.

  1. The PAL version has three levels of Missile Ammunition: Small, Medium, and
     Large. Each one counts as a separate Research entry for the Log Book.

  There are 16 Chozo Lore entries to be scanned that give a bit of insight into
  the spiritual nature of the ancient Chozo that lived on this planet. They go
  all the way from their departure from Zebes to their technology-free life on
  Tallon IV, and chronicle their attempts to stop the Phazon from spreading
  across the land. The listing below provides both NTSC and PAL entries, since
  they are different between the two versions. Both listings also provide what
  rooms they can be found in, although only the NTSC versions are transcripted
  here for reference purposes. They are numbered by approximate chronological
  order (so that the story makes sense), whereas the walkthrough numbers them as
  you find them, so the numbers will not exactly match up here.

    The NTSC version (and subsequent re-releases) have a different set of Lore
    Entries than the PAL version. Here, the story is mostly the same of how the
    Chozo settled Tallon IV after abandoning their technological ways, how the
    meteor came and spread the Great Poison, but there the similarities end.
    These sets of Lore indicate the Chozo left before the meteor strike, and
    then returned to combat the spreading Phazon plague. These also directly
    mention Samus and how she ("the Hatchling") has come to restore balance to
    the planet. In this regard, some of the Lore seems to be in the present
    tense, which is a bit odd. These also refer to the Chozo Ghosts, seemingly,
    as "The Turned" - Chozo who exist interdimensionally and have no respect
    for life.

    01. CHOZO LORE:  "Beginnings"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Vault
        ENTRY:       Our sanctuary grows by the day. We Chozo know much of
                     technology, but we have chosen to leave it behind on this
                     journey. Our home here on Tallon IV will be a place of
                     simplicity: structures hewn from the stone, bridges woven
                     with branches, hallways caressed by pure waters. We build
                     around the ancient and noble trees, drawing from their
                     strength and giving them our own in return. All that is
                     wild will flow around us here: our race will be just one
                     more group of creatures in the knit of nature. It is our
                     hope that such a state will bring with it greater wisdom,
                     a greater understanding of the nature of the universe.
                     Once our city here is complete, we will peer inward and
                     discover the truth.

    02. CHOZO LORE:  "Statuary"
        LOCATION:    Tallon Overworld: Artifact Temple
        ENTRY:       As we have done for millenia, we Chozo work constantly on
                     our statuary. The statues are our sentinels: blind but
                     ever watchful, they are and have always been, repositories
                     for our most precious secrets and strongest powers. The
                     crafting of each is a long and sacred process, performed
                     only by those Chozo who have lifetimes of experience in
                     such things. We have left these relics on planets across
                     the solar system. Some are merely reminders: silent emb-
                     lems of the Chozo that serve as icons of peace in lands
                     that know only war. Others wield subtle strength, exerting
                     their influence in ways beyond the understanding of mortal
                     creatures. Still others are guardians of our secret ways,
                     and these can be as terrile as they are beautiful. Those
                     who respect and honor these relics will know the friend-
                     ship of the Chozo. Those who deface or destroy them will
                     know our wrath, unfettered and raw.

    03. CHOZO LORE:  "Fountain"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Ruins Entryway
        ENTRY:       At the highest point of our city lies the fountain, a
                     wellspring of pure water that flows throughout our civil-
                     ization. It is the jewel of the Chozo, the life-giver, and
                     yet its waters speak of a clouded future. As we come to
                     understand the paths of time and space more clearly, we
                     have begun to glimpse rough tatters of past and future,
                     glittering behind reality like soft lights behind a curt-
                     ain. We have seen the fountain in these glimpses, pouring
                     darkness instead of water, and we cannot guess what the
                     visions mean.

    04. CHOZO LORE:  "Exodus"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Nursery
        ENTRY:       We Chozo are departing now, after so many years in peace-
                     ful seclusion here on Tallon IV. When we came, this place
                     was a refuge for our spirits, a civilization built from
                     native materials, bereft of the trappings of our technol-
                     ogy. We were linked to the land here, kindred to the
                     plants and animals, far away from the machines we had be-
                     come so dependent on. And so we leave it now, pristine, a
                     testament to the mortal forms we no longer need. We have
                     drawn the veils of time and space aside, and are withdraw-
                     ing beyond the illusion. But we will never forget this,
                     the most sacred of our homes. And we will remain ever

    05. CHOZO LORE:  "Meteor Strike"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Watery Hall
        ENTRY:       We have returned to Tallon IV, borne here against our will
                     by a great cataclysm from the reaches of space. A meteor
                     came, casting a dark shadow of debris over the land with
                     the violence of its impact. Though we perceived this from
                     beyond space and time, it was but a curiosity: a brief
                     flare in the universe. But the meteor brought with it
                     corruption. A Great Poison burst forth into the land,
                     clawing at life with such violence that we were ripped
                     from our peaceful state and find ourselves wandering as
                     shadows of the mortal forms we left behind, searching for
                     why we are here.

    06. CHOZO LORE:  "Worm"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Crossway
        ENTRY:       The prophecies tell of the coming of the Worm. Born from
                     parasites, nurtured in a poisoned womb, the Worm grows,
                     devouring from within, until the world begins to rot. The
                     words of the seers have come to pass, for there, in the
                     depths of the world, the ravenous Worm lurks and feeds.
                     From the stars it came, blighting Tallon with it's Great
                     Poison. We can but watch as the Worm grows, watch and wait.
                     For the prophecies also speak of a great Defender, the one
                     who delivers the world from evil. The final days draw near.
                     Is the Newborn the Defender of which the seers spoke? We
                     shall do all that we can to aid her, for she bears our
                     legacy as she bears the ancient armor and weapons of our

    07. CHOZO LORE:  "Contain"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Suntower
        ENTRY:       The world of living things feels strange to us, we who
                     have existed so long on the edges of time and space. It is
                     clear now that we Chozo can never return to our dimension,
                     not while the Great Poison reaches ever furthur into the
                     planet. It is so powerful, this creeping evil, that our
                     wills are crumbling and our minds beginning to fail. And
                     so, before it is too late, we now make our last stand. We
                     have begun to build a temple to contain this darkness: at
                     its heart we will place a Cipher, a mystical lock powered
                     by twelve Artifacts and filled with as much power as we
                     Chozo can harness in our ethereal states. Even when we are
                     done, it may be too late.

    08. CHOZO LORE:  "Cradle"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Furnace
        ENTRY:       The cries of this dying land pulled us from our dreaming
                     state, and now we Chozo walk as ghosts while the Great
                     Poison sinks into the trees and waters, devouring all life.
                     Some creatures survive, but their forms grow as twisted
                     and evil as the force that fell from the sky. The heart of
                     the planet will succumb soon, and so will we, even in our
                     ghostly states. Already many Chozo have faded and passed
                     into the unknown. The Great Poison is unlike anything we
                     have glimpsed in this or any dimension. It eats relent-
                     lessly, worming out life wherever it blooms and corrupting
                     what it cannot kill. It will be our undoing. Our last hope
                     lies in the Cradle, the temple we hope might contain this
                     abomination. It is almost complete, hovering over the
                     impact site, the dark heart of the spreading evil. If we
                     can finish before the last of our kind drifts into madness
                     or death, there is a chance for this world. If we fail, we
                     are doomed with it.

    09. CHOZO LORE:  "Cipher"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Ice Ruins West
        ENTRY:       None know if our temple, the Cradle, will prove powerful
                     enough to contain this evil forever. How can we Chozo hope
                     for it to remain intact when that which it guards writhes
                     in the darkness, growing always stronger? The fate of this
                     world rests with the gathering of Artifacts we call Cipher,
                     but even it is not all-powerful. It is strong, yes: an
                     enchanted whole made of twelve links. Still, it is finite
                     in its reach, and we who guard it are slowly succumbing.
                     When our vigilance crumbles away into madness, the Cipher
                     will be exposed and the fate of Tallon IV will be beyond
                     our influence.

    10. CHOZO LORE:  "Newborn"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Magma Pool
        ENTRY:       The power of our temple has been enough to halt the spread
                     of the poison on Tallon IV, but that which remains thrives
                     and grows more concentrated, gnawing on itself in the dark
                     passages beneath the planet's surface. Whether it can ever
                     be truly destroyed is not for our eyes to see. But there
                     is something else. We Chozo are drifting, tumbling through
                     space and time as the Great Poison eats away at our sanity.
                     We wake in dreams. As the veil of lunacy descends, as past
                     and future blend and shuffle, one image appears and flick-
                     ers through the landscape, wraithlike. It is the Hatchling,
                     the Newborn, walking the path of corruption, a lone figure
                     shining in the toxic shadows. She comes dressed for war,
                     and her wrath is terrible. Do our eyes look backward,
                     seeing the Hatchling as she once was? Or does she approach
                     even now, arriving in our race's last hour, a savior
                     clothed in machines crafted long ago by Chozo hands? Pois-
                     onous clouds drift across our vision.

    11. CHOZO LORE:  "Hatchling"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Ruined Fountain
        ENTRY:       As we struggle with the Great Poison, something stirs at
                     the edges of our vision. It is the Hatchling Samus. We
                     feel her, across the void, as she hunts the corrupted.
                     Will our fates again be one? As our pride shatters, will
                     prophecy become real? When all strength wanes from the
                     Chozo, will it be the Hatchling who fulfills our legacy?
                     True sight eludes us, for the Poison gnaws at all vision,
                     leaving seers blind and filled with despair. Truth's
                     blessing may come too late.

    12. CHOZO LORE:  "The Turned"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Phendrana Canyon
        ENTRY:       Many Chozo have gone beyond now, and this is a mercy.
                     Those of us who remain suffer in dimensional flux, drift-
                     ing helplessly across time and space, guided by unseen and
                     inexorable currents. The Chozo who cling to sanity fight
                     the tide, but our minds are weakening. Soon we will all be
                     like the Turned, Chozo who have been corrupted by the
                     Great Poison. The Turned still hold to their Chozo forms,
                     but their minds are black with fell intentions. Gone is
                     their respect for life. They honor only destruction, and
                     seek to disrupt the Artifacts holding the Great Poison at
                     bay. All life taunts them, and they do not rest. Before
                     long, they will be all that remain of the Chozo here.

    13. CHOZO LORE:  "Infestation"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Crossway
        ENTRY:       A second plague has come upon the land, dousing the last
                     flickering hopes of our race. Drawn by the very force we
                     Chozo hoped to contain, a host of maruding creatures des-
                     cended from space and invaded our temple, the Cradle. They
                     try in vain to destroy it, but its power remains beyond
                     them for now. They possess some of the twelve Artifacts we
                     call the Cipher, yet do not comprehend their function.
                     Ignorant creatures, they are blinded by delusions of har-
                     nessing the Great Poison for their own designs. They walk
                     about as masters of the planet, assimilating the ruins of
                     our sanctuary into their experiments. We can but watch and
                     wait for our doom.

    14. CHOZO LORE:  "Binding"
        LOCATION:    Tallon Overworld: Artifact Temple
        ENTRY:       The congregation of Artifacts that hold the Great Poison at
                     bay still hold strong. Fearful of the potential within the
                     Artifact Temple, the invaders known as Space Pirates tried
                     to destroy it, only to fail in every attempt. We scattered
                     the Artifacts across the planet for their protection, and
                     only a few have fallen into invader hands. Failing to und-
                     erstand them, they now seek to unmake them. Again, they
                     fail. They are right to fear these things. Great power
                     sleeps inside them. Prophecy calls for their union, come
                     the day that the unholy Worm is met by the great Defender.
                     We can only hope the Artifacts are not destroyed by the
                     invader, for then all will be lost. So, we do what we can
                     to preserve the Artifacts, and to guide the Newborn to
                     them. Time wanes with our souls, yet hope remains.

    15. CHOZO LORE:  "Hatchling's Shell"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Crossway
        ENTRY:       The hatchling walks among us. Are these dreams? Memories?
                     Foretellings? Time and reality swirl together like estuary
                     waters, and we Chozo know not what to believe. She appears
                     as ghostlike as the Chozo, but at times the mists clear.
                     We see her wounded eyes, and remember the child we found
                     so long ago. What has she become, this Newborn? Clad in
                     Chozo armor, wielding weapons our hands once held, does
                     she dream of the Chozo as we once were? Does she long for
                     her parents, lost to the same creatures that even now de-
                     file our sacred home? Does she still live?

    16. CHOZO LORE:  "Hope"
        LOCATION:    Chozo Ruins: Hall of the Elders
        ENTRY:       More and more, our tormented minds turn to the Newborn. As
                     the world continues to shift into brutal, disconnected
                     images, she remains inarguably real: a fearless figure
                     delving deeper into this blighted world, unmindful of the
                     terrors that await her. Was she this way before? When we
                     Chozo found her, a fledgling orphaned on a savaged planet,
                     did a warriors pulse already beat in her veins, filling
                     her with righteous fury? Our hopes lie with her. We leave
                     these messages for her, that she may find our Artifacts
                     and deliver the world from its evils. Wraiths we may be,
                     but our reach is still long indeed. We shall fight these
                     invaders, and the Poison they would master, until the end.

    These entries are a bit more on the historical side. In these, the Chozo
    left Zebes and settled Tallon IV, were witness to the meteor strike, and
    then fought while they could, but eventually died out. They still foretell
    that someday the Great Poison might be destroyed, but the only thing that
    comes close to mentioning Samus is the Prophecy of Light, and how at times,
    the "light coalesces into the figure of a woman". There is no mention of
    her in the present tense or as "the Hatchling" here. Below is a list of the
    PAL entries and where to find them. There are no transcriptions available
    for these entries yet.

    ----------		 	 --------
    01. Contain			 Tallon Overworld: Artifact Temple
    02. Prophecy Of Light	 Tallon Overworld: Artifact Temple
    03. Beginnings		 Chozo Ruins: Ruins Entrance
    04. Harmonization	         Chozo Ruins: Ruined Nursery
    05. Purification	         Chozo Ruins: Ruined Fountain
    06. Meteor Strike		 Chozo Ruins: Watery Hall
    07. Spreading Evil		 Chozo Ruins: Suntower
    08. Fountain		 Chozo Ruins: Vault
    09. Great Poison		 Chozo Ruins: Furnace
    10. Worm			 Chozo Ruins: Crossway
    11. Cradle			 Chozo Ruins: Crossway
    12. Infestation	 	 Chozo Ruins: Crossway
    13. Shapeless		 Chozo Ruins: Hall of the Elders
    14. Shining One		 Chozo Ruins: Magma Pool
    15. Cipher			 Phendrana Drifts: Ice Ruins West
    16. Entrusted One		 Phendrana Drifts: Phendrana Canyon

  There are 25 log entries of Space Pirate Data to be scanned that give a bit
  of insight into what happened to the Space Pirates after their rout at Zebes.
  They chronicle their arrival on Tallon IV, their discovery of the Phazon, and
  their experiments with it. Interestingly enough, the logs take place in the
  present tense as well, as one in particular details your arrival on Tallon
  IV. The listing below provides both NTSC and PAL entries, since they are some-
  what different between the two versions. Both listings also provide what rooms
  they can be found in, although only the NTSC versions are transcripted here
  for reference purposes. They are numbered by approximate chronological order
  (so that the story makes sense), whereas the walkthrough numbers them as you
  find them, so the numbers will not exactly match up here.

    The NTSC version (and subsequent re-releases) have a different set of Pir-
    ate Data entries than the PAL version. Here, the story is mostly the same
    of how the Pirates fled Zebes and found Tallon IV and the Phazon, but there
    is a glaring plothole where three logs specifically mention the Space Pir-
    ates capturing and studying Metroid Prime, while other logs also explicitly
    state that they cannot breach the shield over the Impact Crater.

    01. PIRATE DATA: "*Fall of Zebes*"
        LOCATION:    Space Pirate Frigate: Biohazard Containment (one-time scan)
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 09.992.3
                     Zebes has fallen. All ground personnel are presumed dead,
                     either killed by the Hunter clad in metal or in the sub-
                     sequent destruction of the underground facilities. Our re-
                     search frigates Orpheon, Siriacus and Vol Paragom were in
                     orbit at zero hour and managed to retreat. Frigate Orpheon
                     is now docked at Vortex Outpost. Orpheon's cargo appears
                     to have a 100% survival rate: Metroids are healthy but on
                     restricted feeding schedules due to uncertain supply stat-
                     us. We are ready to begin research on the Metroids and
                     other promising life-forms. Security status remains at
                     Code Blue: no signs of pursuit from the Hunter.

    02. PIRATE DATA: "The Hunter"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.023.7
                     Security Command issued an all-points alert after the fall
                     of Zebes. The alert concerns bioform Samus Aran, also
                     known as the Hunter. Subject is a female hominid, and is
                     heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Subject uses a pow-
                     ered armorsuit of unknown design in battle, along with a
                     number of potent Beam and concussive weapons. All combat
                     units are instructed to terminate Aran on sigh, preferably
                     in a fashion that will allow salvage of her powered armor-
                     suit and weapons. A considerable bounty will go to the
                     unit who delivers Aran to Command. Dead or alive, it mat-
                     ters not.

    03. PIRATE DATA: "Hunter Weapons"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.222.8
                     Science Team is attempting to reverse-engineer Samus Aran's
                     arsenal, based off of data acquired from her assaults on
                     our forces. Progress is slow, but steady. Command would
                     dearly enjoy turning Aran's weapons against her. We be-
                     lieve we can implement Beam weapon prototypes in three
                     cycles. Aran's Power Suit technology remains a mystery,
                     especially the curious Morph Ball function. All attempts
                     at duplicating it have ended in disaster: four test sub-
                     jects were horribly broken and twisted when they engaged
                     our Morph Ball prototypes. Science Team wisely decided to
                     move on afterward.

    04. PIRATE DATA: "Contact"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Observatory
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.299.2
                     Scans of the Spiral Sector detected a massive energy spike
                     emanating from a Wanderer-class planet identified as Tall-
                     on IV. Scout reconnaissance was immediately dispatched to
                     the center of the spike, a land mass at heading mark 40.08.
                     02, returning with planetary samples and atmospheric imag-
                     ing. Analysis shows the energy source to be an unstable
                     radioactive material of enormous potential. We are unable
                     to form an accurate risk-assessment at this time, but we
                     are unlikely to find an energy source this powerful again.
                     Analysis will continue, but currently Tallon IV appears to
                     be a viable secondary headquarters.

    05. PIRATE DATA: "Artifact Site"
        LOCATION:    Tallon Overworld: Artifact Temple
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.308.0
                     Field team reports are in on an aged structure of alien
                     design built on the surface of Tallon IV. Studies show
                     this structure projects a containment field. This field
                     bars access to a prime source of energy within a deep
                     crater. Science Team believes the field is powered by a
                     number of strange Chozo Artifacts. We have found some of
                     these relics and studies on them have begun. As this field
                     could hinder future energy production operations on Tallon
                     IV, we must dismantle it as soon as possible. If this
                     means the destruction of the Chozo Artifacts, it will be

    06. PIRATE DATA: "Phazon Analysis"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.344.8
                     We have codified the newfound energy source as Phazon, a
                     V-index mutagen of which we have very little reliable data.
                     Indications point to a meteor of unknown origin impacting
                     approximately 20 years ago, expelling Phazon into the en-
                     vironment. This material appears to possess lifelike char-
                     acteristics, mutating organic life-forms strong enough to
                     withstand its poison. These mutations appear promising,
                     with abrupt evolutionary leaps appearing in single-generat-
                     ion reproduction. Plans to establish a full Science Team
                     on Tallon IV are being finalized.

    07. PIRATE DATA: "Phazon Program"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Observatory
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.401.7
                     Phazon mining is under way. Several garrisons have been
                     established, and terraforming of the Chozo Ruins is under
                     way. Security systems are operational, and Science Team
                     continues to make progress in their biotech research. The
                     Phendrana Drifts have proven to be an optimal location for
                     Research Headquarters, and soon it will be joined by a
                     fully operational Combat base and starport. If Command's
                     predictions are half true, we shall rise to dominance in
                     this sector within a deca-cycle. Truly, these are glorious

    08. PIRATE DATA: "Metroid Studies"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.444.4
                     Initial transfer of Metroids to Tallon IV research facil-
                     ities has been completed. Three were terminated in an
                     incident at the landing site, but the others were pacified
                     and transported safely. Initial Phazon-infusion testing is
                     under way. We are eager to observe the effects of Phazon
                     on Metroids, especially their ability to absorb and pro-
                     cess the energy given off by Phazon sources. Early research
                     suggests a considerable growth in power and size. Whether
                     the creatures stay stable thereafter remains to be seen.

    09. PIRATE DATA: "Parasite Larva"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.515.8
                     Our initial tests exposing Tallon IV's indigenous para-
                     sites to Phazon appear to be successful. Increases in
                     strength, size and aggressiveness are common in all test
                     subjects, as well as unforeseen evolutions like additional
                     poison sacs within the abdomen and the appearance of a
                     second ring of mandibles in several subjects. These crea-
                     tures were chosen because of their resilience, and it
                     appears possible that, given enough exposure to Phazon,
                     they may one day be able to survive on any planet we tran-
                     sport them to. Our methods will have to be refined: we
                     currently have a 100% extinction rate after the fourth
                     infusion period, and most survivors of the third infusion
                     stage are so violent and uncontrollable that they have to
                     be euthanized. Even still, we remain hopeful that further
                     experimentation will result in success.

    10. PIRATE DATA: "Mining Status"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.587.7
                     Mining operations have begun near the crater where Phazon
                     appears to be most concentrated. Daily Phazon yields have
                     increased 44%, and our mining system becomes more stream-
                     lined as personnel and equipment flows increase. Several
                     incidents of Phazon-induced madness have been reported,
                     prompting augmented life-support regulations in the deeper
                     chambers. Symptoms include loss of equilibrium, erratic
                     respiration, muscle spasms, and in the most extreme cases,
                     hallucinations. A timeline reassessment for the refinery
                     operation is recommended, as the material proves more
                     unstable that initial analysis indicated.

    11. PIRATE DATA: "Glacial Wastes"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.664.2
                     Research outpost Glacier One in the Phendrana Drifts reg-
                     ion of Tallon IV's mountains is operating at 85% capacity.
                     Sub-zero temperatures have made the Metroids sluggish and
                     easy to control, even those well into Phazon-infusion cy-
                     cles. Cold-containment stasis tanks are sufficient for the
                     juveniles, but some of the larger Metroids have been moved
                     to quarantined caves for safety purposes. Security doors
                     remain an issue, as malfunctions due to ice occur every
                     day. Large predators in the wastes are also a concern, as
                     they continue to kill personnel and breach secure areas.
                     Unfortunately, it has become clear that our containment
                     teams cannot neutralize all of them without a vast in-
                     crease in munitions and soldiers.

    12. PIRATE DATA: "Security Breaches"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.712.1
                     Most terraforming and retrofitting of security checkpoints
                     on Tallon IV is complete, but we continue to research the
                     alarming epidemic of breaches by local creatures. Door
                     records show no unauthorized entries, so we must presume
                     the creatures are either slipping in undetected during
                     daily personnel moves or else finding their way in through
                     subterranean tunnels. We have found many small breaches of
                     this latter sort and plug them wherever we can, but it is
                     unlikely that we will ever achieve full extermination with
                     our current timetable.

    13. PIRATE DATA: "Meta Ridley"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.891.0
                     The reconstruction of geoform 187, code-named Ridley, was
                     recently completed. After his defeat on Zebes, Command
                     ordered a number of metagenetic improvements for him.
                     Though aggressive, we were able to implement these changes
                     in a cycle. The metamorphosis was painful, but quite succ-
                     essful in the end. Early tests indicate a drastic increase
                     in strength, mobility, and offensive capability. Cybernet-
                     ic modules and armor plating have been added as well. We
                     believe our creation, now called Meta Ridley, will become
                     the mainstay of our security force, a job he will certain-
                     ly relish.

    14. PIRATE DATA: "Phazon Infusion"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 10.957.2
                     Confidence is high regarding Phazon applications. We know
                     enough about Phazon now to begin combining it with Space
                     Pirate DNA. The code name for this venture will be 'Proj-
                     ect Helix'. Preliminary studies indicate that Phazon in-
                     fusion could produce radical new Pirate genomes. Benevol-
                     ent mutation levels are high in current test subjects.
                     Phazon madness is a concern, but refinements in the infus-
                     ion process should reduce or neutralize the odds of mental

    15. PIRATE DATA: "Elite Pirates"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.001.9
                     Initial Project Helix experiments with Space Pirate em-
                     bryos were disastrous. The Phazon-infusion process degen-
                     erated brain tissue even as it augmented muscle mass. None
                     of what we have termed 'Elite Pirates' lived to maturity:
                     the few that survived their infanthood suffered severe
                     psychotic breakdowns as juveniles, killing anything within
                     their zone of perception. Research from team Sclera made a
                     recent breakthrough, in which parasite studies with a
                     Phazon strain code-named 'Vertigo' were highly successful.
                     Since then, we have fused Vertigo Phazon with Space Pirate
                     DNA with great success. The latest batch of Elite Pirates
                     have reached maturity successfully and are ready for field
                     testing and training.

    16. PIRATE DATA: "Metroid Prime"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.156.9
                     Test subject Z-d, hereafter referred to as Metroid Prime,
                     was recently discovered in a cavern by mining crews. It
                     quickly dispatched the miners, but was eventually contain-
                     ed by security units and drones. Once contained, we were
                     able to begin studies upon Metroid Prime. The results have
                     been astonishing. It is genetically similar to a Metroid,
                     albeit on a high evolved level. It displays a limitless
                     capacity for Phazon infusion and shows no Phazon-based
                     degeneration whatsoever. It continues to grow in size, and
                     while it has manifested some psychotic behavior, the cold
                     field we use to pacify remain effective. Authorization for
                     advanced studies on Metroid Prime have been approved.

    17. PIRATE DATA: "Omega Pirate"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Omega Research
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.232.8
                     Elite Pirate Upsilon's propensity for Phazon has enabled
                     our research team to infuse it far beyond our safety re-
                     strictions, and the results have been extremely encourag-
                     ing. Its constant Phazon diet has increased its mass expo-
                     nentially, but it has retained all mental faculties and
                     shows dexterity with all Elite weaponry, including Plasma
                     Incendiary Launchers and the Chameleon Manta issued for
                     cloaking purposes. Elite Pirate Upsilon exhibits mirac-
                     ulous healing abilities: when injured, it seeks out Phazon
                     deposits and coats itself in the substance, which instant-
                     ly mends the creature's wounds. The subject, which we are
                     code-naming Omega Pirate based on these developments,
                     shows potential to be a new standards for our armies. Our
                     only concern at this point is its potential overdependence
                     on Phazon.

    18. PIRATE DATA: "Special Forces"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Metroid Quarantine B
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.369.4
                     As we continue to observe the development of Project He-
                     lix's Elite Pirates, it becomes increasingly obvious that
                     these warriors will usher in a new era of Space Pirate
                     dominance. They are incredibly resistant to damage, and
                     their ability to transport and wield so many weapons at
                     once makes them the ideal mainstays of our ground forces.
                     Though they are not as quick as typical Pirates, it makes
                     little difference. With a platoon of Phazon Elite Pirates
                     in the vanguard of an army of normal and Flying Pirates,
                     we will have a near-indestructible backbone that should
                     turn the tide in any engagement.

    19. PIRATE DATA: "Prime Breach"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.377.1
                     Subject Metroid Prime's breach has been contained. Reports
                     indicate that it sensed a large batch of raw Phazon in the
                     lab from within its stasis tank and broke through the
                     glass, using previously unsuspected strength. Besides con-
                     suming all of the Phazon, Metroid Prime assimilated sever-
                     al weapons and defense systems from fallen security units.
                     It has suffered no ill effect from said assimilation:
                     indeed, it began to use its newly acquired weapons against
                     us. Once we pacified it, we were unable to remove the
                     assimilated gear without threat to Metroid Prime--the gear
                     is now an integral part of its body. Command is intrigued
                     by this newfound ability, and has ordered further study to
                     commence at once.

    20. PIRATE DATA: "Prime Mutations"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.402.5
                     Metroid Prime continues to feed and grow ever larger in
                     the impact crater caves. Its hunger knows no bounds, and
                     it has begun to manifest unusual mutations since its
                     breach. These include armor plating on its epidermis and
                     mechanical outgrowths that generate defense screens. These
                     screens render it invulnerable to most weapon systems, but
                     a flaw in the mutation leads to increased vulnerability to
                     certain weapons. It compensates for this by shifting the
                     screens quickly. This latest development concerns Security
                     units greatly: they feel it's a matter of time before
                     Metroid Prime corrects this defect and renders itself
                     invulnerable to all weaponry. Containment would be nigh
                     impossible if this were to occur.

    21. PIRATE DATA: "Metroid Morphology"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.420.7
                     Metroid dissection continues to provide more questions
                     than answers. Our research teams have isolated the energy
                     conduits that run from the invasive twin mandibles to the
                     energy core in the creature's quadripartite nucleus, but
                     the manner in which a Metroid actually extracts the life
                     force from its prey remains an utter mystery. The victim
                     does not lose blood or any other vital fluids, and yet the
                     Metroid extracts energy: identifying this energy is our
                     central problem. It takes no physical form, and yet with-
                     out it, the victim dies. We will continue to research this
                     matter, as the isolation of this life-giving essence could
                     be the key to our ascendance.

    22. PIRATE DATA: "Chozo Studies"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.440.4
                     Results are in from field studies on extinct bioform group
                     Chozo. We believe that Tallon IV was once a stronghold in
                     a great Chozo empire, brought low by the meteor strike.
                     Planetary devastation brought an end to the Chozo, yet
                     remnants of their society remain. We are studying these
                     relics in an attempt to harness their power. What is of no
                     use to us, we destroy. In time, we shall have all we need
                     from this dead race, and shall wipe this planet clean of
                     their ugly Ruins. The dead should serve the living, not
                     hinder them.

    23. PIRATE DATA: "Chozo Artifacts"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.452.8
                     We are particularly interested in a number of curious
                     Chozo Artifacts we have been able to recover from a number
                     of religious sites on Tallon IV. These relics resonate
                     with power, and yet we are unable to harness them in any
                     way. Science Team is attempting to fuse them together with
                     Phazon, believing that a link might exist between them. We
                     know that these Artifacts are linked to the Chozo Temple
                     that block full access to the Impact Crater. We have yet
                     to crack this enigma, however. Command grows impatient
                     regarding this matter: results must be produced soon.

    24. PIRATE DATA: "Metroid Forces"
        LOCATION:    Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.550.6
                     Studies of Metroid biology continue, though with limited
                     progress. It seems likely that we will be much more succ-
                     essful using the Metroids for our means rather than trying
                     to reproduce their powers. If they could be adequately
                     tamed, we would have no need of a proper understanding of
                     their metabolism. A small force of disciplined Metroids
                     could wipe out entire armies, and once we find a way to
                     shield them from cold-containment weapons, they will be
                     invincible. Furthermore, if we could then harvest the en-
                     ergy they'd consumed, we would have a near-limitless
                     source of power at our disposal.

    25. PIRATE DATA: "Chozo Ghosts"
        LOCATION:    Phazon Mines: Elite Control
        LOG ENTRY:   Log 11.664.2
                     There have been numerous incidents involving spectral
                     entities at the Chozo Ruins site. Several personnel have
                     been assaulted by these Chozo Ghosts: few have survived.
                     Survivors speak of swift attacks from nowhere, brief
                     sightings of the enemy, then nothing, only to be followed
                     by another attack. Science Team believes these attacks are
                     responsive to our efforts to recover Chozo relics and
                     Artifacts. Somehow, these entities are able to interact
                     with the physical world, and it appear they wish to keep
                     their Artifacts to themselves. We will make them pay for
                     such arrogance, for even ghosts can be destroyed.

    The PAL version entries are more or less the same as the NTSC version, but
    all references to Metroid Prime have been eliminated and replaced with
    either references to "the creature" or instead talk about the Artifacts and
    the Great Seal over the Impact Crater. Below is a list of the PAL entries
    and where to find them. There are no transcriptions available for these
    entries yet.

    ---------		 	 --------
    01. *Fall of Zebes*		 Pirate Frigate: Biohazard Containment
    02. Artifact Site		 Tallon Overworld: Temple Security Station
    03. Contact			 Phendrana Drifts: Observatory
    04. Phazon Program		 Phendrana Drifts: Observatory
    05. Mining Status		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
    06. Security Breaches  	 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
    07. Phazon Analysis		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
    08. Parasite Larva		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
    09. Glacial Wastes		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Hydra
    10. Metroid Studies		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
    11. Meta Ridley		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
    12. Metroid Morphology	 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
    13. Phazon Infusion		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
    14. Metroid Forces		 Phendrana Drifts: Research Lab Aether
    15. Elite Pirates		 Phazon Mines: Elite Research
    16. Impact Crater		 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    17. Chozo Studies		 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    18. Gate System		 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    19. Chozo Ghosts		 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    20. The Key			 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    21. Artifact		 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    22. The Hunter		 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    23. Hunter Weapons		 Phazon Mines: Elite Control
    24. Omega Pirate		 Phazon Mines: Omega Research
    25. Special Forces		 Phazon Mines: Metroid Quarantine B

METROID PRIME has a few interesting things here and there besides what's been
already covered in the walkthrough. Here are some of the other things the game
has to offer.

     If you have a Game Boy Advance and METROID FUSION, you can use a Game Link
     Cable to connect these two games together and download exclusive in-game
     extras. Connect the cable from your GBA to the GameCube, and go to the
     option on the menu that says "Metroid Fusion Connection Bonuses". If you
     have beaten METROID PRIME, you will be able to download the Fusion Suit
     for use in the game. If you have beaten METROID FUSION, then you can also
     download a copy of the original METROID game. The Fusion Suit must be
     manually selected from here each time you wish to use it, and uses the
     same color palette from METROID FUSION for the Varia and Gravity Suits,
     and turns you bright red and orange for the Phazon Suit. With the original
     METROID, the controls are a bit different, but the Password system is pre-
     served in its original form. You can use all of the old Passwords, includ-
     ing the JUSTIN BAILEY and the NARPAS SWORD ones, or you can opt to save
     your game data to the Memory Card. The controls for the original game are
     listed below:
     - CONTROL STICK/PAD:   Move around, Aim Up, and use Morph Ball.
     - START/PAUSE:         Pause game.
     - L BUTTON:            Quit and return to menu.
     - Z BUTTON:	    Switch from Beams to Missiles, or Option select.
     - A/Y BUTTON:          Fire Beam/Missiles, set Bombs as Morph Ball.
     - B/X BUTTON:          Jump.

     There are a few creatures you'll encounter throughout the game that will
     be quite familiar to fans of the Metroid series. While a few like the Gee-
     mer are only minor, there are a few rarer "easter eggs" of sorts. I'll
     detail the ones I know about.
       There are two of these in the Hydra Research Labs. One is a dead Metroid
       that you can scan as an "Alpha Class Metroid", but it is actually just a
       regular one. The second is actually an Alpha Metroid, found in Research
       Lab Aether in the central stasis tube. However, you can't scan this one.
       You can find this in Biohazard Containment on the Space Pirate Frigate
       (the first time around). It's fairly easy to find; just look or listen
       for the thing beating up one of the containment doors. Scan it and you
       will get clear readings of a Zebesian Sidehopper.

     Anyone familiar with the first METROID game knows about the prolific and
     expansive "Secret Worlds" that can be accessed by scrolling Samus off of
     the map. METROID PRIME has these in abundance as well, although they don't
     seem to be intentional as they're usually found by forcing yourself out of
     the standard confines of a room. The first one was discovered in Transport
     Tunnel C, and you can squeeze yourself out from a hole in a tree. There
     are others - some are difficult to find, some are easy, like the one in
     the Gathering Hall - just climb to the top of the room and leap out. When
     you're in one, it's often very difficult to move around, and sometimes
     even harder to get back into the map! Don't use the Morph Ball if you get
     into one as you'll get stuck in an endless fall, and if you want to jump
     around, you have to manually aim and lock your view towards whatever you
     are trying to reach. In some instances, these can be used to bypass entire
     sections of the game, but this is for much more advanced players.

     By completing certain requirements within Metroid Prime, you'll unlock the
     image galleries that can be accessed via the Main Menu. Each gallery con-
     tains a mixture of conceptual artwork for the game, computer graphics and
     wire-frame models used in the construction, drawing board sketches, and
     lots of other interesting stuff. To unlock each, you must complete each of
     the following requirements:
     - IMAGE GALLERY 1: Get 50% of the Log Book Scans.
     - IMAGE GALLERY 2: Get 100% of the Log Book Scans.
     - IMAGE GALLERY 3: Complete Hard Mode.
     - IMAGE GALLERY 4: Get 100% of the Item Pick-ups.

     This stuff really falls into a category of things that don't necessarily
     help the game along, but it's interesting to do if you're bored. Check the
     list below.
       This works best for Hunter Metroids, particularly the first one you find
       in Frost Cave. Fire Power Beam shots at it until it sizzles, then the
       Metroid will mutate into a huge version of its former self. Just keep in
       mind that this usually puts the Metroid you're toying with into a pretty
       agitated mood, and the energy its absorbing makes it more powerful.
       Still, it's fun to see a gigantic Metroid every now and then.
       These are pretty interesting, actually. One of them occurs if you rapid-
       fire the Power Beam - it causes the barrel to start smoking like an old
       pistol. Another one occurs if you simply stand still - Samus will begin
       auto-looking around a bit, and she'll fiddle with the controls on her
       Arm Cannon. A third one is even more interesting - switch to the X-Ray
       Visor and switch Beams. Watch Samus' arm as you do, she clearly makes
       hand gestures as the new beam is activated, correponding to the icon
       of the Beam in your Combat Visor. Interesting little bit of light shed
       on some advanced Chozo technology, I suppose.

== 12. LEGAL:
This walkthrough must always be shown in full form, unaltered, and with credit
given to the author. You are free to use this for personal use, but if you wish
to host it on another website, you must e-mail me first with a request for per-
mission. Copyright (C) 2012 Timothy Jones (NeoChozo). Some rights reserved.
All rights, including the copyrights of game, scenario, music and program are
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