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A "Prime"' Surprise for one who Dislikes FPSAshley Winchester10/10
I didn't really want this game at first...Bect10/10
If you have half a brain, you'll love this gamebong200410/10
A brilliant game..... killed at the finish line.. sighConsole Ghost3/10
Just another poor game that's been far too overrated.mjc09612/10
A "Prime" Example of a Poor Gaming Experiencesevenofnine2/10
I Heard You Like VisorsAllidoisreview7/10
Metroid Prime is a near flawless experience that perfectly captures the essence of the series in beautiful 3D.BartV10/10
I donít care how old it is, I freaking love this game. No joke.CaliGamer2585010/10
~! Perfect? Maybe. !~Chaosky 90010/10
Raindrops keep falling on her head.Da Dood10/10
Taking Metroid a step further...discoinferno849/10
Metroid Prime is a fun game, but definately doesn't stack up to Super Metroid.DJellybean7/10
Truly PerfectionEJRICH10/10
Sippin a glass of Phazon in Phendranaemister9/10
Metroid Prime, a jewel or a joke? Methinks it's a jewel, folks!Fizzycat4510/10
There Ain't No Scan Visor Where You're Going!gbarules29999/10
It is Prime time for Metroidgeneral53110/10
A Rush of Blood to the HeadGenjuro Kibagami9/10
Items, Exploration, Epic Boss Battles, Lots of Information, Everything A Game Needsgeno_1610/10
The best Metroid game yet.Hawke010/10
Those who haven't treated themselves to Metroid Prime are in for a supriseHighOnPhazon10/10
A very good game, not perfect but goodjv2k9/10
A must for your collection.linksbabiigurl9/10
The best of both worldsMariner9/10
A worthy addition to the Metroid series? Yes, and without a doubt in my mind.McGray10/10
One Word- WOW!Mech Master10/10
Metroid like never before.Metroidude4779/10
Slip in behind Samus Aran's visor for the adventure of a lifetime.mikecullerne10/10
Master Chief ain't got NUTHIN on this girl!Mr Jasill10/10
The best game of the generation.MSuskie10/10
Primed and Ready for Takeoffmyles18908/10
An adventure you'll never forget.MZ10/10
One of the greatest game ever made, surpassing even Super MetroidNemo4ever10/10
My 1st Metroid... I Was Missing Out!NeoTS10/10
Retro Studios has pulled off the impossible and have created a masterpiece.Newborn199010/10
Metroid's first foray in the world of 3D is a big disappointment.Omniphagos6/10
This game was worth the wait!ragnarok2410/10
Does Prime follow the series' foot-steps?rgw10/10
An amazing feat of game development that reinstates Metroid's authority in the gaming world.Ryan AK9/10
Returning to PerfectionRyanso10/10
Metroid Prime is a great Action Adventure FPS for the GC.RykuXr9/10
This is Super Metroid, only better and in 3D.sarge2110/10
A gaming legend with an extra dimension for good measure.ShadowGuardian910/10
An epic game of epic proportionsShivan Reincarnated10/10
A great revolution in the Metroid seriesShockna10/10
What if it had been called something else?silverthornne7/10
Cool a new Metroid. 3D? ...(Sound of Cube starting up)... HUMMINA HUMMINA THIS IS HOT!SingingStar10/10
The feel is definitely Metroid. The execution definitely isn't.Slime Hunter7/10
Fun, but not perfect. Jumping doesn't work in 1st person.Soliduous8/10
No tagline can hold all the positive things about Metroid Prime. It single-handedly justifies owning a Gamecube.SSpectre9/10
I hated it I hated it I hated it!!!!!!!stere0xtype10/10
Possibly the best single player experience in this generation of consoles.stiffy10/10
Even if you aren't a Metroid fan, try this game outSuper Slash9/10
One of those games that's always fun to play through again and again.SuperSmashBro139/10
Despite naysayers predicting failure, Retro Studios has done the previsously thought impossible.Suporuko9/10
Good. Very Good. But not Good Enough.SupremeMentatBashar8/10
One Of The Best Games Of All TimeTHAguyINgta310/10
Gunpei Yokoi's greatest creation has finally returned.Thardus010/10
Well Worth The Eight Year Wait!TheRedneck149/10
Metroid Prime - One of the greatest games this generation.TheWrathofOsiris10/10
Don't like the score? Read inside....Tride157/10
Brilliant. Absolutely out-of-this-world brilliant. A must-have for Metroid newbies and veterans alike.UltimaterializerX10/10
A long hoped-for game arrivesUn0rthodox10/10
Metroid is still as good as ever...Walker Boh Ohmsford10/10
A horrible attempt at a pun EX1: Metroid Prime is in it's...........Prime!Warmaster Lah9/10
Wow, Metroid Prime surprised me, and thankfully in a good way.WhatTheDeuce928/10
A Prime reason to own a Gamecube.xXILoveRikkuXx9/10
This is the perfect rendering of a first person Metroid game.Yoshimaster10/10
An adventure even Alexander the Great will grow jelous of.ZaleIsBackAgain10/10
After eight long years of waiting, the lovely Ms. Aran graces us with a spectacular comeback.ZFS10/10
The first of my 3 greatest games of all time reviews...ZidaneTribal1310/10
It took me 10 years to finally understand that this game really is as good as everyone says....Zylo the wolf9/10

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Add Metroid to your List...You Won't Be SorryAllanon85810/10
Hats off to Retro Studios, they've done Nintendo proud.Alterwolf9/10
Does Metroid Prime live up to the hype??Athmok10/10
The time has come...Prime Time that is.Cubiks10/10
Metroid Prime: My first Metroid game. And I am impressed. VERY impressed.............Dark Cloud 23710/10
Nintendo Proves Once Again It's GreatnessDark Jedi Knight10/10
I'll be damned. Americans CAN make a game.DoofusTheDisruptive10/10
Did Metroid Prime live up to the hype? Click!ducksrule6/10
What?! I can only go up to 10?!Etherius10/10
A detailed breakdown of Metroid PrimeFashion Nugget969/10
Samus Aran returns to captivate us all...Gammaknight10/10
Dear sweet Gunpei in heaven!Gilthanis9/10
Metroid Fans Re-Joiceim superior10/10
The Reason I Bought A Gamecubeimagine6069/10
Finally an interesting FPSinfinityguru10/10
Not just upholds, but refines the series.Jer10/10
This is a killer game! Anyone with a GC needs this one!Katon10/10
Samus's first outing in the third dimension is more frustrating than it is rewardingkristina kim6/10
Does Metroid Prime live up to the hype?KungFuSamuraii8/10
First-Person puzzle game?..that's a new one...LuigiRulesYou9/10
Still retains the Metroid atmosphereMageknight9/10
Primed and ReadyMysmatoria9/10
Awesome atmosphere, poor controls.neonreaper4/10
The best transition of a franchise into 3D. Ever.PirateNipple10/10
Metroid Prime is simply one of the best 2D to 3D transitions I've playedPlatyphyllis9/10
Fantastic 3D translation, even for a person who stinks at FPS!Slateman9/10
Peerless design, perfectly executedsneggid10/10
Metroid Prime - Awesome!Socialize10/10
A prime example of a Gamecube classicSuperGamecube649/10
C'mon! Metroid will NEVER work in 3D!Tenshi No Shi10/10
A masterpieceVersion 210/10
Metroid Prime shines like the brightest star in the galaxy...whiz kid10/10

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