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Asked: 5 years ago

Where is makar?

You know that dude with the violin in forest heaven i can't find him. And plus thats when you have the ice and fire arrows.

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From: PBmeista 5 years ago

He's behind a waterfall on the way up the hill you can see notes coming out of it, use deku leaf to fly into the waterfall, theres a cave entrance, and he's right there.

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If you don't see or hear music coming from behind the waterfall, it means you have to do the Earth Temple first.

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Or use the Claw to swing from a limb into the hidden room behind the waterfall.

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He's behind the waterfall use the grapple hook and swing into the water

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He's behind the waterfall. Use the grappling hook to swing into it. Also, if you didn't beat the eearth temple first, then you cant do the waterfall part.

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He is behind the water fall. You grappling hook a branch and swing into a water fall and he is in there. Hope this helps! :)

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