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How do I beat the wind temple boss?

I'm in the wind temple and i don't know how to beat the boss help?

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---Nintendo--- answered:

When the boss makes a sandpit, get close to the center until it starts to emerge from the sand, then use the Hookshot in its tongue/tentacle so you pull it towards yourself, now use the sword or the Skull Hammer to smash it. When it releases the small worms, use the Hookshot to pull 'em out of the sand so you can kill them. Repeat this process until it is defeated.
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gengar77 answered:

The Wind Temple boss, Molgera, emerges from the sand and lashes her tongue around as she moves in to strike.
L-target the tongue and try to nab it with the hookshot. As you do this be sure to keep you distance as she will be
constantly creeping closer. Once you get hold of the tongue, repeatedly slash it with your sword. After 3 hits she
will retreat into the sand and send her babies after you. You must now repeat the process but with the offspring
attacking and diverting your hookshot. At all times there will be 4 offspring. If you destroy 1 another will take its
place. Also they are armored and very difficult to even damage. The best bet is to put some distance between
you and the babies so when Molgera emerges they will be out of targeting range. After 3 more strikes she will take
off into the air, circle the room and try to dive into you. You must then repeat and strike 3 more times before she
will take off again flying in the opposite direction. To avoid the air attacks, run and roll around the border of the room
in any direction until she lands. Now strike her 3 more times (for a total of 12) to finish her off.
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