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Where can i find Makar to enter the Wind temple?

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Vipsoccermaster answered:

Note: You can do this only after clearing Earth Temple.
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ZeldaFrEEk06 answered:

Go outside the Forest Haven, where the waterfall is and stand in front of it. There should be a wooden post above you with which you can swing from your grappeling hook. Swing into the waterfall, and continue into the cave to find Makar.
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hangid answered:

Also, if you can't seem to find him just listen for the music.
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pkmnfreak75 answered:

Well, I'd first recommend you get the iron boots from the Ice covered Island (Quadrant F4 I think). Then go to the Forest haven. go left and use your grappaling hook on the bar you used to get to the forest haven in the first place. go through the waterfall with the musical notes coming out of it.or you can use the iron boots to get through the winds on Gale island (it should be marked) and get inside. Learn the song on the stone and play it in front of makar at Forest haven(in the water fall). Then take him to Gale Island.
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AdidasSupporter answered:

Return to Forest Haven.Proceed until you get to two water falls,you will see a wooden post above you.Use the grappling hook and swing into it.You will see him playing his cello.
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