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How much is this game worth?

I got this game for a total of $36 including postage and handling. Was this a good deal? I am not 100% sure?

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HylianAngel answered:

Gamestop is a video game store, like Game Crazy or EB Games. It might not be a video game store local to your area.

Unless that was a new copy or it came with the original manual, it's pretty expensive for a used copy. Check the "Check Prices" section for some other prices.
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BLKCrystilMage answered:

No, if you had gone to Gamestop you could have bought it for half that.
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pvptyler answered:

i've seen it cheep on gamestop, and ebay, $16 total but I got the game when it first came out as a birthday present.
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Zelda_Freek227 answered:

very bad deal hate to say, i got my copy W/ master quest for 40$

and my brother got it for 10$ last month got to go to EB Games
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riddlebox89 answered:

I got it for $5 at a yard sale.
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szpw answered:

Nowadays the game is worth probably about 10$ at EBgames or Gamestop. Very cheap. I got it awhile ago when it was 30$. If you were to sell it I would not be suprised if they gave you 2$ for it.
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