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How do I beat the first boss?

Hes too strong!:(

Accepted Answer

CryBaby51 answered:

Naw, you can do it! There are 2 parts: 1) Use the grappling hook onto the dragon's tail which is hanging down from above. Swing across the room and jump off - that will dislodge a rock which will fall on the boss, breaking his armor. Do this three times and he will throw off the rest of his armor. 2) Use the grappling hook to grab the boss' eye, then whack it with your sword. A couple of those and he's history.
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Kraleck answered:

Use the Grappling Hook on Valoo's Tail 3 times to shatter Armogohma's shell armor. Armogohma will not stop to let you, so aim and throw quickly.

Lock on to the newly unarmored Gohma. When Gohma and Link are close enough, use the Grappling Hook to pull its eyestalk close. Hack it apart, rinse, and repeat.
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