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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the eight triforce shards ?

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From: Polaricey123 6 years ago

Ok. Start by first gathering all of the triforce charts. I beleive their locations are... (ahem...warining... i dont know many of the isle's names but i do know which isle they are located by and in which direction)
Golden ship south west of Greatfish Isle
Island south of Greatfish Isle
Island south east of Greatfish Isle
Ghost Ship (ghost ship chart is at the isle northwest of Outset Island and u need it to get on the ghost ship)
Isle northeast of Forest Haven
Isle northwest of Forest Haven
Outset Island
Once you have all of these charts deciphered by Tingle on his isle, (unless u haven't freed him from his cell on Winfall island yet) go to him to have him decipher them for 398 rupees each.

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