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Where can I find double magic?

I'm stuck @ the wind temple and walkthroughs tell me i need to find double magic or something like that by killing some monster but i can't find it help

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Chaosninja123 answered:

You'll need to find the Great Fairy that will boost your magic meter.

In order to find the fairy that will double your magic meter, teleport to Outset Island, then change the winds direction to go east. Check the map, go 2 squares east fromOutset Island and look around that area for a group of seagulls flying in a circle. Go to them to trigger a Big Octo battle. The Big Octo only has 4 eyes and it's eyes are it's weakpoints, so destroy it by hitting them (1 hit with bombs, 2 hits with arrows). Once it's destroyed, the fairy will be set free and will double your magic meter.
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LoZfan03 answered:

Whenn fighting the Big Octo, don't bother with arrows. Bombs can be ok, but the best way by far for any Big Octo is the boomerang. Make sure to target all the eyes before throwing (you can target eyes on the other side of the Octo even if you can't see them)
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King_of_Nerps answered:

I find the Big Octo just south of the reef. And definitely use the boomerang, not bombs or arrows.
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DiabIo answered:

Yeah, go to Two-Eye Reef, which is 2 squares east of Outset Island. Look for a flock of seagulls, flying in a circle, and then you should find a Big Octo. Kill with either bombs, arrows, or your Boomerang, which I find easiest. When you kill it, a Great Fairy will appear and grant you double magic power.
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