Question from batman7252

Asked: 4 years ago

I need help finding the key to the boss room so i can save Makkar?

I've looked every where and i can't find it!

Additional details - 4 years ago

Dude Im past that part.I need to open the door to the boss room.But I cant find the key.

Accepted Answer

From: oqw 4 years ago

You cannot be past that part...
If you jump down in the main room, where the giant flower fell down, you will be at level B1. Follow the path, and you will see a flower, which you can cut down with the boomerang, then it will fall in the water. Use the deku leaf, to advance on the water. Then in the next room, use the boomerang, to hit the 5 switches, and you will get the Big Key.

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So, you are in the Forbidden Woods, right? Did you find the boomerang? If yes, then you have to go in the main room, where there is a tree house like thing hanging in the top of the room. Cut it's the 5 ropes at once with the boomerang, and it will fall down, so you can advance.

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