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How do I find the gost ship using the chart ?

I got the gost ship chart i just can't reed it.

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CryBaby51 answered:

The Ghost Ship Chart just shows what island the ghost ship will be near during each phase of the moon. The moon is in a different phase each night. But you don't really have to decipher it. Once you open it, then the ghost ship will appear on your Sea Chart when it is nighttime.
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speedy901 answered:

When you open your ghost ship chart it will show a picture of a ship.Next look at your sea chart.It will show a ghost ship somewhere.Sail to it.Use it at night.
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CornisNice84 answered:

At nightime, open up the chart and view the glowing section; this corresponds to which phase of the moon is currently in the sky. Sail to the island that the current moon phase matches and look around for a semi-transparent ship with blue flames surrounding it. Sail into the ship and you'll board automatically. If you're having trouble spotting it, use the telescope.
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