Question from bahamutzero666

Where can I find (the grapple hook?

Im stuck on the mail carriers island and to continue on i need the grapple hook

bahamutzero666 provided additional details:

I cant continue to the top i am stuck at the 3 statues


carlbowen answered:

If you mean dragon roost island you have to get to the top and save medli who gives you the hook
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tronyald22 answered:

Mail carriers island is actually called dragon roost island. The fir temple is here, and thats where the grappling hook is found. You might think you need it, but you have to do something else. This part is tricky though.
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zeldafreak321 answered:

Move the statues around. You cant move the one covered in moss. You'll get the grappling hook when you save Medli.
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moeal answered:

All you need to do is move the purple statues to the left, (one is going to be moved out as well) and you will notice the door way. If you get stuck again you might want to use a walkthrough and to get the grappling hook you want to save Medli.
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LittleCube13 answered:

Move the statue in the middle backwards, then move it to the left. Once you move on a little find one of the doors that lead you outside, you will find a staircase to your right. There are two that look like this, but you'll know it's the right one when you walk on it and the stairs fall behind you, move quickly and get to the top. When you come to the top, move on and you'll see Medli in a cage, fight the mini-boss. Medli will be free and after she finishes talking, she'll give you the Grappling Hook. (cue chime)
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