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How can i get the triforce map from Outset Isaland?

I know the triforce map is in Outset Island, but i forgot how to do it!?!?!?!?! Can someone tell me. !?!?!?!?!

Accepted Answer

eevee616 answered:

First make sure you have the hook shot and the power bracelet, you'll need it. On Outset, go near the well behind Links house and look up. there will be a tree you can hookshot on. When you hookshot the tree you will be on a cliff with a heavy rock. Pick the rock up(power bracelet) and fall down the hole. You will enter a battle labyrinth of some sort and have to fight 30 floors. On the 30th floor, there will be 2 circles on the ground, stand on the one with the squiggly lines and play the winds recumium and a chest will a appear with the TRIFORCE CHART!!! (If you want to, on the 30th floor you can shine the light on the statures with your mirror shield and fight 20 more floors to get a heart piece).
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