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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the Bow and Arrow?

I Cannot open the Dugeon Door to get Bow And Arrow

Additional details - 6 years ago

I Cannot use the Command melody i dont know what to do

Additional details - 6 years ago

I Am in the second floor were two skulls are there is a grappling spot in the top the left side of the room is a locked door the entrance has those statues with holes in there face and the other side there is a bright circle thats shining that opens the door but you have to stand on it if you get off it will close i used the command melody but it wont work i dont know what im doing

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From: CryBaby51 6 years ago

Go into the room beside the "bright circle thats shining" and collect the statue from in that room. When you exit, place the statue on the bright circle. It will hold the door on the other platform open for you.

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You get it in the tower of the gods.

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when you go for the first satue in the tower of the gods bring it back to its resting place (center room) a statue will appear in the very center and go up to it and take out the waker and it will teach you the command melody. Then go to the glowing door and grapple over the gap but look out for the bubbles (skulls). Then in the next room grapple across the gap again, and call the statue, then go stand on the ring switch thing, play the command melody and guide the statue across the bridge. Then return to yourself and grapple back across. Then go through the door, then drop the statue on the ring switch thing then grapple over to the newly opened door and kill the darknut in the room by using the perry attack (press a when the enemy attacks) to cut his armor off or headgear off, after defeating him, open the chest that appears to get the Hero's Bow. Hope this helped

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