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Triforce Chart on Private Oasis?

How do you get it? I'm completely stuck. I've tried the grappling hook looking in the sea...i can't find it anywhere. So how do you get this one?

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Lonesilver answered:

You have to collect 20 Joy Pendants (Those things that you get from Bokoblins i think) and go to Windfall and Go to Ms. Maries School, and complete her mini quest( just play hide and seek with the kids)(but you have to talk to her first in order to initiate the quest) after they are all found, go back and hand over the rest of the Pendants, and she will give you the Title Deed, Go to Private Oasis, and show the deed to the door.........once you are inside, use the grappling hook on the thing in the middle of the room, and the fire will be put out, fall in the hole that appears and walk around the maze until you find the crest, and continue from there.......hope this helps...
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