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Where can I find iorn boots (or what ever helps me threw the wind temple)?

I dont know where to get them some one help please...Thanks!!!!!!

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DragonoidDelta answered:

Got o Ice Island and make the puzzle, you need to throw a fire arrow on the island (specificaly on the ice side) and run in the grottle before the time runs out, then complete the slides puzzles! you'll find the Iroon Boots!
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CryBaby51 answered:

There aren't any slide puzzles. You simply need to shoot a fire arrow across the ice stream to make it stop. Then find your way into the cave inside the island and find the chest with the Iron Boots inside. Once you open the chest, the timer stops.
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manga1721 answered:

Basically you do the following:

ThInK YoU aRe WoRtHy EnOuGh FoR F/i ArRoWs

ShOoT F. aRrOwS aT Ice IsLaNd

Be QuIcK aNd.....BaDdA bInG bAdDa BoOm..

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futureTrunks374 answered:

You go to ice ring isle in the southern sea west of forest haven when you get there shoot a fire arrow in the center and go on the island jump across the chunks of ice and go into the island then you have to get across the ice in three minutes and the iron boots will sit in a chest on a small platform then put them on and you can go through heavy wind if you look right there's a hole you can fight enemies in to get a hundred rupees then leave the island and go to the gale island put on the iron boots and you can walk through the wind get out your skull hammer and hit the stone that shoots out wind and you can go in the island aka wind temple p.s. you still have to do a another side quest if you need help just ask and I will answer it for you.
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WyvernLord17 answered:

After clearing Forsaken Fortress the second time and have gone through Hyrule with Zelda/Tetra, use the Ballad of Gales (obtained by shooting the guy inside one of the cyclones on the water) to fly to the Mother and Child Island (one square to the southeast of Forsaken Fortress if it isn't charted). On this isle, you will get the fire and ice arrows. Now go to Ice Ring Isle (one square west of Forest Haven). Shoot the isle with a fire arrow. Get inside and to the chest before time is up and you will obtain the Iron Boots.
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