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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get on Mother island??

i dont know how to get on Mother Island to get the stuff to get on Fire Mountain and Ice Ring!?!?!

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From: ---Nintendo--- 5 years ago

First, you will need the Ballad of Gales, which you get by hitting Cyclos with your arrows (you can find him at Mother & Child Isles, Northern Triangle Isle and Shark Island), once you get it, play the song and warp to Mother & Child Isles, there you'll find the Fire and Ice Arrows.

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You can't get the Fire and Ice arrows until after you complete the Tower of the Gods and meet Zelda.

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You know those Cyclones in the sea that you get sucked into and once you reach the center you get warped to a random place? Well, purposely get trapped into one, and pull out your bow and aim for the center of the Cyclone. There should be a person in it. Shoot him with about 3 arrows. Once you do that he will give you the Ballad of Gales. Use that and warp to Mother & Child Isles. Once there, you will find fire and ice arrows.

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You have to get sucked in to a cyclone and then shoot him with three arrows and he'll teach you the ballad of gales. Once you have that, you have to warp to mother & child island then you will be in the mother island.

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