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Like Ocarina of Time, but with all the bad parts magnified tenfold.Phediuk3/10
Trust me, there's a REALLY good reason this is my second favorite Zelda gameStinger3138310/10
An Enjoyable Game Overall, but it Makes Some Mistakes.AegisKnight20008/10
The Legend Lives OnAmerican Arsenal9/10
This game really blew me awayamericanimafan9/10
Don't slam the "Celda"andymancan110/10
The first truly epic game on the GamecubeAniHawk10/10
I Love You Nintendo.Aquamentus10/10
Do you like sailing? No, no. I mean, do you REALLY like sailing?Archmonk Iga9/10
Link has become A cartoon..... The next "cel-shaded" scenario.banjo kazooie 849/10
An Ambitious Action Adventure Gamebbears5/10
An incredible experience, but then there was that huge blue thing…bearsman67/10
Incredible game, You must play this.Black Omnimon10/10
Here's a review for ya.. But it'll cost you 300 rupees for me to decipher it first!Black_Crusher7/10
Bloody's Zelda Windwaker Review:Blood_Nights9/10
Drowning in Monotonybluej337/10
New Zelda sadly lackingbra1n1ac3/10
Haven’t I played this game before? hmmm…. yeah!, like five times!Braben7/10
Best game ever, seriouslyChaosStalker8710/10
Waker up. Smell the roses.clarkisdark9/10
There is a whole new world in this 8cm disk!ConCeal1210/10
The Gaming World Has Been Awakened To True Gaming Perfectioncooldude34510/10
Stunningly disappointing gameplayCrack Addict4/10
Despite the changes, the Wind Waker is good, classic Zelda fun.DarthMarth10/10
I don't like to give out too many tens, so listen up!dirtycup II10/10
I'm just sittin' on the dock by the bay...discoinferno848/10
As Rod Stewart would say it - "I am sailing, I am sailing."Donald Love 878/10
As the Winds Blow.....EJRICH8/10
Not awful, but a huge disappointment. Flawed where it needn't have been.El Pinguino7/10
Windwaker, One of The Epics in the Zelda SeriesElementalSwords9/10
The Legend of Zelda's unique tradition of excellence continues on the Gamecubeemister9/10
An old favorite rises again.Ephemeriis8/10
You are the weakest Link... Goodbye!falsehead5/10
Yeah, Sure, it's a Good Game and all, but Where are the Chickens?!!Fidika10/10
Impact + Everlasting = Wind WakerGalactus2110/10
I am not Link, but I know him.Genjuro Kibagami10/10
The Gamecube has a new best game!!Girospeck9/10
You haven't had a bad day until you've died for the 11th time. Then you're Link.GoldenMagikarp9/10
Best GameCube game? I don't think so.GreenShyguy046/10
Click Here To See a Wind Waker Review!HatesTheInternet8/10
Sink or Swim?Hawk Eye8/10
Tell your boss you’re sick. Take a vacation. Once you get your hands on Link's latest adventure, you’ll understand why this is get my first 10/10.HeavensSecret10/10
A little less substance and too much ocean...honestgamer8/10
The ignored artist of the Zelda seriesice beam9/10
A fair windInternet Nomad10/10
A True Masterpiece!!!!jeffjsm710/10
Sometimes what you get is better than what you wanted.Jerec9/10
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Join the Hero of Winds on his quest to take down Ganondorf...JoeCoolc3 III8/10
Every game has a story. Only one is a legend.KeyBlade99910/10
A classic ZeldaKhmai_Knight889/10
Repetition and lack of difficulty hold 'Wind Waker' back from being one of the Zelda greatsKimari8/10
A Legend to Remember.LedZeppelin79/10
Worthy of the title zeldaLink1659/10
Not a Very Good Game At AllLordShibas3/10
Definative Proof that Videogames are ArtMalachiX10/10
Paradise LostMariner5/10
Ever played a living cartoon? If not, you're in for a treat.McGray8/10
The Reason to Own a GamecubeMech Master10/10
My 40th review is on a cute little Zelda cartoon.Megaman198110/10
Ew, you got your cartoons in my Zelda! No, wait...MSuskie9/10
I'm sailing away...set an open course for the virgin sea.nastynate31188/10
Easy as pie and almost as funNeoBumCleaver8/10
The Hero of the WindsNeoTS10/10
The super hype machine does it again...nephalim7/10
Back off all you "New Zelda" haters!! A new Zelda legacy has been born!!OmnimagnumusPiroious10/10
A disappointing effort from Nintendo.Osafune25/10
One of the best LoZ games or it is the best!!!!palkiavsdialga210/10
Ocarina of what? Majora's who?pesky_kid9/10
Nintendo took a risk... and it paid off.RageBot8/10
A superb game filled with adventure and mystery.Robbobloke9/10
Not great, but I bought it...RyokoTK4/10
I expected a three-course meal and got the whole banquet.ShadowGeenhx10/10
Another great Zelda game? Well, imagine that!ShadowGuardian99/10
What am I watching? This is an awesome cartoon! Oh wait…shiek999/10
Refreshing and energetic, good for all ages.SkySpiri8/10
Smooth Sailing (Almost)Suprak the Stud8/10
Proof that graphics don't make the gameTheCursedHammer9/10
A Legend is born.TheLastAvatar0510/10
Too. Much. Water.Togras5/10
Link's Nan: What a legend!Tom Clark9/10
Zelda’s GCN debut is nothing short of spectacular, despite being too easy (Import)Tsunami200310/10
One of the Best Games in the Entire SeriesTwilitLeviathan9/10
Disappointing, but still quite funUberGrasshopper6/10
Dude, where's Ma-kar?Vegito57 [AKA: Vortrex]9/10
What Hasn't Already Been Said ?ViperVisor10/10
"Tommy, no video games in the morning! Oh, those are cartoons? Never mind."WaterMario22210/10
A great game, though a more relaxed Zelda Title.Wishdamume8/10
Zelda goes cel-shaded in one of the Game Cube’s best titlesWolfvie10/10
Read this if you don't want to miss outwolf_canine12310/10
One Of The Best Games...... Everxbxfan9/10
The legend retold again...ZFS9/10
Almost 10 years old and this game still looks amazing!Zylo the wolf9/10

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A MasterpieceAbelian10/10
Cartoons Can Be PLAYED?!Ashley Winchester10/10
A disappointment to the Zelda series.bambi3007/10
Great Game for the Nintendo Gamecube, too bad many were turned away due to the cel-shaded graphics, lol their loss.BenhTheMan8/10
Link is successful once again!BenjG10/10
One of the best gamecube games, but how similar is it to Ocarina?CAHowell9/10
Truly A Zelda For All AgesChronoCactaur10/10
A Great Zelda GameDarkdoomsday9/10
One of my favorite games of all timeDarkMark4210/10
Oh, this was indeed a triumph!Doomion3310/10
The most controversial game ever made debuts triumphantly!Falion10/10
Nintendo, what have you done?gameaddict514/10
Zelda on it's cel-shaded PremiereGreduan10/10
Zelda takes a new cel-shaded approach that makes, quite possibly, the best looking Zelda game yet. And it plays well tooJ-man459/10
A game that follows Ocarina of Time quite well.kingdodongo19/10
It's a pig-flingin' boar-bashin' drivin' machine!Mars9/10
Sweeps your right off your feetMegaMario399/10
A MasterpieceMerhimek10/10
The Wind Waker- Different from any otherMrHero10/10
Here's the new heroNaked Snake10/10
Oh my god, this game is fabulous.pafbonk10/10
An Experience I Will Never Forgetpueojit110/10
The Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker, not Perfect, Put Great to PlayQloob119/10
Post-Twilight Princess Review. You'll still be coming back to this one long after you're bored with its successor.The_Presence10/10
The reason I got a GameCube!USSJ Gohan10/10
A work of art , nintendo has blessed us all!windyoshi10/10
Bringing Zelda backwolverinefan8/10
Sail the Sea! Live..the Adventure! Arrgh!wonno9/10
Different, but goodwtfdudelol9/10
"It seems that Ganon has returned. There can be no other explanation."zack1257/10
Quite simple the best game ever made!Zidane Trebal10/10
The greatest game ever made, and here's why..._Goggalor_10/10

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