WWE Wrestlemania X8
Christian Move List FAQ
System: Nintendo Gamecube  
Version: Final
By: thegame85

Table of Contents

I. 	Introduction
II. 	Version History
III. 	Christian's Biography
IV. 	Move List
IV. 	Contact
VI. 	Legal
VII. 	Special Thanks To

I. Introduction-
This FAQ will give you a little background information as well as the 
complete move list for WWE Superstar Christian.

II. Version History-
Version-Final- 6/27/02- FAQ written, biography finished. If you find any 
incorrect information, please see the Contact section of this FAQ, email
me, and I'll change it.

III. Christian's Biography-
Real Name- Jay Reso
Height- 5'10"
Weight- 215 lbs  
From- Toronto, Ontario, Canada(Resides in Tampa Florida)
Carrer Highlights- Intercontinental Champion; Tag Team Champion (7); 
Light Heavyweight Champion; European Champion

Christian is the epitome of character development in WWE. As a member of the 
cult-like faction, The Brood, Christian captured the Light Heavyweight 
Championship from Taka Michinoku in his debut match on October 18, 1998. 

After he and his brother, fellow Superstar Edge, broke away from The Brood, 
the duo went on to become of the most successful tag teams in World Wrestling 
history. Edge and Christian won the Tag Team Championship seven times, each 
time displaying their high-flying, risky manuevers that made them fan 

However, after Edge won the King of the Ring Tournament in June 2001, it was 
obvious to everyone that Christian had become a bitter, jealous man. His 
jealousy finally turned him against his brother, and the two had their share of 
epic singles matchups.

Since their breakup, however, Christian hasn't found the same success that he had 
with Edge. In fact, Christian went on an incredible losing streak that resulted in 
him wanting to quit the WWE. However, DDP stepped in to cheer him up in the weeks 
leading up to WrestleMania X8. But as soon as he won again, Christian disposed of 
his positive friend as fast as he could.

IV. Move List


   Weak 1                 Punch-R                	Tap B     
   Weak 2                 Toe Kick	              	Tap B+Analog stick
   Combo 2nd              Toe Kick                  	Tap B,B
   Combo 3rd		  None				Tap B,B,B
   Combo Finish           Dropkick to Knee		Tap B,B,B
   Strong 1               Dropkick to Knee       	Hold B
   Strong 2               Spinning Wheel Kick           Hold B+Analog stick

Grapple Front
   Front Grapple 1        Snapmare               	Tap A
   Front Grapple 2        Stomach Breaker               Tap A + Up
   Front Grapple 3        Manhatten Drop          	Tap A + Down
   Front Grapple 4        Rib Breaker		       	Tap A + Left
   Front Grapple 5        Arm Drag		 	Tap A + Right
   Rope Down Grapple      Rope Guillotine           	Tap A

Grapple Rear
   Rear Grapple 1         Sleeper Hold            	Tap A
   Rear Grapple 2         Backslide Pin		        Tap A + Up
   Rear Grapple 3         Falling Reverse DDT           Tap A + Down
   Rear Grapple 4         Backhead Crush		Tap A + Left
   Rear Grapple 5         Pendulum Back Breaker        	Tap A + Right


   Attack 1 Facing up     Stomp 01              	Tap B      
   Attack 2 Facing down   Toe Kick                 	Tap B
   Running 1 Facing up    Guillotine Leg Drop 02        Tap B while running
   Running 2 Facing down  Guillotine Leg Drop 02        Tap B while running

Head Submissions
   Facing Up              Chin Lock	             	Tap A
   Facing Down            Headlock 01             	Tap A

Side Submissions
   Facing Up              Ground Punches	        Tap A
   Facing Down            Arm Wrench w/ Toe Kick        Tap A

Leg Submissions
   Facing Up              Boston Crab 01           	Tap A
   Facing Down            Knee Breaker		        Tap A


   Running Attack 1       Back Elbow Strike           	Tap B while running
   Running Attack 2       Diving Shoulder Block         Tap B+Analog stick
                                                   	while running

Grapple Front
   Running Front Grapple  Swinging Neck Breaker         Tap A while running 

Grapple Rear
   Running Rear Grapple   School Boy                 	Tap A while running


   Attack to Outside	  Vaulting Body Press		Tap B
   Springboard Attack     None				Tap B
   Turnbuckle 1           Missile Dropkick        	Tap B
   Turnbuckle 2           Diving Elbow Drop        	Tap B + Analog Stick

Running Attack
   Diving Attack 	  Baseball Slide		Tap B while running
   to Outside 1                   			towards ropes

   Diving Attack	  Suicide Dive			Tap B while running
   to Outside 2                                         towards ropes

				Irish Whip

   Attack 1               Missile Dropkick          	Tap B
   Attack 2               Spinning Wheel Kick	        Tap B + Analog Stick

   Grapple 1              Sleeper Hold                	Tap A
   Grapple 2              Powerslam                	Tap A + Analog Stick


   Upper Attack           Elbow Strike-R	        Tap B
   Lower Attack           Stomp 01               	Tap B

   Upper Attack           Missile Dropkick        	Tap B while running
   Lower Attack           Gun Packet			Tap B while running

Front Grapple
   Front Grapple 1        10 Punches	           	Tap A
   Front Grapple 2        Super Hurricanrana		Tap A + Analog Stick
   Low Grapple            Face Trample		  	Tap A
   Opponent on Turnbuckle Throw                  	Tap A

Rear Grapple
   Rear Grapple 1         Shoulder Thrusts         	Tap A
   Rear Grapple 2         Super Back Drop 01       	Tap A + Analog Stick
   Opponent on Turnbuckle Drop to Outside          	Tap A


   Apron to Outside       Double Axe Handle        	Tap B + Analog Stick

   Grapple To Apron       Suplex	        	Tap A
   Grapple From Apron     Sunset Flip		        Tap A


   Standing Attack        Stomp 01                  	Tap B
   Running Attack         Stomp 01		        Tap B while running

				Double Team

   Front                  Double Suplex          	Tap A w/Partner near
   Rear                   Double Team Knee Breaker  	Tap A w/Partner near
   Sandwich               Double Power Bomb     	Tap A w/Partner near

   Irish Whip             Double Team Scissor Sweep   	Tap A when partner
                                                   	is near

Back Grapple		  Unprettier            	Tap A + B


   1                      Come on! 02	                D-Pad up
   2                      Come on! 02	                D-pad down
   3                      Victory!	               	D-pad left
   4                      Victory!               	D-pad right
   Apron                  Clapping Hands             	D-pad any direction
   Celebration            Christian Rhapsody	        Win the Match!

V. Contact-
If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions related to this FAQ, 
feel free to email me at jtp1260@hotmail.com. I also have AOL Instant
Messenger, my AIM name is JTPHHH.

VI. Legal-
This document is Copyright (c)2002 thegame85. This FAQ was written
exclusively for use and viewing on www.gamefaqs.com. If you find my FAQ on
any other site please email me.

VII. Special Thanks To-
* CJayC for creating such a wonderful website, Gamefaqs.com.
* The WWE wrestlers who work hard every week to entertain me.
* THQ, Jakks Pacific, and Yukes for making this game possible.
* www.wwe.com for portions of the biography