FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

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          R  O  G  U  E    S  Q  U  A  D  R  O  N    I I

|        A FAQ/Walkthrough for ROGUE SQUADRON II (GameCube)          |
|                Version 2.0 updated as of 11/30/01                  |
|                   Written by marshmallow                           |

       After some thoughtful considerations I've decided to stop 
including my e-mail in my walkthroughs. I mean, the mass spam from 
companies is a good enough reason, but then there's all the people that 
ask really stupid questions that they could find if they took 10 seconds 
to look through the guide (that's the entire reason I wrote this, hyuk). 
And even for fair questions, I just don't have the time or patience to 
look through them all and answer on an individual basis. If you can't 
find an answer there's always bajillions of message boards and if worse 
comes to worse you might have to actually play the game (oh no!!).

In regard to my style of writing, I intend to keep it more or less the 
same, except I'm going to try to keep out superfluous crap just to make 
my walkthrough larger, I've found that often times the largest guide for 
a game is usually either muddled in useless information (watch this one 
be the largest lol) or is the largest because they copy and paste the 
same walkthrough several times with minor additions, especially for 
games with lots of difficulty levels. Instead I intend to just write a 
good guide, and if anyone passes it over for a larger one then that's 
their problem. With that out of the way I hope you enjoy the guide and 
have lots of fun with Rogue Leader (I sure am)!


  0.   T  A  B  L  E     O  F     C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S 


0.   Table of Contents
1.   Revision / Updates
2.   Basics
	.  Display icons
	.  Controls
	.  Tips
3.   Rogue Walkthrough

	Standard Missions:
	.  Tatooine Training
	.  Battle of Yavin
	.  Ison Corridor Ambush
	.  Battle of Hoth
	.  Prisons of the Maw 
	.  Razor Rendezvous
	.  Vengeance on Kothlis
	.  Imperial Academy Heist
	.  Raid on Bespin
	.  Battle of Endor
	.  Strike at the Core

	Bonus Missions:
	.  Death Star Escape
	.  The Asteroid Field
	.  Triumph of the Empire
	.  Revenge on Yavin
	.  Endurance

4.   Gold Medal Strategy
      .  All the levels
5.   Extras & Bonus
	.  Technology Upgrades
	.  Medals, Ships & Other
      .  Passwords

6.   Rebel Ships

7.   Imperial Opposition
       .  Multi dimensional
       .  Terrestrial vehicles
       .  Space based

8.   Credits
9.   Legal 


  1.   R  E  V  I  S  I  O  N   /   U  P  D  A  T  E  S 


Version 2.0 (Friday, November 30th, 2001):

I would have updated sooner with the gold walkthroughs but I had tons of 
schoolwork to do early in the week. Gold medals are kind of funny, I 
spent like two hours trying to get my first one but once I got rolling I 
got them all in like three days and I didn't even play it that often. 
Well, except Endurance, I'm not going to have the time or patience to 
beat that level for awhile (I got as far as a Bronze on wave 33 my first 

With this update I added all the gold walkthroughs save for Endurance, I 
added all the secret ships, passwords, Tatooine training, the final 
bonus missions, and medal rewards known at this time, I also fixed some 
spacing issues, spelling mistakes, and other little bugs that are always 
in the first version of a FAQ, etc. Enjoy.

Version 1.0 (Sunday, November 24th, 2001):

I consider this the "full" version in the sense that I have all the 
craft and main levels. All that bonus stuff is just...bonus...heh. At 
this point in time I do NOT have a memory card (All the stores are sold 
out, I swear, Walmart, Meijers, Target, EB, everywhere they sell Cubes) 
so it's kinda hard to get golds or any medals for that matter. I've had 
the game for only three days at this point, and I wrote the majority of 
it yesterday, so technically two days. I think I've accomplished quite 
awhile when it's all considered. As for gold medals and the like...this 
is gonna be a nightmare! Factor 5 must like to see people suffer lol. 
The golds are about 500x harder than in Rogue Squadron...may the force 
be with us =/


  2.   B  A  S  I  C  S 


                       D I S P L A Y   I C O N S


In the upper right hand corner of your screen is the radar, which works 
a lot like the PC Star Wars Series. You are the green square in the 
middle, friendly craft are green dots, and enemy craft are the red dots. 
Sometimes there will be blue dots, these are places you can change your 
ship. Each level is very, very large, so it's easy to get lost. Well, 
see the large pie shape that is flashing orange? Fly to it (get it in 
the 12 'o clock position...that is, at the very top of the radar) and it 
will get larger, then disappear when you're over it...This is where you 
must complete your objectives! 


In the lower left hand of your screen is a small icon of your ship, this 
is your damage indicator. If your vehicle is in perfect condition it 
will be green. As you get hit, it will turn to yellow, then orange, red, 
then when you're about to be killed, flashing red. Note that with a 
certain tech upgrade you can have an extra level of health -- blue, then 
when you get hit enough it turns to green, etc.


You start each mission with three ships. Die and you will be returned 
'near' where you were destroyed. If you lose all of your ships you get a 
game over and go back to the level select screen.

                           F L Y I N G   T I P S

. Use the Brake and Rocket Buttons to catch up or get behind your 
opponents. For example, say someone is shooting at you from behind. 
Simply hit the brakes and all the sudden they're in front of you! Too 
far away to hit? Slam on the Rocket Button and get there within seconds! 

. If you're having trouble defending your craft this if for you...Don't 
go for TIE Fighters or Interceptors! Focus on the Bombers; these are 
what are blowing up everything! 

. The most effective way to turn around is by holding L+R and turning in 
the direction you want. Although this decreases your speed and opens you 
up to enemy fire, it allows you to make very tight turns, and almost 
180's without losing your orientation. But doing this in front of, say, 
a Star Destroyer probably isn't the best idea. 

. Use your brake to follow your opponents, this way they'll never be out 
of your sight.

. When you're trying to grapple a AT-AT Walker with the Snow Speeder, 
get directly in front of it, hit the Tow Cable, then use the R button to 
make tight turns around the legs while only mildly tapping the analog 
stick in the direction of the AT-AT.

. When in doubt, look at your radar for the triangle. If you're still 
confused, listen to your wingmates. 

. In the options menu, consider turning off auto level, auto roll, and 
enemy camera. This makes dogfighting much, much easier IMO.

. The most important upgrades to get are advanced shields, advanced 
proton torpedoes, and advanced lasers. Everything else is useful, but 
these three upgrades will allow you to power through some of the more 
difficult levels PLUS the levels they're in are relatively easy to 


  3.   R  O  G  U  E    W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H


I really had to think about how I was going to do this section, but I 
eventually just decided to do it as I did the original (except not as 
crappy). I will write out a guide for the normal level, and then at the 
end I will list the GOLD MEDAL requirements and several tips and 
strategies on achieving the goals. I figure that anyone crazy enough to 
get to ACE MODE is crazy enough to finish it on their own, and I believe 
at this point it's more skill than strategy anyway. 

            ___  ____  __   _  _  ___   __   ___   ___  
           / __)(_  _)(  ) ( \( )(   \ (  ) (  ,) (   \ 
           \__ \  )(  /__\  )  (  ) ) )/__\  )  \  ) ) )
           (___/ (__)(_)(_)(_)\_)(___/(_)(_)(_)\_)(___/ 
              _   _   __  ___  ___  __  __  _  _  ___
             (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  )/  \( \( )/ __)
              )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )(( () ))  ( \__ \

               T R A I N I N G   A T   T A T O O I N E

Default craft: T-16 Skyhopper

Checklist of things to do:

1. Complete all the red insignias. ALL of them, even the seemingly 
   meaningless training ones that teach such inane things as braking, 
   acceleration, how to use bombs, etc. This also includes both races. 
   One race is vs. two others to Tosche station. You must do this twice, 
   the second time being slightly harder...just use your boost everytime 
   it fills up (look in the lower right hand corner). The other is vs. 
   Wedge and is in Beggar's canyon. To complete this race you must beat 
   him using both paths (track 1 & track 2). This is also fairly easy. 
   You know when an insignia is complete when it turns green.

2. Kill 60 womprats in 30 seconds. This sort of goes with number one 
   above, but eh, whatever. The trick is to just hold down the laser 
   button and swing your cursor all over the place and watch the counter 
   go up insanely fast. Do this first thing, this way if you mess up you 
   can restart immediately. Bombs seem ineffective, so don't bother.

3. Find ALL discovery items, which include banthas, dewbacks, a crashed 
   TIE, sandcrawlers, and some miscellaneous buildings such as Jabba the 
   Hutt's palace. This is easy to do, it just takes a long time to do. 
   Follow the orange wedge on the radar and you're good to go.

4. Find two bonus items. Each time zone (dusk, noon, twilight, and 
   night) has two bonus items to discover. One of them is ALWAYS, ALWAYS 
   the dragon bones near one of the bantha herds. It's a huge pile of 
   dark structures and it's right next to them so it's pretty hard to 
   miss. The second bonus item differs depending on the zone:

     - Two times it will be C3P0. Find him by blowing up Jabba's palace,
       he will be on the ground. That whacky gold robot him.

     - One time it will be R2D2. Find him by blowing up one of the 
       Sandcrawlers (you have to use linked lasers to destroy the 
       mechanized monster. To do this, wait until the bar at the bottom
       right is filled up around the number showing your 
       torpedoes/bombs). Beep-bop-bee-bop!

     - This last bonus is tricky to find. It is a crashed escape pod 
       buried in the sand near the Tosche station. The easiest way to 
       find it is to complete the first race with Biggs & Wedge and then
       brake while looking around the station. It is buried nearby.

To earn the N-1 Naboo Starfighter -- an awesome ship to be sure -- you 
must complete all of the above in each time zone. 

Use these times:

7:00:00  --> 7 AM

12:00:00 --> 12 noon

17:00:00 --> 5 PM

23:00:00 --> 11 PM

Hold down the A button when the GameCube is turning on and you can 
change the time. 

                   D E A T H   S T A R    A T T A C K

Default Craft: X-Wing

Primary Objectives:
1.   Destroy ALL deflection towers
2.   Destroy ALL TIE Fighters
3.   Shoot Proton Torpedoes into the Exhaust Port

   This level is pretty easy, being the first one and all. In the first 
part of the mission tell your wingmates to go after the guns while you 
focus on killing the deflection towers (the large phallic shaped towers 
littered around the surface of the Death Star). Since the thousands of 
surface turrets are busy shooting into empty space, this is insanely 
easy. You can use torpedoes to make it go faster, but if you use them 
all the mission fails because you can't complete objective 3 (which is 
really dumb on say, your first life). On the plus side you get to view a 
cool explosion movie that's different than the victory movie.

After the deflection towers are down (my penis is down =/) a bunch of 
pansy TIEs will come out and fly in circles while you shoot them down 
pathetically. According to the documentary, they don't even have any 
combat AI so if you die to these guys then I would shut the game off and 
go play checkers or something. 

The best part of the level is coming up, the (in?)famous death star 
trench run! This is actually fairly challenging because of all the 
turrets and the pure speed, just don't close your S-foils too much or 
you'll become a pretty black pile of debris on the shiny Death Star. And 
if you're wondering what happens if you peak above the trench...instant 
death. I guess the turret gunners got their coffee finally. 

About midway some TIEs will get behind you, when this happens close your 
s-foils (there are no more barriers, conveniently) and then break 
immediately, they will rush ahead and you can shoot them down. After 
another round of this Darth Vader and his invincible TIE Advanced will 
start taking pot shots at your poor Rebel ass, the only way to get out 
of this is to slam on the gas and boost ahead. Just like in the movie, 
the millennium falcon will come and save you. Then the "climax" drums 
start and you're told to "finish it off." OOOOH I LIKE PRETTY 
EXPLOSIONS! Turn on the targeting computer and you'll see the exhaust 
port, which is really just the floor instead of a hole =( I wonder 
what's up with that? Well, tap the b-button like mad and the mission 
will end.

                 I S O N   C O R R I D O R   A M B U S H

Default craft: X-Wing
Also featuring: A-Wing

Primary Objectives:
1.   Defend the transports against Imperial forces
2.   The frigate Redemption MUST survive

This mission is actually much simpler than the first because all you 
have to do is shoot down TIEs. Their intelligence has increased 
slightly, but they're more interested in shooting down your convoy 
crafts then shooting at you. About 1/2 of the way through you get a 
chance to control an A-Wing by docking with the Redemption. It's pretty 
useful mainly because it allows you to keep up with the interceptors 
that appear later and its insane top speed allows you to get away from 
the action, turn around, and pick off those pesky ties that seem so hard 
to see. At the final part of the level mass interceptors come and they 
can kill you if you're not careful...there's also a thick haze that is 
difficult to see through: perfect time to use your sexy targeting 

And that's it, surprisingly.

                      B A T T L E   O F   H O T H

Default craft: Snowspeeder
Also featuring: X-Wing

Primary Objectives:
1.   Defend Outpost BETA and the Ion Cannon
2.   Slow the advancing Imperial walkers
3.   Defend the fleeing Rebel transports

Running away with your tail between your legs isn't always a bad idea, 
especially if you get away with all your cool junk. That's exactly what 
the Rebellion is doing as the Empire completely slaughters them on the 
ground and flexes its technical muscles with a huge congo line of the 
much feared AT-ATs and also mass infantry and AT-STs for support and 
anti air. 

As the level starts a modest force of AT-STs is threatening to take down 
the laser trenches defending the massive ion cannon - order your wingmen 
to take these down while you break and shoot their big square heads 
(which make very convenient targets). Just watch out, when they start 
shooting back you can take some nasty damage and maybe even die. 

When all the AT-STs threatening the ion cannon are nothing but scrap 
then the mission objectives change, and you must follow the new radar 
directions. This brings you to the front line where the first AT-AT 
siege walkers start absolutely massacring the puny (yet impressive) wall 
of lasers and trenches the Rebels have set up. Although there's easily 
10+ AT-ATs in the level you only have to rope in about 3 of them to 
delay the push enough to finish the level. If you want to go ahead and 
kill the ones in the back you can, but be careful because the AT-STs can 
kill you pretty easily since you won't be able to dodge in the middle of 

As for the exquisite art of roping and hog tying them 'der AT-ATs it's 
more of an art than a science. If you're a veteran of Rogue Squadron for 
the N64 then this should come fairly quickly to you, all you have to 
adjust to is the fact you have to brake before deploying the hook with 
the b button. When the hook is connected to the AT-AT release the brake, 
press down R until it clicks for maximum speed and then tap the analog 
stick (not shoving it all the way, just slightly poking it) in the 
direction of the AT-AT. WATCH THE CORNERS! That's where it's easiest to 
crash and burn right into the legs. So you may want to ease up, you can 
go pretty far away from the AT-AT while still being connected. After 
about four or five laps you will disconnect and the AT-AT will fall flat 
on its face, or a variation of it falling on its side somehow (it looks 
retarded and makes no sense but I guess it's better than having the same 
one over and over). This is something that comes with practice, 
eventually you'll be able to take down AT-ATs without barely being 
conscious of it.

After the short scene showing an AT-AT blowing away the shield 
generators everyone in the trenches will run to the convoys so you might 
as well follow the radar to the middle of a huge snow field where you 
see a nice shiny blue rebel sign that allows you to change into the X-
Wing. No sooner than you can say "TIEs?" about 15 bombers and some 
supporting regular TIEs come in and start shooting crap up. Obviously 
tell your wingmen to run after them, I would mainly focus on the bombers 
before the regular TIEs because the bombers have this knack for making 
explosions that turn your pretty convoy craft into dust. After this 
everyone leaves and the poor AT-AT pilots have no one to play checkers 
with. =(

                        P R I S O N S   O F   M A W 

Default Craft: Y-Wing

Primary Objectives:
1.   Disable 3 shield projectors
2.   Destroy all objectives marked by prisoners
3.   Escort the train to the platform
4.   Escort the Imperial loader out

So many people had problems with this mission yet it completely alludes 
me! I don't understand why because it's fairly straightforward and all 
you need to do is a little micromanagement with your wingmates.

The first part is in a huge asteroid field, where for several seconds 
you just move forward. Ho-hum. Then about 30 interceptors descend onto 
your position and all hell breaks loose because these guys will get 
behind you and since you're in a slowass Y-wing you can't do anything 
about it except jink your craft to the left and right to avoid the 
lasers as best you can. On the plus side the thick Y-wing hull can take 
some serious abuse!

Now, when a big mob of TIEs get on your poor rebel ass your wingmen 
should still be in formation around you. Tell them to attack the TIEs 
and all the dumb interceptors will fly after them while you continue the 
path to the shield wall that protects the prison from invasion. The 
perimeter of the shield is surrounded by hundreds of nasty floating 
turrets, so stay towards the middle. Hold down the B button to charge 
the ion cannon and when the aiming target turns blue aim at one of the 
shield generators (blinking top thingies with electricity) and let it 
go. The ion cannon has a fairly poor range, so you may need to get 
close. You have to destroy a minimum of three to get out of this hellish 
nightmare with mass interceptors so quickly disable two more. Just 
realize you need to turn around for another run or you'll slam into the 
forcefield (it seems to turn off around the area of a disabled 
generator, but it's still there and can kill you. Invisible death isn't 

In this new ground war you will blow up turrets, some turrets, and hey, 
maybe more rapid-fire turrets that go 'bling bling bling bling' really 
fast. Just tap B to bring up the purple aiming reticle and change the 
camera angle so you're looking at the ground, get near a tower, put the 
target on or near the turret (10-15 feet away works as well) and drop 
the bomb. The only thing you have to worry about is getting too close 
and getting wasted by mass lasers or by getting shot down by the 
interceptors that patrol around. As you destroy one set of turrets you 
will go onto the next, and you should just be happy your bombs 
regenerate automatically every two-three seconds. When traveling from 
one target location to another tell your wingmen to form up, this way 
they will follow you and not lag behind. When you get to the new 
location tell them to attack the ties and most of the annoying 
interceptors will stay off your back while you bomb the towers and 
communication satellites into pretty piles of dust and debris. 
Amazingly, the Y-Wing wingmen do fairly well against the interceptors 
and end up killing a majority of them for you. By the time you reach the 
shuttle with the prisoners that are escaping there will only be about 
six or seven TIEs left, and since they're desperately trying to shoot 
down the shuttle you can gun them down yourself if need be. 

Regardless, the level is pretty much won even when the man prisoner 
screams, "We need help over here!" And am I the only one who thinks he 
sounds EXACTLY, I mean right down to every inflection, exactly like 
Arthur from the animated Tick? It's either a tribute by one of the 
programmers or a very strange coincidence. Creepy...

                   R A Z O R   R E N D E Z V O U S 

Default craft: B-Wing

Primary Objectives:
1.   Protect the blockade runner
2.   Protect the frigate Redemption
3.   Destroy the Imperial shield generators
4.   Destroy the Imperial command deck

For this level -- and from now on in general -- I heavily recommend 
collecting the advanced torpedo, advanced shield, and advanced lasers. 
It will make your life so much easier! Look in the tech section for 
information on the locations of those items.

This level is really cool, mainly because of the music and the fact that 
it's your first encounter with a Imperial Star Destroyer and you have to 
take it down pretty much by yourself because the only thing that the 
Redemption will do is get shot to pieces. 

The easiest way to go about this task is to ignore the Redemption and to 
also ignore the hundreds of TIEs swarming everywhere. As soon as the 
level starts close your s-foils and turn to the left and go past the 
Redemption (watch out for the hyperpowerful heavy turbolasers -- the 
white/bluish lasers). Ascend and align yourself with the large balls on 
top of the ISD's bridge and when you get about halfway open your foils 
to slow down and tell your wingmen to kill the ties, this will let the 
redemption live long enough to complete the mission. Brake while firing 
torps and lasers at the first shield generator -- the big ball -- and it 
will explode very fast if you have advanced torpedoes and lasers. If 
not, it will take quite a period of time before, which is why I say you 
should get those two upgrades. If you're fast you can get the other 
generator as well without having to turn around, but if you miss you 
might die trying to turn around unless you come from behind the engines 
(less lasers back there). 

Once both balls are popped (sounds painful) close your foils and go to 
the back of the engines, then go underneath. Open your foils and brake 
once you spot the main reactor -- a large semicircle coming out of the 
bottom of the destroyer. There's about a billion lasers shooting now but 
with four quick taps of the torps and some laser fire it will blow 
assuming you have both upgrades.

Each generator + the reactor takes around four torps, and you have 12, 
so you should be out now. Your final goal is to assassinate the pilots, 
autopilot computers, and crew that steer the ship by destroying the 
command deck. After that, the ISD will crash into the planet and the 
mission is complete. For additional and detailed information on taking 
on a destroyer check out the destroyer section in the enemy section 
(imperial opposition).

One interesting note is that you can suicide into the command deck and 
it will end the mission instantly and not count it as a lost life, even 
if it's your last one.

                 V E N G E A N C E   O N   K O T H L I S

Default craft: X-Wing
Also featuring: Snowspeeder and Y-Wing

Primary Objectives:
1.   Protect the transport from the TIEs
2.   Defend the commandos as they recapture data
3.   Destroy ALL AT-ATs
4.   Bomb a hole in the destroyer for the commandos

This mission is a big gooey mixture of almost everything we've done so 
far: defend, attack, dogfighting, roping AT-ATs, bombing, dodging mass 
lasers, and use of ground forces. 

The first third or so is defending a transport craft as it flies over 
the sexy waters of Kothlis that makes me foam at the mouth. There will 
be your standard TIEs trying to take it down, you just have to watch out 
for interceptors. You can make your life a lot easier by closing your S-
foils in the beginning and looking to the left. In the distance is a 
pair of interceptors heading RIGHT FOR US NED SHOOT IT! Just watch out, 
they tend to be a little suicidal and can kill you if they manage to ram 
into you, especially head on. If you get into the situation where there 
are interceptors on your tail then use evasive maneuvers until they pass 
then turn hard (Hold L, then hold R as well for maximum ability to turn 
tightly) to keep them in your sights. Thankfully, the background is very 
bright and organic so it's easy to keep track of the TIEs, as opposed to 
say on the death star or razor.

As the wreckage of the once glorious destroyer comes into view (watch 
out, all of the turbolasers still work, so stay away) the transport will 
set down on a gorgeous beach. At this point several AT-ATs will begin to 
come through the deep water and set out to assault the beach, so you 
must change into a Snowspeeder (the symbol appears next to the landed 
ship). You may need to wait for a couple of seconds before the legs of 
the walker are less submerged so you can get the cable to connect. 
Obviously start with the one closest to the beach, the one in the 
shallow water, and work your way towards the ones farther out. The last 
two are rather nerve wracking because they're right next to the 
destroyer and lasers are blasting up sprays of water or bouncing off the 
AT-AT armor and making ricochet sounds, but you SHOULD make it through 

Now it would be prudent to change to the Y-Wing, so fly to the 
appropriate symbol and voila! Hordes of AT-PTs will begin to climb out 
of the water and begin decimating the commandos you're supposed to be 
protecting but one bomb can kill four or five AT-PTs at once so you can 
massacre masses of them very fast.

The other thing you have to keep an eye out are the stormtroopers 
setting up camp near the wrecked stern of the destroyer (the pointy part 
stuck into the beach). Some are manning tripod machine guns so you need 
to bomb them to oblivion and then check back and manually kill off the 
tripod stormtroopers (one or two of them always seem to live through the 
bomb runs). After several minutes of this the commandos will finally 
reach the destroyer...since there's no doorbell you're going to have to 
make yourself welcome by heavily bombing the depressed portions of the 
hull. If you're not sure where, use the targeting computer, they show up 
in bright yellow. After some nice explosions the level should be coming 
to a close once the commandos get their data. 

              I M P E R I A L   A C A D E M Y   H E I S T

Default craft: Day -- Y-Wing
               Night -- Snowspeeder
Also featuring: Shuttle

Primary Objectives:
1.   Disable/evade the Imperial sensors in the canyons   
2.   Steal an Imperial shuttle   
3.   Meet at rendezvous point

This level is so godawful stupid I don't even know how it got in the 
game...oh well...

Depending on if it's day or night (or whatever you program the 
Gamecube's internal clock to think it is) the mission will differ 
slightly. Daytime = Y-Wing, Night = Snowspeeder. I personally think it's 
easier at night because with the Y-Wing you have to carefully aim the 
ion cannon and it has such a poor range you usually miss even though the 
reticle was dead on target. Whereas with the speeder you just stay below 
the fog and you'll be fine.

Now this is the retarded part: you spent all that time avoiding 
satellite dishes only to turn the corner AND WAKE UP THE ENTIRE IMPERIAL 
BASE ON THE PLANET!! Oh well. Thankfully these guys are only cadets or 
otherwise you would die so fast. You will be followed by like 100 tie 
fighters and AT-ATs, but their aim is so poor it's laughable. Rush right 
to the shuttle symbol -- they say to kill turrets but I don't see why 
because it just wastes time and gives you an opportunity to die AND it's 
not a required objective...so anyway. The shuttle is big, fat, and makes 
the Y-Wing look graceful, yet by jinking left/right constantly about 90% 
of the lasers will miss you. Follow the orange wedge on the radar and 
once you get to the end the mission ends.

What a waste of space this level is! ARGH!

                    R A I D   O N   B E S P I N

Default craft: A-Wing
Also featuring: Cloud Car

Primary Objectives:
1.   Secure the tibanna gas platforms
2.   Destroy the city's power generators
3.   Defend the tibanna gas platforms from TIEs

The first section of this level takes place in an area that seems eerily 
familiar to the N64 version of Rogue Squadron...except this time you 
have to shoot down balloons and the interceptors can really screw you 
over, and it's your objective to save the gas instead of killing some of 
it. First things first: KILL THE BALLOONS! They are the biggest threat 
to the gas, and trigger how fast you get this part done. As for the 
actual killing of them, get below them and come straight up while 
shooting at the torches fueling the hot air. After four-five blasts it 
will erupt into a huge explosion and fall to the ground (if Bespin had a 
ground). Just be sure to not shoot the cords, because those will absorb 
your lasers. To move to the next platform, you'll need to kill an 
interceptor or two. Always tell your wingmen to go after the TIEs.

Everytime you come to a new platform kill all the balloons, ignore the 
TIEs. Your wingmen will kill a lot of them and by the time you get all 
the balloons you'll only have to hunt down one or two interceptors to 
make the radar wedge move on. 

When you finally get to the city immediately tell your wingmen to go 
after the TIES, then fly straight up into the air while following the 
wedge on the radar. When it widens look straight down and use the 
targeting computer to see the generator -- it's a big yellow box in one 
of the trenches. If you're high enough and in the right position you can 
shoot it with missiles and lasers without even having to enter the 
tunnel, which saves time and personally makes me less nervous being 2 
feet from the wall and floor. :) Repeat this for each generator until 
the objective is complete. Your last mission is to defend the gas 
platforms on the edge of the city -- before going there find one of the 
blue dots on the radar and you will be able to change into the awesome 
CLOUD CAR! It's as fast as an A-Wing, turns better, and is much 
stronger. Use this to track down the bombers and easily shoot down the 
interceptors -- just watch out for kamikazes, they always ruin the fun.

                     B A T T L E   O F   E N D O R

Default craft: X-Wing

Primary Objectives:

1.   The frigate Redemption MUST survive
2.   Destroy ALL TIE Bombers
3.   The Home One MUST survive
4.   Destroy both Imperial Class Star Destroyers

I love the dialogue and the music of this level SOOO much...anyway. 
About 50 TIEs and 20 interceptors will surge into the convoy and 
absolute chaos breaks out because there are so many TIEs it's absolutely 
insane and your chances of slamming into one and dying instantly are 
VERY high. The corellian corvettes and the Home One (big blue ship) will 
rape their own share of TIEs, but the supply ships and the Redemption 
are defenseless and you need to help them. After about three minutes 
another wave of 40+ TIEs will ascend onto your position, mixing in with 
the already surviving TIEs. After another two-three minutes another wave 
of 50+ TIEs join the mix, much to your happiness right? After another 
minute or so about 40 Bombers will rush in and begin to target the 
Redemption. Why is the Empire so eager to destroy a ship that does 
nothing? They must be jealous of its name. Well, when general Ackbar 
says "we must destroy the bombers" or something similar, close your s-
foils and fly towards the blockade of destroyers in the background. 
Using your computer, you will see the huge wall of bombers coming in. 
Fly along the side of them and as they pass brake hard and you will be 
directly behind them...from this position you can kill up to 10-15 in 
very short order because they are close together. After the first volley 
of proton torpedoes they will scatter off and you'll need to track them 
down -- once all the bombers are dead the mission will move to the 
second part, regardless of how many interceptors or regular TIEs there 
are left remaining. If you need help, use the computer, because the 
bombers are yellow in it.

The final part of the mission is a very, very adrenaline rushing 
experience if you've lost even only one life, even more if you only have 
one left, because you must face off against two Imperial Star Destroyers 
and each launches about 40 or 50 TIEs right at the start. The only thing 
going for you is that each shield generator and both reactors are much 
weaker than the ones you saw on Razor Rendezvous. For the shield 
generators on top, it is possible to kill them all on one pass using 
only lasers. I highly recommend having your remaining wingmen on your 
side to draw fire from the turrets. The reactors underneath only take 
one-two proton torpedoes and a few lasers to blow, but by now a TON of 
TIEs will be following you, so send your wingmen after them to distract 
them as much as possible. Now all you have to do is kill both command 
centers on the two decks...gulp. Advanced lasers always work for me, I 
always use the torpedoes on the reactors. If you're about to die, 
suicide your ship right into them and they should die. When both ISD's 
are disabled they will plummet straight down so pull up immediately to 
avoid getting smashed by the bridge that falls. Now all you have to do 
is avoid getting slaughtered by mass TIEs for another 30-40 seconds 
(hide behind the Home One) and the mission is over...whew.


                   S T R I K E   A T   T H E   C O R E 

Default craft: X-Wing

Primary Objectives: 
1.   Protect the Millennium Falcon
2.   Reach the power core entry
3.   Destroy the power core
4.   Escape with the Millennium Falcon

I loathe this level so much. Kamikaze TIEs >> me.

On the surface, the lasers are MUCH more accurate than the first Death 
Star and you will take significant damage. Close your S-foils and jink 
left and right hard to avoid as much as you can. When you're about to 
pass the falcon open your foils and allow it to pass, then the TIEs will 
come and you can blast them away. If you pass the falcon too much the 
TIEs will eat the falcon alive. When the wave of TIEs is dead, close 
your foils and try to avoid the lasers the best you can. After several 
waves the mouth of the hole will come on the horizon -- close foils and 
rush past the falcon to this entrance, ignoring any TIEs. As soon as you 
reach the hole you automatically enter the second part of the level, the 
dreaded, tight, claustrophobic tunnels. *shiver*

As soon as you have control, blast the TIEs in front of you and close 
foils to get as close to the falcon as possible. Whenever there's a 
straight away close your foils, you need to stay as close to the falcon 
as you can, this seems to reduce the chances of TIEs coming up to you 
and either a) killing you instantly on impact or b) bumping you and 
causing you to lose control and slam into a wall or beam or pipe or 
something else not so fun.

As soon as you see a TIE come shoot it immediately, if you allow it to 
follow the falcon through a bunch of bends and what not then it will get 
torn to shreds. If you have homing torpedoes it can help if you're 
desperate. Eventually you'll reach the core and the level becomes so 
much easier, mainly because there's no more TIEs. Use the targeting 
computer to see what part of the core you have to shoot, then do it. 
Escaping is actually fairly easy, you don't have to stay behind the 
falcon, just boost past it. Don't do anything stupid like slam into the 
side of a pipe and the GAME IS OVER!!! Er...or not.


                     ___   __  _  _  _  _  ___
                    (  ,) /  \( \( )( )( )/ __)
                     ) ,\( () ))  (  )()( \__ \
                    (___/ \__/(_)\_) \__/ (___/
                _    _  __  ___  ___  __  __  _  _  ___
               (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  )/  \( \( )/ __)
                )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )(( () ))  ( \__ \

                    D E A T H   S T A R   E S C A P E

Required to unlock: 20 points
Default Craft: Turret

Primary Objectives:
1.   Destroy all TIE Fighters

This is found above the Attack on the Death Star level and requires 20 
points to unlock. It's really easy...it's not even possible to die. Just 
shoot the TIEs wee! 

                  T H E  A S T E R O I D   F I E L D 

Required to unlock: 30 points (Above Battle of Hoth)
Default Craft: Millennium Falcon

Primary Objectives:
1.   Escape the TIE Fighters
2.   Secretly land on the Star Destroyer

Er, this level is really easy too. Turn Enemy Camera on in the options 
menu and everytime a TIE gets behind you use your laser to kill him -- 
the gun fires backwards as well as forwards. Simply follow the radar all 
the way to the destroyer and land inside the red rebel symbol near the 
engines and the mission will end.

             T R I U M P H   O F   T H E    E M P I R E

Required to unlock: 30 points (Above Strike at the Core)
Default Craft: TIE Advanced

Primary Objectives:
1.   Destroy all Rebels over the surface
2.   Destroy all Rebels before they fire their proton torpedoes

much easier it's not even funny. With these two upgrades you can kill 
like six X-wings with two or three presses of the button while hunting 
down lone survivors with your fast firing lasers. The TIE Advanced has 
nice shields so don't worry about dying. In the second area, watch out 
for rebel craft going down the trench, because they'll blow up the death 
star before you realize they've gone done there. Just pay attention to 
the radar, use your clusters, and you should be fine. If you want more 
missiles feel free to suicide to get more (20 missiles per life...each 
missile splits into several that rapes everything, it's great). 

                 R E V E N G E   O N   Y A V I N

Required to unlock: 40 points (to the right of Triumph of the Empire -- 
                    requires bronze on Triumph before appearing)
Default Craft: TIE Advanced

Primary Objectives:
1.   Do not allow more than TWO transports to escape
2.   Destroy as many Rebels as possible
3.   Destroy as many convoy craft as possible

This is insanely easy if, again, you have advanced homing cluster 
torpedoes. Tell your wingmen to attack and immediately begin to fire on 
the convoy craft you see to the right, flying in the air, attempting to 
escape. The other craft are dry docked on the ground and are beginning 
preparations to take off into hyperspace, so bombard them with seeker 
torps and rapid laser fire. The Empire is really going into this, each 
docking site has shuttles landing boxes full of AT-ST walkers and 
squadrons of stormtroopers, so they'll help. If a squad of X-Wings are 
bothering you then hit the brakes and torpedo them to death. After all 
the convoy craft on the ground are dead a cinema will show the 
headquarters inside the 'great temple' in the center of the level. After 
a couple seconds the front hangar will open up -- immediately fly in and 
kill the convoy trying to escape. After you go inside the door will slam 
shut, but the rest of the mission objectives are trapped inside so you 
may blow them to bits at your leisure. WEEE!  

                             E N D U R A N C E

Required to unlock: Every gold in the game (to the right of Yavin)
Default Craft: X-Wing

Primary Objectives:
1.   Destroy as many TIEs as possible

Read the gold medal walkthrough for this level.


  4.   G O L D     M E D A L     T I P S


The main key to collecting gold medals is to analysis the stats you 
receive at the end of the level and balance them out until you meet the 
required goal. For example, if you meet the time easily but need more 
kills then simply spend more time blowing TIEs or whatever to 
smithereens. As for accuracy, most levels have 'dummy' objects you can 
shoot at to increase your accuracy, the AT-AT being a fine example. Most 
of all, make sure you have upgrades -- shields, lasers, clusters, 
seekers of all sorts, etc. You'd be surprised at how much of a 
difference they all make! Just remember the following rules:

1. Stormtroopers DO NOT count as kills anymore. They will simply reduce 
   your accuracy. 

2. The targeting computer category shows how much you use the computer. 
   If you never ever tap Y it will be 100%, whereas everytime you use it 
   to see something the percentage goes down. Many levels require you to 
   never touch Y to earn gold, whereas others allow some use for it 
   (Ison, Bespin, and Endor, for example).

3. Anything your wingmen kill DO NOT count as kills for you...in some 
   levels it is only possible to get the required amount of kills by 
   telling your wingmen to flee (AKA leave the level for good).

Most of all, KEEP AT IT! Play the level over and over until you get it. 
Some levels will take several hours; others, possibly even longer. The 
point is, these medals were specifically made for hardcore gamers and 
are intended to be as challenging as possible. Don't expect these on 
your first try, and don't expect to ease through all 15 medals. These 
are for the experts of Rogue Leader, these are what separates the men 
from the boys. Good luck!

                  D E A T H   S T A R    A T T A C K

Completion time ..........  6:05   
Enemies destroyed ........    91
Shot accuracy ............    39%
Friendlies lost ..........     0
Lives lost ...............     0
Targeting computer .......   100%


For the first level, the gold medal on this is EXTREMELY difficult. The 
main worries are time, enemies, and accuracy. You have to find a way to 
balance the amount of enemy kills with the time, because it's very easy 
to go over the time and get too many kills; likewise, it's easy to go 
under time but not get enough kills. When I finally did get gold I was 
four seconds away from the time limit and had 92 kills, showing how 
knife edge close you will probably be. 

The first section is critical: you need to kill as many of the small 
turrets around the deflection towers as possible yet you can't pass the 
towers themselves, and you need to go fast. Kill the first two towers 
without stopping then turn hard to the left, hit the brakes, and target 
the clusters of turrets in the ground. When you get close to the 
deflection tower, nail it. We don't have time to turn around, so don't 
think about it to get a turret, it's not worth it. DON'T PANIC IF YOU 
MISS A TURRET OR THREE, as long as you get about 10 or 15 it's all going 
to be OK. If base command says "We're running out of time!!" restart the 
mission, because it's impossible to complete the level in time for a 

*NOTE:* One of my original problems with this level was accuracy. I 
        fixed this when I realized I was shooting too many lasers at the 
        small turrets and the last two or three weren't doing anything -
        - a short burst is all it takes to kill them. This also goes for 
        the ones in the trench. 

The TIEs are pure skill. Tell your wingmen to flee so they don't rob you 
of your kills. You must immediately begin to mow down the braindead 
pieces of junk as accurately as you can. Save at least two torps for the 
trench, though. It is also CRITICAL that you nail at least four or five 
small turrets here.

In the trench, close s-foils and then open them to take out turrets. You 
know how to avoid and also mow down the two sets of TIEs, so I won't go 
there. The main thing to remember is: get as many turrets as you can, 
don't slam into a wall because 1 death = no gold, and you can bump up 
your accuracy by shooting Darth Vader's TIE because it is invincible. 
You can do this up to two times (two passes I mean) before the falcon 
comes to save you. 

This level's gold is very tough, it will take many tries to get, just 
keep at it and you'll get the patterns of the TIEs and turrets down to 
the point where you'll eventually get the gold without thinking you did 
well enough. :)

                I S O N   C O R R I D O R   A M B U S H

Completion time .......... 4:11
Enemies destroyed ........   40
Shot accuracy ............   19%
Friendlies lost ..........    2
Lives lost ...............    0
Targeting computer .......   72%


Accuracy is really hard here if you try to use conventional craft. So, 
in my (and many other's) opinion, you should simply get a silver on it 
and wait until you receive the SLAVE-1. Then once you enter the level 
tell your wingmen to flee and let loose with cluster bombs and finish 
the entire level in two minutes...one tap of the firing button and like 
10 TIEs crash and burn almost instantly. Very appealing and so easy it 
feels like a crime!

                      B A T T L E   O F   H O T H

Completion time ..........  5:00
Enemies destroyed ........    43
Shot accuracy ............    53%
Friendlies lost ..........    22
Lives lost ...............     0
Targeting computer .......   100%


This is another level where you're going to need to balance the top 
three categories just perfectly in order to score the gold.

Immediately tell your wingmen to flee, then boost ahead and brake while 
shooting the probes. Kill all of them, but letting one-three live is all 
right. In the next area, abide by the following rules:


2. Shooting AT-ATs increases your accuracy. Do it often, do it at night, 
   do it in the morning, do it when you go to the bathroom -- it will 
   reward you greatly at the stats screen and just push you over the 

3. You must kill all the AT-STs in this area to get enough kills. No 
   if's, and's, or but's about it. When you're moving from one AT-ST 
   group to another, follow the above rule. Oh yeah, and killing the box 
   the shuttle drops helps too. It's even possible to kill the shuttle 
   if you're fast enough.

After all the AT-ST's are dead begin to rope the three mission critical 
AT-AT's near the trenches (cough cough rule 2, ahem! Cough! Ouch! I need 
some cough drops!). As soon as you reappear after the cinema brake, turn 
right, look down, and blast some of the hidden probes. Get as many as 
you can, but be accurate about it. Then boost down the canyon...between 
you and the X-Wing are two more groups of probes, you would be wise to 
nail as many as you can, just don't waste a lot of time on them. 

In the final area with the TIEs, realize that you only have to kill the 
bombers to end the mission. You should have enough torpedoes for all but 
two or three of them. It's hard to describe where the bombers are 
exactly at the start, but they seem to flank either side of the regular 
TIEs. Get 'em fast and ignore the regular TIEs unless you're dying for 

                      P R I S O N S    O F   M A W 

Completion time ..........  9:19
Enemies destroyed ........    63
Shot accuracy ............    75%
Friendlies lost ..........     2 
Lives lost ...............     1
Targeting computer .......    75%


I HATE this mission for gold. Ugh. For accuracy, make sure to drop bombs 
in the middle of groups of AT-PTs (3 dead walkers w/one bomb = 300% 
accuracy) and realize that shooting the gun turrets and/or the metal 
domes increases your accuracy (which you need A LOT of). I wouldn't 
suggest doing this level until you've collected both advanced and 
cluster proton bombs, you need the strength to bomb the communication 
satellites fast enough. If you run out of bombs at that part and haven't 
died yet, feel free to crash into one so you get a fresh load of bombs. 
You could wait for them to regenerate but it would suck to go over time 
on what is basically a ten minute mission.

In both sections, tell your wingmates to flee. They will eventually die 
and mess up your friendlies lost statistic. 

Misc. tips:

1. In the first part, asteroids do not count as kills or accuracy 
   boosters...don't bother.

2. The imperial convoy craft (rocket booster looking things) are good 
   targets because they are big and there's a lot of them (six or 
   seven). Kills + accuracy boosters, dig it.

3. After the prisoners are saved go to the railroad tracks and begin 
   bombing the mass turrets/AT-PTs. This should just push you over the 
   edge of what you need. Ignore all TIEs.

                     R A Z O R   R E N D E Z V O U S

Completion time ..........  1:19
Enemies destroyed ........    10
Shot accuracy ............    60%
Friendlies lost ..........     0
Lives lost ...............     1
Targeting computer .......    85%


The best craft for this is the B-Wing. The X-Wing and Naboo fighter are 
faster, but they have weaker shields and not enough torpedoes to do the 
strategy outlined below.

Immediately close s-foils and rocket to the shield generators on top, 
telling your wingmates to kill TIEs (this keeps the frigate Redemption 
alive long enough). As you approach the destroyer slightly above the 
hyper blue turbo lasers open your foils and begin to target the small 
turrets. BRAKE HARD AND AIM WITH THE RETICLE! One shot, one kill. Get as 
many turrets as you can, then let off the brake and aim yourself at the 
generators. Torp-laser-torp-laser-torp-laser-torp KABOOM, shift right 
slightly, brake, kill the last one. Now slam yourself into the destroyer 
(you are allowed one death).

As you reappear, rocket to the reactor underneath but make it so you are 
quite a bit under it. Look up and unfoil from a distance and begin to 
pick off turrets -- if you have homing torps this is easier, but is very 
possible with lasers (as I did it). As you get close to the reactor slam 
on the brakes, do the laser/torp dance until it dies and then rocket to 
the right, towards the stern (pointy end) of the ship, taking pot shots 
at laser turrets. Go over the edge and turn around so you are facing the 
command deck -- if you don't have enough kills, shoot as many of the 
small turrets as you can, just make sure to kill them in one shot 
because if you don't your accuracy will die. Once this is taken care of, 
foil up and suicide yourself into the command deck. This will not count 
as a lost life if you successfully take out the destroyer because the 
mission will end instantly. Hopefully the gold will be yours! For such a 
short level it is very challenging.

                   V E N G E A N C E  O N   K O T H L I S

Completion time ..........  9:55
Enemies destroyed ........   100
Shot accuracy ............    27%
Friendlies lost ..........     2
Lives lost ...............     0
Targeting computer .......    85%


In my opinion, the starting craft you select won't make a huge 
difference because you'll be changing to the airspeeder in about three 
minutes and there's ample opportunity to make up for lost accuracy from 
the TIE fights. However, the B-Wing is very nice because you can blow 
its torps and barely have to do anything in terms of real dogfighting 
for quite awhile.

At the start of the mission tell the wingmen to flee...you want all the 
kills you can get. When the convoy craft is going towards the beach, go 
to the stern of the destroyer and carefully pick off all the machine 
guns on tripods. Ignore the regular stormtroopers, your friendly ground 
troops will bowl them over. As soon as you change to the snow speeder go 
back and make sure no machine guns are left -- then veer to the left and 
begin to rake up your accuracy by filling the AT-ATs with pretty colors. 
Once their legs are far enough out of the water begin to wrap their legs 
up...keep shooting them as you approach them, as well. After this 
scenario immediately get the Y-Wing and approach the crashed destroyer 
along its left and right flanks, blowing its hyper lasers to kingdom 
come (they deserve it and count as kills, of course). Whenever there's a 
lull in the action go to the destroyer and pick off the small turrets on 
the top and near the bridge, they all count as kills. 

If you kill three AT-PTs with one bomb that counts as 300% accuracy, so 
when dozens of the little guys start running up the beach you can have a 
total bonanza and make the entire ground black with smoke. ESPECIALLY if 
you have cluster bombs...those make really nasty explosions. 

The rest of the mission is basically shooting turrets and popping AT-
PTs. I would mostly ignore the TIEs, they can mess up your accuracy or 
even worse, kamikaze into you and waste all your time (1 death = 
restart). Whenever you have enough bombs make sure to blow open the 
hull; doing this before the cinema saves time. This gold isn't all that 
difficult to get.

              I M P E R I A L   A C A D E M Y   H E I S T

Completion time ..........  4:11
Enemies destroyed ........    51
Shot accuracy ............    49%
Friendlies lost ..........     0
Lives lost ...............     0
Targeting computer .......    100%


Definitely do this in the daytime, the speeder is useless except for 
tripping AT-ATs and making cool whizzing noises. Other than that, 

Ion blast the satellite dishes, but keep the speed up and try not to 
brake. When you get to the part with TIEs feel free to drop bombs on 
their platforms. One on each side for maximum death and you will get 
huge modifiers -- 2 bombs that kill eight ties is 400%. Mommy!

You have way more than enough time, so when you get to the academy have 
a ball and run down the rows of TIEs, blasting them to death. For some 
reason your bombs will not blow them up (I guess Factor 5 wanted to 
insert some heavy challenge into this gold). 

The main thing that messed me up for this gold was accuracy. Here's 
something to remember and do: BOMB THE MASS GRAY BUILDINGS IN THE 
CENTER! Just boost over them and tap the bomb button and watch the heap 
of explosions as you rack up the points. You'll have to play a couple 
times to get the right idea of when you can get the shuttle. Just make 
sure to kill the turrets around the platform with lasers, accuracy + 
makes a safer takeoff trip. If you ever die simply restart, you need 0 
deaths...you'll probably end up barely alive when you get out of here.

KEEP PLAYING! This one will take awhile because you'll need to be able 
to learn to gauge when you've killed enough stuff to qualify. As well, 
it can be easy to lose track of time and bomb a little *too much*.

                      R A I D   O N   B E S P I N

Completion time ..........  6:40
Enemies destroyed ........  110
Shot accuracy ............   65%
Friendlies lost ..........   29
Lives lost ...............    0
Targeting computer .......    72%


Don't even try to use the A-Wing for this gold, it's weaker than a paper 
airplane but burns up even faster. Either use the Naboo if you have it 
unlocked or the X-Wing. Preferably the Naboo, but I got the gold with 
the X-Wing in a couple tries, just barely missing it the first few. 
Either is perfectly viable.

In the first part of the mission ignore as many TIEs as you can. Use, at 
most, one torpedo to kill one if the orange wedge refuses to move to the 
next set of platforms. However, save at least five, and use VERY 
carefully aimed lasers to snipe any others. If you don't have to do that 
(hopefully) then you can concentrate on balloon busting. MAKE SURE YOUR 
will absorb the lasers and destroy your accuracy faster than anything. 

*NOTE:* Keep your wingmen on the TIEs the entire time.

After all the balloons are dead and you hopefully not having to kill 
more than two or three TIEs, the mission will be in the city. Send your 
wingmen after the TIEs to keep them off your back and immediately begin 
killing balloons. Each one is several kills so you need as many as 
possible (as long as you hit the rocket engine dead on your accuracy 
should be fairly high). The generators are tricky to kill fast, my best 
advice is to go high, tap the targeting computer when the orange wedge 
widens and attempt to kill the generator from afar. If any TIEs get on 
your back immediately disengage and maneuver until they go away, 
otherwise you risk a painful death when you brake to hit the generator. 
The first generator is under the balloon that is straight ahead, the 
others are in separate corners of the city. After this, tell your 
wingmen to flee and power hard to the last platforms of tibanna gas. 
Kill both balloons and as fast as you can begin to shoot aimed seeker 
torpedoes at the bombers -- they are very easy to identify from a 
distance. You will need to laser down one or two, but the torps will 
save you so much time and will help your accuracy of course. With any 
luck, the gold is yours. This one is fairly challenging but is really 
easy with the Naboo.

                      B A T T  L E    O F    E N D O R

Completion time ..........   10:00
Enemies destroyed ........      60
Shot accuracy ............      31%
Friendlies lost ..........       6
Lives lost ...............       1
Targeting computer .......       80%


I think just about everyone will agree that out of the original ten 
missions, Endor is by far the most difficult to earn in terms of Gold 
Medals. Either use a Naboo or the X-Wing and be prepared to come 
outrageously close to the goals yet missing it by one or two points in 
any category. 

I strongly advise using the Naboo for this gold, especially because of 
the first part where you must dogfight. Generally, you'll want to do 
your best to avoid getting killed by a suicide TIE. The best way to 
prevent this remarkably irritating phenomenon is to never EVER EVER EVER 
NEVER...yes, never, make a 180 degree turn. Mainly because if you were 
to ever check your radar you would see a huge mass of red dots behind 
you, so turning around makes them all play chicken with you, and a TIE 
never backs down from chicken. Instead, make a series of 90 degree 
turns. If the leeches start to stick to your back and you are taking 
damage from lasers boost all the way and make a succession of 90 degree 
turns in rapid succession, making sure to avoid the red dots on the 
radar, and this will get rid of them for awhile. 

There are two types of AI here: dumb and smart (Which the developers 
called "flocks" because they behave like birds. Check the audio 
commentary.) Most of the stuff you kill will be the dumb TIEs because 
the flocks move so fast it's crazy, and once you begin to fire on them 
they begin to dodge and weave. For the Naboo, it is strongly advised to 
use burst fire to increase your chances of hitting your target and to 
preserve your accuracy. When you begin to hold down the button the 
cannon gets horribly inaccurate. 

Generally I use all my seeker torpedoes here, just to make the kills 
easier to achieve. Once the bombers come you don't have to kill them, 
you have plenty of time. Feel free to track down the other dumb TIEs 
getting shot down by corvettes and what not before moving on to hunting 
down the last stray bombers.

In the second part, tell your wingmates to flee again (as you did in the 
first part right?). This reduces friendlies killed.   Move to either 
destroyer and begin to kill its shield generators, then move to the 
center void between them and run normal speed between them, aiming at 
their reactor wells from a distance. This allows you to kill both while 
taking little damage...you can kill both reactors in 3-4 passes and with 
little effort (as soon as you get close to the reactor brake, turn 
around, and begin to shoot the other. Repeat until burnt crisp.) 
Hopefully, you're still on your first life, but if not it's OK, just 
make sure to use your torps on TIEs or turrets after killing the 

Actually, I had quite a bit of trouble killing the command deck with the 
Naboo. I would approach from a distance, not even braking as to avoid 
most of the lasers, and my lasers just didn't seem to want to hit the 
damned box. I FOUND OUT HOW TO DO THIS! It's really cool...go to cockpit 
mode (X button silly), approach from a distance, don't brake but don't 
speed either, and put the aiming target right on the command deck and 
the lasers will seem to track onto it even if it doesn't seem like it 
should or if you're coming in at an angle. With this trick you can kill 
the ISDs from quite a long ways out, truly impressive and very fast.

After both ships are downed play it safe, a suicide TIE would bite right 
about now. However, if you have any remaining torps, use them to their 
fullest. Pray to the gingerbread man god and he may bestow upon you the 
GOLD MEDAL OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! BOOYAH! YES! Sorry, I got a little carried 
away there.

But you get the idea, right? 

                   S T R I K E   A T   T H E   C O R E

Completion time ..........   5:05
Enemies destroyed ........     41
Shot accuracy ............     32% 
Friendlies lost ..........      0
Lives lost ...............      1
Targeting computer .......      95%


Am I the only one that thinks this one is fairly easy? I mean, all you 
have to do is not die in the second part ('cuz you'll have to start it 
all over), kill some turrets in the surface run, and make sure to hit 
the TIEs dead on (which is really easy in closed tunnels when you're 
directly behind them). When you get to the core, you'll need to get up 
fairly close to hit it with lasers, although shooting a torpedo from the 
other side of the room and hitting it dead on from what seems a mile 
away is very dramatic and will impress onlookers.

Just remember to stay as close to the falcon as possible throughout the 
level like you did when you originally beat it and it should be easy. 

                     D E A T H   S T A R   E S C A P E

Completion time ..........  1:20
Enemies destroyed ........    35
Shot accuracy ............    16%
Friendlies lost ..........     0
Lives lost ...............     0
Targeting computer .......   100%


I hate this level with every fiber in my being. The mere sight of the 
cockpit makes me spasm as I remember the two and a half hours of my life 
that I wasted getting the gold for this level. This is all about 
repetition: the TIEs take the same path everytime, they do the same 
maneuvers everytime, and they can be all be killed very fast if you know 
their routes. In fact, many come in vertical lines at first and can be 
mowed down extremely fast.

Just remember one thing: TAP THE BUTTON DON'T HOLD IT DOWN! I don't know 
why but it kills the TIEs faster and with more accuracy. Just do it. 
It's what helped me get the gold after an hour of doing it by holding 
the button down. Pretend you're rapidly shooting a pistol from GoldenEye 
or Perfect Dark and never hold it down. :)

A little tip: When Han/Leia have the sequence where they're like "We've 
lost lateral control!" then he says "Hold on baby, hold on..." then that 
means you have about 20 seconds left before you can't get the gold, so 
hopefully you're at the final wave. 

The first time I got the gold I had nice stats. 1:01 time and like 19% 
accuracy. Shows what happens when you keep at it for two hours...

                  T H E   A S T E R O I D   F I E L D

Completion time ..........  4:34
Enemies destroyed ........    50
Shot accuracy ............    10%
Friendlies lost ..........     0
Lives lost ...............     1
Targeting computer .......    75%


This is the easiest gold in the entire game, bar none. Go to options and 
make sure ENEMY CAMERA is turned ON. Now simply keep yourself pointed at 
the horizon of the asteroid field and as soon as a TIE gets behind you 
shoot your laser. The laser that points behind your ship will fire as 
well and destroy any enemies behind you -- the enemy camera ensures 
nearly 100% chance of hit. Hold R the entire time, follow the wedge, and 
by the time you get to the destroyer you should have almost enough 
kills, if not exactly at 50. However, for insurance, use homing 
torpedoes on the laser turrets on the surface of the destroyer (you can 
do this from quite a distance). 

               T R I U M P H   O  F   T H E   E M P I R E

Completion time ..........  4:00
Enemies destroyed ........    32
Shot accuracy ............    35%
Friendlies lost ..........     3 
Lives lost ...............     0
Targeting computer .......   100%


You only have 20 cluster missiles and your wits to take down 32 rebel 
ships -- think you can do it? The first part is fairly simple -- tell 
your wingmen to flee before anything else, then begin to launch 
controlled clusters at large groups of X and Y Wings. If you can keep 10 
or 11 for the trench you are peachy.

The trench is more difficult if you do not understand how the level 
works. Enter the trench right away and there will be three Y-Wings 
slowly going down it, since they travel in a fairly straight line you 
can use your lasers and pick them off easily. As soon as they all die a 
new set of ships will appear at the VERY START of the trench, so while 
you wait for them catch up you can peek your head up and launch clusters 
at the rebels above the trench. But keep an eye on the trench -- when 
the new set comes you need to chase them ASAP. Again, straight line, 
save your few remaining clusters and laser them. Since you're fairly far 
from the start now you have a longer time to kill the last needed ships 
and make sure to use all your clusters. The final group in the trench, 
once killed, ends the level regardless of how many ships are outside the 

I believe I got 32 kills exactly when I did the mission...you'll need to 
try a lot on this one. The key is to kill as many ships using your 
clusters while you wait for the second and third sets of ships in the 
trench to catch up to your position. As long as you remember this you 
should be on your way to earning a shiny, sexy gold.

                     R E V E N G E   O N   Y A V I N

Completion time ..........  4:19
Enemies destroyed ........    36
Shot accuracy ............    65%
Friendlies lost ..........    15 
Lives lost ...............     0
Targeting computer .......   100%


Thankfully, this is easier than the first Darth Vader stage, but you 
still can't die so you must rely on 20 cluster missiles. Tell your 
wingmen to form up and begin to assault the convoy craft in the air with 
your lasers -- in fact, only use your lasers on them. You'll need to 
brake and maybe make more than one run, but it saves your precious 
clusters for the rebel dogfighters, which you definitely need to kill to 
get enough stats for the gold. You'll need to make your runs on the 
cargo ships fairly fast, I would save slaughtering X and Y wings with 
clusters until you're waiting for the hangar door to open in the great 
temple, this is the most efficient use of your time. Ignore the 
corellian corvettes, they are too strong and for only kill take too 
long. Also make sure to get the SUPER EASY kills by launching clusters 
at the groups of parked X/Y-Wings parked in the cavities of the forest.

That about wraps it up, you can use your last remaining clusters in the 
craft inside the great temple to expedite the process. GO FOR THE GOLD 

                              E N D U R A N C E

Completion time ..........  don't worry
Enemies destroyed ........  don't worry
Shot accuracy ............   8%
Friendlies lost ..........   0
Lives lost ...............  12
Targeting computer .......   0%


I haven't beaten this level yet...the farthest I've gotten is wave 33, 
and that's on my first try with a Naboo. Either use Naboo or X-Wing, 
whichever you prefer for dogfights. Getting through all 99 waves will 
prove to be...INSANELY difficult and require a TREMENDOUS amount of 
time. When/if I ever beat it I'll update and give as many tips as I can.


  5.   E  X  T  R  A  S    A  N  D    B  O  N  U S  


                T E C H N O L O G Y    U P G R A D E S

Note: You must complete the mission with the tech upgrade collected to 
acquire the tech. Once this is done you will keep it for the rest of the 

Found: Attack on the Death Star

After you have destroyed all the deflection towers there will be a 
cinema showing the TIEs entering. After the cinema, go straight ahead. 
Everyone says turn left, but you don't have to. It will be on the left 
side of a turret, and it is a spinning white cylindrical icon. It's not 
inside a turret, it's to the left of one, on the Death Star surface 
itself. Again, after the cinema go straight ahead and it will be to the 
left. Don't turn left, just look to the left while going straight.

                                       . . .

Found: Ison Corridor Ambush

This is easy. At the very start of the mission, fly through the piece of 
wreckage underneath the first convoy craft. 

                                        . . .

Found: Battle of Hoth

After roping the three mission critical AT-AT Walkers a short cinema 
will show an AT-AT blow up a shield generator. When you regain control 
of your speeder you will be placed at the entrance to a canyon. Turn 
around and go to the wreckage of the shield generator, you will see this 
tech upgrade on a small hill right before it.

                                        . . .

Found: Prisons of the Maw

After bombing the second set of turrets and heading towards the 
communications relay (the satellites) be on the lookout for a metal dome 
next to a tower. Bomb the dome a couple times and the icon will be 
inside for the taking.

                                        . . .

Found: Razor Rendezvous

As soon as the mission begins close your S-Foils and high-tail it over 
the destroyer about in the middle and you will see a Lambda class 
shuttle trying to sneak its way out of the battle. However, a couple of 
laser blasts will show it the folly of its ways and you can collect the 
advanced proton bombs. 

                                         . . .

Found: Vengeance on Kothlis

This is actually INSIDE the crashed destroyer! Fly through the hole in 
the bridge and you will collect it -- although, chances are you will die 
attempting to get out due to the cramped space and pipes crossing over 
the entrances.

                                         . . .

Found: Imperial Academy Heist -- NIGHT TIME

Found: Imperial Academy Heist -- DAY TIME

In the academy itself, where the shuttle Tyderium is, there is a large 
system of "roads". 

This is a top down view:
                          | SHUTTLE  |
                          | TYDERIUM |  1 = Spread Proton Bombs
                          |__________|  2 = Advanced Concussion Missiles
                              |   |
                              |   | 
                              |   |
         ___                  |___|                   ___
        | 1 |________________|     |_________________| 2 |  
        |___|________________|     |_________________|___|

To the left is a hangar that you can fly through (NOT the cage around 
the AT-AT) where the spread proton bombs are located, while the hangar 
on the right side contains advanced concussion missiles.

                                      . . .

Found: Battle of Endor

When you are assaulting the twin destroyers, head towards the left one 
(from the Home One's perspective) and kill it. The ship will fall down 
at an angle, and when it finally stops falling you can move inside the 
cargo bay/hangar on the underside. Though you won't see it, the Rebel 
narrator should say you've collected cluster torpedoes.

                                      . . .

Found: Raid on Bespin

In the first section rush ahead to the second set of platforms and there 
will be an Imperial craft hovering nearby the gas containers. Shoot it 
and when it explodes it will destroy several canisters -- look on the 
platform and the upgrade will be on top of the surface.

                                      . . .

Found: Strike at the Core

This is tricky. On the final tunnel leading to the core, on the right 
side, on the floor, are braces of pipes forming angles. You can actually 
fly through these, the last one contains the upgrade. You might as well 
fly through the first one you see -- it forms a tunnel. I think you can 
get this on your way out, I'm not sure. 

            M E D A L S  ,  V E H I C L E S , &  O T H E R


Earn ALL Gold Medals in ALL normal levels, plus all bonus -- Death Star 
Escape, Asteroid Field, Triumph of the Empire, Revenge on Yavin, and the 
truly disgusting, vile, torture device known as Endurance. After this, 
completing all the training missions -- just once -- will be cake. With 
all 15 golds + training complete you receive Ace Mode under special 


In Ace Mode, completing a level gives you an ACE medal. By earning all 
15 ACE medals you receive...nothing, as far as anyone knows. WHAT A HUGE 
RIP-OFF!! Doing the original 10 missions in ACE can be pretty fun, but 
why anyone would want to complete all 99 waves in Endurance again is 
beyond me. Lots of free time and a desire for bragging rights, I 


To unlock Audio Commentary in the special options menu get at least a 
bronze or higher in the ten original missions.


Just beat the game. After the credits, go to special options and you can 
view the quite lengthy and very interesting bonus documentary. Now you 
get to see what it's like to make a game...I think some of those guys 
have fried their brains on workstation radiation and coffee intoxication 


Earn at least a BRONZE in the original 10 missions. It's extremely easy 
to earn. Then again, it's useless for gold medals. I guess you get what 
you pay for...


Earn at least SILVER medals in the original 10 missions IN ADDITION to 
at least silvers in Escape from the Death Star and The Asteroid Field. 
The Slave-1 is useful in getting a gold in Ison Corridor, but its value 
is questionable beyond that.


Unlock Vader's personal ship by earning a mere 15 gold medals. Er, wait, 
that's freaking hard and will take several dozen hours of sweat and 
blood. But still, very nice reward. Clusters are extremely useful in ACE 


This is kind of complicated, it will require a walkthrough. You must 
steal the TIE fighter from the Academy Heist level at both night and in 
the day while completing the mission. During the day, the TIE is in an 
obscure place. Immediately after disabling the last sensor station, take 
the right path to where the wedge is pointing, fly up and over the 
mountains to your right. Go around the area with the border platforms 
that have parked TIEs. Head to a large canyon that's mostly empty except 
for a comms tower. Parked next to the tower is a TIE Fighter. Shoot it 
with your ion canyon and it will eventually fly, land, and you can pilot 
it by flying through the rebel icon.

During the night the TIE is found by going through the left passage of 
the fork at the end of the satellite run. Disable the satellite nearby 
so you don't fail, kill the pilot running on the ground, and take 
control of the TIE. 

After both instances, once you complete the shuttle mission you will 
need to return to the parked speeder to pick up your co-pilot. Once you 
do the mission will end.


Oh lord, this is so tedious it's inhumane and I consider it torture on 
the part of Factor 5. You must complete ALL of the Tatooine Training 
FOUR TIMES!! Plus the bonus items of course. And beat both races twice 
(to Tosche Station twice, each path in Beggar's Canyon once). Do this 
during dusk, noon, twilight, and night.

Use these times:

7:00:00  --> 7 AM

12:00:00 --> 12 noon

17:00:00 --> 5 PM

23:00:00 --> 11 PM

On the plus side, the Naboo fighter rocks the casba.

Read the Tatooine Training mission in the main walkthrough for heaps 
more information.

                        P A S S C O D E S

As per usual Factor 5 nature, the easiest and non-gameplay related codes 
have been released first. Within another six or so months, assuming no 
has discovered them, a plethora of codes will probably be released for 
all sorts of weird secret stuff. In the original Rogue Squadron there 
were still obscure codes coming out for it 8+ months later, so stay 

LIONHEAD - makes everything black and white. Sucky eh?

BLAH BLAH - turn this on and when you begin a level you will receive 
            QUITE a lot of audio commentary on the levels from the 
            developers, ranging from how they made it, to AI 
            discussions, to mission objectives and what the whole idea 
            for the level was and how it fit into the game, etc. etc. 
            VERY interesting indeed and since each mini documentary can 
            last over ten minutes it's best to turn off music and pause 
            to listen to it.

COMPOSER - Music Hall, gives you access to all music tracks in the game 
           AND several that didn't make it into the game. There are also 
           renditions of other Star Wars music and some of the levels 
           were redone using different instruments, etc. Pretty 

EXHIBIT! - Concept Art Gallery and pre-production notes. I really hope 
           developers in the future to all this extra stuff like Factor 
           5 has done because it really packs some extra bonus into the 
           game and it almost feels like the extras you'd find on a DVD 

?INSIDER - Unlocks Documentary in special options if you haven't beaten 
           the game yet.

THATSME! - Unlocks the exciting credits </slight sarcasm>


  6.   R  E  B  E  L    S  H  I  P  S


                           X  -  W I N G

The X-Wing is by far the most balanced of rebel craft: it is pretty 
capable at most everything, from assaulting capital ships to 
dogfighting. Its s-foils allow for a large increase of speed at the loss 
of the ability to shoot. It can carry six proton torpedoes, which can 
become very strong with upgrades. The X-Wing is definitely a favorite of 
many users.

                           Y  -  W I N G

Slow and difficult to turn, the Y-Wing is one of the strongest ships of 
the Rebel fleet. It can't move very fast but it is so strong it can 
shrug off most lasers for quite a period of time. Its powerful proton 
bombs wipe out ground targets with ease and the ion cannon on top of the 
cockpit is useful for disabling mechanical systems such as forcefield 
generators and satellites.

                           A  -  W I N G

Almost the opposite of the Y-Wing, the A-Wing is small, fast, and can 
turn very well, yet its shields are very weak and the ship will crash 
and burn after only four or five concentrated blasts. Expert A-Wing 
pilots use the speed of the craft to dodge lasers instead of relying on 
armor or shields. The small red craft also has the ability to use 
afterburners once its turbo meter is filled up, allowing users to power 
far away from battle or get to one place to another in a blink of the 
eye. Still, many pilots would rather choose an X or B-Wing than an A-

                          B  -  W I N G

The B-Wing is similar to the X-Wing in the fact it has s-foils that can 
open and close for different amounts of speed. Yet, the B-Wing is 
stronger, can carry more proton torpedoes (12 compared to six), has 
double ion cannons, and has stronger shields and hull. The B-Wing can 
assault capital ships very well due to these attributes, yet it has 
trouble fighting off even regular TIE fighters due to the craft's 
sluggish turning rate. 

                         C L O U D   C A R

Found in Cloud City, the Cloud Car is somehow a better craft than the A-
Wing. It isn't as fast, but it has a MUCH better turning rate and seems 
to be even more maneuverable than an interceptor PLUS it is much 
stronger than either of the aforementioned crafts. Why a mere transport 
would be made stronger than advanced starfighters by the developers 
isn't known at this time...but it is pretty funny. Its lack of torpedoes 
or missiles is its biggest weakness.

                            S N O W   S P E E D E R

A repulsor craft, the snow speeder is used in ground missions, 
especially those in which the fearsome AT-AT walkers make their 
appearance. At this time, the only known way to combat their deadly 
armor is by using the speeder's tow cable to wrap up the legs and trip 
the deadly walker. The speeder also has double lasers that can be used 
to limited effect.

                     M I L L E N N I U M    F A L C O N

This craft is...crappy. It's supposed to be the fastest starfighter in 
the galaxy but good lord! It's sooo slow, and it's so fat that it's 
almost impossible to do dodge laserfire, let alone interceptors or 
destroyer fire. This is two thumbs way, way down, and my toes are 
curling as well. Only use this ship if you're a masochist.

                  T  -  1 6   S K Y H O P P E R

Only used in the training mission, the Skyhopper has afterburners, weak 
lasers, and the ability to use different systems such as ion cannons, 
proton torpedoes, and bombs, but only for training purposes. It is not 
meant for true combat.

                            S L A V E  -  1

Ludicrously large, the slowness and turning rate of a Y-Wing combined 
with the paper hull of an A-Wing makes the SLAVE-1 possibly the most 
combat inefficient craft in the game. HOWEVER, it does have merit in the 
fact that its 20 cluster torpedoes will rape everything in its path once 
unleashed. Use this to score an easy gold on Ison Corridor. 
Unfortunately, once some TIEs get behind you death is inevitable because 
the SLAVE can not turn at all.

             N - 1    N  A B O  O   S T A R F I G H T E R

The Naboo is awesome, simply put. It's as fast as an A-Wing yet as 
strong as an X-Wing, if not slightly better. It has superior R2D2 
healing powers when you press repair, its torpedoes are freaking awesome 
looking (and sound sexy too) and the turning rate on this sucker will 
floor you. My only gripe about it is the way the lasers 
seem...inaccurate. Much like other 'green' lasers, it just doesn't seem 
to hit the target right. Or maybe it's just me... 
Regardless, the Naboo is well worth the anguish, boredom, and sheer 
frustration caused by doing Tatooine Training four times. 

                   M Y S T E R Y    S H I P 

No information known at this time, except for the fact it is probably 
from Episode II.


  7.   I  M  P  E  R  I  A  L     O  P  P  O  S  I  T  I O N


AKA the enemy section... 
Although you can end up controlling some of these through secret 

                  M U L T I   D I M E N S I O N A L 

Multi dimensional vehicles and machines are designed to operate in a 
range of environments, namely on the surface or atmospheres of planets 
and in space. 


The standard TIE (Twin Ion Engine) fighter is the backbone of the 
Imperial air/space force and are infamous for simply overwhelming the 
enemy in huge waves that never end. Individually, TIEs are fairly weak 
and easy to peck down, but once they get in large groups of 9-10 two or 
three waves of lasers will destroy almost all opposing craft. 

TIEs are fairly maneuverable but they have no shielding, no hyperdrive, 
and lack any sort of explosive ordinance. All in all, they are weak and 
die to one-two blasts of concentrated laser fire. The only thing going 
for them are overwhelming numbers and the fact that their slim profile 
and dark coloring make them hard to target visually in many levels. 

                                    . . .


The TIE interceptor class offers improved handling and speed and can run 
circles around standard TIE fighters. With twice as many lasers, a 
sleeker profile, and increased speed and maneuverability, these are 
something to watch out for, especially in groups. Their dagger shaped 
wings are easily identifiable from a distance. 

Once you acquire seeker missiles, interceptors running laps around your 
craft while you crash and burn will be a less common sight. 

                                     . . .


These slow, almost plodding ships are easy to spot from the next horizon 
because of their double ball build and curved wings. Without aerial 
support these poor things are helpless in a dogfight situation, lacking 
any lasers and lack of speed. Due to their increased width they are easy 
pickings, and even with increased armor they fall with two or three 
sprays of laser.

However, in missions where you must protect something these are your 
NUMBER ONE ENEMY! Bombing runs by these will totally obliterate their 
targets and it's easy to get distracted by interceptors blasting you 
with lasers while the bombers rape your mission. These guys are 
especially annoying in space, because they can shoot torpedoes from afar 
without having to go directly over the target. It is usually a wise idea 
to take these guys out first if possible...

                                     . . .


The only known prototype of this deadly TIE is used by Darth Vader. It 
is as strong as an X-Wing due to its deflector shields and strong armor 
but as maneuverable as a TIE Interceptor and has double lasers and large 
amounts of scatter missiles. With homing scatter missiles it is possible 
to take out mass rebel ships with little effort.

                                     . . .


These are slow and huge, making them a big target and easy to shoot. 
However, they are heavily armored and tough to kill. They either drop 
enemies onto the battlefield (like in Hoth) or are there to transport 
friendlies (like in Maw). In one mission you even get to capture one and 
drive it! Too bad it handles like a Y-Wing with a dead elephant on its 

                                     . . .


Small, cheap, disposable, all qualities of the probe droid, used mainly 
as a scout and reconnaissance craft by the Empire. It does have a weak 
laser...but anyone who actually dies to it should be ashamed! :)

                                     . . .


There are a large variety of different lasers suited for different uses 
and custom designed for the environment in which they are to be used. 
Usually the more powerful they are the deeper the sound. If you see ones 
that make a "ka-chug ka-chug" sound and have recoil, watch out! Of 
course, an enormous amount of weaker lasers that shoot extremely fast 
and obliterate you in 1.2 seconds is just as effective as well. Usually 
when going over laser filled skies it is best to constantly jink the 
craft left and right constantly to avoid being downed so easily, and of 
course getting shield upgrades don't hurt either.

                 T E R R E S T R I A L    V E H I C L E S

The Empire's strong ground presence on many planets is due to the huge 
success of their mechanized walkers and, when coupled with air 
superiority, creates a truly lethal force.


Standard infantry unit with decent aim but little damage output, they 
are little threat to high flying craft, but can put the hurt on low 
flying craft such as snowspeeders and are usually found hanging back in 
a support role of the more fancy toys the Empire deploys.

                                   . . .


Standing for All Terrain Personnel Transport, the AT PT Walker is 
usually found in the role of anti infantry. A small support role, 
indeed. These are rather small and can be hard to hit with lasers, but 
bombing runs can obliterate dozens of these things at once.

                                    . . .


Standing for All Terrain Scouting Transport, the AT ST is also known as 
the "chicken walker" due to its skinny legs and fat head. However, its 
forward mounted and rotate-able lasers are a threat to both air and 
ground targets. By themselves they simply cream infantry units and offer 
decent anti air cover for larger siege units. Concentrated fire to the 
large box head will cause a large explosion, while enough damage to the 
legs will make it topple over.

                                    . . .


When the Empire begins to deploy the All Terrain Armored Transport you 
know they are getting serious about their objectives. A four legged 
behemoth, the AT-AT is the ultimate siege weapon and is quite simply 
unstoppable when against conventional artillery or bombing technology.

Appearing slow at first, one may underestimate the speed at which an AT-
AT can travel, but each of its gigantic strides can clear over 100 feet 
with each step. Before you know it, the AT AT is deploying its heavy 
chin turbo lasers which are braced against a sturdy neck and is able to 
hit targets from over a mile away.

In groups of four or five with light anti-infantry support, AT ATs are 
basically invulnerable from the ground and can roll over bases like 
nothing. The only hope of the Rebels is of extremely creative use of the 
snow speeder's tow cable, which can wrap around the AT ATs massive legs 
and tangle up the motor and cause the massive monstrosity to fall face 
first into the snow. 

                           S P A C E    B A S E D

"The one that controls space can hold civilization in the palm of their 
hand." This is the mantra of the Empire, and the Imperial scientists and 
engineers have created unimaginable fortresses of terror that can 
destroy whole fleets of starships and blockade entire systems by 
themselves! Only by studying their weaknesses and respecting their 
deadly attributes can one hope to defeat them.


The Imperial Class Star Destroyer, or ISD for short, is what most worlds 
think of when they think of Imperial might, as these gigantic mile long 
battle stations are heavily used in the blockading of planets and even 
entire systems. The appearance of even a single ISD is enough to send 
even the most stalwart generals and officers into a panic, and this is 
well deserved. Even an average ISD sports hundreds of turbolasers and up 
to ten super heavy turbo lasers and enough space to deploy several 
squadrons of TIEs, AT-ATs, AT-PTs, and other ground forces. 

The only way to take down an ISD, in this game anyway, is to destroy the 
twin shield reactors on the top of the main command deck, and then go 
under the ISD and annihilate the reactor (a large semi circle near the 
back part, it looks like a dome). With these three targets out of the 
way the sensitive command deck is wide open to attack.

    ______   ______
\.  | O        O |   . /        Top down view key:
 \.  ------X-----   . /          O = shield generator
  \.               . /           X = command deck
   \.             . /            . = heavy turbo laser turret(s)
    \              /
     \            /
      \          / 
       \        /   ' <-- you getting slaughtered by mass lasers
        \      /
         \    /
          \  /

 _ _|  | _ _
|           |
|           |                 Side view of main destroyer bridge:
|           X                  0 = side view of one generator
|           |                  X = target to kill (window glass)
|           |
. - - - - - .
|            \
|             \
|              \
|               \ 

If you still can't find the command deck now I give up. You can also use 
the targeting to computer, but it's also simple to see it visually -- 
it's a dark pane of rectangular glass. Enough force applied to this will 
send the entire ship into chaos, essentially destroying it. Advanced 
lasers, torpedoes, or even a kamikaze ship is all it takes. Once an ISD 
is nullified it is still a large threat, as its gunners will still shoot 
anything they see, but the craft itself will either be unable to move at 
all or simply fall into a planet or sun. 

One thing to remember about an ISD's main laser turrets are that when 
you close your S-foils and jink left and right the lasers will have a 
hard time hitting you, but if you open them up and/or start to brake you 
will start taking serious damage unless you dodge really hard and fast. 

A destroyer's most vulnerable point is at its heavy engines in the back. 
From this semi-blind spot only about 10 or 15 turrets can hit you (still 
a lot, but better than 50+). Just don't go too close to the engines 
because they will burn you to carbon dust within seconds.

                               . . .


The Death Star is the Empire's most ludicrous weapon. It's so large that 
it can be mistaken as a small moon from afar and it has millions if not 
over a billion crew working for it also including pilots for the 
hundreds of thousands of TIEs, turrets, etc. Of course, the ability to 
take out an entire planet with its ultra laser is a handy tool as well.

The first death star was destroyed by the rebels by taking advantage of 
its weaknesses. The second Star fixed these mistakes by making turrets 
that can hit smaller craft and have made millimeter wide holes to 
dissipate heat instead of having giant tunnels that lead right to the 
core -- its ultra laser has also been modified to be able to hit capital 
ships. This has the potential to be the ultimate weapon of the galaxy, 
but the Rebels still have one chance to take it out while it is still in 


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