Gold Medal FAQ by weggy100

Version: Final | Updated: 05/11/02 | Printable Version

          ***** *****    *    ****    *     *    *    ****  *****  *
          *       *     * *   *   *   *     *   * *   *   * *      *
          *****   *    *****  ****    *  *  *  *****  ****  *****
              *   *    *   *  *  *    * * * *  *   *  *  *      *  *
          *****   *   *     * *   *   **   ** *     * *   * *****  *            

     ****   ***  ***** *   * *****   *     *****    *    ****  ***** ****
     *   * *   * *     *   * *       *     *       * *   *   * *     *   *
     ****  *   * *  ** *   * ***     *     ***    *****  *   * ***   ****
     *  *  *   * *   * *   * *       *     *      *   *  *   * *     *  *
     *   *  ***  ***** ***** *****   ***** ***** *     * ****  ***** *   *    

Rogue Leader Gold Medal Guide by Weggy

Table of Contents
I.     Introduction
II.    Version History
III.   Secret Ship Locations
IV.    Powerup locations
V.     General Strategies
VI.    Death Star Attack
VII.   Ison Corridor Ambush
VIII.  Battle of Hoth
IX.    Prisons of the Maw
X.     Razor Rendezvous
XI.    Vengeance on Kothlis
XII.   Imperial Academy Heist
XIII.  Raid on Bespin
XIV.   Battle of Endor
XV.    Strike at the Core
XVI.   Death Star Escape
XVII.  The Asteroid Field
XVIII. Triumph of the Empire
XIX.   Revenge on Yavin
XX.    Endurance
XXI.   Contact
XXII.  Thanks
XXIII. Un-Legal


Rogue Leader for the GCN is absolutely amazing.  It's lots of fun, and 
has the best graphics i've ever seen for any video game.  It has a 
fairly long play time, and plenty of hidden stuff to keep you coming 
back for more.  It's also not so impossible you'll get frustrated.  An 
average gamer should be able to go through it in about 5-10 hours.

The lengthy play time of this game comes in getting Gold Medals on each 
stage.  Medals unlock hidden craft, and theyre just plain cool to have 
^_^.  Some Gold Medals are seemingly impossible to get, hence the 
purpose of this guide.  Hopefully you'll get some tips to guide you on 
your way, young Jedi.

Also, I'm assuming you have the upgrades, as well as Slave1 for 2 of the 

And please!  I'd like to fill this FAQ not just with my 
strategies (though they did work very well).  Send in yours so I can add 

Version History

Version 1.0 - 11/23/01 - Initial Release

Initial Release of the FAQ.  Contains all my strategies up to Imperial 
Academy Heist.

Version 1.1 - 11/26/01 - 1st Update

Improved Walkthru for Prisoners of the Maw.  Finished the walkthrus for 
every mission.

Version 1.2 - 11/28/01 - 2nd Update

Added accuracy boosters and quick tips due to the suggestion of the 
board members.  Added all the Gold Medal Requirements.  Added all powerup 
and secret ship locations.  Added the Naboo Fighter to the recommended 
ship for some levels.  Gave more in-depth strategy for Endurance (since 
I finally beat it!  Woohoo!)

Version 1.3 - 11/30/01 - 3rd Update

I know, I know.  I promised more strategies, but I forgot to add the TIE
Fighter to the hidden ship section and people keep E-Mailing me about it.

Version 1.4 - 1/4/02 - 4th Update

Its been a while since I've updated, but I really haven't gotten any new 
strategies!  People have sent me small things here and there, but, Scott Demarest (, Jim 
(, ChewyLS ( and have 
sent me full blown strategies!  Thanks guys! It's worth mentioning they're 
not the only ones who sent in strategies.  Check out the thanks section for 
more info.

Version 1.5 - 1/24/02 - 5th Update

An update?  Can it be true?  There isn't much to say here, as the amount of
strategies people have been sending me has dwindled to pretty much nil.  Too 
bad really.  Anyway, Starkweather ( and Alan Sentman
( have sent me some strategies.  Also, someone pointed
out to me I missed the Advanced Concussion Missile Upgrade.  Doh.  Finally, I
added the "General Strategies" section, which unfortunantly only has 2 entries.
I think this will be a good oppurtunity for people to contribute though.  I 
changed the "Un-legal" Section, as well as the difficulties, and a few minor
things here and there.

Version 1.6 - 1/27/02 - 6th Update

Well, ProtoDude ( sent me a pretty good DSA Strategy. Since
that level is such a pain in the ass, I figured I'd add it.  He also sent a BoE
strategy.  LegolasTheArcher9 ( also adds a 
nifty tip for general strategies.  I also changed the Endurance section a lil 
bit, and added 2 of my own tips to general strategies.

Version 1.7 - 2/20/02 - 7th Update

Well I just noticed that all my dates still said 2001 ^_^.  In this update, I
added the ASCII Art at the beginning, touched up the FAQ so it's easier to
read, and added a tip from metalsandman ( for TotE.  Also, 
the TIE Bomber *IS NOT PLAYABLE*.  Let me say that one more time... The TIE 
Bomber "IS NOT PLAYABLE*.  I've also put this note in the secret craft FAQ.  
Please, my inboxis cluttered by questions about the TIE Bomber.  So if you send 
me an e-mail on it, don't expect a response.

FINAL UPDATE - 5/11/02

Alright, I decided to give a quick update here... As I said, this FAQ is
completed as far as I'm concerned.  I would however, give a great big thanks
to everyone on the Rogue Leader board.  That was my first REAL hangout at
GameFAQs, and this was my frist real FAQ.  So thank you, ImalilPissed, Bleh,
CyricZ, snooozer, Zo23, ChewyLS, reggemS, RogueLeader2, and everyone else.  You
put up with my newbie questions until I myself was no longer a newbie, and gave
me the confidence to go on writing other FAQs.  Even though I never post on the
board anymore, don't think I'm not watching you guys ^^.  I will always 
remember you guys as giving me my first online home.  In fact, the popularity
I gained there still follows me.  Its... creepy.  Anyway, I've ranted enough,
peace out guys!

Secret Ship Locations

Millenium Falcon - Get Bronze Medals or better in all 10 standard missions.

Slave 1 - Get Silver Medals or better in all 10 standard missions as well as 
the first 2 secret missions with the Millenium Falcon. (Death Star Escape and 
Asteroid Field)

Darth Vader's TIE Advanced X1 Prototype - Get Gold Medals on all 15 missions.

Naboo Starfighter - Complete Tatooine Training in its entirety at all 4 times
of the day.  That means no red can appear on the mission results.  You can set
the Gamecube's clock by holding A when it starts up so you don't have to wait 
until morning, afternoon, etc.  You can't use the ship until you complete the 
game though.

TIE Fighter - You need to get this twice in Imperial Academy Heist.  During the 
night, avoid all the sensors.  When the canyon forks, take the left road.  
You'll see a cutscene telling about an Imperial Facility there.  Fly up to it, 
and you'll see a TIE Fighter pilot near the right side of the station.  Kill 
him, and a symbol will appear of the fighter.  Switch craft, and steal the 
shuttle.  Instead of the mission ending where it should, continue to fly back 
to the station and pick up your pilot to end the mission. During the day, 
ionize all the sensors.  Then, turn around and fly over the mountain range.  To 
your left, theres a large canyon with a single sensor dish.  If you turn on 
your targeting computer, there's a TIE parked next to it.  It will get up and 
start to fly away.  Shoot a charged ion blast at it, and it will change 
directions.  After landing, there will be a rebel symbol over it.  Change 
craft, and finish the mission as normal.

Again I say, the TIE Bomber is NOT playable.

Powerup Locations

Advanced Shields - Death Star Attack - At the start of the 2nd stage, dive
close to the ground.  Turn about 15 degrees to the left.  It's sitting on a
small building next to a turret.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes - Ison Corridor Ambush - At the beginning of the 
level, dive down under the Frigate to fly through a large piece of debris.  The 
powerup is inside of it.

Advanced Lasers - Battle of Hoth - After the AT-ATs blow up the shield
generator, fly back to it to find the upgrade in the rubble.  These are VERY 

Advanced Cluster Missiles - Prisoners of the Maw - In between the weapons 
storage and comunications tower, theres a dome.  Bomb it for the upgrade.

Advanced Proton Bombs - Razor Rendezvous - Go as fast as possible to the other 
side of the Star Destroyer to see a Llamda shuttle.  Kill it for the upgrade.  
It will run away if you wait too long.

Homing Proton Torpedoes - Vengeance on Kothlis - Once you get to the Destroyer, 
fly through a hole on the left side of the bridge.

Advanced Concussion Missiles - Imperial Academy Heist - In your Y-Wing, fly 
through one of the hangers at the academy.

Cluster Proton Bombs - Imperial Academy Heist - Take a speeder during the night 
and fly through the hanger on the opposite side of the academy from the 
Concussion Missile Upgrade.

Homing Concussion Missiles - Raid on Bespin - Take out the balloon at the 
beginning, and head to the second platform.  Blow up the tanker, and in the 
rubble of the tanks will be the upgrade.

Homing Cluster Missiles - Battle of Endor - Take out the left Star Destroyer, 
and wait until it falls all the way.  While it's hanging there in space, fly 
down to it.  The upgrade will be in the hanger. (Kudos to whoever figured out 
this easier way to get it)

Advanced Targeting Computer - Strike at the Core - At the final straightway 
before the core, fly under some pipes on the right side.

General Strategies

-When trying to evade enemy fire, I find the best way is to decelerate and 
 accelerate very rapidly by clicking the buttons.  So you can still go about 
 your objective while putting up a bit of defense.

-Many may have noticed this, but try not to shoot the squad leader of a group 
 unless you want them to scatter, and get off your back.  If your going for a 
 gold, that probably means no.  Refer to the ascii diagram.

Group 1: |-O-| |-O-| |-O-| |-O-| |-O-|

Group 2:       |-O-|
         |-O-|       |-O-|


-It's mentioned in the manual, but the fastest way to turn is to click both L 
 and R.

-Also, if your wondering what targeting computer efficiency is, read the 
 manual.  The more you use the computer, the more that goes down.

-LegolasTheArcher9 ( recommends that if your 
 having trouble seeing TIEs, especially on space levels like BoE, turn on black 
 and white mode.  You can do this by entering the code LIONHEAD, or just 
 turning  the color down on your TV.

Death Star Attack
Difficulty: 10/10
Recommended Ship: X-Wing

Whoah!  First level of the game and they throw you a near impossible 
gold!  Don't worry, it gets a lot easier.

First off, theres an insanely high kill count, as well as an insanely 
low time.  You'll be trying this one over and over again.

As soon as the level starts, take out the deflection tower.  Make a 90 
degree turn and take out the other one, as well as the small turret next 
to it.  Continue on, and take out yet another, as well as the 2 small 
turrets near it.  Go to the next one and take out 3 turrets.  The next 
one has 1, and the last one in this line has 3.  Make about a 100 degree 
turn to the left, and take out the 2 on your way.  Then take out this 
tower and its 2 guarding turrets.  Aim a bit to the right, and take out 
the final tower in this line and the 6 turrets around it.  Make another 
90 degree turn to the left, and youll be told theres 2 more to go.  Take 
out the final 2 deflection towers and as many defending turrets as you 
can.  If you hear base 1 say, "We're running out of time!" you may want 
to consider restarting.

For the next section with the TIEs, it's pretty much pure skill.  At the 
start make a 90 degree turn to the left, and dive to take down a gun on 
your way.  You should see a 5 fighter squad.  Since the TIEs behave 
randomly, I can't help you after that.  But if theres a long distance 
between you and the next squad, feel free to take down guns on your way.  
You also can use 3 seeking torpedoes at your liesure.  Use the 4th torp 
on the last fighter. As soon as you fire it, dive down and kill as many 
guns as you can before you switch to the trench.

At the start of the trench, close your S-foils until you come into range 
of the guns.  You really need to move fast here, yet you also need to 
take down as many guns as possible.  Never, ever hit the brakes.  
Hopefully youll take down about 3/4s of them.

In fact, the only time you should brake is when the TIEs attack you.

When Vader attacks, fire as many shots as you can into him.  He should 
make 2 passes on you.  When he approaches for the 3rd, dont bother to 
slow down.  Close the S-Foils and move.  Han should approach shortly and 
destroy him if you've kept your speed up.  After Han attacks it should 
be a straightaway to the exhaust port.  If its not, your in trouble. ^_^  
That leaves you 2 torps to fire at the exhaust port, just in case you 

ProtoDude ( has this to say:

 A good way to gauge kills is to take out all but one tower in the first part 
while taking out any and all turrets along the way. With one tower left take 
out any remaining turrets you may have missed until you hear "We're running 
out of time" then take out the last tower. Killing TIEs fast determines your 
time so get good and try take them out in groups and kill them all before 
they split up. If you see a lone TIE in the distance use a torpedo, but don't 
use more than 4, you'll want at least two for the exhaust port. Take out 
around 4/5 of the turrets in the trench and close your S-foils in between 
turrets. When the first group of TIEs come brake then speed up right away and 
shoot them down. Close the S-foils in between turrets but shoot as many as 
you can. When the second group of TIEs come do the same. When Vader comes the 
1st time brake then close the S-foils. Do not shoot. Remember to take out 
turrets when Vader exits the trench. When Vader comes again ingnore him and 
close the S-foils. Han will take him out before he can do any significant 
damage. When you see the end of the trench get low to the bottom of the 
trench and fire a torpedo. Close the S-foils and follow the torpedo. If you 
miss, which you shouldn't if your flying straight and were low when you 
fired, fire another torpedo immediately.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 6:05
Enemies: 91
Accuracy: 39%
Friendlies Lost: 0 
Lives Lost: 0
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The Deflection Towers take quite a few hits to kill.
-Lord Vaders TIE is invincible and a large target.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-The Turrets and TIE Fighters only take one Quad shot.
-Don't ever slow down in the trench excpet when the Fighters are attacking.  
 You don't have time for it.

Ison Corridor Ambush
Difficulty: 1/10
Recommended Ship: Slave1

Slave1 doesn't have many uses, but this is one of them.  As long as you 
have clusters seekers, this mission is very easy.  Just keep your wings 
in formation since clusters seek friend or foe.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 4:11
Enemies: 40
Accuracy: 19
Friendlies Lost: 2
Lives Lost: 0 
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 72%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-Accuracy shouldn't be a problem with cluster seekers.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-If 2 Squads are heading towards each other, wait until they come close 
 enough to take out both with one cluster.

-Only use lasers if your out of clusters.  Then again, if you run out of 
 clusters you probably want to restart anyway.

Battle of Hoth
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Ship: Snowspeeder

This is a fairly easy mission as long as you remember one thing - 
troopers don't count as kills!  (Major, major thanks to Terminsel for 
pointing that out to me) When the mission starts, hit your boosters and 
head down the canyon.  Tell your wings to attack the guns.  Slow down to 
take out as many probe droids as possible, hopefully all of them.  Do not
brake though.  After they're destroyed, head over the hill to the left.  
There will be a very steep drop, and your speeder will lose altitude because 
of it.  Fly up the next hill, and make a right.  You should see 3 AT-STs.  
Kill all 3, then look behind them.  You should see a box recently dropped by
a shuttle.  Stick around for a couple seconds until you see an AT-ST 
emerge.  Kill him, then kill the box.  Turn back around, and scrap the 4 
AT-STs near the ion cannon.  Make a left, and take out the final 3.  
Now make a left, and there will be an AT-AT escorted by 3 AT-STs.  Take 
out all 3, then head towards the other 3 AT-ATs.  Kill the 3 AT-STs 
escorting them.  Hit your boosters and take down the 3 critical AT-ATs.  
On your approch, shoot them with lasers to keep your accuracy up.  When 
they're destroyed, you'll appear in a canyon.  You can tell your wings 
to flee here.  Take out the 3 probe droids, and then fly onto the top of 
the hill to your right.  You should soon see a group of probe droids in 
a rocky canyon.  Hit your brakes and take down as many as possible, but 
don't turn around if you miss a few.  Hit your booster towards your 
objective.  If you didn't kill all the probe droids from the beginning, 
you'll have another chance to here.  Quickly switch craft.

Look skyward and slightly to the left.  You'll see Imperial Fighters 
incoming.  Kill the 3 TIE Fighters with a head on approach.  Turn back 
to the right and there will be 2 Squadrons of 3 Bombers.  Take out all 6 
with a combination of lasers and 4 homing torpedoes.  Look accross the 
valley to the other transports, and there will be 2 bombers here.  Lock 
on and fire your remaining 2 torps.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 5:00
Enemies: 43
Accuracy: 53%
Friendlies Lost: 22
Lives Lost: 0
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The AT-ATs are invincible to lasers, but can increase your accuracy.
-The required AT-STs take quite a few hits themselves.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-The probe droids are necessary kills.  Don't neglect them.
-The ground troops are unnessary kills.  Neglect them.  ^_^.
-Always go full speed while wrapping the tow cable.
-Keep your wings away by telling them to flee or attack something you don't
 care about.
-Seeker torpedoes are your best friend against TIEs.

Prisons of the Maw
Difficulty: 6/10
Recommended Craft: Y-Wing

Keep your wings in formation in the asteroid field.  Avoid any 
asteroids, and steer your wings away from asteroids to.  Keep heading 
towards your objective, and on your way you should see tankers.  Destroy 
every one, starting with the left.  Head back towards your objective.  
When you see the shield, send your wings out against the fighters to 
keep them off you.  Quickly disable 3 generators.

When you get to the planet, head for the prison building.  Keep your 
wings in formation the entire mission.  Bomb the 2 groups of AT-PTs on 
your way.  After clearing the guns there, move on to the weapons 
storage.  Destroy 3 AT-PT groups on your way there.  Clear out the guns, 
and destroy the 3 AT-PTs on your way to the relay.  Also destroy a group 
by the far left gun protecting the relay.  Once you get there, attack 
the sensors.  Head for the hanger, and gain altitude so you can see 
every AT-PT group possible.  Bomb every one that isn't drastically out 
of your way.  You should get about 6 or 7 of them.  Then take out the 
hanger guns, and protect the shuttle.  Keep your wings in form and take 
out the fighters that attack it.  Only aim when you have a clear shot 
though, as you need to keep the accuracy high.  With any luck you'll get 
the gold.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 9:19
Enemies: 63
Accuracy: 75%
Friendlies Lost: 2
Lives Lost: 1
Targeting Comuter Efficiency: 75%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The tankers in the Asteroid Field take lots of hits.
-The Lambda shuttles take quite a few as well, if you see one.
-The gun towers are virtually invincible to laser fire.
-The only buildings that incrase accuracy are the sensor dishes you have 
 to destroy.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-The Cluster Proton Bombs are not necessary.  
-Only shoot at TIEs if you have a good shot.
-Most Buildings and all asteroids don't count as kills. also adds this tip:  When you reach the satellite dishes 
 and you're low in bombs. You kamiakze. (after you use up all of the bombs). 
 That's it. I know that sounds stupid, but it saves you time instead of waiting 
 for your bmobs to recharge. The gold metal allows you to have a death like the 
 battle of endor and Razor Rendozous. That's just a little thing I noticed. 

Razor Rendezvous
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Craft: B-Wing, X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

There is very short time on this mission, so you need to move fast.  At 
the very start close your S-Foils and head to the first generator.  Take 
out as many TIEs of the approching 3-ship squad as possible, but aim 
carefully.  Until you get into laser range of the generator, lock on to 
anything you can and fire torpedoes.  Destroy the generator, and fly off 
to the back of the ship.  After you get a fair distance, turn back 
around and target the other generator.  Lock on to the small gun near it 
while firing lasers.  You don't have time for a second pass, so use as 
many torpedoes as need be.  When it's destroyed, make a sharp dive to 
the left, and destroy 1 turbolaser.  Then kamikaze into the ship.

When you respawn, head for the generator underneath.  On your approch, 
lock on and torp any guns you can.  Again, you don't have time for a 
second pass, so use torps if need be for the generator.  After it 
explodes, quickly close the S-Foils and fly around to the top.  Open up 
on the command center, or ram it.  This mission may take quite a few tries. adds this:

For starters, close your S-foils and fly over the frigate to your left. 
Open it when you see a squad of TIEs flying over the Star Destroyer's hull. 
When in range, lock onto one of them with a torp, and then acquire another 
target, either another TIE or one of the ion cannons along the side of the 
Destroyer, and destroy it with a torp.

When you get in range, fire one potshot into the two small turrets next to 
the nearest generator, then launch 5 torps into the generator to destroy it. 
From where you are when you destroy the generator, fire 5 more torps into 
the other generator, and smash into one of the ion cannons on the far side 
of the ship from where you start.

When you respawn, close your S-foils and fly to the ships belly. When you 
reopen your S-foils, take out two turrets surrounding the generator, then 
unload 8 torps into the generator. After you do that, close your S-foils, 
fly to the top of the ship, and ram the command deck. 

Jim ( also adds his 2 cents:

First gold I got was on Razor Rendezvous, and I had a very easy time
at it. I right away told my wings to fight tie to protect the rebel
ship, then speed right to the top of the Destroyer. Making sure to use
my homing missles on anything they could grab, I slammed the first
shield with lasers. It would blow, and I would wind up behind the
destroyer. At that point, I would turn around as quick as I could and
do the same from the back on the second shield. When that blew, I
would then fly toward the front of the destroyer, leaving my lasers
off, taking out everything I could with my homing missles, then let my
self die. With the second life, I would go right away under the
destroyer and take out the third and final shield with missles and
lasers. I found that if I did not get it on one pass, I would not be
able to beat the level, so I just wasted most of my missles on it.
When it would blow, I would have about 4 missles left. From there, I
would swoop around to the top of the destroyer, heading strait for the
command deck. Finger off the laser, and shooting the last of my
missiles at whatever I would get a lock on. Then just ram the command

Using that approach, not being very good at the game I was able to
slam the requirments for gold in a very short period of time. The
trick was to get your missles off on enough different targets on the
first life. And if you did not destroy any of the shields on one pass,
the falcon is too klunky to turn around. I was able to beat the level
in right around 50 secs this way.  (Ed. Note: Apparently, he recommends 
the Falcon.  Anyone who thinks he's nuts say "Aye!")

And if 3 strategies weren't enough, ChewyLS ( adds another:

From the beginning, head straight for the first generator. Kill one of the 
three TIE's that approach you, and charge your ion cannon. Shoot the left 
generator with the ion cannon, and while it's still flashing  blue, drop 3 
bombs on the generator (advanced proton bombs or advanced cluster bombs).  
Repeat with the right generator, and drop some bombs on the top of the SD. 
Crash after this. When you respawn, head for the bottom generator, charge 
your ion cannon, shoot the generator, and rapidly tap "A" to fire two lasers 
instead of one each time. Kill the bottom generator, and head from the 
command deck from the front end of the SD. While heading for the command 
deck, drop bombs onto the top side of the SD to kill some guns. Crash into 
the command deck and you're done.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 1:19
Enemies: 10
Accuracy: 60%
Friendlies Lost: 0 
Lives Lost: 1
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 85%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The shield generators will provide you with all the accuracy you'll need.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-Always look for the option for R2 to repair your ship.
-Count your kills so you can be sure to get 10.
-Ramming the command center doesn't take a life and still kills the 
 Destroyer (as long as the shields are down that is).

Vengeance on Kothlis
Difficulty: 7/10
Recommended Craft: Slave1

This craft has one more use before being put on the scrap heap.  Start 
out by attacking the 2 fighters on the far left of the radar.  These 2 
TIE Interceptors will quickly destroy you if you don't take them out 
first.  Turn back towards the transport to see 5 TIE Fighters coming in.  
Cluster them, and turn straight ahead to cluster the 5 TIE squad.  Turn 
left towards the mountains.  Wait until the 2 ship squad on the left and 
the 3 ship squad approaching from the right are fairly near each other, 
and take them out with 1 cluster.  Head back towards the transport, and 
look straight ahead.  You should spot 2 TIE Fighters a fair way off.  
Cluster them, and look to the mountain to your right.  Cluster the other 
2 TIE Interceptors fast approaching.  Wait until 2 squads of fighters 
converge near the engines, and cluster them.  Head back to the 
transport, and get a fair distance behind it.  2 more fighters should 
attack.  Finish them off to eliminate all fighter threat for now.  Fire 
all remaining clusters at the Star Destroyer to eliminate as many guns 
as possible.

You have the same speed as the transport while braking, so get on its 
right side near the front.  That way you'll immediatly switch craft 
after the custscene.  Tell your wings to stay in formation and quickly 
wrap up all 3 AT-ATs.  Switch to the Y-Wing.  Head towards the bow of 
the ship, and bomb the 3 Troopers with E-Web blasters on the way.  Drop 
about 3 bombs near the front of the ship to take out virtually every 
troop there.  Start bombing AT-PTs, with your wings in form.  If theres 
only 1 or 2 in a group, don't bother to use a bomb - simply laser them.
Sometime the ground troops will ask you what to do.  Tell them to attack 
the AT-PTs.  The next time they ask, tell them to defend.  This will 
drag out the mission until right before the required time.  Continue to 
bomb AT-PTs until they ask you to breach the hull.  Hopefully you have 
at least 10 bombs.  Drop all but 3 on the hull.  Then use those 
remaining 3 or 4 on the turbolasers on the far side of the ship.  Go 
back to bombing AT-PTs until the commandos tell you they're all gone.

At this point, go engage the fighters.  You need to keep your accuracy 
up, so only shoot if you have a good shot.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 9:55
Enemies: 100
Accuracy: 27
Friendlies Lost: 2
Lives Lost: 0
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 85%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-If theres only a few AT-PTs in a group, use lasers instead of having 
 the clusters from a bomb miss.
-The Star Destroyer's Turbolasers take quite a few hits to kill.
-AT-ATs are here again, so you can raise your accuracy with them.
-Only shoot at TIEs if you've got a clear shot.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-Fire all your clusters at the Star Destroyer right before you land for
 gun kills.
-Kill all the troopers at the front of the ship with a bomb or two.
-Try to conserve bombs to take out the Destroyer's hull in one pass.
-If theres no enemies to kill for the time being, shoot any remaining 
 guns with lasers.

Imperial Academy Hiest
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Craft: Y-Wing

In order to get the gold here, you need to do this mission in the day, 
so you have the Y-Wing.  If it's not day, you can always set your 
Gamecube's clock to morning.

On the approach ionize every sensor, but try to keep your speed up.  
Once you get to the last sensor, take the canyon to your right.  You'll 
appear in an imperial base.  Fly around to every platform and drop 2 
bombs on each - one on both sides.  This will take down the parked 
fighters, making your job easier and earning kills.  Do this for all 3 
platforms, then move towards your objective.  You'll appear in another 
base.  Bomb all 3 platforms again.  Finally head for your objective 
again and you'll be at the academy.  If you've been here before you know 
theres lines of parked fighters.  Laser about 4 rows of them.  Save at 
least 2 rows on the left quadrant while approaching though - you can 
destroy those with the shuttle while fleeing.  Also, bomb all 8 guns.  4 
are around the tower, another 4 by the shuttle.  Steal it, and laser the 
2 remaining rows on your way out.  Head to the objective, but use the 
rear gun sparingly.  You need to keep accuracy high.  In fact, if you 
think you'll make it without being destroyed, don't use it at all.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 4:11
Enemies: 51
Accuracy: 49%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 0
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The sensor dishes can improve your accuracy.
-If your playing with the speeder at night, theres more AT-ATs.
-You can shoot the turrets instead of bombing them to improve accuracy.  
 Not the buildings though.
-Tap the fire button for the rear gun.  Never hold it in.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-The lined up TIEs make for easy kills.
-Watch your time.  You don't have a lot to spare.
-Don't dogfight with the TIEs at all.

Raid on Bespin
Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Craft: X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

It's best if you come back and get the gold after you have the X-Wing.  
You don't need the speed here, and the X-Wing is much more durable.  
Making that requirement where you can't die a lot easier.

Start off the mission by heading for the balloon straight ahead.  Come 
underneath it and shoot the gas tanks, causing the whole balloon to 
explode.  Not only does it look very cool, it kills every gun on the 
thing instantly.  Do this for every balloon.

Next turn your attention to the two TIE Interceptors hovering about.  
Use 1 seeker torpedoe on each.  Move onto the next group of platforms, 
and tell your wings to go after fighters. Take out the 2 balloons in 
this area.  Wait around until the tanker gets a fair distance from the 
platform, then destroy it.  If it explodes too soon it will take a lot 
of tanks with it.

Move on to the last group of platforms, and take out all 4 balloons near 
them.  You can dogfight now, but it's not necessary and will probably 
just reduce your accuracy.

After the cutscene you'll be in the city itself.  Tell your wings to 
engage the fighters.  Follow your objective to each generator, but take 
out every balloon you can on the way to each one.  Hopefully when you've 
destroyed all 3 generators, there won't be a single balloon hovering 
above.  You can also switch to the cloud car in this area, but its best 
to stay in the X-Wing unless your shields are critical.

When all 3 generators are destroyed, head for your objective again.  
Tell your wings to form up.  Destroy the last 2 balloons in the level.  
Gain altitude, and take out the TIE Bombers with your seeker torpedoes.  
There's usually a squad or 2 of TIE Interceptors hovering around here, 
but destroying them is completely optional.  Keep killing Bombers until 
the mission is complete.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 6:40
Enemies: 110
Accuracy: 65%
Friendlies Lost: 29
Lives Lost: 0 
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 72%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The turrets in and around Cloud City can improve kills as well as take plenty 
 of hits.  They shouldn't be necessary though.
-Use seekers on TIEs instead of lasers.
-You can kill each individual turret on the balloons, but it is time 
 consuming and dangerous.
-The tanker can take quite a few lasers.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-Shoot the fuel tanks on the balloons for easy kills.
-It's not neccessary to dogfight, save the 2 in the beginning and bombers
 at the end.
-The Cloud Car is there if your probably going to die.

Battle of Endor
Difficulty: 4/10 or 9/10.  This is a mission some have no trouble with,
while others think it's impossible.
Recommended Craft: X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

There isn't a whole lot to say about the first part of this level, since 
it's just one huge dogfight.  Keep your wings in formation and 
immediatly turn around at the mission start to head for the fighters.  
Kill as many as you can.  Eventually that annoying lady from the medical 
frigate will gripe at you.  Send off your wings after the fighters.  
Dogfight until the TIE Bombers show up.  Take out as many as you can on 
the first run, and follow up by taking out some more.  Then just go back 
to dogfighting whoever you see.  When Lando (or a bad voice 
impersonation of Lando) says the frigate isn't going to last much 
longer, go kill the TIE Bombers.

On the second part, close your S-Foils and head after the Star 
Destroyer.  Keep your wings in formation.  Wait until the large squadron 
of fighters passes under you, then tell your wings to go engage them.  
Open your S-Foils when you get in range and make a run on the first 
generator.  Don't slow down though.  Fly over the generator to the back 
of the ship, get a fair distance away, and turn around.  Hold in the 
brake and kill both generators.  The Star Destroy is so focused on 
everything else he probably won't even fire back.  Dive straight down, 
then come up for the last generator.  Swing back around to the bridge 
and destroy it.

Your shields probably aren't in the greatest of shape here, but your 
allowed one death.  Head off to the second Star Destroyer and use the 
same strategy.  I guess he learns from how easily you took out his pal 
because his guns will be focused more on you.  Follow the same strategy 
for this ship as well.  When it goes down, you should have time to fight 
a couple of TIE Interceptor Squadrons before the mission ends.  Use 
seeker torpedoes on them if you have any left.

Scott Demarest recommends you take the Y-Wing for this mission:

In the beginning immediately turn around and keep your wings in formation. 
Once the fighters appear tell your wings to engage them. The Y-Wing can take 
massive damage so their is almost no chance of dying yet. You can even take 
repeated hits from Darth Bob and mantain green shield strength (besides, 
you'll be taking pretty wide turns anyway, so Bob shouldn't be a problem). 
Just fly behind all the TIEs and take out as many as you can. Since the 
Y-Wings shoot straight linked fire you'll have some accurate shots. You'd be 
surprised how many fighters you can take out in one pass. Once the frigate 
lady starts up fly over and continue to fire and cover it. Once the bombers 
come fly behind them and take out as many of them as possible. Then just 
engage whatever flies in front of you. Once lando informs you that the 
frigate won't last much longer take out the rest of the bombers.

Skip the cut scene and go full speed toward the ISDs (yes it takes a while 
=). Once the fighters pass you, send your wings to engage them. Go to the 
left ISD and take out the bottom generator. Fly underneath the right ISD and 
take out that bottom generator as well. Now fly back toward the  left ISD 
and take out its right-top generator. Once it's gone make a strafing run 
against some turrets (you can use some proton bombs if you want). Fly behind 
it, turn around and take out the remaining generator. Now that the left ISD 
has no generators left, leave it and go take out the right ISD's left top 
generator. Now fly behind it, turn around and take out the remaining 
generator. While your passing over the ISD take out some turrets. Now get 
some distance, turn around, and using lasers take out the bridge. Now take 
out the bridge of the left ISD. With both ISDs dead take cover behind Home 
1. Feel free to engage fighters if your shields are still healthy. But keep 
far far distance from the Star Destroyers and only shoot if you have a clear 

By doing this I easily reached the Gold Medal requirements and lost no 
lives. You just have to be careful and monitor the D-pad icon. While 
attacking the ISDs you want to hit repair as soon as it appears.

Alan Sentman ( has an alternate Strategy:

I found I was consistantly short on kills for this mission, and when I had 
enough kills, I'd mess up some other aspect.  I finally solved the kill 
problem by taking out the 6 turbolasers on the bridge of the two star 
destroyers.  This is advantageous in two ways. First they make nice easy kills, 
and you can hit them first, and easily switch aim over to the shield generators 
after only a few shots.  Second, I found your lasers tend to auto aim over to 
them, so you shoot straighter, especially at the bridge, if you take them out.  
Between the two Star Destroyers, that's 12 extra kills from the bridge 
turbolasers, without wasteing much time, so if someone's finding themselves 10 
kills short, as I was, this should help greatly.

ProtoDude ( again shares his insight:

Turn around as soon as the mission starts. Speed ahead and engage the middle 
diamond of Interceptors. Take out at least four of them then turn and engage 
the Fighters that came from the right side when you're facing the ISD fleet. 
Fighters seem easier to kill. When you hear the annoying lady scream for help 
head over to the medical frigate and blast TIEs. Stay by the frigate for the 
majority of the first segment, as most of the TIEs are concentrating on 
destroying it. When the bombers arrive get to the side of them. If you head 
straight at them all of them will lock on to you and you'll have about 100 
missiles on your tail which will destroy you instantly. Take ou the majority of 
the bombers but not all. If their are any Fighters or Interceptors left destroy 
most of them before taking out the last few bombers. Don't die in this part. 
Once the second segment starts speed ahead to the left ISD. Take out as many 
TIEs as possible while still going stright. Go under the ISD and destroy the 
reactor. Get a ways behind the ISD then turn around and destroy both 
generators. Use torps as needed. When that's done crash into the right ISD's 
bridge to destroy it. Now blast the left ones bridge with 1 or 2 torps. Go 
after fighters immediately. The mission ends soon so rack up some kills. Use 
all your remaining torps to do so. 

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 10:00
Enemies: 60
Accuracy: 31%
Friendlies Lost: 6
Lives Lost: 1
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 80%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The only one I could think of are the Turbolasers, but you don't have 
 much time to spare.  The shield generators should provide enough accuracy.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-If you attack the left destroyer first, it seems to fire at you a lot less.  
-Attack the left generator of that destroyer to the other one can't fire at 

Strike at the Core
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Craft: X-Wing

The basic idea of this mission is that you have to stay close to the 
Falcon.  If it gets too far away, it will automatically be destroyed.

Keep your S-Foils open and take out the first group of ships take flys 
over, and the second.  By now the Falcons fairly far away, so close your 
S-Foils to catch up.   Open them again to destroy the 3rd wave.  Close 
them again to get close, then open them again to destroy the 4th.  At 
this time you'll be near the core entrance.  While flying over the 
surface you also need to destroy 4 guns to get the necessary kill 

Once inside, waste the 3 fighters attacking the Falcon ASAP.  Close your 
S-Foils until you get close, and open them to waste the guys tailing 
you.  Repeat this process until you get to the core.  Take out the power 
regulator, and fly out.  Keep your S-Foils closed the whole time, but 
slow down on all the turns.  If you get a chance, go ahead and just pass 
the Falcon.  The mission will automatically end when you get to the 
exit.  The medal for this level itself isn't all that hard to get, it's 
the difficulty of the entire level.

Jason Conner ( has an alternate method:

On the strike at the core mission, after you have entered the death star, 
shoot the ties immediately in front of you, and boost PAST the falcon. Yes, 
fly right past it and don't look back. Make sure to stay ahead of it the 
whole way through. the falcon will NOT get shot down (for some reason). as 
soon as you get to the core room, hit the breaks, and HIT THE DECK. the 
falcon will fly overhead, as well as a PANTLOAD of ties. however, they stay 
in a pretty tight group so it will take you all of 5 seconds to waste them 
all. the just shoot the reactor and haul ass.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 5:05
Enemies: 41
Accuracy: 32%
Friendlies Lost: 0 
Lives Lost: 1
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 95%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-Scott Blanchard ( sends in his accuracy boosting

 i've found 2 things that help a lot, in fact, my accuracy was 84% when 
 i won gold (required for gold was only 32%). 1) take out more guns than
 necessary in the first part. after each set of ties is shot down, take 
 the time to knock out 3-4 guns each time. you can't miss them, and they 
 add to your kill count, too. 2) once you're in the death star, you would 
 have to play really stupid to get han shot down.  use the extra time you 
 have to fly right up on every single tie fighter, and only shoot when you 
 have him right in front of you. with any luck or skill, you shouldn't miss 
 a single shot while in the death star.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-Close your S-Foils to stay close to the Falcon.
-Remember to kill 4 surface turrets.
-The Power Regulator only takes 1 torpedoe or 1 Quad Blast.
-Keep your S-Foils closed the entire time during the escape.  Just slow
 down on tunrs and speed up on straightaways.
-Pass the Falcon and get out ASAP if you get a chance.

Death Star Escape
Difficulty: 3/10, or 9/10.  Another mission others breeze by, while others
scream bloody hell at their cube.
Recommended Craft: You can't choose - your in the Falcon's turret

I can't write a walkthru for this, it's just pure skill.  Don't fire 
unless you have a clear shot, and don't fire when the TIEs are far away.  
You'll probably have to play this one about 5-10 times until you get 
lucky or start to remember the TIEs flying patterns.  Good Luck. apparantly has too much time on his hands.  Because he
sent me a breakdown of all the fighter formations:

When the level starts shoot twice to hit the two ties right in front 
of you. The next group of ties come from the top left of your screen and 
fly diagonally down and right, immediately followed by three ties from 
the left side of the screen. If you fail to kill all of these ties, they 
will come back from the right side along with three from the left. After 
these are all destroyed three ties fromt he top left fly downwards and 
farther left immediately followed by another group from 9 o'clock. These 
two groups of ties merge in the middle for a brief time, so if you center 
your gun there you should be able to get most of them. Once these are 
destroyed, a group from the right and one from the left will come out at 
the same time. Kill these to find a few come out from the left followed by 
3-4 from the right. These are the "few more." Once you kill the last
stragglers from this group you'll be faced with "two more." This is the 
hardest part of the level. Just be sure that you don't shoot at them if 
they're ridiculously far off in the distance. If you keep your gun near 
the top, you'll be able to get them fairly early on. 

HINT: You can aim higher than you think. 

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 1:20
Enemies: 35
Accuracy: 16%
Friendlies Lost: 0 
Lives Lost: 0
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________


Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-Freakyaliendude ( tells me: In the Death Star 
 Escape you can use the C-Stick to fire farther to the Side/Top/Bottom 
 of the screen then just holding the reg one. (Am I the only one who
 didn't know this? ^_^)

The Asteroid Field
Difficulty: 2/10
Recommended Craft: Your stuck with the Falcon again

This is a very easy mission, since all you do is fly straight the entire 
time.  Thanks to a suggestion from Dante, turn on enemy camera so you 
can see when the TIE Fighters are behind you.  When the game starts to 
scroll back, tap the fire button until it scrolls forward again.  During 
this time just dodge asteroids, because the lasers will probably kill 
you eventually.  When you get to the Star Destroyer, don't bother to 
destroy anything on it.  You should have plenty of kills already.  Just 
touch the symbol to end this walk in the park.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 4:34
Enemies: 50
Accuracy: 10%
Friendlies Lost: 0 
Lives Lost: 1
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 75%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-Keep the enemy camera on so you can see the TIEs.
-Tap the gun.  Don't hold it in.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-Try to stay level so you don't go under or over the objective.
-The Asteroids don't count as kills or accuracy.

Triumph of the Empire
Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Craft: TIE Advanced Prototype

How can something so evil feel so good?  It's time to turn the tables on 
those Rebel Scum and kick them off the Death Star.

Keep your wings in formation.  Simply follow your radar and kill every 
group of Rebel Fighters with Cluster Seekers.  All the 3 ship squads 
usually take 2 salvos.  Don't fire a single laser here.  When the first 
easy part is over, you should have about half your clusters left.

At the start of the Trench, dive down and take out the 3 Y-Wings with 
lasers.  Easy targets since they fly fairly straight.  Head out of the 
trench and use your clusters on any Squads flying around.  Make your way 
towards your objective, but the fighters should be your primary target.  
Dogfight until you either run out of clusters or the objective cone 
switched sides on your radar - meaning the fighters in the trench have 
passed you.  Immediatly chase after them and laser all 3 to death.  Head 
out of the trench once more and finish off more fighters if you have 
clusters left.  Then head for the final group and laser them as well.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 4:00
Enemies: 32
Accuracy: 35%
Friendlies Lost: 3
Lives Lost: 0
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The straight flying fighters in the trench are easy pickings for lasers.
-Don't ever dogfight with lasers.
-metalsandman ( says: When you are shooting down the Y and 
 X-Wings in the trench, switch to cockpit view. It helps immensely with

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-Keep your wings in formation the entire time or just tell them to flee.
-Don't die to get more clusters.

Revenge on Yavin
Difficulty: 6/10
Recommended Craft: TIE Advanced Prototype

Keep your wings in formation.  Go straight ahead and take out the 
transport peering over the hill.  Fly a distance away, and swoop back 
around to destroy the other.  If you see a Rebel Transport high above 
about to escape, let it go.  After the other transport is destroyed, 
turn around and head to the far right base. (right relative to your 
starting location)  Along the way theres 2 valleys with Rebel Fighters 
in them.  They all have thier shields down, so it only takes one cluster 
per squad.  Finish off the 4 transports in this area.  If one starts to 
flee, make it your prime target.  Your braking speed is just about equal 
to thier cruising speed, so you can easily get behind them and fill them 
with lasers.  After all 4 are destroyed, head off to the final base and 
its 3 transports.  Along the way you'll see another valley with Rebel 
Fighters.  Cluster them and finish off the transports.  After that, 
you'll see a cutscene.  Use this time to engage Rebel Craft.  You want 
to get rid of most of your clusters here, so kill as many things as 
possible.   Tell your wings to form up if they're left.  Keep an eye on 
the door of the base, because it will open a second time.  (The first 
time, it briefly opened to let 3 X-Wings out immediatly after the 
cutscene.  It closes to fast for you to get in though) While inside, use 
any clusters you may have left on the transports.  Shoot to kill 
everyone , but focus on the forward most 3, as they'll be trying to 
escape soon.  Kill all the transports for the gold.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 4:19
Enemies: 36
Accuracy: 65%
Friendlies Lost: 15
Lives Lost: 0 
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 100%

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The transports themselves take tons of hits with lasers.
-If for some weird reason you need more accuracy, the Corellian Corvettes 
 take many as well.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-The fighters on the ground are easy kills.
-You must fly inside the base to meet the time requirement.
-Not really a tip, but if you fail the mission Vader shoots down a TIE
 Fighter saying "Failure is unnaceptable!" or something.  It's really cool! ^_^

Difficulty: 8/10
Recommended Craft: X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

It's pretty much up to you what craft to use.  With the X-Wing you'll have
to start the "chicken" tactic earlier due to your lack on manuverability. 
The N-1 has weaker shields though.

Dogfight until around wave 20-30.  They'll start to get tough 
at this point.  Do head on passes on them, then fly to the other side 
until they're at the bottom of the radar.  Turn around, do another head
on pass.  Repeat over, and over, and over again.  After wave 99, you'll
fight Vader.  He takes quite a few lasers or 2 homing advanced torpedoes.  
Don't bother to shoot him with lasers for accuracy, because a few lasers 
won't matter compared to how many you've fired so far.

Gold Medal Requirements________________________________________________________

Time: 400:00
Enemies: 1300
Accuracy: 8%
Friendlies Lost: 0
Lives Lost: 12
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 0%

Bryan Fink ( tells me his strategy guide says the
number of kills needed is 1300.  Thanks Bryan!

And in case your wondering how your allowed 12 lives, every 10 waves Lambda 
shuttles appear, which give you an extra life.

Accuracy Boosters______________________________________________________________

-The Lambda shuttles.
-Vader's TIE.

Quick Tips_____________________________________________________________________

-A ship with a R2 unit to repair damage is essential.
-The Y-Wing doesn't have the speed to gain distance for head on runs.
-Use your Targeting Computer as much as you want.

If you want to contact my poor, tortured soul, you can do so at  Any questions or comments are appreciated.  Spam is 
not appreciated unless you like to be flamed.

-Thanks to CJayC of course, for running the best gaming site on the web
-Special Thanks to me, for having the endurance for having the patience 
 to get nearly every gold.
-Thanks to Factor5, Lucasarts, and Nintendo for bringing us this great 
 game, with the exception of Endurance.
-Of course I should mention everyone who contributed strategies so far.  
 The  list is:, Scott Demarest (, 
 Jim (,,, Scott 
 Blanchard (, ChewyLS (, Bryan Fink 
 (, Freakyaliendude (, Starkweather 
 (, Alan Sentman (,  
 LegolasTheArcher9 (, ProtoDude 
 (, and metalsandman (
-Thanks to CyricZ for letting me borrow the Gold Medal Requirements.  
 Check out his great FAQ here:
-A very special thanks to Terminsel for telling me how to get the gold 
 in Hoth by not shooting troopers.   You rock man.
-A special thanks to Dante (sorry, I forget the rest of your name!) for 
 suggesting to me to turn on enemy camera for the asteroid field.
-Thanks to Pa007 from the boards.  I enjoy your posts.
-Also thanks to snooozer, Zo23, bleh, ChewyLS, ImaLilPissed, reggemS, 
 ProtoDude, RogueLeader2, and everyone else from the Rogue Leader board.
-Thanks to Meijer for having a Gamecube left for me!  =)
-Oh yes.  The TIE Bomber is not playable. =)

As opposed to most FAQs who prohibit you from doing just about anything 
to them, I allow people to distribute, change, post, or basically do 
whatever they want to this FAQ.  Giving credit to me is entirely optional.


Except that the TIE Bomber is not playable...