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Pohsyb's Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II Glitch FAQ

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Summary: This FAQ is not really going to help you play Rogue Leader
any better or get Gold Medals.  This is a FAQ for people obsessed 
with the game who want to knitpick over every little detail.  It is 
also a FAQ for people with WAY too much time on their hands.

This FAQ is not intended in anyway to rip on or degrade the fine
programmers at Factor 5.  They only had 9 months, while most major 
games have at least 18 months, and they still created an absolute
masterpiece. This FAQ is just something for for fun and giggles.
Also, I hope, when someone has a strange experience, they can check
this FAQ to see if they are unique or if has happened to other people.


Game Description:  See other FAQ's.

Game Play: See other FAQ's.

Ship Information: See other FAQ's.

Bonus Items: See other FAQ's.

Hints, Tips and Cheats: See other FAQ's.

Everything else that is not a glitch, bug, quirk 
or mistake: See other FAQ's

I don't like indexes, just scroll down

1.0 -- 1/11/02 -- Wrote this FAQ

1.1 -- 1/18/02 -- Added glitches, Added a bit to the intro,
                  and gave credit where needed.

2.0 -- 2/16/02 -- Added categories and some glitches

The person that first pointed out a glitch is in parenthsis
behind each glitch.

If I found/noticed a glitch before someone pointed it out 
to me I use (self).

If I couldn't find the original poster of a glitch I used (??).

An asterisk by the credit means I took a direct quote.

If you were that poster or know who that poster was please 
email me:

I've gleaned this information from countless sources and some
frome experiance.  If you are one of the may who has posted
about a glitch...thanks!

GLITCH -- A mistake in gameplay (like being able to fly 
          through a wall)

ERROR  -- A logic mistake or something in disagreement with
          the official Star Wars Universe

HUMOUR -- Anything that just seems funny

QUIRK  -- Anything that just seems weird


If you crash immediately before any cutscene, when the 
scene is over your ships shields are restored, but you will 
not lose a life. (??)

Sometimes after a mission is over, the game will freeze.
The screen will go black and the music will keep playing, but 
nothing else.  This seems to happen more often on the longer 
missions like Endurance and Kothlis. (lots of unlucky people)

Periodically (and especially on endurance) R2-D2's repair cross 
will get stuck on (sometimes by crashing as soon as it appears).  When 
it gets stuck you will be able to call on R2 for a full repair any time
but afterwards the cross will continue to annoyingly blink (even on
later lives) and R2 will no longer repair the ship until you die and
respawn. (??)

In the hangers you can pass through walls by pressing up against 
one and holding the control stick and the C-stick up and at the same 
time tapping the X button.  (The Asp1327)

Flying low to the ground during bombing runs will result in a
sever frame rate drop. (??)

If you pause the game immediatly before a death, the pause screen
music will continue when you re-spawn. (Zonno2) 

NEW - When you close the foils on the X-Wing the reticule will 
disappear, but it will not return when you are using the 
targeting computer. (Mariofett)

In the credits after beating the game Luke Skywalker is
spelled "Luke Skwalker." (PuPz)

Throughout the game, the bubble on the bottom of the 
Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) is referred to as a sheild generator, 
while it is actually the main reactor. (self)
UPDATE - Dracard writes: Anyways, I'd like to point out that also 
the top two globes on the top of the ISD are sensor globes, not 
shield generators as said. Several SW sites seem to confirm this. 
Many SW games (Not just RL) have this, too.

The cockpit of the B-Wing is supposed to stay level as the 
ship rotates, but it rotates with the ship instead. (BabyLarva)
UPDATE - Roach writes:
The B-wing was developed shortly before the battle of Endor, 
that's probably why Factor 5 didn't make it the default ship 
for many missions.

Snow speeders only have one tow cable, but on several levels 
you are required to take three of them down. (BabyLarva)

On any level where you have wingmen in slower ships, they will
still be able to match your speed. (reggemS)

When using cockpit mode with the Naboo starfighter, the blue
flame of the engines is not visible. (ProtoDude)

In space the Y-wings proton bombs will always fall the same direction
even though there is no gravity (James94)

The Y-Wings bombs will magically regenerate This is not consistant 
with any movie, book, or game previously released. (*STLocutus)

Slave 1's lasers fire slightly below the aiming reticule (STLocutus)

NEW - The narrator says the Y-Wing's ion cannon is auto-aiming, 
but it does not auto-aim during gameplay. (GBA180)

NEW - The instruction manual shows a picture of a snowspeeder by
the desciption of the A-Wing.

The B-Wing has ion cannons, but on all levels where Ion cannons 
are required you are forced to use the Y-Wing.  
Why even bother? (Protodude)

When you change ships (in any level) the scene showing the change
doesn't show the pilot get out his old ship, I guess he just teleports.

If your wingmen are with you when you change ships, they will just
hover as you change ships, then instantly change ships mid-air. (Jay)

TIE fighters following you through a tight space (beneath an AT-AT's
legs) will generally crash.  Not very good pilots I guess.  (self)

Training Mission

On some of the training items, notably braking and boosting if 
you brake or boost too soon, it will not register and you will have 
to try again. (self)

NEW - Sometimes a severe slowdown will occur for apparantly 
no reason. (bug)

You cannot go to a new training until the narrator is done 
yapping about a previous one. (Self)

You can cheat on the Beggar's canyon race.  Follw Biggs down 
path 1 until it says "path 1" on the screen, then pull a U-turn 
and go down path 2. (Vic Rattlehead)

If you shoot the crashed TIE fighter with the ION cannon it
will roll around in the ground. (blueflame)

Death Star Attack

If you crash into a horizontal pylon, the scene showing your
death will also show your wingmen clipping right through it.

In the X-wing craft description the evil narrato says the X-Wing
is the craft that destroyed the Death Star even though that is your
current mission. (Darkclaw)

Near the end of the trench run, the Millenium Falcon sometimes 
swoops overhead and sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes the Falcon 
will miss the TIE fighters it's supposed to pick off. (Amorphos)

Darth Vader's ship can be destroyed.  Some others have reported
being able to destroy it, but I'm still skeptical...I think it's just
the falcon doing it for you.
 --UNCOMFIRMED (outrider2400)

If you tell your wingmen to leave they will still talk to you
throughout the mission and return for the trench run. (STLocutus)

NEW - Even after all of the turbolasers have been eliminated, 
mysterious gunfire still magically appears out of the surface of
the death star

If the last TIE fighter in a squad dies by colliding into a 
tower or another TIE, Wedge will still compliment you on what 
a great shot you are. (*STLocutus)

Ison Corridor Ambush

NEW - If you win with the millenium Falcon, the ending cutscene 
will show the inside of the falcon. (SeaSerpent)

In the cutscene showing the docking with the Redemption, the 
Redemption is flying backwards. (Necromancer001)

If you use the TIE fighter, the begining cutscene will show it
coming out of hyper-drive even though the narrator explicitly says
there is no hyperdrive in the craft description. (BenKitsune)

After the first cutscene, there is a buick floating around 
in the Nebula.  I haven't devised a failproof way to locate this 
but if you follow the direction the convoy is going it is slightly 
to the right and down. 
bcole23 writes:  There is a way to see the car in the Ison Corridor
every time. At the beginning of that part, just turn around 180. 
Do not speed up or slow down(unless you're in the N1 or A-wing). 
Your craft will automatically turn around. Now just center your 
craft on the Medical Frigate and the car will come from below 
it flying toward you.

The captain of the first frigate to be attacked will scream 
'They're all over us!' even if you've destroyed all but one of 
the TIE fighters in the area. (*STLocutus)

Battle of Hoth

There is a flying rebel soldier in the first section.   
The best way find him is to fly towards the main battle area 
then head over to the lead group of AT-AT's that still have 
AT-ST escorts.  Coming from behind, the flying soldier is almost 
directly behind the rightmost AT-AT.  He is not flying very 
high so don't look too far up.  Laser shots will not affect him 
( you can even fly right through him).  Try this in cockpit mode 
and he will even clip right through your cockpit. (Self)

When holding on the brakes and flying towards an AT-ST, 
they will sometimes slide forwards as if they have ice skates. 

All of the lasers are pink on hoth instead of the 
customary red and green. (Self)
UPDATE - Matt writes:
... I don't agree that the pink lasers in the battle of hoth 
should be considered a glitch.  If you listen to the audio 
commentary during this level, the developers refer to the pink 
lasers as something that they did on purpose to reflect what 
was done in the movie.  Even if the effects crew involved in 
the original movie made an error (which I believe they did), 
the designers of the game clearly did it on purpose to remain 
true to the scene.

After the long cutscene where Luke's snowspeeder goes down, 
you supposedly switch to controlling Wedge.  However, you actually
end up controlling the same speeder you left off with, in the same 
location you were in before the cutscene began.  (*STLocutus)

NEW - The downed AT-AT will mentioned above will not be anywhere 
on the battlefield. (GBA180)

If you choose a speeder with the right viewpoint, you can 
see that the hanger doors never open. (Oni1ink)

After you complete the first part, if you don't go near the
transports you can linger around the battlefield as long as you
want.  If you wait long enough the rear AT-AT's will eventually
make it to the rebel defense line and stop (kinda cool to see).
However, when the second and third waves catch up, the leftmost
AT-AT's (from the back) will pass right into the one already
stopped and eventually mearge with it completly.  Although, the
shadow of the 3-in-1 AT-AT will be much darker than the solitary 
ones. Only try this if you have no life. (self)

Prisons of the Maw

In the first section, even after you make a hole in the 
sheild blocking your path if you try to fly past there area 
where the sheild was you will still blow up. (Self)

If you destroy the train tracks, the train will still
magically fly over the destroyed section.  (Cracker Farmboy)

After you dismiss your wingmen, they will fly offscreen
and play ring-around-the-rosey in a crater out of bounds. 

Razor Rendevous

If you suicide into the command deck after the sheild 
generators have been destroyed you will end the mission and 
not lose a life. (CyricZ)

The raised panel on the bottom of the ISD and closest to the 
front can be clipped. (self)

If you destroy the ISD fast enough (it has been done 
as fast as 19 seconds) the Razor will not fall to Kothlis 
with it, thereby negating the need for the Vengence on 
Kothlis mission. (outrider2400)

If you use the TIE fighter, the begining cutscene will show it
coming out of hyper-drive even though the narrator explicitly says
there is no hyperdrive in the craft description. (BenKitsune)


Vengence on Kothlis

The reflection of the AT-AT's vanishes a second before the AT-AT goes 
completely underwater.  Also, while the AT-AT and your ship are properly 
mirrored, the tow cable is not. (*STLocutus)

The AT-AT's get out of the ISD and make it halfway to 
the transport in only a few seconds, but then hardly move. (??)

During the mission, Admiral Madine mistakenly refers to the 
ISD as a 'Store Destroyer.'  Wal-Mart's everywhere cringe in 
terror and alarm. (*STLocutus)

Imperial Academy Heist

There is a TIE interceptor inside a mountain.  Complete 
the sensor canyon and do almost a 180 turn.  The TIE will 
actually shoot out through the anyon wall. (warreneng)

At night time, when the AT-AT's are prowling about in 
the large valleys, if you fly close to their legs you can 
see they levitate where the ground drops in front of them. 

When playing in the daytime, after you ionize the first 
sensor you can blow it up immediately.  This will not work 
for any other sensors. (self)

During nighttime, if you destroy the cages around the AT-AT's
you can still trip then even though they are not walking.

During the daytime the second sensor does not neet to 
be ionized. (self)

Flying into or shooting the pools of water will not 
effect it...not even a ripple. (Eidostherocker)

If you trip certain AT-AT's at night, when they fall,
they can clip through the ground and bury their heads like
an ostrich.  (self)

The Academy alarm sound seems more and more like an animal 
in pain as it continues to play. (*STLocutus)

Raid on Bespin

NEW - After a gun baloon begins to fall, you can clip it.

Sometimes after destroying all of the generators in 
the main city, the turbolasers will continue firing, sometimes 
they will stop. (self)

While in the cockpit mode of the cloud car, the right-hand 
half of the ship will not collide with anything; you can fly 
extremely close to walls without worry. (This is pretty much 
true for any ship in the game, actually, including the Falcon)

NEW - After destroying every turbolaser in the entire city, you
still have to destroy the generators to complete the mission.
NEW - Even after all of the turbolasers have been eliminated, 
mysterious gunfire still magically appears out of nowhere.

Battle of Endor

You can crash into and destroy the command decks of 
both imperial star destroyers without taking out the shield 
generators first (does not work with A-Wing, TIE, or TIE 
advanced). (bleh)

Use the above trick and ram the first ISD, then
wait till it falls and stops moving.  Ram the command deck again
and the ISD will fall a little bit further, teleport back to its
starting position, then crash again as it nears Home One.

In the first part, if you die at the right moment 
(while the fleet is turning around) you will re-spawn 
INSIDE of a transport ship....which will procede to 
destroy you again. (self)

If you take out the left ISD at the right time it will 
actually bob Home One.  The ISD however will just pass through 
home one without destroying it. (self)

A TIE will fly into the bottom of the medical frigate 
and then back out.  --UNCONFIRMED (mariofett)

There is a floating B-wing, way way below the action.  
UPDATE - To find it, do the mission as normal, but once 
home one reaches the star destroyers, turn around and 
use your radar to find the isolated friendly (bcole23)

You can fly through the hollow lower portion of the Mon 
Calamari's wing by the engine. (Fly straight down between 
the engine and the solid part of the wing.) (Gsimpson25)

Most of the cutscene dialogues get cutoff before 
they end. I will outline all of these in detail later (self)

If you choose the Millenium Falcon, there will be two 
falcons in the level.  The one you are flying and the one 
Lando is flying.  (self)

Wedge will tell R5 to "lock down that stabilizer" even if
you are flying a non-droid equipped ship like the TIE fighter.

Sometimes after destroying one or both ISD's, a large 
squadron of TIE interceptors will fly away (towards the SuperSD 
in the background).  The fly in a straight line, ignore you 
and make excellent targets.  I'm not sure what triggers this, 
but it is rare.  (self)

NEW - After the cutscene showing the destruction of the 
Liberty, all the remaining TIE's in the area will be 
gone. (GBA180)

After Lando reports that the medical frigate is 'not 
gonna last much longer', it can survive for about 2 minutes.

If you turn around as the mission is just beginning, 
the TIEs will attack early.  You can start dogfighting them 
almost immediately, in order to rack up kills, while the rest 
of the dialog is occuring.  Lando will still tell you to 
accellerate to attack speed and engage the fighters, even 
though you've been doing it for the past 30 seconds.

Strike at the Core

You are able to clip through some of the towers on the surface

When you reach the Death Star core, you can only fly extremely 
slowly. This is probably done to give the impression that you're 
in a huge space, but just ends up looking really cheesy.

Death Star Escape


The Asteroid Field

You can pass through all the asteroids near the last ISD

If you fly too high or too low you get the ship turnaround
scene, but then continue flying towards the objective.  In most
levels if you go to high/low you will be forced to level out. (??)

After you attach to the back of the ISD, the cutscene 
will show all the lasers still firing at you.  Which does 
not make any sense in the context of the movies.  If they
know your attached, why would they just fly away? (self)

In any turnaround scene, the Millenium Falcon can pass
through asteroids in its way, but TIE fighters in pursuit will
crash into them. (self)

NEW - When you play as the Millenium Falcon, the objectives say, 
"Protect the Millenium Falcon" while you are actually supposed
to protect Wedge's X-Wing. (SeaSerpent)

If you use a lot of patience and the infinite lives code, 
you can destroy all the sheild generators and command deck 
on the last ISD.  They take a ton of hits and even after 
you take them out the ISD will still just sit there.  (self)

NEW - Get shot down as you go flying into the rebel icon on the 
Star Destroyer at the end of the stage. You'll go flying down, 
into the rebel icon, and the stage will end and the life loss 
won't even be registered. Even funnier about the death is that 
you will still land properly onto the Star Destroyer, and the 
Millenium Falcon acts as if it wasn't badly damaged!
(*Dont Ask)

Triumph of the Empire

If you use any other ship the cutscenes will still show 
the TIE advanced. (self)

The hanger has a TIE bomber on the ceiling which goes 
unused.  Darth Vader and the other ships don't have reflections.  
If you use the walk through walls trick, you can how the 
reflection effect was really implemented.  (self)

If you tell your wingmen to flee it will count in the 
"friendlies lost" category.  Not to mention Vader will still 
tell them to follow him into the trench (which they never 
actually do anyways).  (snoozer) 
UPDATE - the wingmenthemselves do not count as firendlies 
lost, but you always lose more friendlies if they do flee.

NEW - Shoot at your wingmen and listen to their reaction.  
It is hard to disagree with the boss man (self)

Revenge on Yavin

The walls on the outside of the great temple that 
extend radially can be clipped. (bootlegger6)

NEW - A Corellian Corvetter will pass through a transport.
(SeaSerpent) --UNCOMFIRMED

NEW - If you don't destroy the very last transport and 
wait for it to leave, once it goes into hyperspace you
will still get the cutscene showing the transport being
destroyed in the hangar.  (SeaSerpent)

Inside the rebel hanger you can blow up the rebel 
luggage (boxes and stuff stacked by the walls) but it 
will not count for kills.  (Self)

NEW - When you lose the mission Vader out of frustration
will kill one of his own men, very funny.  The cutscene 
is wierd though and Vaders lasers will remain stationary

NEW - Why bother destroying each transport individually 
when you could just blow up the whole planet with the Death 
Star? (Bulzeeb...and a bunch of other people)


After destroying Vader the count at the top of the 
screen says 100 waves completed, but the result screen 
says 99 waves.  (self)

When you fly high, you can see where the level ends. 
The edge of the death star?  (self)

The narrator states in the level description not 
to shoot at friendly rebel ships.  If that is a joke 
it is not funny.  Not funny at all. (self)

If Slave 1 is chosen a tower blocks it path at the 
beginning of the level.  If you don't press A it will 
just sit there motionless.  After pressing A you must 
pull up HARD to avoid being destroyed, but it's still 
a bumpy ride. (evstein7)

NEW - Mysterious gunfire still magically appears out of 
the surface of the death star, but there are no turbo
lasers. (self)

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