Medal Stat FAQ by Duo MaxweII

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===============================ROGUE SQUADRON 2================================

                                Medal Stat FAQ
                                 By Kyle Brown
                     GameFAQs Username: Swordmaster Crono

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}***TABLE OF CONTENTS***{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

I. **Introduction**

II. **Legal Stuff**

III. **Updates**

IV. **Main Missions**
  A. Tatooine Training
    1. Training Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  B. Death Star Attack
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  C. Ison Corridor Ambush
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  D. Battle of Hoth
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    2. Quick Tips
  E. Prisons of the Maw
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  F. Razor Rendezvous
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  G. Vengeance on Kothlis
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  H. Imperial Academy Heist
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  I. Raid on Bespin
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  J. Battle of Endor
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips
  K. Strike at the Core
    1. Medal Stats
    2. Trouble Stats
    3. Quick Tips

V. **Bonus Missions**
 A. Death Star Escape
   1. Medal Stats
   2. Trouble Stats
   3. Quick Tips
 B. The Asteroid Field
   1. Medal Stats
   2. Trouble Stats
   3. Quick Tips
 C. Triumph of the Empire
   1. Medal Stats
   2. Trouble Stats
   3. Quick Tips
 D. Revenge on Yavin
   1. Medal Stats
   2. Trouble Stats
   3. Quick Tips
 E. Endurance
   1. Medal Stats
   2. Trouble Stats
   3. Quick Tips

VI. **Special Thanks**

VII. **Contact Me**

VIII. **Conclusion**


     I had read reviews, drooled over screenshots and waited patiently for the
day to come. The day I would receive Rogue Leader. I was not disappointed. This
game is very impressive, impressive enough to inspire me to write a FAQ. I
normally wouldn't even think about doing something like this. Most other
aspects of the game already being covered by FAQs, this was practically the
only area I could cover without writing the same things as others. What's the
point of this FAQ? Well, first of all, I think it would help people to know
stats for any medal for any level. There could be many reasons for this. One
being that after you attain a medal, you no longer can check the stats for it
on your game. Another being that strategy guides aren't always accurate. It's
also very hard to find a website that has them for you. No matter the reason,
I'm writing this as a quick reference guide for anyone who needs the info. I'll
also provide strategies for "trouble stats", and quick tips that'll help out
with a particular level. I assume that you already know the terms I will use
throughout this FAQ.

     This FAQ is, in no way, a walkthrough of the game. If you want one, check
out CyricZ's wonderful FAQ. If you need complete gold medal strategies, you're
also out of luck. Instead, look up Weggy's FAQ. While you can't find full Gold
strategies here, the tips I will give you can help you to develop your own.
This is my first time ever writing a FAQ, so I hope it turns out okay. There is
one more thing you should be filled in on, for people who have been asking. A
"Darth Bob", Bob for short, is the TIE pilot who always seems to crash into you
while flying the missions(It's a nickname people gave him). I might use the
name once or twice, so I'm just filling you in, in case you didn't know.

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}***LEGAL STUFF***{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

     Here's the deal. This file is copyrighted to me, Kyle Brown, 2002. You may
not copy, in part or in whole, my FAQ without without prior permission from me.
I worked hard creating this, and deserve a say in whether or not you reproduce
it in any way, shape or form. If you want to use this on your website, you must
ask me first; otherwise it is only for private, personal use. If you have any
questions relating to this, look in the **Contact Me** section of the FAQ.


     As you might know, this is the section where I keep track of all updates
to the FAQ, beginning with the date on which I begun writing it. This section
will probably grow bigger over time as I add and/or change more things.

         7/28/02  I changed a couple things, as well as changed/added info,
	 wording, etc. in the lower half of the FAQ to make it more to my
	 liking. FAQ changed to v1.2.

	 6/26/02  I updated my FAQ to v1.1, changing some info on the "Strike
	 at the Core" mission, adding extra info onto the introduction, and
	 correcting a few grammatical errors.

	 6/17/02  I finished writing v1.0 of this FAQ

	 6/15/02  The day I started writing the FAQ again, after putting it off
         since mid-February. My procrastination proceeds me.

	 1/26/02  I begun writing v1.0 of this FAQ.

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}***MAIN MISSIONS***{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

     These are the ten main missions that do not require medal points to
purchase. Don't know what I'm talking about? Ok, here's the lowdown: Each medal
you receive gives you points that can be used to unlock the five bonus
missions. You receive 3 points for a Bronze medal, 6 for silver, and 10 for
gold. No, they do not overlap. That means that if you get a bronze on a level,
and subsequently receive a Gold on your next try, you won't get the 3 for
bronze and another 10 for the Gold. The Gold, would however, add the 7 extra
points to make it 10. This means that you cannot gain more than a total of 10
points on 1 mission. Got it? Good. On to the missions.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TATOOINE TRAINING<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     This is not really a mission, but more of a playable training course. You
cannot receive a medal of any kind here, but there is a reward. If you complete
it at all four times periods of the day, you receive the Naboo Starfighter(N1).
You, however, must completely and fully achieve all of the stats for this
course for each of those time periods. On with the stats.

---->1. Training stats(for all four time slots)

                         Discovery Items Found: 12
			 Lessons Learned: 12

			 Beggar's Canyon Racing
			 Track 1: 0:50
			 Track 2: 0:40

			 Tosche Station Racing
			 Easy: 1:00
			 Hard: 0:57

			 Womp Rat Valley
			 Easy: 20
			 Medium: 40
			 Hard: 60

			 Bonus Items Found: 2

---->2. Trouble stats

                        Really the only stats people have trouble with on this
			level are the Womp Rat Valley's hard and the Beggar's
			Canyon Race Track 1. There is really nothing to say for
			the Beggar's Canyon race except for to practice
			navigating it first(it's the left track)before you
			trigger the race. For the Womp Rat Hard(60), just use
			the "Round 'em up" trick. All that means is that you
			need to fly around the outside of the herd a couple of
			times to send them scampering to the middle, then fly
			through the Rebel insignia and continue as if you
			normally would.

---->3. Quick Tips

			- If you suck at killing Womp Rats, you might want to
			put that at the top of your to-do list. If you fail,
			then you should restart training and do it again.
			Repeat until you've killed all 60 on your first try.

			- Having a hard time finding all of the discovery
			items? Just follow the orange cone on your radar to
			reach your destination.

			- Jabba's palace isn't there just for decoration,
			y'know. Blast it a few times during to right time zones
			for the C-3P0 bonus.

			- TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter, Wherefore art thou TIE
			Fighter? Hidden halfway in the sand in the bustling
			metropolis of Mos Eisley.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DEATH STAR ATTACK<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     The first real mission. This, of course, is also the first mission in
which you can earn medals on. This level is said to have one of the harder of
the gold medals to achieve in the game.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------9:30      7:11      6:05
	Enemies Destroyed---------------21	  52 	    91
	Shot Accuracy-------------------11%       19%       39%
	Friendlies Lost-----------------1	  0	    0
	Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
	Targeting Computer Efficiency---10%       40%	    100%
	**TCE for future reference**

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        For this level, or for any level, Bronze and Silver
		        shouldn't be a problem. So these "Trouble Stats"
			sections will be strictly for Gold medal runs.  The
			main stats people generally have trouble with for this
			mission is Time, Enemies, and Accuracy. Make sure you
			balance out your kills in different sections of the
			mission. It helps if you get most of your kills in the
			Trench. That'll save time AND help you get all the
			needed kills. For Accuracy, just make sure your lasers
			hit their mark. Using linked laser will help you
			significantly on the TIE section.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Don't get too turret greedy during the first two
			phases, or you can kiss your Gold medal goodbye.
			Try to get most of your kills in the trench.

			- Shooting Vader helps to boost your accuracy if you're
			a good shot, but if you're going for a Gold medal, you
			probably won't have time anyway.

			- 1 turret a wave keeps the doctor away. What I mean
			is, during the TIE section, don't shoot too many
			turrets or you'll squander your Time stat. It's
			sensible to blast only about 1 per wave(or flock, or
			formation, or whatever)of TIEs.

			- Unless you need a boost in accuracy, don't brake for
			Vader. He's only one guy, and his shots are easily
			avoided by arcing up and down. Don't worry, good ol'
			Han will rid you of him soon enough.

			- Don't even touch your TCE, or your Gold medal stats
			are screwed.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ISON CORRIDOR AMBUSH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     This is the second medal mission, and what an easy mission this is. If
you're new to this game, though, you'll have to get used to keeping yourself
oriented in a space environment. This mission also introduces craft switching,
which you will use numerous times throughout the course of the game. If you're
good at dogfighting, then this Gold medal will be easy enough with almost any
ship. However, if you want to achieve the Gold with incredibly pathetic ease,
try out the Slave 1. It's cluster missiles(with the upgrades)will make your job
much, much easier.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------7:18      5:16      4:11
	Enemies Destroyed---------------26        32        40
	Shot Accuracy-------------------3%        7%        19%
	Friendlies Lost-----------------4         3         2
	Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
	TCE-----------------------------10%       27%       72%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        Trouble stats? Well, for using any other ship besides
			the Slave 1, those would be Time, Accuracy, and TCE.
			For Accuracy, use linked lasers on the TIEs and make
			sure you have a clean shot beforehand. For TCE, turn it
			on in quick bursts to find your enemies, and then fly
			to their position. The radar helps in this area, too,
			so you should learn how to read it effectively. For
			time, not much to say except to be quick about
			everything you do. Well, at least that's the more
			difficult way to do things.

			If you can wait until you have at least a Silver medal
			of all of the main missions and the first two bonus
			Falcon missions, you'll have the Slave 1 to be able to
			use on this, and several other missions. While it's
			relatively weak in all other areas, it's up-side is
			that it has the best secondary weapon in the game: the
			Cluster Missiles. If you have the upgrades, all you
			have to do is fly to a somewhat close distance from
			whatever you want to shoot, and let loose. They
			automatically track down and kill any enemies within
			their range. They also track down friendlies, but it's
			not something you need to worry about. Each missile can
			kill up to six enemies, and you have 20 at your

---->3. Quick Tips

			- If you can wait, definitely use Slave 1 for this
			Gold. You won't regret it.

			- Don't be afraid to use your TCE, especially in the
			nebula; you'll probably need it.

                        - Attack the TIE's that are yellow on your TCE first,
			they're the ones that will momentarily be attacking
			your friendlies. They're yellow for a reason.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BATTLE OF HOTH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     Welcome to the most perfectly crafted and recreated Battle of Hoth of any
SW game yet made. This Gold medal can be a toughie if you don't know what
you're doing. Get ready to wrangle some AT-AT's quickly, because you'll need to
if you want the Gold.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------9:55      7:09      5:00
	Enemies Destroyed---------------18        30        43
	Shot Accuracy-------------------17%       28%       53%
	Friendlies Lost-----------------32        27        22
	Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
	TCE-----------------------------15%       55%       100%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        Well, the trouble stats for this level include Time,
			Enemies and Accuracy. For time, it's crucial to be able
			to wrap up the AT-AT's quickly. The quicker, the
			better. Oh, and be quick with the rest, too. Enemies?
			Well, just shoot the probe droids, in addition to all
			of your other targets. They're easy targets, so you
			should be able to blast most of them. Accuracy is
			simple. Shoot the AT-AT's when you get the chance, and
			your accuracy will be boosted on up there.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Don't forget to shoot the probe droids. They're easy,
			fast, and boost your Enemies Destroyed stat
			significantly. You can find plenty of them in the
			canyons between the fighting and the transports.

			- Don't shoot the Snowtroopers, they won't boost your
			Enemies stat at all, and won't help your accuracy much,

                        - For this and any level, cutscenes count as mission
			time. This level has the longest cutscenes in the game,
			so you definitely need to skip them.

			- This isn't Playhouse Disney, you know. You don't have
			time to waste just gawking at your T.V. Pay attention
			and be as quick as possible.

                        - If you have Advanced Homing Proton Torps, use all of
			them on the bombers. Trust me, they help a lot.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PRISONS OF THE MAW<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     This is, I consider, to be one of the odd levels. This level has no real
background story and no real purpose to the storyline, it seems. But who cares?
This mission's Gold is pretty easy to get. Memorize the level, and I think
it'll be quickly achieved. The only problem with this level is its longevity...
......oh, well.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------12:14     10:45     9:19
	Enemies Destroyed---------------30        46        63
	Shot Accuracy-------------------11%       38%       75%
	Friendlies Lost-----------------5         3         2
	Lives Lost----------------------2         2         1
	TCE-----------------------------10%       38%       75%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        This time they are Enemies and Accuracy. All you have
			to do is to remember one thing: You have plenty of time
			to work with, so you do have time to follow the
			railway, instead of the cone. Why follow the railway?
			AT-PT's are the answer. They travel in packs of three,
			so if you can drop a bomb in the middle of a pack, it
			will destroy all three, boosting both your Enemies AND
			Accuracy stats quite significantly, plus you'll still
			reach your destination with time to spare. Do that, and
			don't be TOO slow, and you've probably got yourself a
			Gold medal.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Don't worry about wasting time by following the
			railway, it'll help you more than it'll hurt you.

			- Trying to get a gold with no destroyed AT-PT's is
			like trying to run a race when your twice as slow as
			the other guy.

			- Tell your wingmen to flee as soon as you're through
			the asteroid field; they won't help you much, and it'll
			help save your Friendlies Lost stat.

			- Don't worry too much about the TIEs attacking the
			Loader the prisoners are on at the end. It'll hold up,
			and you don't want to screw up your accuracy, now do

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RAZOR RENDEZVOUS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     The fifth mission, this is also either the shortest, or second shortest,
depending on how you slice it. This is the hardest mission I've covered so far,
but it can be completed in under 30 seconds if you're good. Spending a lot of
time protecting the medical frigate? Ha, the REDEMPTION is the least of your
troubles. One of the easiest Golds, it shouldn't take you too much time to
achieve it.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------4:30      2:58      1:19
	Enemies Destroyed---------------10        10        10
	Shot Accuracy-------------------8%        20%       60%
	Friendlies Lost-----------------4         2         0
	Lives Lost----------------------2         2         1
	TCE-----------------------------10%       50%       85%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        This time, they are not really tough individually
			(except MAYBE Accuracy), it's just trying to get Time
			and Enemies down on the same run. Even when they say
			to, don't protect the REDEMPTION at all. Focus on the
			ISD. Shoot the Big Lasers(the lasers whose blasts are
			white). They're big targets(which'll help with
			Accuracy)and will suffice for your Enemies Destroyed
			stat. Take out the generators as fast as possible, and
			that'll do for time.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Practice makes perfect! Don't forget to get used to
			just beating the mission before you aim for Gold.

			- "We've got to protect the Medical Frigate,".......
			....bah, who cares? Just take out the ISD. The
			REDEMPTION can hold its own just fine for a while.

			- Remember that on this level, you have to take out
			both of the top generators before the bottom one. You
			can take them out in any order you wish on Battle of
			Endor, but for some odd reason Factor 5 decided not to
			let you be able to do that here.

			- Run into the deck with your ship. Its much quicker,
			and it won't count as a life lost(the mission ends the
			exact instant the comand deck is destroyed).

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VENGEANCE ON KOTHLIS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     The second part to RR, the ISD has crashed on Kothlis, and you must defend
your troops while they penetrate to crashed ISD to retrieve the data from the
RAZOR. Why do they always have to rely on you? Well this is one of the most
enjoyable levels in the game, with such longevity and varied objectives. Gold
might be problem, but keep at it and you'll eventually reach your goal.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------13:00     11:30     9:55
	Enemies Destroyed---------------45        75        100
	Shot Accuracy-------------------7%        14%       27%
	Friendlies Lost-----------------4         3         2
	Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
	TCE-----------------------------12%       42%       85%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        The stats that quirk people for this mission would be
			Time and Enemies. The level, for the most part, goes by
			its own pace, so doing everything quickly won't really
			help too much. I can't help you there. With enemies,
			just destroy as many as you can. If you have an
			opportunity to kill a couple of TIEs, do so......even
			if you do have to destroy more advancing AT-PT's. Any
			extra enemy kills you can get without risking your
			commandos getting killed too much should be taken
			advantage of.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Your commandos are your highest priority. Protect
			them like you would yourself.

			- Take out the AT-AT's closest to the beach first; this
			gives the further out ones time to reach more shallow
			water, making them easier to wrangle.

			- Same rules apply here concerning AT-PT's; drop bombs
			in the middle of the groups, improving your accuracy

			- Riddle me this, Riddle me that. It is no riddle that
			you should take out TIEs with any extra time you have,
                        especially after all of the AT-PT's have gone bye-bye.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IMPERIAL ACADEMY HEIST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     This level can be cool, but the first sensor part is annoying, pointless
and boring. Stealing the TIE fighter is fun, and so is the level(after the
sensor part)in general. Gold medal? It's a synch. Just listen to those low I.Q.
TIE fighter pilots crash into the canyon walls behind you......................

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------7:19      6:05      4:11
	Enemies Destroyed---------------15        29        51
	Shot Accuracy-------------------7%        25%       49%
	Friendlies Lost-----------------0         0         0
	Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
        TCE-----------------------------15%       45%       100%

---->2. Trouble Stats

	                The only stats you need to worry about here are Time,
			Accuracy and Lives. Some people say it's easier during
			the nighttime, I say shoot for Gold during the day.
			Just remember to bomb the platforms, and while at the
			academy you have all those nicely-lined-up-just-for-you
			rows of TIEs to gun down. Ionize the sensors as quickly
			as possible, try to get most of the TIEs with bombs
			while they're still on the platforms, and blast about 4
			rows of TIEs when you're at the Academy. Make sure your
			weapons hit their mark, and be sure to destroy the
			turrets surrounding the shuttle's launch pad.

			While in the LAMBDA Class Shuttle, even if TIEs are
			swarming behind you, try to refrain from shooting your
			rear-facing laser. You can tightly turn around the
			canyon walls, however, causing them to crash(you'll be
			able to hear it happening). Do all of this as quick as
			you can.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Shoot as many turret platforms as you can; they are a
			big threat to you being able to get out of there

			-  Don't shoot the flying TIEs or your Time and
			Accuracy will be seriously screwed.

			- Do you know the Muffin Man? Probably not. But what
			you should know is that while bombs are effective for
			killing multiple targets on the TIE platforms, they'll
			only be able to destroy one TIE at a time in the neat
			little rows at the academy; and even then you need a
			direct hit. You must use your lasers.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RAID ON BESPIN<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     Well, we're at the eighth mission in the set, and it's probably the best
graphical representation of the entire game. Stare in awe at those beautiful
graphics. Don't fail getting the Gold, however, just gawking at them. You need
to stay focused. Well, actually, this level's Gold is fairly easy.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------11:00     8:55      6:40
        Enemies Destroyed---------------45        75        110
        Shot Accuracy-------------------12%       30%       65%
        Friendlies Lost-----------------41        32        29
        Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
        TCE-----------------------------10%       32%       72%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        This time, those stats appear to be only Lives and TCE,
			and even both of those are pretty easy to get. For
			lives, use a ship with stronger shields, but with still
			decent maneuverability, such as the X-Wing. Just keep
			moving and dodging their shots, and if your shields get
			too low, switch to a cloud car. Use your torpedoes on
			the Interceptors; or the Bombers if you haven't
			switched ships. The main problem people have with TCE
			is that the generators are down in the trenches, and
			can be hard to find without your TCE. Your radar can
			help remedy this. Follow your radar, and when the cone
			widens out, use your TCE in quick bursts to find them
			below you.

---->3. Quick Tips

                   - Having the generator blues? Taking too long and too much
		   TCE to find them? Follow your nose........err, I mean your

		   - Those Interceptors are quick, maneuverable, and can be a
		   real pain. Luckily, I've never encountered a Bob here, so
		   you shouldn't worry about that. If you need to kill TIEs in
		   a hurry, your torpedoes can get it done in a jiffy.

		   - Want to kick some major Imperial butt? Destroying one
		   balloon via the burners counts for 6 kills..............all
		   at the same time!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BATTLE OF ENDOR<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     Ahhhh.....the magnificent Battle of Endor you've watched so many times on
your Return of the Jedi movie has been faithfully recreated in this great
level. At least for the most part. While there are a small few things missing,
and Lando & Ackbar's voice actors have left something to be desired, it will
still bring back all of that Star Wars nostalgia. Watch out, though; this Gold
can be one Hell of a pain.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------13:00     11:19     10:00
        Enemies Destroyed---------------31        46        60
        Shot Accuracy-------------------8%        20%       31%
        Friendlies Lost-----------------10        9         6
        Lives Lost----------------------2         2         1
        TCE-----------------------------10%       40%       80%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        It seems as if, this time, they are Lives, Accuracy,
			Enemies, Friendlies, and for a few; Time. A lot of
			people claim that this is the hardest mission to earn a
			Gold on, including me. Let's get started. Time isn't
			really a problem for most people, but for some it is.
			The same rules apply here, do things as quickly as
			possible, but not so quickly as to endanger the other
			stats. Take out the bombers very quickly, though. When
			they come, they should be your only priority. For
			Enemies, if you have to, you can count every kill you
			get. If you get 37-40 before the bombers arrive, then
			you're pretty much set for Enemies, and shouldn't worry
			about it further.

			For accuracy, I can't really help you. Just be, well,
			accurate. I don't really think accuracy is a trouble
			stat, but for some reason, a couple of people I know
			had a hard time on accuracy for this Gold. Lives is one
			of your main problems here. Basically, save your torps
			(I assume you are using the N1 or the X-Wing)for the
			command decks, take out the two generators on top from
			behind, be careful whatever you do, and swerve around a
			bit so the lasers hit you less. Oh, and make sure you
			don't die in the first part. If you die AT ALL before
			going up against the ISD's, I recommend that you
			restart. It's not too easy taking out both ISD's
			without losing a life.

			Friendlies tend to tie(no, not TIE)in with the rest of
			the stats. If you get all other stats green for Gold,
			then this one probably will be, especially if you have
			a big Enemies Destroyed stat. But you can't protect all
			the Transports and Blockade Runners all at once, and
			there is no real trick to keeping enough alive except
			for killing a lot of enemies, so I can't help you
			there, either.

---->3. Quick Tips

		        - This mission is long, tough, and uhhhh.........long.
			Well, however long it is, don't hesitate to restart if
			you know that you've squandered one or more of your
			stats. It'll actually save time more than it'll waste

			- Don't be afraid of making more than one pass on a
			command deck or generator. Just don't make numerous
			passes on each. The Home One won't last forever, but
			don't worry about using extra time TOO much.

			- "Oh give me a home, where the TIE Bombers Roam....."
			Well, that may have been a little weird, but you should
			make your "home" where the TIE Bombers are. What I mean
			is, when the Bombers come, go for them right away, and
			quickly. You'll want to defeat them as soon as
			possible. It'll help you on Time, Enemies, and Lives
			(yes, even lives).

			- This mission's Gold isn't as easy as buttered toast,
			but keep at it. Of, course, that goes for practically
			any level, but lots of people found this to be the
			hardest mission for it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>STRIKE AT THE CORE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     Well, you've made it this far, but can you master the final(main)mission?
Well, actually this Gold is pretty easy, it's just the level that's hard. They
will only let you squander 1 life and still get the Gold, so you should
probably practice before attempting a Gold run. This level will have you asking
yourself who your allies are, because Lando tends to knock you into the wall
in a greedy attempt to save himself! Get the Gold, and show him who the real
Rogue Leader is!

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------7:00      6:15      5:05
        Enemies Destroyed---------------29        36        41
        Shot Accuracy-------------------10%       21%       32%
        Friendlies Lost-----------------0         0         0
        Lives Lost----------------------2         2         1
        TCE-----------------------------20%       45%       95%

---->2. Trouble Stats

	                The only stats that I could see anyone having a problem
			with, here, are lives, and MAYBE accuracy. Of course,
			the same tactics used in other levels for accuracy are
			also the ones you'd use here. the big problem with this
			level is lives. Some people have trouble just beating
			the level, much less attain a Gold. Unfortunately,
			there isn't too much advice I can pass onto you to help
			you with the life problem. I can give you a little,
			however. During the first part, stay high above the
			action, swooping down to blast any TIEs that are behind
			the falcon. As soon as they have been eradicated, swoop
			back up high above everything, and wait for more TIEs
			to come. There is also something else you need to do
                        during the first section which is important. The TIEs
                        alone will not provide you with enough kills for that
			shiny golden medal you want to get. Destroy at least
                        four Turbolaser turrets before you get actually inside
                        the DS2.

                        For the second part, get out of the way of any TIEs
			that come up behind you(you can hear their distinctive
			noise when they're nearing you). Let them pass, then
			blast them as soon as possible. Of course, you have to
			be careful not to collide or scrape against anything
			while doing all of this. Preform these tasks, while
			taking care not to mess up that perdy little ship of
			yours(in other words: don't crash), and you should be
			able to get the Gold without too much trouble :)

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - If you lose a life in the first part, definitely
			restart. You'll still have a "slight" chance of getting
			the Gold, but this mission isn't terribly long, and
			well, "Better safe than sorry," as the saying goes.

                        - You have no enemies to worry about after getting to
			and destroying the generator. Just speed up on the
			straightaways and don't worry about the Falcon.

			- Watch out! Lando likes to hog up the tunnleways. On
			the very last section, speed up and pass the Falcon as
			soon as you can. Don't worry; Lando will be safe from
			the flames.

			- During the first two parts, protect the Falcon as
			best as you can. Lando sure may not be worth the
			effort, but the Falcon and Nien Numb are!

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}***BONUS MISSIONS***{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

     Well, you're finally here; the bonus missions. These are the missions
which require the use of your hard-earned points to purchase. Which ones should
you get first? Well, if you want to make one(and maybe even two)of your gold
medals easier, go for the first two missions first(the Millennium Falcon
missions). If you get at least a silver on those two, and plus the original
ten, you receive the weak, but useful sometimes, Slave 1. If you don't like the
S1, just don't care, or would like to see things from the Empire's point of
view, then you might want to buy both of the vader missions first. Whatever you
do, save ENDURANCE for last. Trust me; you don't want to waste your points on
it until you have all of the other levels beforehand.

>>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>>DEATH STAR ESCAPE<<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<

     Well, now...this is the first of the five bonus missions you can buy in
the game. If you're going for Slave 1, this level and the other Falcon level,
"THE ASTEROID FIELD", are the two bonus missions you should open first. This
Gold can be extremely tough; even if you know what you're doing. The key to
getting it is to memorize the patterns of the TIEs. You could spend a while on
this level. Remember how earlier I said that I think PotM is one of the odd
levels? Well this one is the second one, and it definitely breaks even with it.
This mission is actually straight from A NEW HOPE, but the reason it's odd is
because you don't pilot a ship in this mission, you just take control of one of
the Falcon's gun turrets. While that eliminates worry of TCE, Lives and
Friendlies, that doesn't in turn cause the Gold to be any easier.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------2:45      2:06	    1:20
	Enemies Destroyed---------------34        34        35
        Shot Accuracy-------------------4%        9%        16%
        Friendlies Lost-----------------0         0         0
        Lives Lost----------------------0         0         0
        TCE-----------------------------100%      100%      100%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        The only two stats you should worry your little head
			over here are Time and Accuracy. Accuracy is the only
			really tough one individually, it's just getting both
                        down together, on one Gold Medal run. You might spend a
			lot of time on this one. There is only one trick to
			being able to do this; the TIEs fly in at the same
			speed, in the same way and in the same fashion every
			single time. It may take quite a few plays, but
			memorizing the TIE patterns is essential to winning
			that shiny golden masterpiece that you can show off to
			your friends. Once you have the pattern down, or at
			least for the most part, you should start your Gold
			medal runs, only working on one stat at a time. This
                        technique applies to all of the missions. Try to
			improve all of your stats for a level individually
			instead of all-out going for a Gold Medal and achieving
                        all of the stats at once. After mastering them all
			individually, then try to put them all into one run. I
                        know you've been told that before, but I can't
			emphasize it enough.

                        So, work on completing accuracy first. Why accuracy?
			Well, for this mission, Accuracy and Time go hand in
			hand. The more accurate you are, the faster your TIE
                        destroying is going to be, thus improving your time.
			Chances are that if you get at least the 16% accuracy
			you need for this gold, then your time will also be low
			enough. This works for other levels somewhat, too; but
                        this is the one that it most affects in that manner.
                        So, get to work on accuracy, without worrying about
			time too much, and the gold will almost certainly be
			much, much easier.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - MEMORIZE THE TIE PATTERNS. It is the most important
			thing to do for this gold. If you don't, then it's
			damn-near impossible to get. Trust me on this.

                        - Accuracy is your second priority. Achieve it, and
                        Time is 95% likely to also be yours in the same run.

                        - Practice; that applies for any level, but this level
			will probably take the most tries of any. Good thing
			it's so short.

>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>>>THE ASTEROID FIELD<<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<<

     The second bonus mission of the 5, this is the second MILLENIUM FALCON
mission, and, in conjunction with the first, will help you unlock the mostly
bad, but also helpful(every once in a while)SLAVE 1. This level is supposed to
be straight off of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, but it's somehow....different.
Especially the FALCON, which is much less maneuverable than it's movie
counterpart. It leaves much to be desired; it's not that fun, it's quite
different from the movie, and the Gold Medal here is much too easy. Most people
think that this is the easiest gold in th entire game. Many have gotten it on
their first try. So, you shouldn't have to worry about this mission giving you
tons of trouble.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------6:00      5:34      4:34
	Enemies Destroyed---------------25        37        50
        Shot Accuracy-------------------2%        5%        10%
        Friendlies Lost-----------------0         0         0
        Lives Lost----------------------2         2         1
        TCE-----------------------------10%       30%       75%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        There are really only two trouble stats that need to be
			covered here, and neither of them should give you too
                        much of a problem. They are Time, and Lives. For Time,
                        all you have to do is follow the orange cone straight,
                        at full speed. What about the asteroids? Factor 5 made
                        the asteroids completely unlike those in ESB. You have
                        to do practically no dodging, and even ten, it's only a
                        slight course adjustment. After making the small
			change, immediately get back on course with the orange
                        cone. Do that, and Time is covered. Lives is really the
                        only real problem you'll face on this mission, though.
                        For that, pull the camera back using the C-Stick(if the
                        enemy camera is turned off)right away. Press the A
			button whenever TIEs are behind you. The rear-facing
			laser on the FALCON aims itself automatically, so it
                        will undeniably help you on this mission. Don't worry
                        about accuracy; 10% leaves plenty of room for misses.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Speed up, and go straight, only hindering from the
                        orange cone's path on your radar only to avoid
			asteroids; then get back on course quickly.

                        - Don't be afraid to use your rear-facing laser cannon,
                        as it is essential in getting TIEs off your back. Your
                        accuracy will be fine.

                        - Swerving away from, and then around asteroids can
                        sometimes shake off TIEs by making them crash into it
                        behind you. However, it is dangerous and not

>>>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>TRIUMPH OF THE EMPIRE<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<<

     Welcome to the alternate universe stages in Rogue Leader. If you've ever
to see the Rebels lose at the Battle of Yavin, wanted revenge for them blowing
up the Death Star, wanted to blast hundreds of Imperial ships, with wave after
wave of them coming to kill you(very doubtful), or just wanted to see things
from the Empire's point of view; then these last three missions are for you.
This, being the first one, and the third bonus mission, is what would happen
if the Rebels lost at the Battle of Yavin. You take control of Darth Vader, and
try to keep the Rebel fighters from blowing up the first Death Star. Pretty
cool, in my opinion. This Gold can be hard.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------8:00      6:00      4:00
	Enemies Destroyed---------------18        23        32
        Shot Accuracy-------------------12%       20%       35%
        Friendlies Lost-----------------5         4         3
        Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
        TCE-----------------------------100%      100%      100%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        Lives and Friendlies, and sometimes Time are the
			problems this time around. Make sure that you use the
			TIE Advance(X1)for this mission, and make sure you have
			all the upgrades. You'll need them all at this stage of
			the game, especially for this level. There are two
			phases in this mission. During the first, don't shoot
			the Rebel craft with your lasers at all, for the sake
                        of Accuracy. X1's lasers are EXTREMELY inaccurate.
			Shoot your homing Cluster Missiles at all of the ships.
                        Don't waste them, though.

                        If any Rebels get behind you and start blasting, shake
			them off, it shouldn't be too difficult in the X1.
			Shoot any rebels that aren't in the trench with your
			homing Cluster Missiles. In the trench, use the
			missiles on one wave of the Rebels(there are three
			waves, and each wave has three ships), preferably one
			with Y-Wings, as they're more shielded. After defeating
			a wave, follow your cone and fly to the next one,
			shooting clusters at the Rebel ships you see. Again,
			shake off any rebels that start shooting at you.
			Defeating the enemies in the trench is the key to
			saving your friendlies, so take them out quickly. Do
			all of what I mentioned, and the Gold Medal will be
			much, much easier.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Try to conserve Cluster Missiles. If you use more
			than ten during the first phase, then you should
			restart, as you probably won't have enough to take out
			enough enemies for your Enemies Stat.

                        - Shaking off Rebels that are shooting at you is
			important. The X1 has moderate shields, but those
			Rebels are quite aggressive.

                        - Take out trench Rebels quickly, or they'll shoot down
                        turrets, causing you to get a bad Friendlies stat.

>>>>>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>>BONUS>>>>>>>REVENGE ON YAVIN<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<BONUS<<<<<<<<

     The Death Star has been destroyed by the Rebel fleet, and His Royal
Highness, the Emperor, wants you to exact revenge personally on them before
they can evacuate their base on Yavin IV. This mission is cool, fun, and the
Gold is pretty easy.

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------7:26      6:18      4:14
	Enemies Destroyed---------------15        22        36
        Shot Accuracy-------------------24%       45%       65%
        Friendlies Lost-----------------23        19        15
        Lives Lost----------------------2         1         0
        TCE-----------------------------100%      100%      100%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        I don't know about you, but the only trouble stats that
                        I can really see are Lives, Enemies and maybe Time.
			The Gold Medal for this mission is actually pretty
			easy, so there's no need for excess worry. Basically,
			you want to shake off any Rebels that are behind you,
                        just as you did in TRIUMPH OF THE EMPIRE. Don't spend
                        too much time doing this, however, because Time is just
                        a little bit short. Maneuver around, so you get hit
			less, and save your Clusters for Rebel ships; use your
                        lasers for the Transports. Don't worry about accuracy,
                        the Transports are huge targets. Now, use Clusters for
                        any Rebel ships in the air, but there are patches on
			the ground inbetween the Transport clearings that have
                        Rebel craft on the ground; ready to be taken into the
                        air. Blast them with Clusters, or even with lasers, as
                        they won't be moving. That'll help your Enemies stat
                        very significantly.

                        Be quick about all of this, and the Gold should be
			pretty easy. Remember; it may seem like a hassle, but
                        aborting and restarting the mission does wonders if you
                        know you're not going to achieve all the stats you

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - Be quick; stay on your toes; use Clusters; do a
			little jig?! Ok, forget that last one. The other tips
                        are words to live by, however.

                        - Find the small clearings with the Rebel craft, and
			blast them to Kingdom Come! Your Enemies Destroyed stat
                        will thank you for it....

                        - Be careful while inside the Temple; slow down so you
                        don't accidentally slam into a pillar or a Transport.
                        There are also Rebel ships on the ground in here, also;
                        so remember that.

                        - These tips are getting a little tedious, aren't they?


     Here we are. You've made it this far, to the final mission, but can you
handle it? You'll soon find out, won't you? This mission isn't really hard;
it's  just long. Very, very long. An average person will probably clock in at
over three hours by the end of the mission. If you can bare the extreme boredom
that follows wave 40, then the Gold Medal is yours; well, 99% likely, at least.
Very, VERY few people that have played through ENDURANCE have not gotten a Gold
Medal on their first try. Factor 5 made it that easy on purpose, of course, so
as to not anger people with it when they worked for three hours, just to find
out they missed on two-three stats. Pack a lunch; ready, set....GO!

---->1. Medal Stats
                                       Bronze    Silver    Gold

        Completion Time-----------------400:00    400:00    400:00
        Enemies Destroyed---------------80        400       1,300
        Shot Accuracy-------------------4%        6%        8%
        Waves Destroyed-----------------25        50        99
        Lives Lost----------------------12        12        12
        TCE-----------------------------0%        0%        0%

---->2. Trouble Stats

                        There is really nothing to say, here, as there are no
                        real trouble stats. As long as you complete the
			mission, then Gold is 99% likely going to be yours.
			There are 100 waves in all. Each wave has around 15-23
                        TIEs, fighters and Interceptors. Every tenth wave is
			not TIEs, but Lambda Class Imperial Shuttles. Blasting
                        them all will get you an extra life, and then 9 more
			waves of TIEs come again, until the tenth wave, with
                        more shuttles and another shot at an extra life. This
			cycle continues on for what seems like forever. It's
			very boring, indeed. The TIEs progressively get harder,
			until, finally, they max out at Wave 59. If you do make
			it past wave 99, the final one is not Lambda Shuttles,
                        but a duel with Darth Vader himself, in his TIE
			Advance. Don't worry, he's bantha fodder; he'll be very
                        easy to take down if you're sure to avoid his shots.

                        Watch out for Bobs throughout(the Imperial pilots who
			always seem to slam into you with their ships), and be
                        sure to use the Chicken technique. Fighting the TIEs
                        in a normal fashion is suicide. Instead, fly out far,
                        until the TIEs are at the edge of your radar, turn
			around, then face them head on, destroying any from
                        2-8, the fly straight out the other way after flying
			through the mob, and do it again. Time consuming, yes;
                        but it's really the only way to win. I recommend using
                        the X-Wing or the Naboo Starfighter for this mission.

---->3. Quick Tips

                        - If using a ship with torps, save 2-4 for Vader, just
                        so you can take him out quickly. This level's a long
			one, all right. He's way too easy, so dogfighting him
                        probably won't be any fun at all. Of course, go right
                        ahead and battle him if you want; I'm not going to try
                        and stop you.

                        - I definitely recommend the N1 or the X-Wing. They
			have 6 torps each, and have an astromech droid, which
                        will help repair your life when you're flying out to
                        turn around and make an attack run.

                        - Use the chicken technique explained above. Anything
			else is virtually suicide. Even the pros of this game
			use it.

                        - Put on some music to entertain, and take breaks; this
                        mission is LONG and BORING!

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}***SPECIAL THANKS***{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

     This FAQ, while it may not seem like it, was actually a lot of work.
Special Thanks go out to everyone who helped me find these stats; especially
Snooozer; my main inspiration to buy and complete this game, and who helped me
with stats, and many other areas and problems with this FAQ. I'm sorry I
forgot your username, but Special Thanks goes out greatly to the user on the
ROGUE LEADER GameFAQs message board who gave me the idea for this FAQ, sparked
my interest in FAQ writing and provided me info and inspiration all around.
Special Thanks also goes out to everyone on the ROGUE LEADER message board in
general. Special Thanks goes out to everyone at Factor 5, Lucas Arts, and all
others who had a hand in creating this great game, or anything STAR WARS.
Special Thanks goes out especially to John Williams, for creating the extremely
wonderful music that accompanies many things STAR WARS. Extra Special Thanks
goes out to George Lucas!

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     Have you seen any errors in my FAQ; anything important missing that I
should add or remove? I know this FAQ isn't perfect in any way, shape or form,
but I would like to make it better, and I need your help in doing so. Any
comments, rants, raves or criticisms you would like to share concerning the
FAQ? Any questions at all as to anything having to do with this FAQ? If any of
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I look forward to your comments/suggestions/questions.


     Although I did procrastinate with this FAQ for almost 4 months(mid
February - June 15), I did have some fun and enjoyment writing it. It was an
interesting experience, and I think I'll do it again in the future. Please
don't expect this work to be great, or even good, as it's my first try at this
kind of document ever. I put a lot of work into this; and feel it's at least
sufficient for a first try. As such, it was great working on. This is a great
game, even six months later, and I felt obligated to finish this after putting
it off for so long. In conclusion: thanks for reading. I hoped you enjoyed it,
and Good day.