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                Rogue Squadron 2

 |    Rogue Squadron 2 Rogue Leader: FAQ/Walkthrough (Gamecube)    |
 |    Produced By: Lucas Arts, Factor 5 and Nintendo               |
 |    This Walkthrough Guide by: Barkera  Version   Final          |
 |    Contact Me: AJC_Barker@bigpond.com.au                        |

0. T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

0.        Table of Contents

1.        Version History

2.        Basics
             .Display Icons

3.        Walkthrough

          Standard Missions
            .Tatooine Training
            .Death Star Attack
            .Ison Corridor Ambush
            .Battle of Hoth
            .Prisons of Maw
            .Razor Rendezvous
            .Vengance on Kothlis
            .Imperial Academy Heist
            .Raid on Bespin
            .Battle of Endor
            .Strike at the Core

          Bonus Missions

            .Death Star Escape
            .The Asteroid Field
            .Triumph of the Empire
            .Revenge on Yavin

4.        Gold Medal Walkthrough

          Standard Missions
            .Tatooine Training
            .Death Star Attack
            .Ison Corridor Ambush
            .Battle of Hoth
            .Prisons of Maw
            .Razor Rendezvous
            .Vengance on Kothlis
            .Imperial Academy Heist
            .Raid on Bespin
            .Battle of Endor
            .Strike at the Core

           Bonus Missions

            .Death Star Escape
            .The Asteroid Field
            .Triumph of the Empire
            .Revenge on Yavin

5.        Extra's and Bonuses
            .Technology Upgrades

6.        Rebel Ships

7.        Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

8.        Legal

9.        Credits

10.        The End

1. V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y

April 11th 2003: Guide started. Most things finished.

April 12th 2003: Section 4 finished and Legal.

April 13th 2003: Credits and guide finished. As well as a
                 few touch ups. Submitted.

April 15th 2003: Some added sections and formatting ajusted
                 as well as a FAQ section added.

April 21st 2003: I added my E-Mail adress but i will not
                 reply to questions that are already answered
                 in this walkthrough. FAQ section complete.
                 Resubmitted with ajustments.

April 29th 2003: More FAQs in the FAQs section. New section
                 added; Rebel Ships.

July 14th 2003: Well it has been a long time since I have
                updated but I have decided to put a Gold
                Medal walkthrough in. That is well underway
                now and i'm about half-way through it.

2. B  A  S  I  C  S

                        DISPLAY ICONS

In the upper right corner of your screen is a large circle with
dots in it, this is your Radar. You are the green square
in the middle and your allies or friends are green dots. Any
enemy craft is a red dot and any blue dot is where you
can change ship. Each level is very large and the orange wedge on
your radar will point you to your next objective.
When the wedge widens and dissapears you ar above your objectives.

                   DAMAGE INDERCATOR

In the lower left corner of your screen is your damage indercator.
That is the picture of the ship you are in. If your vehicle is in
perfect condition it will be green, if you get hit it will turn yellow
then orange, red and when your about to be killed flashing red. Once
you get the sheild upgrade your indercator will start blue then green etc.


At the beginning of each mission you have 3 lives. If you are
killed you lose 1. When you are killed you are returned to the
place 'near' where you were destroyed. Once you lose all 3 live
you get a game over and go back to the mission select screen.


       A BUTTON

The A button is the big green button on your controller. This is used
for firing your lasers. This is also used to confirm choices.

        B BUTTON

This button releases your secondary weapon. Or in a snowspeeder your Tow
Cable. In a Y-Wing it will also power up Ion Cannon.

        D PAD

This will appear in the top left hand corner of your screen ocassionally
so you can give orders to other Rebels. Those commands are Flee:
Tell your wingmates to run from the mission. Ties: Attack the Ties.
AT-ST: Attack the AT-ST's. Form: Form on your Wing. Guns: Destroy guns
in the area.

        R BUTTON

Push this button down gently to speed up and press it all the way down
for a boost on some ships.

        L BUTTON

Press this button to put your brakes on. This also folds up the wings on
the Imperial shuttle.


This is the grey control stick on your controller. Use this to move
your ship.

       C STICK

This is the yellow stick  on your controller. Use this to move the
camera angles.

       Z BUTTON

The purple button above the R. Use this to spin your ship.

       Y BUTTON

Use this to pull up your targeting computer.

       X  BUTTON

Use this to change camera views.


Press this to pause the game.

                                FLYING TIPS

1. Use the L and R buttons to get in front of behind your enemies. For
   example if an enemy is right behind you hit the brakes and
   you might find the enemy in front of you. I f an enemy is to far
    away to hit it boost to get to get to it quickly.

2.The most important upgrades to get are advance sheilds, advanced
  lasers and advanced proton torpedo's. Everything else helps but
  these three will help you to power through the harder levels.

3. Rather tahn hold A to fire press it constantly. For some reason
   this increases your accuracy.

4.Try different missions at different times of the day.

5.You can only knock down AT-AT's with the snowspeeders tow cable.

6.Some ships are suited to different missons. Experiment with them.
  Also the ship that the game recommends for a certain mission is
  not nessacerily the best ship for that mission.

3. W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H

S T A N D A R D  M I S S I O N S

                           TATOOINE TRAINING

 Default Craft: T-16 Skyhopper

Chechlist of things to do:
1. Complete all the training in the red
Rebellion symbols. You must complete all of them. Even the really easy
ones! One of them you have to race Wedge and Biggs to Toche Station. The
first it's easy the second time it's slightly harder. You also have
to beat Biggs in a race in Beaggers Canyon. One time take path1 the
other time path 2. Fo r both of these accelerate when ever you can to
get ahead of your opponents!

2. Kill 60 Womp Rats in 30 seconds. This kind of like number 1. This is
in a Rebellion Symbol and just hold down the A Button and fire wildly!
Don't use bombs they don't seem to kill them. Even if they do they don't
kill many at one time.

3. Find all the dicovery items. The wedge on your radar will point
you towards your next item. There are items like
Dewbacks, Sandcrawlers, a Crashed Tie Fighter, bantha's and Jabba's

4. In each timezone you must find 2 bonus items. One are dragon bones
you have to find them every time. They are near a Bantha herd. The
other ones are: 1. & 2. You have to find C-3PO in two timezones. He is
under Jabba's palace. Use bombs to blow it up.
3. At night R2-D2 is under one of the sandcrawlers. Blow it up with
your lasers.
4. The last bonus is an escape pod near Toche Station. When you
finished your race break left and it's a dark
structure in the sand.

To earn the Naboo N-1 Starfighter-a must have ship!- defeat this
level in 20 minutes in all four time zones. These timezones are:

7:00:00------7 AM

12:00:00----12 Noon

5:00:00------17 PM-----5 PM

11:00:00----22 PM-----11 PM

You can defeat the level between these times as well. For example you
can win the morning one between 11 PM and 7 AM. As you turn the
gamecube on hold down A and you will go to the options screen. Go to
calander and you can change the clock to the time you want to do this
level in.

                          DEATH STAR ATTACK

Default Craft: X-Wing

Primary Objectives: 1.Destroy all deflection towers
                    2.Destroy all Tie Fighters
                    3. Shoot a Proton Torpedo at the Exhaust Port

If this is the first real level you are doing i would suggest that
you go through the Tatooine Training about 4 Times. Not to get the
N-1 though that would't hurt. No matter how good you think you are.
It really comes in handy. Anyway....... When the mission starts tell
your wingman to go after the guns while you take down the
deflection towers. The deflection towers are the large grey things
sticking out of the ground right in front of you.
If you can't see them you must be blind! If you want to get them down
quickly use your Proton Torpedo's. But make
sure you save at least one for the Exhaust port.

After the deflection towers are down a heap of Tie Fighters come onto
the scene. They fly around in circles so it's easy to shoot them down.

After all the Ties are down you fly into the Death Star Trench. This
can be difficult with the turrets and all. Make sure you only close
your S-Foils near the end where there arn't too many obstacles.
Otherwise you may find you are a big black dent on the Death Star.

After you get about halfway down the trench some Ties will get on
your back. When you can see them, break hard and they will end up
in front of you. Shoot them down. If you shoot the middle one first
he smashes againt the other two and you knock down three Ties for
the price of one! After another round of Ties Vader will come in his
invincible Tie Advance! When he gets behind you break and once he's
in front of you shoot at him until he takes off out of the Trench.
Do this two more times and Han Solo will save the day by getting rid
of Vader. Now pull up your targeting computer (If you have no idea
what you are doing!) and press your B Button like mad to release
Torpedo's. In my experience you should wait till you can see the end
of the Trench before firing. Then the Death Star will blow up and
you, Wedge and someone in a Y-Wing who must be the best pilot in the
universe to not get shot down, fly away with the Mellenium Falcon.

                        ISON CORRIDOR AMBUSH

Default Craft: X-Wing
Also Featuring: A-Wing

Primary Objectives: 1. Defend the transport againt Imperial forces.
                    2. The Frigate Redemption MUST survive

The concept of this mission is probably the easiest in the game: Shoot
down all Ties. Though this mission can be
hard depending on how you look at it. It can be hard because of the
amount of Ties you have to defeat, it's easy because iit's not
complicated and it's very simple. At the beginning just shoot down the
Ties closest to the transport then pick off the others. After they are
all defeated there is a short cut scene before you arrive in a
nebula. Dock on the Frigate and change to A-Wing. You will have to use
your targeting computer to see the interceptors. Shoot them all down
to finish the mission.

Note: To get a gold Medal on this level you will have to do most of
the part in the Nebula without your targeting computer. So practise!

                         BATTLE OF HOTH

Default Craft: Snowspeeder
Also Featuring: X-Wing

Primary Objectives: 1.Defend outpost BETA and the Ion Cannon
                    2.Slow the advancing Imperial Walkers
                    3.Defend the Fleeing Rebel Transports

When the mission starts order your Wingmates to attack the AT-ST's.
As you come down the canyon you will see a lot of small grey things.
Attack those by shooting their head. When the Rebel team on the
ground at the Ion Cannon ask you what to do say attack the Guns.
After a while they will ask you what to do again. This time say
defend. Once the AT-ST's are reduced to scrap metal it's time to
take out the much feared AT-AT's!

You only have to destroy 3 of them and any ones you want. It dosn't
make a difference, front or back. Personally i would go for the front
ones because as you approach them you can get your kill count up by
killing the AT-ST's. You have to break before firing your Tow
Cable at the machine. You have to lap around 4 or 5 times to take it
down. Watch their legs! If you hit one of these you become a black
stain on their leg. Once you take three down there is a scene with
the generator blowing up. You are then called for help with the Rebel

Follow the wedge on your radar and fly into the Rebel sign to change
to X-Wing to shoot some Ties down. Very quickly Tie bombers come
in with normal Ties. Tell your Wingmates to attack them. Go for
the bombers first because they seem to be able to blow your
transports until their nothing more than dust! After this everyone

                               PRISONS OF THE MAW

Default Craft: Y-Wing

Primary Objectives:1.Disable 3 shield Projectors
                   2.Destroy all objectives marked by prisoners
                   3.Escort the Train to the platform
                   4.Escort the Imperial Loader out

You start your mission in an asteroid field and for what feels like ages
you drift through space. After a while about 30 Interceptors fly in
and this is where the trouble is. Tell your wingmates to shoot down
Ties and head towards where the orange wedge is pointing. To get
those Ties off your tail just do sharp turns every now and then or
just slam the breaks. When you come to a large blue thing charge up
your Ion Cannon and fly in close. The Ion Cannon has very poor
range so you need to get close before firing at the flashing
thingies. Once you have disable 3 someone starts talking to you.
Even though there is no forcefield anymore don't fly into it or
you'll blow up anyway.

Once you get to the Prisons get ready for destroying turrets,
turrets, turrets and.........the occasional building.
You will need your bombs so tap b once to get the reticle for
bombs up. Follow the orange wedge towards your first area. Once
you are there you need to bomb the turrets that are shooting green
laser at you. After this area you go to the weapons facility and
do the same thing. Then the prisoners will tell you to destroy
the communication relay. Fly towards it and you will see tall
towers. Take out the guard towers first and then bomb the
communications relay. Ignore the Ties. This area helps if you
have advanced proton spread bombs because you can knock each
relay out in one hit! Always tell your wingmates to chase Ties.
By now there's a good chance their both dead.

As you get up to the final area you need to destroy the turrets and
then protect the prisoners. Once the prisoners take off start
shooting down Ties. After about a minute the mission is over. Don't
worry if the man sceams "we need help over
here!" you have probably won the mission anyway.

                          RAZOR RENDEZVOUS

Default Craft: B-Wing

Primary objectives: 1.Protect the blockade runner
                    2.Protect the Frigate Redemption
                    3.Destroy the Imperial sheild generators
                    4.Destroy the Imperial command deck

From this level on i suggest having advanced lasers, advanced
sheilds and advanced Proton Torpedo's. Look in the
Tech section for more detail on how to get them. These items will
make your life much easier. This is a kind of funny
mission seen you have to take down an Imperial Star Destroyer by
yourself! Which is basically impossible!

As soon as the mission starts tell your wingmates to attack the
Ties. This keeps the Redemption alive. Close your
S-Foils and fly towards the large balls on the top of the
destroyer. When you are close to the destroyer open
your foils and fire like mad at the first ball. These balls are the
sheild generators. Fire with lasers then torpedo,
lasers, torpedo's, lasers, torpedo's etc. until you have used 6
torpedo's. Once it's destroyed go round the back of
the Star Destroyer and do the laser, torpedo thing on the other
generator. Now fly under the destroyer and you
will see a circular shape. This is the last generator. If you
don't have any torpedo's left you can either die once to
regenerate your torpedo's or you can keep using your lasers on it
until you die or it's destroyed.

Once the last generator is destroyed fly back to the top and the
large hexagonal structure under the first 2
generators is what you are aiming for. Use your targeting computer
if you want to find the command deck in the middle of the
hexagonal shape.

The easiest way to do this is to commit suicide into the command
deck. If you hit it in the right spot the star
destroyer blows up and you don't even lose a life! Cool, hu!

                             VENGANCE ON KOTHLIS

Defaut Craft: X-Wing
Also Featuring: Snowspeeder

Primary Objectives:1.Protect the transport from the Ties
                   2.Defend the Commando's as they recapture the data
                   3. Destroy ALL AT-AT's
                   4.Bomba hole in the destroyer for the Commando's

This mission isn't too hard. Why? Because it's full of stuff you've
already done! Things like dogfighting = (Engaging Ties), Defence,
attacking, pulling down AT-AT's, bombing, dodging heaps of lasers
and a use of ground forces.

The first bit of the mission is defending a transport over Kothlis
until it gets to the star destroyer. The Ties will
mostly be just normal but there are a few Interceptors around and
they tend to be suicidle and try and crash into you. As the Ties
come in just shoot at them. But use proton Torpedo's for the
Interceptors. You don't need to keep any of the torpedo's because
you won't need them. Send your Wingmates after the Ties as well. If
an Interceptor get on your brake use the evasive maneuvers to get
away. Things like Brake, bosst away or sharp turns.
Another tip is don't go on dogfights along way from the transport.
Just go for the Ties near the transport. Also it's luckily a bright
background so you can see the Ties easily unlike the Death Star.

As the star destroyer comes into view the lasers start firing at
you. You can fire back or keep on those Ties. I would keep on the Ties.
Now if you send your Wingman after the guns they will not come back
A.K.A they'll be dead! So tell them to form up. After the transport
lands some AT-AT's appear. I'm not even going to ask
how they fit in that wreckage, let alone got out of it! Anyway........
go to the Symbol and change to the snowspeeder. Then go take down
the 3 AT-AT's. Watch out though because ocassionally they lower their
heads and because you are at the top of their legs you can fly into
their head. So Watch out! Also ignore the laser fire as you rope
them. There's little chance of it getting you. Defeat them in the
order from the one closest to the beach and then the middle one and
finally the back one.

Once these are defeated you have the chance to change to Y-Wing.
Do that. The Symbol is the one at the back of the transport. Then
heaps and heaps of AT-PT's come out of the water slowly. It can be
hard to see them so be careful. Use bombs to destroy them. Aim for
the ones coming close to the commando team first and then the ones
going for the transport. Go for the ones on the beach before you go
for the ones in the water.

Now comes a problem. By now the Commando's have reached some
stormtroopers. Use your lasers to shoot them because they are a
huge threat. Once they are destroyed use your targeting computer on
the destroyer to find the weak spot in the hull. Bomb like mad and
once the hull is penetrated the commando's will run up the star
Destroyer, get their data and the mission is over. Good Job! It may
not be too hard but it takes a lot of effort!

                             IMPERIAL ACADEMY HEIST

Default Craft: Day--Y-Wing
Also Featuring: Imperial Shuttle

Primary Objectives:1.Disable/Evade the Imperial sensors in the canyons
                   2.Steal an Imperial Shuttle
                   3.Meet at Rendevous point

I'm doing two walkthroughs for this level. Part A: Daytime and Part
B: Nighttime. It'll be Daytime or nightime depending on what the
gamecube clock thinks it is. When you turn on the Cube hold down
A and you will get the options screen. Go to Calander and ajust
the clock.


Keep your Y-Wing close to the ground as you fly through here. Power up
you Ion Cannon and wait till you are quite close to hit the sensors.
The Ion Cannon has very poor range. So even if the Riticule is dead
on target you may still miss from a long way away. Just do this all the
way through. If you miss one don't worry just turn around and try again
or just stay away from it and fly very low. Until you finally reach
the academy.

You spend all that time trying to come in secretly only to come in
and wake up the whole academy! As you fly towards your targets you
will be followed by 100 Ties! Luckily these guys are still in training
or you'd be dead straight away. As you come to the radio tower.
Disable it with your Ion Cannon. This slows the Ties from taking off
and gives you time to bomb them in the next area first. Once you are
in to the main academy head staight for the Symbol and change to
shuttle. This is hard because the shuttle is big, fat and slow.
Follow the orange wedge on the radar to finish the level. To avoid
lasers just move your craft left and right the whole time until you
reach the area you are heading.


When you start the mission you don't have Ion Cannon so you have
to stay ;low the whole time. Luckily the sensors are in the same
place. If you get really desprate use your targeting computer to
identify the sensors.

As you get in to the first part you still have the same amont of
Ties but there are also AT-AT's. Ignore the AT-AT's and shoot down
the occasional Tie. When you get to the radio tower ignore and keep
flying on. Then you come to another section of Ties and AT-AT's. Fly
past this and you will get to the academy. Fly staight for the shuttle
and then switch to it. Watch out for the turbolasers they seem to be
stronger at night! Anyway, fly the shuttl over the rocks this time not
down the Canyon because this helps avoid the Ties. Meet at the Rendevous
point and the mission is over.

                              RAID ON BESPIN

Default Craft: A-Wing
Also Featuring: Cloud Car

Primary Objectives:1.Secure the Tibanna gas platforms
                   2.Destroy the cities power Generators
                   3.Defend the Tibanna gas platforms from Ties

DO NOT USE THE A-WING! It has weak shields, pethetic secondary weapon
and O.K lasers. Go with the Naboo Starfighter if you have it otherwise
use X-Wing. In the first part of the mission you need to destroy
the balloons. To do this you need to fire at the flaming torches until
the balloon explodes. Don't worry about the Ties. Ignore them but tell
your wingmates to go afetr them. In the first area there is 1 balloon,
then next area 2 and the last area
4. You will only have to destroy a few Ties at each platform to get
the wedge to move on.

When you finally get to the city tell your wingmates to go after the
Ties. Then fly up high and follow the wedge. When the wedge widens
look down and in the trench below you is a small generator destroy
this with your lasers. Do this with the other 2 generators. Your
last mission is to defend the last platforms. Follow the orange wedge
until you are at the platforms. If you want back in the city find
the Rebel Symbol and change to the awesome cloud Car. Fly to the
platforms and take out the balloons. Then go for the Bombers. Watch
out for the Interceptors. You don't have to defeat the Interceptors
for the end of the mission but shhot them if you want. Once all the
bombers are destroyed the mission is over. That was pretty tricky
wasn't it? Also you can't chose the cloud car from the
hanger. Unfortunaetly this is the only level you can use it on.

                         BATTLE OF ENDOR

Default Craft:X-Wing

Primary Objectives:1.The Frigate Redemption must survive
                   2.Destroy all Tie Bombers
                   3.The Home One must survive
                   4.Destroy both Imperial Star Destroyers

This is the hardest of the 10 main missions and there is a crazy
amount of enemies. As the mission starts about 50 Ties and 20
Interceptors pour into the battle. There's absoloute chaos
because your chances of slamming into a Tie and blowing up are
very high. The most important thing to protect is the redemption
(the large ship with a thin bridge joining the to parts together)
because if it gets destroyed the mission is over. Send your wingmates
after the Ties as well. After about 3 minutes another wave of 40+ Ties
come in and join the battle. After another 2 or 3 minutes another
50+ Ties join in. It is now very important you destroy about and
at least 20 Ties and by now you need to have destroyed about 40.
Then about a minute later 40 Bombers come. You need to destroy all
of these to beat the first part of the mission. Aim for the bombers
that  are flying towards the redemption or the Home 1. If your
wingmates are alive get them to form up for about 2 minutes and then
send them off to chase their Ties again. After all the bombers are
defeated you go to the second part of the mission which is just suicidle!

You need to take down 2 Star Destroyers by your self! The only
advantage that you have is that the generators are not as strong as
the ones on the Razor. This can be very scary particully if you only
have one life left. Even if you havn't lost a life yet don't get to
confident because those lives can dissapear very quickly. You only
need 2 torpedo's and a few lasers shots to takre out the generators.
Send your wingmates after the Ties once again. Once the generators are
gone fire at the command deck. But if you are about to die suicide
yourself into it and it should die. Then do the same on the other
destroyer. When you go for the generator underneath try to take out a
few Turrets with you. Once both destroyers are dead you have to dodge
Ties for another 30-40 seconds. Don't try and engage them in dogfights
just run away and hide behind some ship. Then the mission is over.
If you managed to do this you should be very proud of yourself!

                        STRIKE AT THE CORE

Default Craft: X-Wing

Primary Objectives:1.Protect the Millennium Falcon
                   2.Reach the power core entry
                   3.Destroy the power core
                   4.Escape with the Millennium Falcon.

On the surface the lasers are a lot more accurate than the first
Death Star. Every now an then Ties will come past you and try to
destroy the Falcon. Anytime this happens shoot them down very quickly.
Even if you can't see them still shoot and your lasers should get
them. If you are about to pass the falcon slow down and then wait for
the Ties to approach. After a lot of nerve racking defending you and
the Falcon will head into the the superstructure.

This is a very scary process. You now need to protect the Falcon
while dodging Ties and Pipes! Then close your S-Foils and stay really
close to the Falcon. Shoot down the Ties anytime they appear. This
goes on for along time. If you are going round a corner and a Tie get
to the Falcon and you can't shoot it don't worry because the Falcons
turning the corner to and it's just as hard for the Tie to shoot him
as it is for you to shoot the Tie. Also watch out for bit where you
go down and come up again.

After a while you will come to the reactor. Use your targeting
computer to find what to destroy. Destroy it with torpedo's. This
area is a lot easier seen there is no Ties. Then you will need to
escape. This is much easier. It is a lot shorter, there are no Ties
and you can overtake the Falcon. But don't go and slam in to a pipe
right at the end. Then you will blast out and you have finished all
the normal missions. Then you have to watch the credits. You will
get told if you get a medal after the credits.

B O N U S   M I S S I O N S

                         DEATH STAR ESCAPE

Required to unlock:20 Points (Above Death Star Attack)
Default Craft: Millennium Falcon Gun Turret

Primary Objectives:1.Destroy all the Ties

This is such an easy level. All you have to do is destroy the Ties.
Plus you are invincible. If you are having trouble
shooting down the Ties they come in the same patten everytime so
just learn their patten.

                           THE ASTEROID FIELD

Required to unlock:30 Points (Above the Battle of Hoth)
Default Craft: Millenium Falcon

Priamry Objectives:1.Escape the Tie Fighters
                   2.Secretly land on the Star Destroyer

This level is really easy as well. Make sure enemy camera is turned
on under options. Then you will fire behind you and you can shoot the
Ties. Follow the radar to the Star Destroyer and then fly into the rebel
Symbol to land. How easy was that.

                       TRIUMPH OF THE EMPIRE

Required to unlock:30 Points (above Stike at the Core)
Default Craft: Darth Vaders Tie Advance

Primary Objectives:1.Destroy all Rebels over the surface
                   2.Destroy all Rebels before they fire their
                     Proton Torpedo's

Get the advance and seeker cluster missiles. It makes this level
soooo much easier. With these upgrades you can kill like 6 X-Wings
with like 3 shots! In the first area tell your wingmen to attack.
All you have to do is shoot down the rebel ships!

In the second area you need to stop the Rebels from destroying
the Death Star. Three ships are already in the trench so kill them.
Then you have about 2 minutes to kill ships above the trench before
you need to kill another 3 X-Wings in the trench. Then you have
another 2 minutes to finish of the ships above the trench. The the
last set of X-Wings come in. Destroy them and the mission is over!
Also feel free to suicide to refil your missiles.

                             REVENGE ON YAVIN

Required to unlock:40 Points (Next to Triumph of the Empire)
Default Craft: Darth Vders Tie Advance

Primary Objectives:1.Do NOT allow more than TWO transports to escape
                   2.Destroy as many rebels as possible
                   3.Destroy as many Convoy Crafts as possible

Once again this level is very easy if you have the advance seeker
cluster missiles. Immedieatly destroy the transport to your right
thats flying away. Then go round to the open areas with small temples.
Destroy all the transports and any other Rebel ships. After all the
transports outside are destroyed the Great Temple will open
and then close. Wait for it to open again and then fly inside. You
will be locked in with your prey. Destroy all the crafts inside and
any other X-Wings and the mission is over. If you want more enemy
kills outside is another open patch full of docked Rebel ships. Let
of 3 Cluster Missiles to destroy all of them. Also if and Rebel
ships behind you are annoying you break and kill them when they
fly in front of you by letting fly some seeker Cluster Missiles.


Required to Unlock: Every Gold in the Game (Next to Revenge on Yavin)
Default Craft: X-Wing

Primary Objectives:1.Destroy as many Ties as Possible

This level gets very, very tyring. For the first few waves of Ties they
will just be Tie Fighters. After the first few you will have a few rounds
of Interceptors after that you will get a few rounds of Shuttles. After
a while they will be back to waves of fighters. Then you will have mixed
groups. Then a while later you will verse Darth Vader. Kepp destroying
all the Ties until you have won the mission.

4.  G  O  L  D    M  E  D  A  L    S  T  R  A  T  E  G  Y

The best way to get gold medals is look at your score at the end of
a mission. For Example if you finish the mission with a lot of time left
but you don't have enough enemies then spend more time destroying enemies.
Also most levels have objects that you can't kill with your lasers or
take ages to. Use these objects to boost your accuracy by firing at them.
For Example you can't bring down an AT-AT with your lasers but if you shoot
at it it increases your accuracy. Also get all the upgrades you can. They
make a huge difference. Read below for some more tips:

1.Try not to use your targeting computer. Everytime you press Y, a little
bit of pecentage drops from your score. So if you never tap Y your percentage
will be 100%. Some levels won't let you use your targeting computer at all
if you want to get gold. Though some levels like Raid on Bespin and the
Battle of Endor. Will still let you use your targeting computer occasionally.

2.Whatever your Wingmates kill DO NOT count as kills for you. So that
means in some levels there are only just enough enemies. Which means you
may need to tell your wingmates to flee from the level in order for you
to kill enough enemies.

3.Another time you might want your wingmates to flee is if they are probably
going to get shot down. Because if they get shot down it can mess up your
frendlies lost score. So if you know your wingmates have a good chance
of dying send them packing.

4.Stormtroopers DO NOT count as kills any more. The only thing they are good
for is messing up your accuracy.

Don't forget to keep at it and try, try again. Don't expect to get all your
Gold Medals on the first try. Even if you have played Rogue Squadron and are a
master at that, don't expect these golds to be nearly as easy. Factor 5 have
made them extremely challenging. Some of these medals may take minutes, some
might take hours, others might take days and some may even take longer! In this
next section I will give you gold medal requirements, tips, a strategy guide and
the best ship to use on each level. Good Luck and may the Force be with you!

                       DEATH STAR ATTACK: GOLD MEDAL

Best Ship: X-Wing


     Completion Time.............6:05
     Enemies Destroyed.........91
     Shot Accuracy..................39%
     Freindlies Lost.................0
     Lives Lost.........................0
     Targeting Computer.........100%

For being the first level to get a gold Medal on it is really hard because
you have to balance 91 enemies in 6 minutes, you have to keep your accuracy
up while trying to destroy 91 enemies and going to fast and not getting
enough enemies! Despite all these problems you can get a gold! You are
probably going to cut this level very close.

The first bit is very important: destroy as many turrets around the deflection
towers as you can. Destroy the first two towers with out stopping then break
and destroy turrets around the next before destroying it! By the end of
this part you need to have killed 10-15 Turrets. If command base says: "We're
running out of time!" restart the level because you are taking too long. Watch
out for your accuracy here. You can keep shooting at a turret after
you have already killed it and not know it!

With the Ties tell your wingmates to flee so they don't take your kills! Just
go in and shoot them all down. Make sure to shoot down at least 4 or 5 Turrets
as well. Don't lose a life if you lose a life start the mission over. Because
you can't get gold if you lose even 1 life! Make sure you keep at least 2
Torpedo's for the end of the trench run.

Once in the trench close your S-Foils to get to the end in time. But make sure
you don't go slamming into a wall or something! Open your foils any time you
see a turret and blow all the turrets up. You already know how to kill
Ties so i won't go there. But to increase your accuracy: shoot Vaders
fighter. You can't shoot it down but shoot at it anyway to increase your

This will take you quite a few tries until your at the point where you know
the pattens of the Ties and you know where all the turrets are! But remember
as long as you havn't lost a life don't start the level again even if you don't
think you did well enough. You could be surprised!


Best Ship: Darth Vaders Tie Advance


        Completion Time..............4:11
        Enemies Destroyed..........40
        Shot Accuracy..................19%
        Freindlies Lost.................2
        Lives Lost.........................0
        Targeting Computer.........72%

If you don't have the Tie Advance the Slave 1 is fine. If you don't have
either just get a silver and wait till you get either ship. These ships are
the best choice only if you have seeker cluster missiles. When you enter the
mission tell your wingmates to flee. Then shoot down those Ties! Once you are
in the Nebula tell your wingmates to flee again and shoot all the interceptors
down. You don't have to use your targeting computer just fire where ever you
saw green laser fire come from. Try to keep about 7 cluster missiles left for
the Nebula.

                        BATTLE OF HOTH: GOLD MEDAL

Best Ship: Snowspeeder


        Completion Time..............5:00
        Enemies Destroyed..........43
        Shot Accuracy..................53%
        Friedlies Lost..................22
        Lives lost.........................0
        Targeting Computer........100%

This is another one of those levels where everything is going to be cut
close. You will also have to balance every thing just right.

The best way to do this is to immeadietly tell your wingmates to flee. Fly
down and kill as many Probe Droids as you can. Try to kill all off them but
letting a few live isn't a huge problem. In the next area just remember the
following rules:

1.Shoot at AT-AT's whenever you can. This raises your accuracy. But just
remember this: do not fly at them staight on, you'll be dead in the snow
before you can say what an idiot you were.

2. Stormtroopers DO NOT count as KILLS! Just pretend they don't exist.

3.You have to kill all the AT-ST's in the area to have enough kills. You have
NO CHOICE. They are also good accuracy boosters. But don't go killing the all
the AT-AT's. Kill 4 at the most. They take too long to kill and you
have to kill 3 anyway!

4. Every time the ground team asks what to do say defend. They will only die
if they go up against the guns or AT-ST's. Don't tell them to retreat either
because then the AT-ST's will destroy the Ion Cnnon.

After all the AT-ST's are dead take down the AT-AT's but don't forget rule 2!
Then after the cut scene look down right and destroy the probe droids. Then
down the trench and destroy the probe droids. But don't take too
long. Once you get to the transports switch to X-Wing.

You only have to destroy the bombers to finish the mission. Only destroy the
normal Ties if you havn't killed more than 10 Probe Droids. Use your torpedo's
on the bombers and there should only be 2 or 3 left shoot them
down and the mission is over!

                   PRISONS OF THE MAW: GOLD MEDAL

Best Ship: Y-Wing


             Completion Time...............9:19
             Enemies Destroyed............63
             Shot Accuracy.....................75%
             Friendlies lost.....................2
             Lives Lost............................1
             Targeting Computer............75%

Expect this to take you heaps of go's to get gold. Accuracy is hard here so
in the asteroid field aim at those long booster looking ships. When you get to
the Maw use your lasers and fire at the guard Towers. This increses your
As well as fire at the metal domes. Use your bombs to kill the AT-PT's on the
Try to get advanced bombs for this mission so you can bomb the satillites fast

Also in both areas of the mission tell your wingmates to flee. Because if they
around they will get killed and mess up your freindlies lost score. Another
good tip
is that in the last area ignore the Ties because you lose to much accuracy.
Bomb the
AT-PT's and if you are facing the shuttle fly left and there is about 15
Turrets there
fire at them with your lasers so your accuracy is boosted before you destroy
Also make sure when you are at the communications relay you destroy the turret
where the hover train is parked. Otherwise the hovcer train will start being
and every carrage you lose is another loss in your freindlies lost statistics.

                            RAZOR RENDEVOUS: GOLD MEDAL

Best Ship: B-Wing


             Completion Time...............1:19
             Enemies Destroyed............10
             Shot Accuracy.....................60%
             Friendlies lost.....................0
             Lives Lost............................1
             Targeting Computer............85%

4. E X T R A'S  A N D  B O N U S E S

                  Technology Upgrades

Advanced Shields

Mission: Death Star Attack

Mission Section: Section 2

Location: Right after the cut scene where the TIEs come in, you'll be
able to see the upgrade if you turn left about 5 degrees. It should be
very easy to find, since it's silver color is much brighter then the
Death Star's silver. It is down on the surface to the left.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes

Mission: Ison Corridor Ambush

Mission Section: Section 1, Section 2

Location: Right when section 1 begins, pitch down and start flying
towards the big piece of, well, I'm not sure what it is, but just fly
towards that big thing under the Redemption. There should be a
rectangular hole that you can fly in. Fly through it to acquire the tech

Advanced Lasers

Mission: Battle of Hoth

Mission Section: Section 3

Location: After the cut scene where an AT-AT destroys Echo Base's shield
generator, fly back to where the shield generator used to be. The tech
upgrade will be right there. Grab it and continue on with the mission.

Advanced Cluster Missiles

Mission: Prisons of the Maw

Mission Section: Section 2

Location: When you are asked do go destroy the communications towers,
follow the orange cone on your radar. On the way, you will see a dome-
shaped building to your right. Drop one or two bombs on it. After the
dust has cleared, swoop down and grab the upgrade inside.

Advanced Proton Bombs

Mission: Razor Rendevous

Mission Section: Section 1

Location: Right when the mission starts, speed over to the Imperial Star
Destroyer and over it. You should see an Imperial Lambda Shuttle trying
to escape. Some TIEs should be around protecting it. Destroy it before
it gets away. If it gets shot down and spins out of control, the tech
upgrade will appear where the the Lambda Shuttle started to spin.

Homing Proton Torpedoes

Mission: Vengeance On Kothlis

Mission Section: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4

Location: Throughout the whole mission, you are able to grab this tech
upgrade. There is a hole in the right side of the command tower on the
Imperial Star Destroyer when looking at it from the back. I have found
that it is easiest to fly through the hole from the front. Some people
can't seem to make it through with the X-Wing because of its wing-span,
so play it safe and fly through with the Y-Wing during your bombing run.
You can't get the upgrade while you're in the Speeder, though, because
of its low flight ceiling do to the fact that it is a repulsor craft.

Advanced Concussion Missiles

Mission: Imperial Academy Heist (Day)

Mission Section: Section 1

Location: The Imperial Academy is set up like a "+" sign. The top of the
"+" sign is where the Lambda Shuttle is. The right of the Imperial
Academy will have a hangar. Fly through that to acquire the upgrade.

Spread Proton Bombs

Mission: Imperial Academy Heist (Night)

Mission Section: Section 1, (Section 2)

Location: You may or may not steal the TIE Fighter before approaching
the Imperial Academy. The Imperial Academy is set up like a "+" sign.
The top of the "+" sign is where the Lambda Shuttle is. The left of the
Imperial Academy will have a hangar. Fly through that to acquire the

Homing Concussion Missiles

Mission: Raid On Bespin

Mission Section: Section 1

Location: Right when the mission starts, take out the balloon and tell
your wingmen to go after the TIEs. Speed to the next platform and
destroy that long rod-shaped ship. It will take out a good amount of
those gas containers on the platform, but not enough to ruin your
chances of completing the mission. After the explosions, you will see
the tech upgrade on the platform. Fly through or slightly above it to
acquire the upgrade.

Homing Cluster Missiles

Mission: Battle of Endor

Mission Section: Section 2

Location: The upgrade will be located where the left Imperial Star
Destroyer stops falling. You can get it before destroying the left
Imperial Star Destroyer, but it is easier to destroy it first and then
use it as a reference point. Once the Imperial Star Destroyer has
stopped falling, it should be pitched down in an odd position. Fly
towards the underside of it. You should see a rectangle of white
stripes. That is the hangar. Almost fly into it, but get out of there
once you  hear the narrator tell you that you've got it. Note that you
can't see it while the Imperial Star Destroyer is there, but you can
before it starts falling.

Advanced Targeting Computer

Mission: Strike At the Core

Mission Section: Section 2

Location: When you finally get to the straightway and you see the
reactor core, fly low and to the right. There will be four or five
brackets of four pipes. Fly under the last bracket to get the tech
upgrade. Be careful not to crash, though. You won't lose the upgrade,
but you will have to start section 2 all over again. I don't recommend
doing this in the Millennium Falcon.

                             Passcodes and Unlockables

Now for the fun stuff.

All Tech Upgrades
First type in AYZB!RCL then type in WRKFORIT.

Art Gallery
Type in EXHIBIT! at the passcode screen and you'll hear R2-D2 beeping.

Audio Commentry

Black and White Mode
Enter LIONHEAD as a password

Get the Naboo Starfighter

Music Hall
Enter COMPOSER as a passcode.

Slave 1 Colour Change
Type in:

Unlimited lives
Enter JPVI?IJC and enter RSBFNRL as a second password.

Unlock ACE mode
Type in U!?!VWZC then type GIVEITUP To unlock ACE mode more easily than getting

Unlock All Original 10 Missions
First enter !??QWTTJ (will get false beep), then type in CLASSIC.

Unlock Bonus Mission: Death Star Escape
Enter in PYST?OOO then enter in DUCKSHOT.

Unlock Credits
Type in THATSME! as a passcode

Unlock Documentary
Type in ?INSIDER as a passcode

Unlock Endurance Enter
?WCYBRTC Then enter ??MBC??? into the passcode section.

Unlock Imperial Shuttle
First enter AJHH!?JY as a passcode then enter BUSTOUR

Unlock Millenium Falcon
1st enter MVPQIU?A and then OH!BUDDY.

Unlock Revenge on Yavin Level
Enter ''OGGRWPDG'' first  then enter ''EEKEEK!''.

Unlock Slave I

Unlock the Astroid Field Bonus Level
Type in TVLYBBXL then NOWAR!!!

Unlock the Buick
Enter the following code as a password
!ZUVIEL! then enter !BENZIN!

Unlock the TIE Fighter
 First enter ZT?!RGBA  then type in DISPSBLE

Unlock Tie X1
Enter NYM!UUOK Then enter BLKHLMT!

Unlock Triumph of the Empire bonus level
Type ''AZTBOHII'' then enter ''OUTCAST!'' without leaving.

5. R E B E L   S H I P S

In this section i will just give some more info on all the Rebel
ships that you fly as in the game.

X - W I N G

The incom T-65 X-wing is the Fighter that killed the Death Star.
With almost perfect balance and manouverability this makes it
the fighter of choice for Rogue Squadron. The X-Wing has four
wings (S-Foils) and is able to close or open them on command.
The X-Wing also carries an Astromech droid.

Y - W I N G

The Y-Wing also carries one astromech droid. The Y-Wing is not
as fast as any other wing but has more powerful sheilds and
weapons. Y-Wings also carry Proton Bombs. Y-Wings also have and
Ion Cannon on the cockpit used for disabling things.

A - W I N G

There were two types of A-Wings: Prototype A-Wing and the A-Wing.
Once the prototype was tested the A-Wing became the only model.
A-Wings are much faster and more manouverable than any other
wing. This comes at a cost though as it has much weaker sheilds
and average weaponary.

B - W I N G

The B-Wing is the newest of the Wings. Created by Admiral Ackbar
this ship turns on its side when it closes its S-Foils. The
B-Wing is an average speed. It has average sheilds and very
powerful weapons. Whilst the B-Wing is not as fast as most of
the Wings it is much more powerful.

M I L L E N I U M   F A L C O N

The Millenium Falcon is an illegally modified Corellian YT-2400.
This ship is flown by Han Solo and CO-Piloted by the Wookie
Chewbacca. The Millenium Falcon is not only a fast ship is
has also got good sheild and weapons making it a formidable
battle opponent.

S L A V E   1

While not a Rebel ship in this game is is flown by the Rebellion
and not the Empire. The Slave 1 is a reasonably slow ship but it
has quite weak sheilds and good weapons. Piloted by Jango and
Boba Fett this ship is a good one when up against few opponents.

F R I G A T E   R E D E P M T I O N

You cannot fly as this ship but it is very important. The Frigate
Redemption is a Rebellion mercinary ship. It does not have many
weapons and its sheilds are not very strong. The Frigate is made
up of two parts and those two parts are connected by a long
thin bridge.


The Rebel Snowspeeder is generaly a ground used ship. It is equiped
with lasers and a tow cable to bring down the Imperial AT-ATs. While
the Snowspeeder does not have great sheilds it is very fast and its
weapons are good except for that its only secondary weapons is the
Tow Cable.

H O M E   1

While it is not a ship you can fly as either you must prtect it in
may missions. The Home 1 is Admiral Ackbars Capital Ship. It was
made on his Home Planet Mon Calamari. It is a slow ship but has very
strong sheilds and weapons.

N-1   S T A R F I G H T E R

Last but not least is the N-1 Starfighter. The N-1 is the fastest
ship you can fly as and in the fleet. It has medium sheilds but
very powerful weaponary. The N-1 Is good in most situations as
well. It also carries and astromech droid for any repairs that
the ship needs.

6. F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Here i will hope to answer some questions that are asked a lot. This
will include some Rumour-debunking as well.

(1)Q: Can i fly as the Jedi Starfighter?

A: No you can not. The only ships that you can fly as in this game are:
   ~ X-Wing                         ~ Millenium Falcon
   ~ TIE Fighter                    ~ Slave 1
   ~ TIE X-1                        ~ Buick (Transformed A-Wing)
   ~ Y-Wing                         ~ Snowspeeder
   ~ A-Wing                         ~ Imperial Shuttle
   ~ B-Wing                         ~ N-1 Starfighter

(2)Q: Should I always have enemy Camera on?

A: Yes. It is very helpful. Especially when you are flying the Millenium
   Falcon as you can shoot behind you. All enemy Camera does is if an
   enemy comes up behind you you can see it.

(3)Q: What is the best ship to use in Endurance?

A: It is really whatever ship you fly best. X-Wing or Y-Wing's are good
   choices because they have R-2 units which can repair you. Though if
   you are very good you may want to use the N-1 Starfighter as it is
   faster but has much weaker sheilds but it does have a repair droid.

(4)Q: Sometimes when i enter a passcode it doesn't work. Why?

A: Sometimes a passcode will have to words to enter. After the first word
   is entered you will get a negative beep. After the second you will get
   an affirmative beep. If the second gives you a negative beep you have
   entered one incorrectly. One passcode has three words. See the passcodes
   section for more details.

(5)Q: In Strike at the Core the Millenium Falcon keeps getting shot down
      by nothing! What is happening?

A: The Millenium Falcon will also crash if you get to far behind it. So
   after you have knocked out a wave of Ties close your Wings and fly
   right behind it again.

(6)Q: Do asteroids count as accuracy if i shoot them?

A: NO. No they don't. The only things you can shoot and can't kill that
   counts as accuracy is an AT-AT or a lsaer Turret in the Prisons of
   the Maw.

(7)Q: This game is so hard to get gold medals in. Can someone give me
      some tips?

A: The only thing that will make you get gold medals is practice. As well
   as knowing what you need to do. But the key is really to keep going
   through the mission until you could almost do it with your eyes closed.

7. L E G A L

This file is Copyright (c)2003 Andrew Barker. All rights reserved.
This file was entirely written by me, unless otherwise noted in the
Credits section of this file. Only GameFAQ and Neoseeker may use this
guide on their site without permission. You must ask me before copying
anything from this guide. I will probably say yes.

8. C R E D I T S

I would like to thank:

CjayC: For putting this on his website. www.gamefaqs.com

Marshmellow: For some help with the walkthrough

imalittlepist: For help with the passcodes.

Thanks guys.

9. T H E  E N D

Thanks to everyone that helped me write this guide. I hope it helps a
lot of people. As well as thanks to the guys who ask so many questions
as i used some of them in my FAQs. Thanks guys.