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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (Asuka)?

Asuka . Twin swords bonded with ultra high temperature photons

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From: This_name_wins 5 years ago

From PSO-World

Viridia: Ultimate:Temple Hildelt 1/394
Greennill: Ultimate:Control Center Meriltas 1/901
Skyly: Ultimate:Mines Canune 1/901
Pinkal: Ultimate:Control Center Mericarol 1/394
Ultimate:Temple Barba Ray 1/8
Redria: Ultimate:Control Center Mericarol 1/394
Ultimate:Caves Crimson Assassin 1/573
Oran: Ultimate:Control Center Mericarol 1/394
Ultimate:Mines Canune 1/901
Yellowboze: Ultimate:Control Center Mericarol 1/394
Whitill: Ultimate:Control Center Mericarol 1/80
Ultimate:Spaceship Gol Dragon 1/8
Ultimate:Mines Canune 1/901

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