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How can i beat cpt. falcon and falco in space travelers event?

I can beat the first three but the last two kill me easily how do i beat them and is there a way to hack the game without action replay

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goppers answered:

As far as I'm concerned, there is no way to hack without some type of action replay. You should try practicing with Ness a lot and get used to his moves. Plus, try using his A-left or A-right "bat" move a lot. It's quick and does a good bit of damage.
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josiahebanezXP answered:

I recomend you just practice 'till you get good at the game.But the only way to hack is by using the action replay.
hope this helps
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aurastorm1997 answered:

Try to limit the damage you take by using the right attacks when your enemy is exposed. I thought to myself that I should only take 20% for each enemy. So when my damage meter was starting to go near my limit for each character, I started playing defensively. If I kept that up, I should have less than 100% when I have killed captain falcon. Just make sure you use rolling dodges and that you have no more than 90% damage otherwise you'll have trouble fighting Falcon
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