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Not a question but look! (had to)->?

I just have a quicker way of beating 1,000 melees, make the computer in the player 4 and make him Ness with a level of 9. Now you be Mario. Then go to Brinstar then (trust me) run to the right. You will hit Ness in the head then he will fall down the pit.
p.s. only takes 2 sec. to run, hit him, then let him fall o.k. good go do it! =D
p.s.s. answers are comments.

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you still don't have to move I found out after I posted this =(

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Which Brinstar? What pit? Do you have to be Mario? What attack do you hit him with? How does Ness jump? Is there room for error?

The other method is way more feasible since the player has to do literally nothing and it takes about 3 seconds. Just saying.

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It's faster to be Yoshi, go to final destination, give the AI 1 stock and handicap 1 and put the damage ratio on 2.0x, and then just run towards him and use a down tilt. It's possible to end the match with his time as 0:00 by doing this if you're good.

P.S.: Something like this should be on the message board.

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We have a board,you know. Post this there.

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I think the easiest way to get 1000 matches is stock 1 and run off the cliff 1000 times. Takes awhile but easy.

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Fight Luigi in a 1-stock battle at Mushroom Kingdom 2 as anybody you like. If you knock him in the pit, you get a 5-second-or-less victory. Mario strong-kicking his brother is usually the fastest tactic. Pow, pop, boom in two seconds.

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The easiest way is repeated 0-second match. Simply set the game to stock mode, and only select your character. NOT the cpu. Simply do the master hand glitch with one person and it'll be a 0-second match. Doing the master hand glitch with one person's tricky though. It's done by placing your cursor on your character's name, and pressing A and B at the same time, but continue holding B. From there, simply tap A and release B at the same time that you'd normally be sent back to the main menu. Instead of going back, you'll be sent to the stage select screen. It sounds complicated if you haven't seen it before, but it works. If your fingers aren't used to timing this way, then simply use the Ness glitch at Jungle Japes.

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Ok, the easiest way to rack up matches WITHOUT ATTACKING AT ALL is to be player 1, put a level 9 Ness on port 4 and go to jungle japes (not kongo jungle) and then he will jump right into the water, every time.

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