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How do i unlock Mewtwo?

Ive unlocked all the other pokemon but exept for mewtwo.

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---Nintendo--- answered:

Play in VS Mode for 20 hours OR play 700 matches also in VS mode.
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luke4496 answered:

1 player - 60 hours (3 days) 2 players - 20 hours(1 day) (3 players - 10 hours (I think) 4-players 6 hours Must be in melee mode. The 4 player 6 hours is the easiest way if you have four controlers.
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Flame_Markman answered:

You must play the game for twenty hours. The easiest way to do this is to have two controllers and start a two person match then leave the gamecube on overnight(with the match still going dont end it) then in the moring finish the match and then he will fight u. Ok hope this helps
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aurastorm1997 answered:

Just keep playing . You don't have to do anything as in play for fun just to stall time, and then when you have played enough, mewtwo will challenge you
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